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Swede convicted in US on terror charges

AFP/The Local · 13 May 2009, 06:58

Published: 13 May 2009 06:58 GMT+02:00

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Ousama Kassir "was convicted on all counts," a spokeswoman for the federal prosecutor's office said.

Kassir faces a sentence of up to life in prison.

He was extradited to the United States in September 2007 from Prague, where he was jailed after his arrest in 2005 during a stopover while flying from Sweden to Lebanon.

Prosecutors said in the jury trial at a federal court in Manhattan that Kassir, 43, tried to set up a "jihad" (holy war) camp in Oregon, in the northwest United States.

Kassir declared his innocence when he was charged last year, and his lawyer on Tuesday said his client had "a big mouth," but was not a criminal.

Prosecutors said he reached the United States in 1999 and spent a year at an Oregon ranch, imparting religious teachings at a Seattle mosque before returning to Europe, according to the prosecution.

A federal sentencing hearing is expected to take place on September 2nd, reports the Dagens Nyheter (DN) newspaper.

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Kassir’s defence attorney, Mark DeMarco, said he planned to appeal the verdict.

AFP/The Local (news@thelocal.se)

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Your comments about this article

08:37 May 13, 2009 by Nemesis
He was trying to set up a terrorist training camp in the US to attack US and allied countries. What did he expect, a nobel peace prize?

Firstly this guy is a complete moron, just like anyone else who follows billionaire ex playboy, Osama Bin Laden.

Someone shuould ask how the hell this imbecile got Swedish citizenship, if he is a johadist nutjob, out to overthrow democracy and replace it with a religeous dictatorship.

Sweden needs to remove his citizenship and stop insulting itself by allowing him to claim he is Swedish.
10:01 May 13, 2009 by idialogue
hmm, The terrorist nation , labeling who is terrorist ? Sounds funny.... :) Peropaco and Nemesis dont go so far read your history specially about IRA.
10:15 May 13, 2009 by TJSmith
I agree with Nemesis, Sweden needs to remove his citizenship and stop allowing him to be called a Swede. It seems that Sweden is so afraid, at times, to even speculate that someone might not be a good candidate to become a Swedish citizen, that the "rubber stamp" approach is best so as not to insult anyone. I am an American citizen living in Sweden and someday hope to become a Swedish citizen. I would be proud to be a citizen and would never want to insult my adoptive country, in any way.
10:17 May 13, 2009 by idialogue
There are Christian Terrorists, There are hindu Terrorists, Even there are atheist terrorists "Terrorist is not the monopoly of any religion , it is not !".

Hope the below video (English) will clarify your lots of misconceptions.



10:46 May 13, 2009 by Faunaman
Calling this axxhole "Swede" really makes me throw up. When will Sweden stop trying to save the whole world? This axxhole might have enjoyed social benefits and social welfare he wants to destroy

I wonder what would happen if Sweden granted citizenship to "only" 1% of the population of China....yes, that´s right, 10,000,000 chinese would be Swedish citizens versus 9,5 million inhabitants.


These well-intentioned Swedes will crack the country
10:50 May 13, 2009 by idialogue
As said by Justice Suresh "One of the most difficult problem is to define terrorism. The terrorist act will define terrorism. If we can broadly agreed that "deliberate killing of innocent civilians" as found in dictionary--is called terrorism. Than in case the worst case of terrorsim act was in last century in case of atomic bomb of "Hiroshima and Nagasagi" Where large number of innocent civilians never been healed even after 7 decades.. " "Compare the toll of suffering people in IRAQ , Afghanistan, etc and Decide yourself, who fits best to 'this' label. "


10:52 May 13, 2009 by Snikk
I agree with TJ and Nemesis. This guy looks like a real idiot!

I hope they lock this "big mouth" up in a US prison so that the other inmates can beat the crap out of him every day!

I just hope that Sweden doesn't rush over to his aid and bring him over here so that he can serve his sentence at a country club for inmates.
11:05 May 13, 2009 by idialogue
I think you beleive in history so let me give some historical fact regarding the tangible definition of labelling terrorist on Islam particularly.

as Said by Zakir Naik a historical fact " After World War 2 from 1941 to 1948 in span of 8 years 259 terrorist acts were conducted by jewish terrorists by many organizations *ibnun, hagna, stungang" and we know the famou bombing of king david hotel which took place in 22nd july 1946 they were conduted by Ibnun under the leadership of Menachem Begin. And at that time Menahem Begun was called number 1 terrorist by British government . Later on he become the prime minister of Israel and later on he got NOBLE PRIZE for peace"..

heheeheh Sounds funny but reality..


