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Sweden offers asylum to Iraqi who aided US military

TT/The Local · 23 May 2009, 10:00

Published: 23 May 2009 10:00 GMT+02:00

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The man, who currently resides in Halmstad on the Swedish west coast, arrived in the country in 2007. In Iraq, he drove tanks for the American military. After receiving death threats, and after a relative who had worked with him was killed, the man chose to flee his home country.

The Swedish Migration Board (Migrationsverket) didn't deem the man's story to be believable, but the decision was overturned by Swedish courts.

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The court was of the opinion that there was sufficient proof that Iraqis who worked for the US military are at risk of serious attacks, and therefore approved the man's petition for asylum.

TT/The Local (news@thelocal.se)

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Your comments about this article

10:56 May 23, 2009 by Mr Honest
I would say Swedish court rocks!

Thanks for supporting those guys who supported westerns in their countries by putting their life,family,and even relative's life into the great danger and Of course if someone can prove that they were working with US/EU military should be granted anywhere as asylum.

It is matter of ( you help me I help you) .Thanks once again to Swedish court !
11:12 May 23, 2009 by Yendor
History will prove in time that men like this did the right thing for their country to try and get rid of terrorists, thugs and street criminals. As an American living in Sweden i wish i could shake his hand an tell him how much i appricate what he has done for his country and my fellow American countrymen. And a big thanks to the Swedish courts for letting this man come to Sweden. Someday this man will return to his country rid of terrorists.
11:21 May 23, 2009 by victzie
wow,this is very good news,GOD bless those that made this to be possible,mr honest,i love your comment.
11:51 May 23, 2009 by tewodros
hehehehe ……

Rejecting asylum applications even with out read the case is quite common in the Swedish Migration Board .

I don't really find the exact cause why they are doing this .But this may be , in my opinion , decision makers with centralized power who manipulate the asylum case as they like and make illogical decision,

with out committee or task forces ,either lack professional competence in the International asylum related Laws, such as the Status of Refugee of 1951 Geneva convention , or lack of basic knowledge in the legal definition like what proving objectively mean,… etc .Or this can also be due to negative attitude they developed towards all asylum applicant , which is in fact not healthy and so that they are getting sick themselves and mad applicants too .

I am grateful to this independent court as it overtured the irrational decision of the Migration Board, which is of course , phobia to most asylum applicants.
12:16 May 23, 2009 by mobings
American were aggressor. There were never WMD in Iraq. Americans came in Iraq for Oil and nothing else...rest all stories..... and the man who was given asylum can be hero for Americans but will stay traitor for Iraq... and thats how history deteremine the events.
13:09 May 23, 2009 by AbbaLeo
America uses people very badly, like in Saddam case, America used him for Iran-Iraq war and at the end get him hanged. Similarly this asylum seeker was left mercilessly, thanks to Swedish govt for providing this man a better life, but why should SWEDEN be a party to it (cleaning American mess)?
13:38 May 23, 2009 by Eurostan
people who want to live in sweden tell a lot stories like this. if he worked for us army its good.

a lot of people tell the same story . migrationserveket people listened thousands of stories like this.
15:30 May 23, 2009 by bocale1
I believe that the American war in Irak was a big mistake and I do not feel that area of the world safest now than in the past. Foe example, think about the women condition now and before and let me know how many progresses we did there. Said that, if there is a person that risks his/her life in his/her own country, I think is good that a democratic and civil country like Sweden can offer him/her the opportunity to stay here. Traitor or not, the right of a safe life is a must. All in all, proud to live in this country when decisions like this one are taken.
18:20 May 23, 2009 by Keithy
A charitable assessment.
21:11 May 23, 2009 by Xzion
Sweden and Swedish people always try to be close servants of US even if Iraq war was drama, intelligence failure, for oil and big business of oil and construction companies.

they are taking asylum seeker only to make US happy because everybody know that Swedish people and government don't give then place in society and jobs.

human right is not a business and Sweden is not different from Pakistan ,both take money from US, UN for sake of human rights and refugees but they distribute that money to keep their politician happy.
21:13 May 23, 2009 by Janie
If he was working for the US army, why did he move to Sweden? Why not the US? And why does helping the American army give someone the right to live in Sweden?
22:08 May 23, 2009 by Eurostan
he worked for american-british in irak why did he come to sweden.


