Swedish major facing sack over boozy African sex romp

A major in the Swedish armed forces serving in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) is in danger of losing his job as a result of his excessive drinking and sexual relations with a local woman.

The major, who is from Gävle in eastern Sweden, was informed last week that his overseas service as an observer in the DRC as part of the UN mission (MONUC) force is to be terminated and he has been ordered to return to Sweden.

Armed Forces’ Director of Operations Anders Lindström of the MONUC force has reported the major to the military personnel disciplinary offences board (FPAN) for behaviour unbecoming of his rank and recommended that he be removed from his position.

The major’s drinking habits had caught the attention of several of his colleagues working in the DRC. He had been previously reported to MONUC’s DRC headquarters for several indiscretions and warned over his alcohol use.

The MONUC HQ had at first decided to try to manage the issue in the DRC but when the major was found to be entertaining a local woman in his room, the decision was taken to report the matter to the board.

“The major was at the time very drunk and definitely did not fulfil the criteria for service,” a senior officer wrote in the report to the board.

The major began his tour in the DRC in November 2008 and was due to serve with the MONUC force until November 2009.

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