11:36 May 13, 2009 by jacks
Sweden has not so far officially announced any move to defend him.

Rather, it looks extremely difficult to initiate any such diplomatic move for Sweden.
11:41 May 13, 2009 by VikingHumpingWitch
I'm told that Sweden cannot revoke citizenship once given. Not sure if it's true or not.

Huge beard = needs locking up. Fact.
11:54 May 13, 2009 by idialogue
Agreed with Citrixme (good comment).

As I said earlier " Terrorism is an act of Crime for Humanity" No body denies that . We condemn any act of terrorism no matter if they are done by individuals or by Governments. I Just want to highlight the problem and misconceptions the terrorism on ISLAM.

Being student of comperative religion, i can say that no religion ask terrorism .Islam goes further more as said in Quran " If a person killed an innocent human being it is like killing of whole of humanity" similar " if he save a single life it is like saving whole of humanity"

But when we analyze we see terrorists claiming certain religion , they are wrong almost every religion condemn terrorism.

for example: Who killed most of the people last century "Hitler" he was Christian But we cannot say Christian is a terrorist Religion . This attitude is wrong at all.


12:24 May 13, 2009 by powerofknowledge
i agree that this not accepted act, at all, BUT we should also mention is killing 1 million in IRAQ and making 2 millions orphans (accord. Reuters i think), and stealling OIL there is that a terrorism (or very large scale terrorism) or not???

KILLIING is something called crime, and "as i know" even killing (an animal) not just human without a swerious reason (self defence) is a crime and forbidden in ISLAM and other religions BUT some people do it coz some reason in thier MINDS not else ( Hitler, Bush , bin Laden...etc.) should we take Bush someday into court and ask him why did he killed too many people in IRAQ and Afganistan, and many American soldiers, for a lie as the Pentagon said (WMD weap.of MassDes) was the biggest lie in America's history. we should coexist otherwise, it will be a (forest)
12:30 May 13, 2009 by infinity94
People you have to notice something, which is not written above in the text and missing from news report. This man is not lebanese or Swedish orginally, He is Palastinian refuge who setteled in Lebanon, when you they lost their land. Even you have to notice too, that Lebanon is Christian and Islamic country, you have there 2 kind of people. There is so much diffrences between their culture, life style, education and in every field of life.

Therefore, He is fanatic muslim, made brian wash by Islamic Terrorist group. The news agencies dont have the right to write that he is Swedish or Lebanese, even if he hold both passports... they should say, what is his origin.. and not to make the news more hot by adding 2 countires names...
12:33 May 13, 2009 by powerofknowledge
by the way i forget also the official Statistics bureau said that Sweden now depends on immigrants and immigration, otherwise if we agree with the Nazist people (they called themselves sometimes Nationalists), Sweden will not live as before anymore. Sweden will need hundereds of thousands in the next decade in many sectors incl Health care one. JUST for your info if u really love ur country SE as I DO.
12:41 May 13, 2009 by infinity94
During the Lebanese civil war, he participated in the Lebanese Civil War during the 1980s and was hurt in battle. Which means, He is .............. !!!!!!!!!

He went to Sweden in 1984 and soon got Swedish citizinship... A muder got Swedish citizinship, Only God knows how many person he has killed during the civil war.

The cause of lebanese war, they were the Palastinians.

Many Palastinians in Sweden working for terrorist groups around the world.
12:41 May 13, 2009 by bengt77
Terrorism is not = Islam

Jihad is 100% opposite to Terrorism

It is all political drama, made by US power of Media, and there are many people who in reality became part of this drama afterward. Don't forget biggest drama of history (9/11).

Now if we talk about Swede people they are most beautiful people in world in term of humanity and peace I am not Swede but come on take a look on there history for giving homes to refugees they are so sweet people how could somebody think to say anything stupid about them.

In case of Ousama Kassir as I think it is totally a drama we don't have a single clue what goes behind screens.

