Mollie Söderlind: Why I’m chasing Conan

Mollie Söderlind: Why I'm chasing Conan
There may be a lot of talk show hosts in the world but there's only one Conan O'Brien. Since stalking is such a strong word, The Local's blogger Mollie Söderlind explains why she's in hot pursuit of the Tonight Show supremo.

“I say a lot of annoying things,” says 20-year-old Mollie Söderlind of her blog, “but that’s sort of why you read blogs anyways.”

Don’t be alarmed by her forward confession, for shy is something Söderlind certainly is not. Without hesitation, she’ll offer her opinions on Swedish society, celebrities, and admit how other bloggers, like the famed Blondinbella, annoy her for “doing nothing but being famous.”

“She got a lot of money saying things like, ‘Today I ate carrot cake.’ In Sweden we have superficial celebrities that only live to sell their names and parties,” says Söderlind.

“At least in the US, celebrities are famous for different things,” she says, citing Angelina Jolie as an example for her philanthropic endeavours.

And this is where her self-diagnosed “obsession” of American talk show host Conan O’Brien fits in. As her blog is aptly named “Chasing Conan,” Söderlind’s postings focus on the steps she will and won’t take to achieve her dream of appearing on the show.

“I’m so obsessed with him. I will do whatever it takes,” she explains.

Söderlind says that after having lived in Minneapolis for 10 months on an exchange programme when she was 18, she gained a new appreciation for American celebrities, who she previously had not known. Aside from this time, she’s spent the rest of her life in her hometown of Stockholm, longing for the day her name will appear in bright lights on Conan’s guest line-up.

“Swedish comedians are kind of bland,” she says, and instead chooses to follow the likes of O’Brien, Steven Colbert, Steve Carell, and Jon Stewart. But at the centre of her blog is her true love, Conan, amongst activities ongoing in her life – lunches with friends, thoughts on stardom, and pet peeves.

“My blog is a mixture between my obsession with Conan and random things I think are funny and annoying, plus my every day life,” she says. “If readers have a mutual interest in Conan, they might find this interesting.”

But Söderlind says her biggest life dilemma isn’t just discovering a way to get on the show — “since I’m so obsessed with him I assume everyone else is as well,” she says with a laugh. “It’s terrible!”

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