Blogger Profile: Scot James

Blogger Profile: Scot James
When Långholmen Football Club began life seven years ago, it was a small group of English-speaking foreigners looking to play their favourite game in Sweden. Now, with a large fan-base and pool of players, the club represents 18 different nationalities in its members, and is continuously expanding.

“We’ve watched it grow to the position we are in today,” says Scot James, writer of the Stripes News blog.

He says when he first moved to Sweden twelve years ago to work as a DJ, he missed watching and supporting his beloved game as he had done at home in Scotland.

His problem was solved when a group of like-minded immigrants formed the club as a network for players and fans missing the football culture from home.

“It’s hard to have an affiliation to a club here in Sweden, because I’m out of the Swedish culture,” explains James. “If people are interested in sport, especially expats who move here who are interested in football, and they don’t know where to turn or who to follow, they can turn to us.”

The team is comprised of international and Swedish players, whose profiles, stats, scores and updates you can find on the Stripes News blog. They all speak English, and form a social network both on and off the field.

“Our membership base with the club primarily started just with players, but now it’s players and supporters,” explains James. “We are taking in new members all the time, and hopefully other people will find the same thing that we’ve found. If they can’t associate with the Swedish football league, this might be a good alternative.”

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