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Iranians barred from Swedish universities

TT/David Landes · 21 Jul 2009, 17:57

Published: 21 Jul 2009 17:57 GMT+02:00

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So far two Swedish institutions – The Royal Institute of Technology (KTH) in Stockholm and Chalmers University of Technology in Gothenburg – have decided to turn away applicants from Iran.

“For us it means that we don’t accept Iranian citizens to our masters programme in nuclear technology,” said Chalmers spokesperson Magnus Myrén to the TT news agency.

The restrictions also affect students from North Korea, but according to Säpo there are only a handful of North Koreans studying in Sweden.

The measure comes as part of a 2007 European Union regulation connected to a 2006 United Nations resolution authorizing sanctions on Iran.

“It concerns not only that which is directly affected by nuclear weapons, but also aerospace technology,” Säpo spokesperson Patrik Peter told TT.

According to Sveriges Radio, Säpo, along with two other agencies – the Inspectorate of Strategic Products (ISP) and the Radiation Safety Administration (Strålsäkerhetsmyndigheten) – sent letters to the heads of security at seven Swedish universities alerting them to how their institutions could be affected by the restrictions on Iranians wishing to study in Sweden.

In the letter, the agencies explained that educational programmes are also covered in the sanctions laid out by the EU rule.

Specifically, the letter points out concerns about masters and PhD programmes in subjects which could involve technologies related to nuclear weapons or the rockets used to deliver them.

In addition to Chalmers and KTH, the letters were also sent to Luleå University of Technology, Lund University, Mälardalen University, Uppsala University, and Linköping University.

Although authorities in Sweden have developed a list of example programmes, it is up to each institution to decide which subject areas will be covered by the restrictions.

“The rule is somewhat fluid. This is an example of something which has dual use, both for civil and military purposes,” said Peter.

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Peter could not say, however, whether the restrictions may lead to Iranians being arbitrarily ruled shut out of Swedish universities. Nor did Säpo have any estimates of how many people might be affected by the measures.

Peter added, however, that Säpo plans to evaluate the universities’ adherence to the directive.

Iranians make up the largest group of international students enrolled in masters programmes at Chalmers, with 120 students being admitted for the 2008 autumn term, according to the Svenska Dagbladet (SvD) newspaper.

TT/David Landes (news@thelocal.se)

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18:54 July 21, 2009 by sthlmstdnt
When discrimination made officially, it is legal right? It is as same as when terrorism is done by governments, it is named peace making.

What is next? Let's ban Iran from internet too. Come on! The people living there are human beings. Not less than any Karl or Anna! They have basic rights such as studying. Let them have it!

If there is a fight in between EU and Iran, this thing is simply, hitting below the belt.
19:01 July 21, 2009 by Thebinary1
Actually, I find this measure prudent. I am actually surprised that the initial raft of sanctions imposed on Iran did not include this.

For Sweden, Education is a widely exported commodity. Restrictions can and should be applied as deemed appropriate - and this present situation is appropriate.

From a social perspective, well Sweden unfortunately won't win. However, its better for Sweden to be labelled as a racist / discriminatory state rather than a state complicit in the proliforation of nuclear weapons via the export of knowledge.
19:25 July 21, 2009 by tigger007
if you don't like getting hit below the belt,wear a cup! it may seem unfair,but that's how the world works. i don't know why people fear or feel that iran is the bad guy.i think sweden did the right thing for now and time will tell if it was the right or wrong move to make.
19:25 July 21, 2009 by CharlesBorje
This is a not a bad Idea, Iran and it leader should know the world is watching and the people want to be freed from the kind of leadership they have right now. I know for sure when they get that "" done we should be ready for third world war. I believe Sweden is doing the right thing. If Iran was to be trusted like other nuclear arm countries, this wont be any issue to worry about.
19:54 July 21, 2009 by kaze
Love the headline, lol.

If this was a newspaper they'd sell a bunch based off that.

