Hungry thief unmasked by regurgitated pizza

Hungry thief unmasked by regurgitated pizza
A man in southwestern Sweden has been connected to two home invasions after DNA connected him to vomited pizza and chewing gum found at the scene of the crime.

A thief couldn’t resist the temptation of indulging in the two-week old pizza in the apartment he broke into. Then he left his chewing gum in the empty pizza box. At the next stop on his criminal rampage, he vomited up the pizza.

DNA evidence left at the scenes of the crime allowed police to connect the man to two break-ins in Bohuslän in southwestern Sweden, reported Bohusläningen newspaper.

In addition, after leaving the second scene, the man was stopped by police with a blood alcohol level of 0.26 percent – more than 10 times the legal limit – and was arrested on charges of excessive drunkenness.

The man admits that he was inside the house, but denies that it was a break-in. He claimed the house was unlocked when he came to visit.

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