23:58 May 23, 2009 by powerofknowledge
Dear Eurostan I really feel sorry for u coz HATE (ur comments r always like this) cause blood pressure blood sugar and many problems as I know ur life will be shorter or even u may make a hate crime against immigrant and stay ur life in prison, anyway

My ADVICE is Go and study a course in some university or read a good book and do something fruitful for Eurostan ,Ooh, sorry for EU or Swed instead of attacking people, think why we live here on this Earth (of course not to hate or kill each other or wat u think?) get a job or a course here or there ur life will be changed completely believe me, ASK WHY? Make ur mind opened

Life is SHORT.
00:01 May 24, 2009 by alsarraf
Thank you Sweden!

This news has turned me so happy. Away from politics, from interests, this decision is another example of how law in Sweden is applied.

I want to make it so clear to every decision maker in Sweden that such asylum seekers have no alternatives but either to provide them asylum or face inevitable death in Iraq.

Anyone who worked with foreigners are potential victims and are either them or their families waiting death with torture any minute. Please secure them and give them hope of life or they will be murdered just like their colleague who have been killed systematically in Iraq, the country which is still unstable and where elite are targets for the many power centers in Iraq.

Yes, Iraq is showing improvement in daily general security situation, however those who have been working with any foreigners or have good scientific reputation or are ex regime employees are still targets and still waiting death any minute they are caught.
01:44 May 24, 2009 by freethinker
If this person was helpful to the US, I wish my country the US would've stepped up and done the right thing by him, it's wonderful of Sweden to do this, yet why should Sweden clean up an American mess? The US should be ashamed. Most likely this fella is a muslim. Maybe just maybe some Muslims are ok afterall.
04:54 May 24, 2009 by Eurostan

you may be student in one of the swedish univeristy.

you can tell one beautiful story and can get asylem or refugee in sweden.

students from certain countries they never go back after finishing studies. i think you are from that country.

i know what i am doing .stopping ISLAMISATION OF EUROPE.

you may be muslim and want to settle down in sweden.

thats why you are angry with me because my comments are directed to only muslims.
05:46 May 24, 2009 by khokan
Dear Eurostan,

I appreciate the way you analysed it. No doubt you love sweden and Europe.But the way you hate muslim is not wised.Because the same thing done by Hitler, tried to eliminate all jews from Europe coz of few jews.But you know history.And we all know History repeat itself.So, try better ways to eliminate muslim from Europe. I could suggest you if you need any idea !!. Long Live Europe.
10:58 May 24, 2009 by spy
As a recent former member of the Allied Armed forces I can say categorically that no country uses foreign manpower to 'drive tanks'. If a Swedish court beleived this statement then they are incredibly naive and doing the Swedish people a diservice.

To train a tank crew member takes millions of dollars and involves integration in Troop, Squadron and Regimental exercises, all of which take place prior to any deployment to an operational theatre such as Iraq. The thought that you, would need, want, or could train a willing member of a local force upto the same standard within theatre and then also integrate them into a battlegroup is laughable.

That said many brave native Iraqi's do work with allied forces as translators, guides, intelligence gatherers as well as local police and military forces and it is right that these people be protected if their lives are threatened.
11:48 May 24, 2009 by hisham
Me as an Iraqi immigrants whom came to Sweden for the same reson in the begining of the 2007, can really evaluate how hard it was in Iraq that time.

I have been woking with the Americans since 2005 to serve the Iraqi civilians and qulified the iraqi Army .. we have got serious threats from the Terroist but we have not given up to them .. many of us were followed, tortured and killed during doing ours missions and work.

All the ARABS lands " EXCEPT SYRIA " has colsed there border among us. when I got the threaten I went to JOURDAN and I hold 35000 US Dollar with me but they did not accepted me to enter their country !

13:11 May 24, 2009 by Eurostan
sweden is banana country. no one is there to verify the truth of the of the story just only belive what he is telling.
15:23 May 24, 2009 by powerofknowledge
Dear Eurostan u r almost right, but , my professor gave me an offer for 4 to 5 years here and then i can get the citizenship, im really thinking to accept this offer after i see many like u , i want really to stay here to CHANGE those people and to TREAT them, i have really good goal for the reast of my life, i think my children will like that also..anyway,, i gave u advice u r free to accept or stay as u now, by the way,,,, Im NOT angry beleive me i said that coz I wanted to HELP U and feel Sorry for u coz u think NEGATIVE.