I didn't know there were any N.Koreans studying in Sweden though....wonder where I can find them.
19:59 July 21, 2009 by skatty
I don't think that Universities in Sweden have that kind of qualified education for nuclear and missile technology development any way! None of foreign students enrolled in master programs in Sweden talk Swedish (Swedish is not an international language) and the programs are in English with low quality in communication and education, both from students and lecturer side.
20:19 July 21, 2009 by Faunaman
Something well done at last!!!!!!!
20:39 July 21, 2009 by BillyB
Little bit or perspective here... It's only for courses related to Nuclear energy or missile technology!

Which to be honest should have had tighter restrictions for all many years ago.

This is not any kind of blanket ban on any nationalities.
20:40 July 21, 2009 by Bender B Rodriquez
Lol, who do you think built our reactors. Lots of nuclear research and development going on to squeeze the juice out of the remaining reactors now that we have shut down Barsebäck...

From your statement I guess you are enrolled at Blekinge/Dalarna/Malmö or some other of the substandard unis...
20:52 July 21, 2009 by mo aj
what do you think that if iranian government want they can hire a blue eyed swedish unemployed nuclear scientist for some krones. so how they can stop this
21:13 July 21, 2009 by sebseb
With this kind of policies, Amerians in Sweden are gonna feel just like home :)
21:52 July 21, 2009 by Stüpid
One thing I wonder whether Sweden did right or wrong.

Would any other country allow swedes to join in such programmes in their countries?

Would Iran allow swedes/foreigners to join in such programmes in Iran?

I have no idea why sweden did this only to Iranians.
21:55 July 21, 2009 by Mister E
The three quotes I pasted below are very interesting because they imply that Iranians could be shut out from not only nuclear and missile tech programs but also from programs that could be used in the development or deployment of nuclear or missile programs. Computer science, engineering, physics, etc., are all subjects that could be construed as "related to" various weapons technologies. The rule is "somewhat fluid" as one of the quoted persons points out. I'm totally in favor of the new regulation, by the way.

"...concerns about masters and PhD programmes in subjects which could involve technologies related to nuclear weapons or the rockets used to deliver them."

"...it is up to each institution to decide which subject areas will be covered by the restrictions."

"The rule is somewhat fluid. This is an example of something which has dual use, both for civil and military purposes"
21:56 July 21, 2009 by CarlBlack
I think that some newspapers really go too far by making shocking headlines like this, leading to completely misleading judgments by omitting important part of information. And then people who don't even read the article, like mo aj, come with excessive reactions. People in media really don't have a bit of solidarity with its own government even when it comes to national security, they must try to make 'shocking news' from anything possible.
23:05 July 21, 2009 by Kind Man
Sweden has labelled Iranian students as terrorists by doing this. I feel sad for the students.

Does Sweden will get its share now from Jews? I thought Sweden had good relationship with Islamic countries.

To be friend with two Billions Muslims would be better than to be 5 or 6 million Jews who got no land and living on the stealing lands. with two billions you can make good profits. these others might steal your land too LOL
00:31 July 22, 2009 by totyis
Kind (of a) Man each time i read your comments i get speechless. Your "logic" is astonishing. And you're not racist either.
04:21 July 22, 2009 by Greg in Canada
Bravo Sweden. You've proven that you've got more guts than anybody ever expected.

The question is why is a country with so much oil developing nuclear reactors anyways? Don't tell me it's for peaceful purposes. These technologies could easily be used against us. The west has been training Iranian students in nuclear related sciences for far too long. I hope all other western countries follow Sweden's example.
05:14 July 22, 2009 by AussieAndy
I wish other countries would take this stance. There are so many examples of terrorist organisations using western education systems for their cause. Think back to 9/11 in the US.
09:08 July 22, 2009 by CarlBlack
For Kind Man: Nobody is labeled as terrorist, only the fact that these people might in future serve (even unwillingly) to a rogue government is taken into account.

And your way of discriminating countries based on majority religion there is really self-revealing. Are you in a religious war?