So come on people don't be ridiculous to become part of this drama and start loving each other, instead of watching screen and believing it go out and meet people.
12:54 May 13, 2009 by sweden4sweden
BY THE WAY for you (EUOSTAN) the police catched some Priest in STCOKHOLM before some months he raped his little daughter too many times to get the SATAN out of here !!!! i dont rember his name but ill check my News Archive to be more "Scientific" he said that this is a Bibilic concept or something ( BUT of course ts not he just cliamiming that saying somehing that God didnt) pyschic people is around us everywhere.

NOW what can you say ill bring to you other names from Christianity and other religion ( with references). BUT Notice that im NOT talking about Christianity or other religions I RESPECT all, who believe in God, and his prophets, coz i believe,
12:55 May 13, 2009 by bengt77
Comment: True Muslims were never cruel Let me tell you some facts, do you think people living in caves have dozens of arm factories? from where they had weapons these were given by some people who saw advantages by giving these weapons, how could a person living in cave without electricity without any proper education without any knowledge about outside world can understand how to use weapons? the only thing they knows is somebody gave them guns and then after it they (weapon supplier) became there enemies.........so guys stop watching and believing screen thing and start looking behind it and thinking about benefits which one is getting by doing all this drama thing.
13:26 May 13, 2009 by Eurostan
why taslima nasreen , and salman rasdie and danish cartoon are in a life threatning situation. they got that much publicity because of some fanatics. do not beg for respect. respect can not be demanded. it should come automatically.

people lost respect for religions. the above people are not from america. they before the soooooooooooo called 9/11.

critics who critisized other religions never had such a dangerous situation.

latest guy is some mp of netherland and he became hot topic. people like to criticise islam and muslims because of your street riots. people know how to become popular.
13:52 May 13, 2009 by idialogue
I think you forgot the identiy of IRA , which attacked british for last 100 years ;They were Catholics BUT UK dont call them Catholic Terrorist why ... ? Also i think you have not read the history of Templar Knights were not they religious ?

For Palestine: Imagine you have a friend who have been kicked out and asked your favour for living , you give him space in your house later on, He kicked YOU OUT and when you CRY and Protest for your House back . YOU WILL BE CALLED TERRORIST !!! .

2nd by Justice Suresh again " When Victims Refuse to be Victims, They are called terrorists"

14:09 May 13, 2009 by drgony1
14:41 May 13, 2009 by Eurostan
his ugly face tells that he is a real terrorist.
14:50 May 13, 2009 by drgony1
I would like to say at first that terrorist have no religion rather it be muslim, christian what so ever and swedish government donot need to appologize or to take any action aganist nationality of the concerned person because no one know rahter it be true or tale story because its funny that terrorist himself blamming for terrorism, everyperson knows the hidden objective of 9-11, iraq, afghanistan and palestine issues and also the past few days issue of 12 muslim student in america who charged to be convicted terrorism but later on nothing charged against them, Its always funny to provide weapons to someone for his hidden objective and then charge of terrorism afterward.......
14:57 May 13, 2009 by idialogue
drgony1 absolutely correct . Not doubt now 9-11, iraq, afghanistan, vietnam, cuba, chilli, sudan and etc invasion are all "OPEN SECRETS":

Eurostan : you have right to hate/love anyone you like my Dear..


15:01 May 13, 2009 by Princess P
Did you borrow Kind Man's video club card?

Well since you asked, yes please, we'd love you to do just that. Thanks.

Yes they did.
16:43 May 13, 2009 by Querist

"In the New York trial, the indictment said Kassir taught techniques for waging jihad, including "how to kill a person by slitting their throat with a knife and how to fight with a knife in hand-to-hand combat."

Islam. The religion of peace.


16:54 May 13, 2009 by idialogue
Let me teach you with an analogy.

"Mercedes is a good car right ? if suppose you are the bad Driver and you BANG the mercedez car to Wall, Would the charges lies against YOU or against Mercedez " .

Same like above.

Islam is the Religion of peace , and it has the black sheeps like every religion has . we all accept that.

Like we cannot condemn Christianity because of Hitler or Jews due to Israelis occupation , Same we cannot generalize and condemn any religion due to their follower's act.

