Teen reports being raped in Uppsala

A 16-year-old girl has reported that she was raped during Walpurgis festivities in central Uppsala last night. Police have not arrested any suspects.

The teenager told police she had been the victim of attempted rape around 1 pm on Thursday. After interviewing her, the police believed her story, according to Upsala Nya Tidning newspaper.

The girl is not from Uppsala and she is unsure where the attack occurred. Now police are searching for a gang of six young men.

“In all likelihood, a single individual attacked her,” Christer Nordström, police spokesperson for Uppsala county, told TT around 9 pm last night.

He said that aside from the attack, the Walpurgis festivities have been relatively calm considering how many people were out and about. Around 9 pm last night, around 20 individuals had been taken into custody for drunkenness.

Calle Persson, spokesperson for the Skåne police, said that around five individuals had been taken into custody for drunkenness in Lund and another young man had been arrested on suspicion of assaulting an officer.