Drunken Swedish soldiers in armed Kosovo kerfuffle

A shot was fired when two drunken and armed Swedish soldiers got into a fight with local residents in Kosovo, prompting an investigation by Sweden’s Armed Forces.

The incident took place pn May 21st in the town of Gracanica, the Serbian enclave being guarded by Swedish soldiers as a part of the Nato-led Kosovo Force (KFOR).

The two soldiers were offered alcohol during a visit with locals, leaving their weapons unattended in their vehicle outside while they drank, the Värnpliktsnytt newspaper reports, citing information from tje Armed Forced investigation.

Attempts by the TT news agency to confirm the information regarding the unattended weapons were unsuccessful, although military spokesperson Roger Magnergård confirmed that the two soldiers had been sent home following reports from military police that the two were drunk when they returned to the Camp Victoria base.

After sharing drinks at the local’s house party, the Swedes then proceeded to a night club where they continued partying.

As the club was closing down, the Swedish soldiers got into a dispute with a local resident. The quarrel continued outside of the club, at which point a shot was fired from an unknown direction.

Despite one of the drunken soldiers being so intoxicated that he vomited, both Swedes readied themselves for combat, with at least one loading his rifle, according to the investigation.

The two soldiers were reassigned to the Life Guard’s international training unit. Attempts by Värnpliktsnytt to reach the head unit for a comment were unsuccessful.

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