Malmö casino eyes ‘Vegas-style’ weddings

Tying the knot always comes with a certain degree of risk, but the chances of success are hopefully greater than those of playing roulette or Black Jack.

But soon visitors to a Malmö may be able to do both. At the same time.

The opportunity for couples to lose some cash and walk down the aisle in one fell swoop depends in part on the odds of Casino Comopol manager Marcus Skogfeldt gaining the ability to perform civil wedding ceremonies.

“I want to offer an all-in-one solution,” said Skogfeldt, who has applied for permission to perform civil weddings, according to newspaper Sydsvenskan.

“We have noticed an increasing popularity of getting married (at the casino). And sometimes it’s difficult to track down an officiant,” he said.

“I want to be able to offer an all-in-one solution where you can be married by the casino manager.”

If Skogfeldt is granted the authority to unite couples in matrimony, he estimates there might be casino weddings in Malmö several times a month. A number of couples have inquired if they can hold a ceremony on the casino’s terrace or in the park outside.

“The casino is an oasis in the centre of Malmö with a lovely, historic building in beautiful surroundings,” he said.

He didn’t have any much to say on the matter of religious versus civil ceremonies. “I think both have their place.

From a diversity perspective, it can be positive that a civil ceremony isn’t connected to a religion. That is what we can offer here,” he told Sydsvenskan.

If Skogfeldt’s bid is successful, the only question remaining is if Malmö will then become known as Las Vegas of Sweden.

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