18-year-old serial rape suspect arrested

Several cases of unsolved rapes in Tensta might soon be closed, according Stockholm police authorities. An 18-year old man has been arrested on suspicion of three rapes and is suspected of an additional five rapes in Belgium.

“This involves aggravated rapes, and moreover, he has also subjected his victims to excessive violence,” detective Manne Jönsson of the Stockholm police told TT.

“With all likelihood, he will be convicted of three rapes or attempted rape.”

Police are looking into his possible involvement in several other incidents, according to news show Rapport on Sveriges Television.

Police have had the man under surveillance for several weeks. He was arrested in southern Sweden on Thursday night.

“We were assisted by colleagues who took him into custody. Then we went down to get him and issued the search warrant. The arrest was entirely uneventful,” Jönsson said.

TT: Has he denied the charges or confessed to the crime?

“We haven’t been able to thoroughly question him. He has only been subject to very short interviews.”

Police believe that the man has only been in Sweden for a few months. A comprehensive investigation is expected, as well as establishing his actions and whereabouts during his time in Sweden.

“We will investigate every last detail, and answer all remaining questions. It may very well be that he has committed additional crimes that we are unaware of at this point in time,” Jönsson said.

The man has likely spent the last few years in Belgium. He is suspected of having committed his first rape as a 16-year-old.