Man fined for reclaiming his own boat

A man from Dalarna in central Sweden has fined for attacking a man who had stolen his boat and then tried to sell it on the internet.

The victim of the alleged boat theft noticed his stolen boat for sale on the popular buy-and-sell website, and decided to pay the seller a visit, Sveriges Radio (SR) reports.

Accompanied with five friends, the man got into a heated discussion with the suspected boat thief, proceeding to hit the seller in the face.

The original owner and his friends then left with the boat, as well as another boat with the original boat’s motor.

The prosecutor didn’t believe that the boat really belonged to the man and charged the six men with robbery.

But the Värmland district court was of another opinion and found the man and his five companions guilty of taking the law into their own hands (egenmäktigt förfarande).

The original boat owner was also found guilty of assault and all six were sentenced to community service.

The boat seller is set to receive damages of 20,000 kronor ($2,500), but the boat will remain in the possession of the original owner.

The court did not find that the seller purchased it in good faith.

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Swedes take 600 rescued migrants to dock in Italy

A Swedish coastguard ship carrying more than 600 migrants plucked from boats drifting off Libya's coast was to dock in Palermo late on Thursday, Swedish officials said. But 52 of those on board are understood to be dead.

Swedes take 600 rescued migrants to dock in Italy
Some of the migrants reached by the Swedish coastguard on Wednesday. Photo: Swedish coastguard
The Swedish ship Poseidon rescued 130 people from a rubber dinghy and another 442 people from a wooden boat found drifting off the Libyan coast on Thursday. Fifty-two people were found dead in the hold of the wooden boat.
The number of dead has varied in reports – with initial estimates putting the figure at 40 – and the Swedish coastguard said on Friday that difficult conditions had initially made it hard to get an accurate number.
“It [Poseidon] is due in Palermo around 8:00 pm (1800 GMT) tonight,” coastguard official Robert Primus told AFP.
“Now they have been able to get into the hold properly and count and there are 52 dead,” he said.
“The vessel has all the survivors and dead on board, and all of them will be taken off the ship tonight,” Primus said.
The Swedish vessel was in the area as part of the EU border agency Frontex's search and rescue mission known as Triton.
Poseidon is expected to leave Palermo for Valletta later Thursday, Primus said.
Calm weather this week appears to have encouraged the smugglers to get as many people as possible out to sea, knowing that, in most cases, they will be picked up by Italian or international boats and taken to Italian ports.
More than 110,000 migrants have so far landed at Italian ports this year. A further 160,000-plus have arrived in Greece.
But at least 2,300 migrants have died at sea this year during attempts to reach Europe, almost invariably on overcrowded boats chartered by people smugglers.