Sweden and majority other countries don't have good relationship with countries that represent a threat to others, which is exactly the case of Iran and North Korea. And it has good relationship with many non-fanatic Muslim countries like Egypt, Kuwait...
09:12 July 22, 2009 by hakany79
I firmly believe that Sweden does the right thing. I support Sweden's decisions.
09:24 July 22, 2009 by si
Absurd - here comes Uncle Sam - bend over sweden, squeal like a pig...
10:34 July 22, 2009 by Pacey
It is common Knowledge that students from Iran enrolled in these programmes are paid grants by their government to study. Thereafter these people are expected to come back and be part of their weapons development programmes etc.

These doesnt end here. Thereafter the Iranisns as a state policy help Hezbollah and other terrorist groups in instigating wars etc.This measure has come in too late but better to have it.

I was always surprised to see these students leading an amazing life in Sweden although their parents couldnt afford to send them here and they are not entitled to Swedish loans/grants. Who pays them?

Moreover I believe not even these but the Bio Sciences programmes should also be banned for Iranians. I am hearing of stuff where these people are interested in procuring Chemicals weapons technology?

Lets make the world a safer place!!! Any takers
10:55 July 22, 2009 by peace-lover
Dear Pacy,

I am an Iranian student in Sweden and I hate Iranian government more than you, if policies of that government makes you just worried, it shakes my life.

I don't have any grants from Iran, I have study grant from Sweden.

You just say:

" Bio Sciences programmes should also be banned for Iranians."

It is very easy to just close eyes and sack them altogether, but did you think about consequences of what you said in the lives of so many innocent young people. The same people who are fighting this crazy Iranian government and get killed in streets of Tehran. If a very tiny percentage come here for a nasty purpose, it doesn't justify kicking them altogether. Each case can be investigated by Swedish embassies before they grant the visa.

Does this policy of mass-punishment you suggest, reminds us of Nazi policies of mass murdering poor innocent Jewish civilians of Europe, just because they were Jewish ... and here you do it just because they are Iranians ...
11:04 July 22, 2009 by Kieruk
Peace, will you be returning to Iran after you have finished your studies? How will you hide your studies from the government so that they can not firce you to use it for their own puposes?

How do you propose that Sweden can 'testä to see if a student will one day use the knowledge they gain for the Iranian government?

Yes, I agree that it is quite harsh to ban all Iranians, but it is no where near on a par to Nazi's. Seriously, I would remove that bit from your post if I was you, it ruins your whole argument.
11:05 July 22, 2009 by si
Love the ambiguity "It is common knowledge.." bla bla fn bla

anyway quick recap - countries with nuclear weapons:

United States, Russia, UK, France, China, India, Pakistan, Israel

All of these countries have exhibited forms of terrorism so why Iran ?

Politics my friends is a filthy game..
11:20 July 22, 2009 by peace-lover
Dear Kieruk,

I won't go back for anther reason, I am gay and also a bit allergic to God, so prefer to stay away from God contaminated regions. Anyway what do you suggest means tomorrow morning Swedish government send me a letter and burn all years I spent studying and kick me back to Iran just because I am Iranian and they are not sure anyway for which purpose I will use my education? I think comparing with horrible Nazi policies is quite justified, it is by nature same: "Mass punishment not because crime one person committed just because he belongs to a special nationality, culture, colour, religion ..." It is horrible and against all human values. I felt really heart broken by reading some comments here. I am Iranian, I have always been a responsible person and I believe in values like democracy, peace and human rights, so why I have to be expelled, what is my crime ...
11:31 July 22, 2009 by Kieruk
Peace, your 'crime' is coming from a country that is doing something wrong in the eyes of the country that you are studying in, and you have the POTENTIAL to help your country.

Believe me in this though, I agree it is really quite harsh if they refuse your rights to finish your education.

