Swedes feel full force of the law for public peeing

An increasing number of southern Swedes have felt the full force of the law since a 2006 crack down on peeing in public, a practice long forbidden but widely tolerated.

Police in the southern Swedish province of Skåne fined 377 people who could not wait for a toilet in 2008, an increase of 150 on 2006.

In Helsingborg alone 115 fines were served in comparison to 54 in 2006, according to the newspaper Metro. The largest increase in fines was however in Kristianstad with 99 people fined, almost three times the number in 2006.

In Malmö, which has seen a decrease in the number of public toilets in recent years, the number of people fined has increased from 66 to 88.

In nearby Lund it seems that those in need have become better at holding it in, with the number of fines issued down from 35 in 2006 to 24 in 2008.

Public peeing carries a fine of 800 kronor ($100).

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