Social Democratic backslide as June List surges: poll

According to the latest opinion poll from TV 4/Novus opinion, the Social Democrats have lost significant ground ahead of Sunday's EU-parliamentary elections.

Voters continue to flock to the Pirate Party, and support for the June List (Junilistan) party took an unexpected surge.

The poll reported that the June List party has support from 3.8 percent of voters, an increase of 1.6 percent from the previous survey.

In addition, the numbers are significantly higher than the most recent polls, which showed average voter support of around 2 percent.

Support for the Pirate Party has also increased to 8.5 percent. According to Novus, it remains to be seen whether or not Pirate Party sympathizers will take their support to the polls, as the party is popular among groups where relatively few actually go and vote.

At the same time, the Social Democrats and Moderates have lost ground. The Social Democrats experienced the biggest backslide of 3.9 percentage points, bringing their total support to 26.5 percent. The Moderates have lost 1.2 percentage points and now have support from 19.0 support of voters.

The Liberal Party (Folkpartiet) achieved it’s highest level of support during the election at 11.1 percent, and things continue to go well for the Green party.

The poll was conducted during the last week of the election.

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