As the article says, it is the screening applicants and students that will be more stringant, there is no part that says ALL Iranians will be thrown out, or even refused.
11:41 July 22, 2009 by peace-lover
Dear Kierruk, It is getting clear, exactly my point is that punishing someone just for POTENTIAL of doing something nasty in future is exactly policies of countries like North Korea, Iran, Soviet union in Stalin era or Nazi Germany. Now when as civilized people we read horrible experienced of mass expelling, sending whole families in concentration camps just because one member did something wrong, we feel horrified. I mean the logic behind these is the same. In no modern justice system you can punish one for the crime that he has the POTENTIAL to commit, but he never committed. If someone scans your genes and discovers you have a gene which gives you 15% more chance than normal to commit a murder, so you have the POTENTIAL, does it justify putting you in prison for life?
11:45 July 22, 2009 by Eye_Witness
If there is nuclear war in the future , and assume that Iran has nuclear weapons also,now think about a policy maker in Iran making the list of countries against which to use nuclear weapon, and what if the same policy maker was denied nuclear education in Sweden.

If USA and Iran normalize (likely event) their relations, what Sweden is up to then?
11:55 July 22, 2009 by Kind Man
Wait guys!

Why you should have nuclear weapon and not me?

Americans used their weapons and killed thousands of kids,women in Japan.

Israel has this weapon and killing everyday innocent Palestinian and stealing their land.

I would like to see Iran gets its Nuclear weapon in order to keep the balance in the middle east.

Before we had the balance, the old Russian and America. after Afghans kicked Russian butt in Afghanistan then we lost the world's balance and now Americans are occupier.

and again I am asking Why you should have nuclear weapon and not me? I am sure I would not kill like you guys killed the Japanese children and women and wiped the whole city. Fking terrorists .

If someone wants to advise another country first they should correct themselves then starts advising other what to have what to not.
12:05 July 22, 2009 by peropaco
Shalom Kind man. To be honest and from an intellectual point of view, Sweden will be better of dealing with 6 million socially apt people than with two billion of which a large portion is highly uneducated, ignorant and with a perfunctory capacity above that of a goat. You see kind man; the Jews are not the enemy as they are not the ones precluding the Iranian students from pursuing an education in certain fields of study.
12:06 July 22, 2009 by Kaethar
Talk about being melodramatic. The question is really what else you would use this education for? Are you an Iranian citizen? That means you can't work outside Iran unless you get a work permit (which is extremely difficult). To get a work permit in the EU you need to prove that you can do the job better than anyone else in the EU. Which is hard to do if you have no experience. So where are you planning on getting this experience?

Now that's a perfect example of ass-kissing. Let's hide known terrorists while we're at it so Al Qaida won't attack us.

Because you're a lunatic. As is Iran's current regime.

So? USA =/= Sweden?

12:13 July 22, 2009 by peace-lover
Shalom peropaco, I am Iranian(read my previous comments) and I agree with you. Unfortunately Jewish people have always been blamed for this. as far as I see you didn't have anything to do with precluding Iranian students and you are not any threat to global peace. After all antisemitism and using Jews as escape goats have very deep roots in history.
12:14 July 22, 2009 by crocadoodledoo
mr kind man, you are not so kind afterall! what the people in iran need now is education and jobs which are completely lacking.. thats why u have truckloads of iranians migrating to sweden every year under the pretext of studying..What the swedish govt has done here is the right thing by disallowing all iranians who are interested to study stuff related to fissile materials and technology as theyre more likely to join the rogue iranian govt than the swedish ones in case they do not find a job.. nobody is talking about the morality of nuclear war.
12:38 July 22, 2009 by Kieruk
Peace, as I said, I don't think anyone has said that all Iranians will be told to go away, just that they will be screened better.
14:09 July 22, 2009 by Nora
All those of you that are in favor of this decision (and have shown your passion in comments), please just consider (or try to make me clear about) these aspects:

- Is there really any learning material in a standard university educational course that could be used for threatening nuclear activities? and isn't accessible by other means such as Chinese , Pakistani or North Korean scientists? So the Iranian government has to send "students" to a university in Sweden?

- Who sets the definition for "subjects which could involve technologies related to nuclear weapons or the rockets used to deliver them" and the "somewhat fluid" rule? Can't Mechanical, Metallurgy, Civil and Computer Engineering studies being put in the definition?!

to be continued...
14:43 July 22, 2009 by CarlBlack
To Nora: material in a standard university course is of course more or less publicly available. I think the point is that making people educated in, for example, nuclear physics abroad is for them much easier than to obtain qualified lecturers and teach students in Iran. It is still difficult for them to obtain enough quality researchers, to build up a good educational program may be even more difficult. Furthermore, for students enrolled in a specific program it can be much easier to perform espionage and get some real secret information.

