Charges for father who held family captive

Charges for father who held family captive
The home in Uppsala of a man suspected of holding his family captive for years
A 68-year-old father of four in Uppsala suspected of abusing his wife and children and holding them captive in their apartment was arraigned on Tuesday.

He was arrested on June 27th after police received a call about a domestic disturbance, leading to knowledge of the family’s situation.

Shortly after the arrest, the woman filed for divorce, citing that the man had abused her and the children for 20 some years as grounds. The man has been charged with illegal imprisonment, gross violation of a woman’s integrity, abuse and making illegal threats.

It is believed that the 68-year-old kept his children, two sons and two daughters currently between the ages of 16 and 22, home from school their entire lives.

Just how the father was able to keep all four children out of school for so long without raising alarm bells is unknown, although authorities believe the family spent a significant amount of time abroad.

Social welfare services in Uppsala were unfamiliar with the family’s case prior to the police report.

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