Islam is not what Muslims do , Islam is what Muslims Supposed to DO..

in last , I think you agree with me , Media is not allways right ..? Media most of the time conveys the vasted interests of either politics or of the state.

Hope now i made it very clear ..


16:59 May 13, 2009 by DidiE
No, I don't agree with you. The way that women are treated in Islam is not something that I would ever voluntarily live under, nor would I ever ever want my daughters growing up that way. I think a more reasonable way to discuss religion is to simply agree that different religions have different values, particularly in how women are viewed, and that we cannot say that religions are equal in this regard. This is why, even though I am a believing Christian, I choose to live in a country with a secular government.
17:16 May 13, 2009 by idialogue
DidiE, This is another misconception .. I dont blame you . it is a propaganda by the media that is all .

I am just giving here 2 examples , there are several but the length of comment is only 1,000 letters

1) When did the europe give the right of Vote to women ? in 1950s.. read history .. When did Islam gives right of Women to vote ? 1400 years ago

2) In Dark ages of Europe, Christians used to Burn Women , Dont you read the history ? and called them Bitches/Witches.. Dont they ? It is Islam which gives Light to Europe at that time from Spain/Undloos

3) .. several others.. facts may be i shd write it some where as comment box dont allow me in length.

I allways love to listen critics against islam So that we can have a peaceful dialogue.. and i can clearify several misconceptions.

Peace be on you my Friend

17:18 May 13, 2009 by dtes
i hope the execute the son of a bitch plain and simple and do the same with each each and every rag head scum that even thinks about polluting our culture with their trash of a religion, the christians and jews are bad enough, yeah i said that, im an atheist and im dam tired of sharing my air with folks like this, they NOT me are the ones bombing our planet into a nightmare, they not me are the prime example of all things fascist.

we live in a world that is completely falling apart and religion is the prime suspect next to tv induced identity crisis and pop culture fed violence. im done with being tolerant, i protested the iraq war for 5 years till i came over here and got a taste of real islam, now i hate to say that they themselves have turned me against them. afterall a true antifascist could never ever have anything kind to say about such scum.
17:32 May 13, 2009 by Mzungu
Now that's a bummer,understood they had blond hair and blue eyes....


*oh well!*
17:32 May 13, 2009 by idialogue
dtes: I think the problem is not religion , The problem is to invade the world with power with out caring the toll of innocent civilians. Like Alexandar tried, Scissors tried, Hitler tried and now ..... is doing. (you know what .... means another continent)

I think we all agree on below no matter where we come from and on what are our believes . Christian, Hindus, Muslim, Jews, Atheist etc etc.

We all beleive that :

1) We have a right to live in peace

2) Terrorsism activities should be condemn and stopped at all levels .

3) Dont judge people through Media .

4) Being kind with every one and create a harmony society .

5) Obviously not all persons are saint in that case control the bad people with iron hands

you can add more my friend

17:32 May 13, 2009 by dtes
and idialog let me be the first to say i think your a complete moron, Islam Judaism Christianity, they are the viruses, they hold the dna of war, of fascism, of division, of government oppression and ignorance, superstition, dont give me your retarded prefab lines of crap, you take your analogy right back to the middle east, we live in times off war and the only way to do away with the war is to do away with the warriors and their savage mindsets, GOD IS OUTDATED EXPIRED AND DUE TO BE PULLED OFF THE SHELF! and by the way, i find it amusing, no disgusting that you would say Islam gives women their rights! what rights? and what about gays?
17:39 May 13, 2009 by idialogue
dtes: I think we are moving away from the topic. Previously you added Women, than Atheism and finally Gays...

What you want my friend ? Do you have any basis / Golden principles so that i can start dialogue from ?.

I think if we both continued like this , Moderator will kick us out as we are already went too far from the current News where we are commenting.

Send me the Private message in my profile and we will Chat/ Or Probably have a Tea/Coffee.