As for the "fluid rule": the implementation will be decided by universities and they will act reasonably, academic staff are typically not panic-mongers.
15:31 July 22, 2009 by Pacey
I think the recent decision goes in the right direction.

Imagine some Iranian Scientist working in Bio Science and goes back to Iran and starts their chemical weapons programme and passes that info to Hezbollah,Hamas etc!!

catastrophe? Man , this will be like starting 3rd World War.

Moreover, I will continue from my last post a lot of Iranian students who study in these High tech programmes are funded by their government. And their state policy is to aid and abet hezbollah,hamas and other terrorist organizations.

The other nuclear powers dont have this as an outright state policy so this becomes increasingly important to stop these 'students' from pursuing the wicked plans of their government.
15:36 July 22, 2009 by Kieruk
Pacey, don't you agree that not all students are like this?

How do we distiguish between the ligitimate wants and aims of an individual, and the ones that are here just to extend Iran's government capabilities?
15:51 July 22, 2009 by Pacey
It is not so difficult!

First you should throw this government out. All the top leaders and that includes your Grand Ayatollah or whatever you call!! They not only dispute the Holocaust but whenever they give a speech they chant Death to US, Death to Israel etc!!

tell me how many countries to do as state policy?

Legitimate or not, you should first talk about regime change in Iran.

people say the iranian elections were disputed? maybe but where were people like you Kieruk ? why didnt you stand against the regime. Thats the point if you people come here and live here and not want to get back then Iran is going to become more radicalized!

If you dont want your future generations to suffer then you must give back. go to Iran and organize some action there so these guys dont live in the Stone age spreading hatred amongst the world.

Do you know all the civil wars taking place in the Middle East have an Iranian Connection?
15:55 July 22, 2009 by Kieruk
Hate to break it to you...but I am British, not Iranian, and I have no idea if the election was rigged or not...I am just asking how we 'vet' the students that want a good education.
15:56 July 22, 2009 by Pacey
Talk about Israel- Lebanon war, Iraq War, Kurdish separationism in Turkey and I could go on!!!

Everything has an iranian connection and then you have the gall to say we are practicing 'profiling of you' people. You deserve this . It doesnt matter for us if you say you are not responsible but your government. As far as we know your govt is chosen by you guys so ??

I think all Iranian students are like that?

Tell me where do they get finances from?

besides a lot of them have not done their mandatory service in the Army. Thus when they finish they would have to complete it and so a lot of these students may join the Defense forces!!! No points for guessing what they would be doing?

I think I have given loads of pragmatic comments. Now you suggest to us why we shouldnt treat you people on the contrary
16:00 July 22, 2009 by Kieruk
As I said, I am not Iranian, but English.

Where are you from Pacey? Should we judge you purely on what your government does, or would you like to be an individual, rather then just someone who has a government?
16:11 July 22, 2009 by GefleFrequentFlyer
Where has this Swedish Fortitude been hiding all this time? Where can we get more?

Prudent indeed, Sweden was quickly finding itself in the crosshairs, regardless of how neutral and progressive it's stance and policies are.
16:47 July 22, 2009 by svenskdod
I wonder if the Swedish Embassy in Iran will be burnt down, or their government will implement sanctions? This was the result after a mere picture or "cartoon" was published in Denmark.
16:51 July 22, 2009 by Kieruk

Probalby not...this is after all only real people, students at that, and not some guy given immense powers to control everythign and the ability to say 'everyone after me isn't as good as me, do as I say' (peas be upon him)
16:55 July 22, 2009 by Paulo +fab muscular than Jonnhy
Oh, some of you live in Wonderland, don't you? If the Iranian government has not already developed nuclear weapons, it's just a matter of time. Besides, it's not so difficult to hire people from abroad for any Government. They have lots of money and for many available researchers it's just about finding the best "compensation".

