Woman jailed for rape of boy

A 39-year-old woman who sexually assualted an underage boy and photographed the attack was sentenced to two and a half years in prison on Friday.

The woman was encouraged to commit the assault by a 33-year-old man she was chatting with online. The man later used the images to blackmail the woman.

On Friday, Alingsås district court in western Sweden sentenced the woman to two and a half years in prison for rape of a child and child pornography. The man was sentenced to probation and one year of counselling for sex offenders for blackmail and incitement to child pornography, reports the Göteborgs-Posten newspaper.

The woman was reported to have performed oral sex on the boy, who is under 13 and reportedly had a close relationship with her. The man encouraged the woman to photograph the assault and send him the pictures. He then threatened to show the images to the police if she didn’t pay him 15,000 kronor ($1,900).

The court ordered both of them to pay 180,000 kronor in restitution to the boy.