Thief caught red-handed on stolen webcam

A manager in the Swedish elderly care sector has been connected to a spate of thefts after one of his victims managed to identify the suspect using a remotely controlled web camera.

Thief caught red-handed on stolen webcam

The 42-year-old manager is suspected of systematically stealing a range of items from elderly people placed in his care.

The owner of the stolen computer that led to the suspect’s arrest said his laptop disappeared in April after he left it at the home of his 82-year-old mother, who is visited daily by home care staff.

But unbeknown to the thief, the computer had been fitted with a remote control webcam.

“I sat down at home in my kitchen and hooked myself up to the stolen computer. I activated the web camera and took a picture,” the owner of the computer told Aftonbladet.

Armed with this fresh piece of evidence, the police raided the suspect’s home and quickly found the missing computer, as well as jewellery, several mobile phones, cash, medical equipment and a selection of medicines. The man was placed under arrest and is being held on suspicion of aggravated theft.

The police are currently going through a number of theft reports to see if they match the goods found at the man’s home.

The suspect has admitted to stealing the computer and medicine from elderly people but denies taking any jewellery.

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