IMHO, what Sweden did is a bit demagogical and is not clearly the SOLUTION and somehow if something happens in the future the Swedish Government could at least get rid of any accusations of indirectly fomenting and sponsoring the education of terrorists in their own country.
19:03 July 22, 2009 by Eurostan
infact swedish universities have more terrorists from pakistan , bangladesh, iran, somalia, lebanon.already british universities stopped students from these countries.
19:08 July 22, 2009 by Pouya
As an Iranian student in Chalmers, I'm so sorry to hear that.

You should know NONE of us has financial supports from our government.

All PhD students have support from the university and all master students pay theirselves.

I finish my comment with a sentence of Albert Einstein:

When ancestors of Europeans were eating each other in the forests of Europe, Iranians built universities.

Of course you don't know the influence of Iranians of science during the history. I just recommend you to read the history.
19:12 July 22, 2009 by mobings
Eurostan... include one more... INDIA in the list of terrorist...
19:26 July 22, 2009 by svenskdod
Of course at that time Iran was either part of the Persian Empire or the Babylonian empire. It did not adopt the Islamic ideology until the 600's Anno Domini. So the Iranians that Einstein was talking about are quite removed from the Iranians of today.

I look at the way Iran is going as a backwards evolution of sorts.
19:31 July 22, 2009 by Iraniboy
Comment: It's funny how some posters talk about the danger of Iranian government!!! First off there is nothing so special ina master programme that Iranian government can achieve!! Second, if there is, it's cheaper for Iranian government to ask a non-Iranian student to do their job than an Iranian students!!! So If there is anything Iranian government wants to do, she can. The only one who lose here is Iranian students and Iranian people. I'm so sorry to hear this discrimination against a nation.

Eurostan I challenge you to name ONE SINGLE Iranian terrorist.
19:39 July 22, 2009 by Pouya
Svenskdod, you're right!

but that "QUITED REMOVED" Iranians never limited others and distribute science. I'm not sure if others do the same these days...
19:41 July 22, 2009 by Iraniboy

This restriction was imposed last year in December when it was the time for application to Swedish universities. This is not new for Iranians. Btw, this seems to be just a discrimination against Iranian people not government. Iranian government won't give a damn about it. Iran is already enriching unranium. The only missing part is building bomb that I'm not sure it is something we can learn in University programme!! T
19:47 July 22, 2009 by mobings
Svenkskod... Nothing wrong with Islamic Ideology .

19:53 July 22, 2009 by Iraniboy

You're really pathetic.

You didn't see millions of those Iranian who went to the streets against their government? So now Iranian people and government are the same? Do you also find Americans resposible for the deaths of thousands of Afghanis and Iraqis?

You have clearly no idea about a master or phd programme. There isn't anything special in it.

You think we don't have those bio high tech labs in Iran. Iran is among top ten countries in nanotech stem cell science.


You and your ilk suffer from prejudice and lack of information!
19:55 July 22, 2009 by Pouya
Mobings, thanks for link, but don't mix Iranians and muslims!

these limitation is also against Iranians, not muslims.
19:57 July 22, 2009 by Iraniboy

They just try to give some excuses to satisfy themselves for this vile discrimination. When they can't find any they need to come back hunderds year back!!

ANY IRANIAN terrorist so far? I really want to know their names!!
20:01 July 22, 2009 by Pouya
I'm also really eager to know the last terrorist attack by Iranians!!
21:14 July 22, 2009 by Michael84
to crocadoodledoo : obviously you hadn't noticed that their number compared to other nations is not huge or you would n't have thrown that fancy word "truckload" which by the way was pretty impressive !

and i've been with many nations in student corridors and i've got to say they are not the way you might be thinking. you'll notice differences when you bury the prejudicm and get in touch with them then you 'll see the differences.
21:58 July 22, 2009 by Inletwatcher
I have been reading this with one eye, trying not to get too upset. My mind goes flip flops, but in these past few pages I read more and more hate in the lines above this post. I cannot help to remember seeing the Iranian peoples dancing in celebration as my brothers and sisters are burned to dust or jumping from the Trade Center.

