Tax agency in 2 billion kronor tax haven haul

Swedish tax authorities have managed to recoup more than 2 billion kronor ($258 million) from foreign tax havens in the last five years.

In most cases, small business owners, directors, and high-level executives are the ones trying to hide their money from the Swedish Tax Agency (Skatteverket), reports the LO-Tidningen newspaper.

The agency estimates that Swedes have managed to shelter 400 billion kronor in foreign accounts, but international cooperation has improved in recent years making it easier to trace tax-dodgers and collect on back taxes.

“It’s become much easier to work with other countries,” Skatteverket project manager Katrina Björk told LO-Tidningen.

“We learn a lot from one another and help each other more than before. When one country succeeds using a certain method, it shares its knowledge with others. And we get tips about Swedish companies’ activities in other countries.”

A special group at the agency dedicated to collecting tax arrears from individuals and small and medium-sized companies has so far brought home around 2 billion kronor from 780 individuals and 173 companies.

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