The Local’s guide to voting in the 2009 EU Parliament elections

The Local’s guide to voting in the 2009 EU Parliament elections
Welcome to The Local’s Essential Guide to Voting in the 2009 European Parliamentary Elections.

Yes, another five years have passed and once again it’s time for the citizens of Europe have their say about who will represent their interests in the halls of power in Brussels.

A number of The Local’s readers are eligible to vote in Sweden, and hopefully the rest of you will be slightly curious to know what all the fuss is about.

In fact, 2009 statistics from the Swedish Election Authority (Valmyndigheten) show that just over 182,000 citizens of other European Union (EU) countries reside in Sweden – a sizeable voting bloc indeed!

In an effort to guide those looking to have their voices heard amidst the din of the EU institutional machinery – and to simply enlighten those who can’t –The Local has immersed itself into the muddy sea of information about European elections so you don’t have to.

Step by Step guide:

1. The European Parliament in 30 seconds or less

2. European Parliamentary Elections

3. Who can vote in Sweden?

4. How do I vote and how does the election work?

5. Who on earth do I vote for on June 7th?

6. But what do the parties in Sweden actually want to do?

6 a.   Riksdag Parties (from left to right)

6 b.   Other parties to watch (in no particular order)

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