17:47 May 13, 2009 by dtes
and im not entering into debate, let history settle it out, ive put plenty time into peace and real solutions all you people do is push your religion. i just say this man, if thats what he is needs executed, he traveled through my home town with the intent to train people to kill people like me, thats enough. my family is there in washintgton and seattle, and while i was rambling about peace and revolution and protesting the wto back in 1999, this nutjob was trying to recruit other nut jobs to bring terror to my homeland therefore i say kill him! end rant, im done.
18:03 May 13, 2009 by Eurostan
america attacked irak for oil. why did america attacked norway and venezula .america attacked afghanistan why ??????????? afghanistan dont have any oil.israel attacked gaza?????? india thousand of muslims killed by hindu people??????? why??? in chechenya and bosnia many muslims are killed?

america is a terrorist country along with britan.

india is a terrorist state killing so many muslims.

israel is killing muslims.

everybody is killing muslims. just now i read one news that in afghanistan one girl school gased with poison.

some guy saying that islam gave women voting rights 1400 years ago and learnt civilisation to europe

18:59 May 13, 2009 by mobings
We all are born naked... can not live without food and sleep..... just like animals... so do we fight... only difference is that... we have reasons to fight...and animals are bound to behaviours.... I wish we can build a reaons not to fight... doesnt seem possible in current time... might be after 1000000000000000000000000000 years...
19:17 May 13, 2009 by kmbr
“If the battle for civilization comes down to the wimps versus the barbarians, the barbarians are going to win.”
19:24 May 13, 2009 by freethinker
These words'll probably fall upon deaf ears, yet I'll try. I do not care what others believe, or don't believe. If there are people out there who can't act as decent human beings, who can't respect the rights of others, who can't avoid forcing others to their beliefs, and those who resort to violence as an excuse to harm others, well then, they should please go to the nearest mental institution because something is clearly wrong with them.

While I firmly believe people have the right to live as they wish, to do as they wish, I also believe people do not have the right to violate the rights of others. Clearly if there are people who can't respect the rights of others perhaps thats the result of a mental condition.
19:26 May 13, 2009 by Mzungu
Not another dipstick?
19:51 May 13, 2009 by double concerto
Poor Swedish people having these murderous animals forced upon you Your once proud country is now a multicultural hell infested with terrorists and criminals of all nationalities, dragging the name of Sweden through the mud. Your traitorous government has a lot to answer for.
21:18 May 13, 2009 by Omaro
and that animal smiling in the picture, who does he think himself?

what was sweden doing when that creature was growing his beard and practicing his terror thoughts?

I am muslim but such creatures are really disgusting. They don`t deserve the bliss of being a human being.
23:59 May 13, 2009 by wxman
STOP IT! STOP IT! STOP IT! He's NOT a Swede!! He may be a Swedish citizen, but he is NOT a Swede!!! I'm Swedish-American and resent this PC bullshit. I'm a Swede; he is not. Wake up.
00:30 May 14, 2009 by 7

uh puhleeeze.
00:48 May 14, 2009 by Citrixme
OBS where is mine @Agreed with Citrixme (good comment). @
01:14 May 14, 2009 by taytelbaum
yeah... Let's go to stoning! (The Jerusalem Post.)
02:17 May 14, 2009 by CJBM
I wonder: how big is the Al Qaeda chapter he set up in Sweden before leaving for the US?
03:24 May 14, 2009 by Greg in Canada
This guy is a Swede for convenience but not part of the society. That's what you get with a liberal immigration policy. He's not the only one in Sweden. We have a lot of these idiots in Canada also. It's much easier to travel the world on a Swedish or Canadian passport than from one from Lebanon.

Maybe the real criminals are the idiot politicians that formulated these immigration policies.
03:35 May 14, 2009 by Weekend_warrior
He has been convicted of plots of terrorism against the United States, He has been convicted. He will never again see the light of day. There is nothing Sweden can do about it. Move on.

The flavor of the week or rather last 7 years has been Middle-Eastern terrorists (left religion outta that one didn't I?). This article is sensationalist propaganda aimed at infusing racism to the Arabic communities in Sweden. Hey even I don't want the asylum seekers here bleeding the system and causing crime, I just tell it how it is, and that is what this article does (see conversations above).