HISHAM Please tell me how could u get this MONEY 35000 ??????? what was ur job 2 years in Iraq make this huge money VERY STRANGE WORLD. Ok i dont want to say that u ........ yes serve ur country and u was very honest yes?????????? 35000?????????
16:44 May 24, 2009 by Eurostan
you must check migrationserveket rules to get citizenship in sweden. if you on the student visa for 100 years you dont it.

you must stay on the work visa atleast for four years then you receive PR.not the citizenship.

swedish society worked better in 60s 70s 80s than now.

if you that much skilled go back to your country and try to make you country like sweden.

sweden has lot of forests and wood industry.and no need to depend on others.
19:39 May 24, 2009 by Xzion

i have terrorist problem in my country but i am very good in computer and software and i am planing to open an outsourcing company for software devlopment. i came here as student but i wish to live here for ever.

i wish that Swedish government should take more international people so that it will look like a global country like US and i can give examples like US, Canada, Australia, Ireland is made by people like me(immigrants).

i wish a space in law for globalization, for other nations , i love Swedish people but i am Muslim and i need some space to live my life according Islamic liberation , Islam is fastest growing religion you can check statistics.
19:46 May 24, 2009 by Kibiri
Eurostan I kinda remember you telling that you are from India, is that so?

Are you living in Sweden or did you already return and fixing your home country?
21:31 May 24, 2009 by Eurostan
i am in brazil and working . i worked before in sweden for six months and talked about people and immigration in europe with my swedish workmates. where ever i am i always build my country.

people knows the fate of the countries that seperated from india because of religion.
22:17 May 24, 2009 by Kaethar
So does the US. Ever hear of the London bombings? Did you read about the bombthreat a couple of days back in Sweden? All countries have terrorists. No need to make up excuses. Sweden has one of the highest standards of living in the world. Most people would live here if they could. I don't see what the problem is with admitting this. Perhaps it's guilt?

Or you could go to one of those countries since they're actually what you want. Since these countries apparently don't have terrorists what precisely is your reason for staying in Sweden when she doesn't fit your ideal of a "global country?" I'm sincerely curious.

Pardon? Globalisation is a cross-borders phenomena. Globalisation does not happen within a country.

What on earth is Islamic liberation? Whatever it is it's fine as long as it doesn't involve asking for special favours because of your religion. And I don't see how living in a multicultural environment helps with this Islamic liberation, especially since it is suggested in the Quran to stay away from the non-believers unless entirely necessary.

Ah, so this has to do with jihad? Personally I get sick of people with an agenda. Why can't people just live in peace without having it as their mission in life to convert everyone around them to Islam. Excuse me for not being more welcoming to your preaching.
16:14 May 25, 2009 by bira
"Spy" is absolutely correct. This person's story is likely not true, at least not in regards to driving tanks for the US army. However, he may well have helped and may well be at risk of being killed/murdered in his homeland. We can all learn a little about being more humane ( a somewhat ironic word based on the way we act anymore) and compassionate towards each other. Regardless, I think the courts should be a little more diligent in verifying such stories but since it may be extremely hard to do so, erring on the side of humanity is not such a bad thing. Hopefully, and likely, most of such immigrants will become productive citizens.
22:27 May 25, 2009 by spy
"Bira" I agree, more diligence is required by the authorities to ensure that 1) Only deserving asylum seekers are given support and 2) The Swedish people believe that the system works.

If this is adopted then I am sure the Swedes will be less cynical and more compassionate and welcoming which will benefit all concerned, especially those needy asylum seekers and successful immigrants.
00:04 May 26, 2009 by Kind Man
You seem to be very jealous!

Nobody can stop Islam if you are worried about this and dont be worry these days Who become Muslims they are highly educated people. As everyday two books are published against Islam but yet Islam is the fastest growing religion. because it is religion of truth.

God says In Holy Quran: “They plot & plan, and Allah too plans; but the best of planners is Allah” (Al-Anfal:30)
06:17 May 26, 2009 by odinmp5
i dont know if to laugh or to cry.

how can be swedes be so gullible to believe this iraqui guy drove tanks??

if true,(which i seriously doubt) then why is he in sweden and not in the u.s ?

and sorry muslims, you might get more support every day from people like me but that does not mean we are believers, the atheist movement is growing at an exceptional rate and most of the world is happy with that.

kind man, you are wrong, recent studys prove that the higuer IQ the less religious a person is.
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