Ten year sentence for Gamla Stan shooting

Ten year sentence for Gamla Stan shooting
Police examine the crime scene for clues following the Gamla Stan shooting
The 41-year-old man who in April tried to kill a couple in Sweden’s historic Gamla Stan district has been sentenced to ten years in prison for attempted murder.

The 41-year-old bouncer was also ordered by the Stockholm District Court to pay each of his victims 100,000 kronor ($12,700) in damages.

After having remained mum for much of the investigation, the 41-year-old finally confessed during his trial last week that he was the one who pulled the trigger.

He admitted that he wanted to kill the man, a member of Sweden’s aristocracy, but that he had no intention of hurting the man’s girlfriend, who was several months pregnant at the time of shooting.

After waiting for the couple near the Tyska Stallplan square on the late afternoon of April 21st, the 41-year-old fired off several shots, hitting both the man and his girlfriend.

The man was seriously wounded, sustaining gunshot wounds to the neck, head, and arm. The woman was hit in the face, but her unborn child was unharmed and was born a few weeks later.

During the trial, the 41-year-old gave his version of events during which he explained that he wanted to kill the man because he was convinced the man was sexually abusing his own children.

But the court found the man’s explanation lacked credibility.

The court considered the case one of an “extraordinarily serious” violent crime which required planning and was meant to execute two people.

Despite the man’s claims that he didn’t want to kill the woman, the court wrote in its ruling that his intention couldn’t have been anything other than to kill her.

The sentence is equivalent to the minimum sentence had the man succeeded in carrying out the killings, according to the court.

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