Globalisation Council: Tax and employment reform key to growth

The Globalisation Council, an office under the Swedish Ministry of Education and Science, has published its final report outlining several proposals to increase Sweden's economic growth and increase the country's attractiveness to businesses and entrepreneurs.

According to the Council, the “workplace of the future” is likely made up of small service-based companies that have “expertise as the most important resource.”

The council therefore proposes that labour market legislation is altered so that it prioritises “skills to a greater degree than the number of years of employment.”

The Council’s secretary has written about the report in a column in Dagens Nyheter (DN) newspaper. The desire for education can be stimulated in several ways, such as allowing pension savings to go towards studies.

The council is also of the opinion that it should be possible to introduce fees for higher education, something which can be compensated for with increased study allowances.

Tax policy is also important in promoting growth, according to the Globalisation Council, which advocates a return to the main principles of the 1990 Swedish tax reform – uniformity, transparency and legitimacy.

The Council has a mandate from the Swedish government to devise a strategy for meeting the challenges and embracing the possibilities of globalisation.

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