Furthermore, why do people think the US went to Iraq for Oil? 7 years later and that one still blows my mind. Oil is a commodity traded on the open market. It wouldn't magically become cheaper for Americans. Do you think we walk into 7/11 and get a free oil drum when we buy a coke?
14:39 May 14, 2009 by dtes
yeah the states went to war as an excuse to re-allocate the nations wealth into the pockets of a few fat business men and further the creation of a global police state with the help of their cia buddy bin ladan and his clan of circle jerks, the "terrorists" think they are involved in a revolution but they fail to see they are still no more than puppets of the ever encroaching ever consuming west giving governments a reason to enact ever more oppressive laws upon a population who would otherwise riot them out of office. history will show us.
04:27 May 15, 2009 by prosvensk
I agree with several of the above, but Greg of Canada puts it best: "This guy is a Swede for convenience but not part of the society. That's what you get with a liberal immigration policy." Kassim, like many in many countries probably, is a legit nember of society in name only. His real interests are elsewhere, and this should be part of a new law we have to create someday to remove the citizenship of people who mainly have the interests of other societies at heart. Why give comfort to your enemy or traitors?

As a Swedish-American, I say the same for America. Ethnic and civlizational interests and society should count here too.

About the Iraq war, read American scholars Mearsheimer and Walt and select websites. It was not about oil, but other kinds of special interests. The oil angle is just a diversion or the fantasy of leftists.
12:22 May 15, 2009 by idialogue
agreed with prosvensk: Oil is one of the angle. THe big picture is some thing more worse and deep with

15:52 May 15, 2009 by Kooritze
Wow, some hot debate! Glad to see a voice of reason in all of this: idialogue!

Who cares what nationality this bloke is.......he is a man intent on crime!

On all these points on who,s a terrorist, who,s not etc is all dependent on individual perspective. If I were Iraqi/Afghan and lost my family to US bombs.....I,m sure I could be capable of blowing yanks up! I,m a Brit but recognise that the crimes we did in Ireland to supress them....led to the IRA....We ruled the whole island for long time.....but they fought for sovreignty and freedom.....Terrorists??? Jews took Palesitne and suppresses and kills them in droves.....Palestinians fight back......Terrorists??? Violence against people have repocussions. It,s not black and white
17:32 May 15, 2009 by foriegner
So. What were the americans supposed to do, ignore him? For the most part they don't have the internal religous issues western europe has - and from what I have seen they tend to live pretty well together in the same neighborhoods. This guy was a criminal with the intent of instigating hate crimes and they went after him. Really, nationality has little to do with it.
21:22 May 15, 2009 by Kooritze
To understand terrorist violence it is necessary to rethink who are the good guys and who are the bad guys. America, UK and Israel often protray themselves as being on the righteous side.......even if is they who kill more than any 'terrorist' group. Violence against people creates a struggle to oppose that violence.......even though the opposing force may have it,s roots in getting their sovreignty back and righteous causes......over time it turns uglier and nastier. eg IRA killed Brit occupiers in the begining........but as time and frustrations went on civillians became targets. There is state terrorism also eg Israel. America also bombs civillians...always has. Explained by collateral damage!!!!! So if your family were 'collateral damage' would you not tend to be a little angry...maybe want to repay that pain on the guilty???
21:45 May 15, 2009 by Braderunner Rennuredarb
Kooritize - if you think America routinely bombs civvies to kill as many people as possible, then you are mistaken.

Killing civvies is never "acceptable", but it happens - its war.

The problem is when civvies are specifically targeted. Thats bad.
00:52 May 16, 2009 by Kooritze
Point taken and understood. War is a nasty affair. My point is that terrorism is percieved differently dependent on your position. For example......it is easy for us to make judgments sitting here in Sweden in our comfortable safe little bubble. However, if we were sitting in the west bank where maybe you were last year a father to a fine family, and in the last Israeli offence you lost all of them.........despite the Israeli,s tageting 'terrorists'.......you may feel the need for revenge and justice. Likewise, the lone survivor of an Afghan village is not going to forigve and forget when he has lost all. Violence will escalate.

Hiroshima,s American atom bombing of civilians caused horror and awe at the level of mankinds terror abilities.....but was not a solution for ongoing peace. We must find cultural understanding and respect for that!
01:44 May 16, 2009 by kmbr
However, if we were sitting in the west bank where maybe you were last year a father to a fine family, and in the last Israeli offence you lost all of them.....despite the Israeli,s tageting 'terrorists'...

Conversely, if you were a Jew and lost a loved one to a rocket launched into your living room, during a cease fire, you may feel the same way.
03:32 May 16, 2009 by CJBM
Yes, the Japanese were just minding their own business, not harming anybody (like the Chinese) and those hideous Americans picked a fight with them.

