Boyfriend blames ADHD for genital tattoo abuse

A Swedish man has claimed that his attention deficit disorder (ADHD) is to blame for the aggravated assault of his girlfriend which extended to tattooing his name and ID number on her sexual organs.

The 25-year-old man from Umeå in northern Sweden is accused of assaulting his girlfriend over a period of five years and has been charged on 17 counts of aggravated assault.

There is substantial witness testimony against the man who has admitted in part to the allegations against him, according to local newspaper Västerbottens Folkblad.

In his defence the 25-year-old has claimed that suffering from the condition ADHD – attention deficit/hyperactivity disorder – resulted in him becoming angry at minor incidents which in turn caused him to turn violent.

The man is accused of punching his girlfriend on several occasions between 2004 until February 2009 when the woman left him.

He is also accused of assaulting her with a fork and re-opening the head wound as it began to heal.

The scale of his abuse even extended to forcing her to submit to a tattoo on her sexual organs – of his name and personal identification number.

He is also accused of forcing her to consume his medicine to ensure that she kept him company during the time that he was awake.

The woman finally decided to leave the man in mid-February 2009 when she suffered nerve and muscle damage in her legs after having been attacked with an axe.

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