More Swedes seeking love online in tough economic times

More Swedes seeking love online in tough economic times
Although sales of some goods have been hard hit by the recession, love is not among of them. The financial crisis has led more and more Swedes to look for love online, making them among the most internet-dating inclined nationalities in the world, according to Dagens Nyheter (DN) newspaper.

DN reported that several of Sweden’s largest internet dating sites have had seen a huge upswing in membership figures since the financial crisis hit last autumn.

Experts from the country’s four largest Internet dating companies were in agreement that Swedish singles are seeking an increased sense of emotional security in the wake of financial uncertainty. With an estimated 1.3 million Swedes dating online, the are among the most Internet-dating inclined nationalities in the world.

The boom can be due to several factors: widespread broadband access, but also that Sweden boasts almost two million single households in the country, according to Statistics Sweden.

Culture may also have something to do with it. “Swedes are also a little bit shy. We aren’t the type to go someone in a bar, but think it’s more comfortable to sit at home behind a computer screen,” Jenny Ohlin, managing director of E-kontakt, told DN.

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