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Politicians call for Rosengård curfew

TT/The Local · 1 May 2009, 09:15

Published: 01 May 2009 09:15 GMT+02:00

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Anja Sonesson, the moderate opposition councilor, wants to see a curfew put in place as a temporary emergency measure and as a complement to other, more long-term solutions.

“If I want to see anything happen tomorrow, I think that a curfew is necessary. I also think it’s necessary to ban individuals who are known to the police as troublemakers from entering the area,” she says.

She says the ban would be a way to stop “individuals who are drawn to, and gather around, trouble spots.”

According to Sonesson, the situation at Herrgården, with numerous fires, fights and other disturbances, requires a tough public response.

She also thinks the municipality should consider hiring a security company. For the curfew, she suggests that youth under the age of 18 should not be allowed outside in Herrgården after 9pm.

She says the police need additional ways to intervene in the situation.

Sonesson does not yet have support from all non-socialist parties in Malmö.

But the idea of a curfew has also been put forth by the far-right Sweden Democrats via a motion by the party's municipal councillor Sten Andersson.

“Since none of the measures taken thus far have worked, it's time to do something for the public to regain control. A temporary curfew during disturbances might be a possible solution,” Andersson told TT.

A search of TT's news archives reveals that several Swedish municipalities have in the past proposed a youth curfew, but then thrown out the idea.

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In Växjö in 2006, the Left party suggested the idea, proposing that youth under 15 would only be allowed out in the company of an adult after 11pm.

The proposal was voted down by the municipal council with a clear majority.

In the beginning of the 2000s, there were similar discussions in Lidköping and Norrköping, but the proposals lacked sufficient political support for implementation.

TT/The Local (news@thelocal.se)

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Your comments about this article

09:48 May 1, 2009 by Iraniboy
Good move!

It's time to act against criminals. These criminals have created a bad image from all immigrants and especially Muslims. These criminals have given a reason to Anti-immigrant racists and Islamophobes to abuse these situations to legitimize their racist agenda.

This is good move for everyone and a bad move for criminals, racists,...
10:15 May 1, 2009 by Mina08
use water cannons, they work....
10:34 May 1, 2009 by peropaco
The keystone police would do a better job! They should rethink its strategy and replace everyone from the justice minister to the head of police; reassigned them to the duties of traffic and parking wardens where they could be good at something. Jesus Christ!
11:19 May 1, 2009 by hisham
Take more tough actions !

Yes they bring the bad reputations for the immigrants. the criminals should be defeated by INTELLIGANCE informations to beat the criminals cells ..

The authority needs to be more tough to deal with the satuation instead of looking after the files share in the internet.
13:44 May 1, 2009 by Aynte
Curfew won't help that much although its one step of minimazing the violance.

I think if we put in place some secureity measures around, and deploy security personel at the voltaile areas, or hire some security firms --- that might be good prevention, from security point of view.

Curfew would only entranch the probelm and Sweden would be defintely ashmed at this point in time.
14:07 May 1, 2009 by shpongle
or martial law...
14:44 May 1, 2009 by tillerman
Maybe it might be good idea to try to deal with the frustration and lack of opportunities that is behind the anger that provokes this.
15:22 May 1, 2009 by powerofknowledge
It is very sad to listen to "sick people" talking about others like this.

Young people do many wrong things, always, from all backgrounds,, we were young and we know!! we don't talk about the Nazists that burned and killed about 70 people in Göteborg years ago. there is a fact that in many other countries, like wat we call "3rd world" people live and coexist in peace much more than wat we call "developed world", this world that has a bad history of ABUSING people from Africa and other parts and stealing their fortune, just coz they are black weak or poor people,,'& by the way I'm not from Africa..and unfortunately the notion of Racisms and Nazism originated from Europe and America..may be America finally wanted to correct this by choosing Obama to make people forget these dirty pages of their history.

But, anyway there is always “BAD people” in any country and culture we can't blame all the people by the act of very few people coz they belongs to them, or descended from there. We should coexist and respect each other; otherwise, we should be like animals and kill each others…ok even animals “sometimes” don't do like wat (Homo sapiens) do….!!
15:41 May 1, 2009 by Dazzler
I would like to know where this eutopia is hidden, because it sure isnt on this rock called earth.

Wow. Just wow.
16:39 May 1, 2009 by Judge Judy

Call in the DANISH police and immigration board, or when the Iraqi police are fully trained bring them in?
16:50 May 1, 2009 by GefleFrequentFlyer
Hmm. Curfews. Like in Iraq, right?

Sweden was betting they would assimilate into society much like the Vietnamese War refugees. Unfortunately, (for a variety of excellent reasons) they had to look no further than thier European neighbors to prove that was pipedream.
17:19 May 1, 2009 by hisham
I appreciate for you POWEROFKNOWLEGE .. You have really fearly looking ..

some people went to build Berlins wall and the other wanna burn the foreigners up just because some bad guys exactly like WHAT Hitler did .. while the other try hardly to motivated and link it with the religions and the cultures

thanks again
20:20 May 1, 2009 by Judge Judy
This is very simple, but in no way directed at one specific culture.

