Second man targeted by suspected rapist

A man who raped another man at knifepoint early Sunday morning may have struck again, according to Stockholm police.

Police received a report from another man who was threatened by a knife-wielding man around 10pm on Wednesday night.

The victim was on his way home from the Skärmarbrink subway station in southern Stockholm when he met a man holding a knife.

When the man with the knife grabbed hold of the victim’s arm, he struck back at the attacker’s head and was able to escape unharmed, according to the report filed with police in Stockholm’s southern district.

The victim of the attack called police, who brought in dogs to help search for the man with the knife throughout Wednesday night into early Thursday morning, but without result.

The course of events and description of the attacker are similar to those given by a 20-year-old man who was raped at knifepoint on Sunday near the same subway station.

Because the victim of the latest attack got a better look at the assailant, police now have a better description of the attacker to aid in their surveillance efforts.