Police focus resources on morning drinkers

Most drink-drivers get caught in the morning, a new report shows. Police now propose focusing roadside alcohol checks to meet the opening hours of the Swedish state monopoly alcohol retailer Systembolaget and at sports arenas at the weekends when parents arrive with their children.

Police focus resources on morning drinkers

Last year 100,000 people submitted to breath tests in Uppsala county. The majority of drink-drivers were caught between 9am and 12pm. Those caught were often hungover from the night before or had taken a morning bracer, according to local newspaper Uppsala Nya Tidning.

The police traffic control department has now compiled a report to gain a broader picture of the situation and indicate where resources should be allocated.

“We have previously gone on a gut feeling, but we now have the basis for the roadside checks to be conducted based on solid data,” said Mats Östman at Uppsala police.

The statistics also show that Uppsala residents are above average when using their seat belts.

They also indicate that road 288 between Uppsala and Östhammar is the worst hit stretch of road in the county for serious accidents. Over the past three years some 30 serious accidents have occurred along the stretch of road.

“Stationing police along these types of roads is effective in the prevention of accidents,” Mats Östman said, adding that accidents rarely occur on the E4 motorway.

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Swede arrested for drink driving on lawn mower

A 32-year-old Swede was arrested for riding a lawn mower while inebriated, Swedish police said on Wednesday.

Swede arrested for drink driving on lawn mower
The mower man pictured above is not the man in the story. Photo: TT
The man was arrested at the wheel of his lawn mower in his yard in Uddnas, near Örebro in central Sweden, a police spokesman told news agency AFP.
“We were called by witnesses who saw him driving visibly drunk both in his yard and in the neighbourhood,” he said.
The man was taken to the police station where a breathalyzer test showed he had consumed more than seven times the legal limit of alcohol.
A prosecutor was looking into the case.
It was not yet known whether the individual would face charges, a fine or a warning, the police spokesman said.