Let's look at the Geneva Convention for example. The Iraq war would be a good place to start, citizens from this country can find refuge in Sweden under the Geneva Act if 1) there country is currently at war and the city they live in is under attack 2) their country has a civl war 3) their life is in imminent danger. So to get to the point, if any one of the three reasons above and no longer applicable, back home they can go and less problems in Rosengard! No need for police work, just immagration control and government.
20:41 May 1, 2009 by hisham

Is unfortunately shown his intentions .. Do not worry Muslims live side by side in the Europian community and especially in Sweden .. and your demographic status about the peopulation is not accurate .. but I think your comment show the level of your education and your background . anyway god bless you !
20:53 May 1, 2009 by magic1964
It´s too late.......the fruit is rotten
21:00 May 1, 2009 by freethinker
Hmmm... So you all know I'm am American, and while not residing in your wonderful Country I am very intrigued by your Culture. Though I'm not a Swede I am a member of the same civilization known as The West. In the West we adhere to common principles or beliefs. Those are the right of people to explore their intertests and potential as human beings, to be free. This does not mean that people from one nation going to another should have the right to violate the righs of citizens of the Host Country, nor should they have the right to force the laws or culture from where they come from upon their new nation. I feel that it may be inappropriate for Western Nations to allow people to immegrate to Western Societies who would not respect Western Priciples, and attempt to force their views, beliefs, and religions upon us. I understand Swedes are extreamly open minded, and I applaude this...that is in fact quite unique, and often these days I'm wishing more and more I did live in Sweden.
21:19 May 1, 2009 by Muttlestar Galactica
When did this start?

To my mind, the most widely reported crimes associated to one group in London are the antisocial and violent behaviour of youths whom have divided themselves up into postcode differentiated tribal (gang) areas.

I hear nothing about gangs of marauding dissafected immigrants of any faith in this town. Birmingham maybe, but it's not been a feature of London, since the early 80's Brixton riots.
21:50 May 1, 2009 by Muttlestar Galactica
That's right, and all other faiths use their places of worship as clubhouses from whence they go to solve crimes.
01:27 May 2, 2009 by Weekend_warrior
The only effect will be the changing of laws in Sweden. They have already tightened up immigration. Now they want a curfew. Next will be harsher sentencing for crimes and with that expanding the prison system. Perhaps they may tighten up immigration laws some more. Some will assimilate, many will not. After the alcohol induced Valborg celebration I endured, I am optimistic that Sweden and its culture will stand the test of time.

There are several cultures that bare 5+ children. India and Mexico to name two. China used to have this issue, til they enacted the one child per family. It is necessary for them because these families help on the farm and support each other. It is not necessary in most western countries, but alas this tradition is carried over when they migrate.

For now the blood is spilled in Rosengård, and I am content that it is not, nor will it reach my door step.
01:28 May 2, 2009 by Weekend_warrior
As for the future, I see a massive culling of the human race. I speak not of genocide, but without too much detail, I speak of scarcity of resources, most specifically, water. Of the 6.5 billion on the planet today and a projection of another 2 billion within 30 years.... Today over 1 billion people do not have access to fresh water. Millions already die every year, because fresh water is hard to come by. over 600 million Chinese drink water that is contaminated with human or animal feces, and with such quality brings disease. Countries like Saudi Arabia have already quit growing wheat and other food in the country. They are conserving the water they have and using their oil money to purchase food abroad. Companies like Suez and Veolia are buying up fresh water around the world.
01:35 May 2, 2009 by Weekend_warrior
I guess I was cut off with number of words per post, but with my last bit stated above, I will say that I am glad I live in the Western world, as naturally, we will be the least effected. I live in Sweden, but hold citizenship in USA and CAD, and I take comfort in my mobility. The West will suffer from this water shortage in the coming years. Companies and governments have already drawn out maps of high to low conflict zones.

