Social Democrats and Moderates top new EU pre-election poll

Social Democrats and Moderates top new EU pre-election poll
The Social Democratic Party and the Moderate Party both emerged clear leaders ahead of elections to the European Parliament in the latest Sifo opinion poll, with 43 percent of respondents saying they would turn out on election day, 7 June.

Asked which party they would cast their ballots for if elections to the EU Parliament were held today, 35.2 percent said they would vote for the Social Democrats while 27.7 percent favoured the Moderate Party. This would give a ten-percent higher turnout for both parties than in the 2004 EU elections, with each party winning between six and seven seats.

The Green Party took third place in the poll with 7.9 percent.

Of the remaining parliamentary parties, the Christian Democrats would receive the least number of votes – 3.9 percent – and would thus be unlikely to win a seat according to the survey, which was published today in Svenska Dagbladet and Göteborgs-Posten.

The Pirate Party (Piratpartiet), pro-copyright reform advocates and newcomers in the political arena, polled 3.4 percent, while just 1.7 percent of respondents said they would back the June List party (Junilistan), a dramatic fall-off from the 14.4 percent who voted for them in the last election.

Forty-three percent stated that they definitely intended to vote, while 40 percent said they would abstain and 16 percent were doubtful or didn’t know. This compares with a 37.9 percent turnout in the 2004 elections, a figure well below the average for the European Union as a whole.

The poll was based on 1,894 interviews conducted between 27 April and 7 May 2009.

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