America acts: mind your own business!

America doesn't act: why aren't you doing anything?!

America sends millions in aid: you're not doing enough!

America sends billions in aid: we owe you nothing for it!
03:36 May 16, 2009 by CJBM
...and then there's all that, you know, FOOD and MEDICINE we keep sending all over the planet.

Come to think of it, I don't recall Sweden expending several billions of its treasure when the tsunami wrecked so much of India, Sri Lanka, and related areas. Nor for that matter did Al Qaeda.
07:30 May 16, 2009 by Weekend_warrior
Well f**ckn said my friend. Well said (applauds).

America just wants to be left alone. And we give so much in aid to everyone all over the world.

Seeing the entire world in The Great Recession, I really hope that everyone can sit back and really see just how important of a country we are to EVERYONE. We hold the world up and you call us arrogant. We flourish and the world flourish's, we screwed up and now the world has been brought to its knees.

As for Hiroshima and Nagasaki, where is the sympathy for Pearl Harbor? We did not start that war, but we damn sure finished it. Japan has since moved on and prospered quite well. Germany and Japan have been two of the most prosperous countries since. And for the record, they only had a vague idea of what that bomb would do, but nobody really knew it would have such a lingering effect. It could also be argued that millions more would have died, because the war would have dragged on instead of ending right than and there.

If America killed civilians without batting an eye, than The Iraq War would have began in March 2003 and ended in March 2003. American casualties would have only been those lost on September 11, 2001. As I have friends in Afghanistan and Iraq, I personally cannot wait for them to get stateside again. Than the world can watch as sectarian violence emerges again and they crumble. Blood will flow through the streets, and what will you say than? America should have stayed? Maybe Sweden will get dumped with a few hundred thousand more refugee's.
11:31 May 16, 2009 by Kooritze
Kmbr. Yes the Jew feels the same pain when he loses his family. The problem I have in this conflict is the level of retaliation......eg: 12 israeli,s killed by rockets.......retaliation by the Israeli state kills some 2000 Palestinians. Moreover, the people have been denyed their country and freedom for 60yrs. Religeous Fundamentalist State: Israel! Think about it who are the Israelis? Americans, English, Ukranians, Russians etc etc They have one thing in common: Their faith. And the state of Israel,s creation is fundamentally grounded on the promise of a jewish homeland in the Bible; In effect they believe themselves to be the choosen ones by God........and they see their own actions justified on this basis............Now if that is not Religeous fundamentalism on a grand scale....what is!
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Around 1,000 people protested in Stockholm. Photo: Fredrik Persson/ TT

Hundreds of people on Saturday demonstrated in Stockholm and in many other parts of the country to protest Sweden’s tough new laws on asylum-seekers.

Dylan removes Nobel-mention from website
The American musician has more or less responded to the news with silence. Photo: Per Wahlberg

American singer-song writer Bob Dylan has removed any mention of him being named one of this year’s Nobel Prize laureates on his official website.

Refugee crisis
Asylum requests in Sweden down by 70 percent
Sweden's migration minister Morgan Johansson. Photo: Christine Olsson/TT

Sweden received 70 percent fewer requests for asylum in the period between January and September 2016 than it did during the same time last year, the country’s justice and migration minister Morgan Johansson has revealed.

The unique story of Stockholm's floating libraries
The Stockholm archipelago book boat. Photo: Roger Hill.

Writer Roger Hill details his journeys on the boats that carry books over Stockholm's waterways and to its most remote places.

Refugee crisis
Second Stockholm asylum centre fire in a week
The new incident follows a similar fire in Fagersjö last week (pictured). Photo: Johan Nilsson/TT

Police suspect arson in the blaze, as well as a similar incident which occurred last Sunday.

More misery for Ericsson as losses pile up
Ericsson interim CEO Jan Frykhammar presenting its third quarter results. Photo: Claudio Bresciani/TT

The bad news just keeps coming from the Swedish telecoms giant.

Facebook 'sorry' for removing Swedish cancer video
A computer displaying Facebook's landing page. Photo: Christine Olsson/TT

The social media giant had censored a video explaining how women should check for suspicious lumps in their breasts.

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