Now you also might be wondering why I bring this up, in this thread? Well, although probably fueling the fire for racists... What poor countries around the world, are going to feel the wake of this looming crisis?
02:59 May 2, 2009 by freethinker
Actually Islam is a religion, though seemingly an intolerant one. A muslim is a follower of Islam, and the word Islam is a phrase in English. It means submit your will to Allah, or submit your will to God. Strange how such a seemingly noble sentiment can be repressive and violent at least as practiced now. By it's nature Islam demands absolute obediance. A Muslim's perspective is that Government and Religion are the same. While Egypt Turkey, and Pakistan experiment with Secular Government they seem to border on civil war at times, for they are contrary to the will of many who demand Islamic Law. That's fine for those in Islamic Nations, because they are a different culture, yet when moving to other cultures they should respect the rule of law, human rights, and way of life of those to where they move to. Then again this should apply to anyone living in a land foreign to their own.
03:19 May 2, 2009 by freethinker
I do not know if a curfew will do any good or not to solve criminal behavior. Would that create a loss of rights? What would be the cost? Then again doing nothing worsens the problem and emboldens criminals, so the question becomes what should be done? If criminals in any society are given free reign then the rights of all citizens are threatened, the rule of law colapses and then everything falls into chaos. Obviously criminal behavior should not be allowed to destroy the freedoms of people.
07:04 May 2, 2009 by Muttlestar Galactica
I aint going anywhere near those links until you tell me they at least feature some faith based crime solving.
07:36 May 2, 2009 by Rubbi
You dont think its a link to Father Dowling Investigates?
09:25 May 2, 2009 by DidiE
Muttlestar, Oooh, oooh, I want in. Can we wear special hats and have spiffy IDs? And make up our own dance, which gets us our own Youtube link?
09:29 May 2, 2009 by DidiE
And not to be language-ist, but if we had a rule here that required comprehensible English in order to post about religion, we'd have far more interesting threads. Let's say that nobody is allowed to discuss religion any more unless they are capable of presenting coherent and complete thoughts, using basic spelling and grammar rules.
09:40 May 2, 2009 by Dazzler
Hehe, that would make every thread dealing with immigration, islam, Israel and zionist infidels a veritable ghost town.

Perhaps that isnt such a bad idea.
09:43 May 2, 2009 by Nemesis
Some suggestions. Remove control of the police from Kommunes and centralise it at goverment level. That will reduce Kommune ideology lunacy and allow the police who want to act, to act.

All imigrants to all the EU, should be made to swear an oath to democracy, human rights and equality without exception. If they refuse send them back and bill there country for it.

As for Rosengård. That bullshit has gone on long enough. Law and order needs to be restored there now, with immediate deportation, if they refuse to abide by the law.
10:15 May 2, 2009 by Muttlestar Galactica
Yes we can, but 1st you must share with me your codename.

I already have one member, he's a Catholic priest and actually possesses the sir name 'Christmas'. No prizes for guessing the rest of this sentence...

It's 'Secret Santa'.
11:18 May 2, 2009 by Vidyadhara
So to return to the essence of the article (and the problem throughout Sweden and other countries). There are two questions:

1. Can we enforce a curfew on Rosengård without it being motivated by racism?

- Yes. Society has a responsibility to its people (regardless origin and nationality) and must protect them from injuring each other, especially when it goes to the extent its gone to in low income suburbs. Also society must take preventative measures to secure a sound upbringing of children and young adults to see that they do not become criminal outcasts, etc. In other words, it's not just that people have a responsibility to society ("damn disrespectful, arabs!" or whatever tripe many of you want to say), but society has a responsibility to its people (which is part of the reason why they're here, right?).

2. Can we enforce a curfew on Rosengård (to protect society but also the good people of Rosengård) without it becoming an issue of race?

Yes. See above.
12:02 May 2, 2009 by Iraniboy

They do! MAybe your memory can't rememeber them! All US school shooting were comitted by Christians. All rapeing daughter cases were done by non-Muslims in Austria, Italy, India,... Sadly our memory forget what we don't want to remember!!!
14:04 May 2, 2009 by Vidyadhara
@Uncle Wrong: the shooters at Columbine, Kent State Shooting, South Carolina Shooting, Red Lake, Virgina Tech, Jackson State, etc were not Christian.
14:11 May 2, 2009 by Muttlestar Galactica
Maybe they should just insist anyone slightly 'brown looking' stay indoors between dusk and dawn?

Of course the unfortunate upshot being that anyone with a suntan would find themselves staying indoors 24/7 until their tan faded in order to be able to leave the house.
20:32 May 2, 2009 by Kaethar
The hooligans in Rosengård are not all 'brown looking' as you say.

A curfew for those under 18 sounds good!
00:06 May 3, 2009 by himilo
First government must wake up?

Second the only way that you can fight these criminals is to create local private security personel from different communities living rosengard. then you can find best informations and ideas to tackle the problems. The third idea is to start public awareness towards immigrant communities through community organizations working rosengard and well respected people, including religues leaders and bussines owners.

11:15 May 3, 2009 by Brtahan
its a good desicion by the govt ,
08:32 May 4, 2009 by thakura
@himilo, Well Said :) Hats off!

Train/Hire Immigrant Community in Police/Security. Use Them.

So Simple.
15:49 May 4, 2009 by unkle strunkle
Did anyone see this article in yesterday's Sydsvenskan? Some of the immigrant residents of Rosengård want stronger punishment and even deportation for the known criminals.
06:53 May 5, 2009 by Nifty
Interesting.Alas the swedish authorities have a long history of being unable to see the forest for the trees.One wonders how long they can wait for all this to go away before they realize it is not only refusing to go away it is out of control!
16:04 May 5, 2009 by Vidyadhara
The Curfew:

What we hold together and what we hold separate

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