Court finds Swede’s under-robe rubbing ‘not masturbation’

A woman from Lund in southern Sweden accused her 38-year-old neighbour of making unwanted advances, but a court ruled the man may simply have had an itch.

Court finds Swede’s under-robe rubbing ‘not masturbation’

The woman’s suspicions were aroused when she realized that her neighbour would head out to his balcony every time she sat down in her kitchen, writes the Sydsvenskan newspaper.

Speaking with police, the woman’s boyfriend said he too had seen the accused neighbour on his balcony performing “masturbatory movements” beneath his robe.

During questioning, the neighbour admitted he had been out on his balcony when the woman was in her kitchen and that it was possible that his robe may have opened, but not on purpose.

He also pointed out he had his underwear on at the time.

Nevertheless, the 38-year-old was charged with sexual molestation and put on trial in Lund District Court.

According to the court, it was entirely possible that the man’s under-robe movements were not in fact an attempt to pleasure himself in front of his female neighbour.

Rather the man may have simply needed to scratch an irritating itch caused by rash which has broken out along his groin, said the court, which consequently acquitted the man of all charges.

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