Terrorism. Just ugly. No matter what uniform they are wearing, or hiding behind.

This thread is not about 9/11. Its about education being supressed from a group of peoples based on their bloodline.

I can see both sides of this. Both have wrongs and rights.

22:06 July 22, 2009 by Pacey
Hezbollah ( Nasralluh), Hamas ( yasin), PLO everyone.

All are backed and paid by Iran as state instruments.

Ahmadinejad one of the biggest of them all esp look at his comments at the time of Israel- Lebanon war.

@ Iraniboy if Iran has so many labs etc then why do these students wanna come here and study?

iran is like a virus- the swine flu- which prospers when the climate is nice- it doesnt want too much heat being put to it?

We must do all we can to vaccinate ourselves from it.
22:42 July 22, 2009 by Iraniboy

I challenge you show me ONE report or film showing Iranians celebrating when your bros and sis were burning in Trade Centre. Like I said before you guys, either suffer from lack of information or you just want to satisfy yourself by false allegations.


For the same reason as my American, French, Spanish, Italian, Polish, British, Dutch, German, Pakistani, Mexican,... classmates come!!

Ok now I understand from your comment about flu, that you're just a bigoted racist. Thanks for clarification.
23:03 July 22, 2009 by Inletwatcher
Okays, big suck of breath here.

I am very very sorry for accusing your peoples unjustly. I can find nothing in my search on Iran dancing in the streets. I feel horrible for this mistake, and want to state my mistake in writing, as I accused in writing.

It still does not erase the fact that a group of people are being refused education by their blood.

It does not help one bit, as its up to me to teach my children the way it really is.

Thank you Iranboy for showing me, and helping me learn this ugly. I just want to understand. I am open to reason and am ready to hear.

23:46 July 22, 2009 by Nemesis
Students from those countries that are a security threat to any European country, should be banned from nuclear engineering, metallurgy, materials science, engineering, electronics, biochemstry, physics, mathmatics, genetics, virology and any other course which can be used by someone with weapon intents.

If we don't ban them, we risk anything from a major terrorist attack to arming a country with atomic, bacterial or chemical weapons.

This ban maybe politically incorrect but is necessary for our protection.
00:05 July 23, 2009 by Iraniboy

1)You're suspecious about Iranians (who are barred here) should be based on a history? Right? Can you name one ONLY ONE of those Iranians who that has done any terrorist attacks?

2)You surely haven't studied in master degree and you don't know that the materials provided in these programmes are nothing more than what you can achieve from the library!!Anyhow is it OK for Iranian government to hire a non-Iranian student to send them the information.

3)How come you feel risk from a country that hasn't attacked any othe country for the last 100 years and has been attacked by chemical weapons in recent decades? How does people of this country can contribute to this risk? Do you feel the same risk from people of America or Brtain?
01:17 July 23, 2009 by Norum
Well done. It is about time.
01:18 July 23, 2009 by khasokhashak
this is kindness!!!they kill their people in Iran and ristrict every thing there and you help them by more ristriction
02:23 July 23, 2009 by dante2
As an Iranian I am puzzled why Iranians chose to go and live in a place like Sweden in the first place. The place is like a graveyard and it is incredibly depressing there. Besides, I would never have thought that the Swedes had nuclear technology, and I certainly didn't think that they could provide university level education there. The only things that the Swedes are famous for providing are porno actresses, and trophy wives for black celebrities.

However, they can't stop Iran's progress by targeting the innocent Iranian civilians.
04:25 July 23, 2009 by Kaethar
Odd then how the vast majority of Iranians are studying overseas... It's like a Swede arguing the strength of their military and giving the Vikings as an example.

Anything is better than the IR as should be clear since Iran has the highest rate of brain-drain in the world. And Sweden is a great country to live in. But, it should be mentioned, that the Iranians who are banned from the programmes are NOT permanent residents. So they don't "choose to live in Sweden." They're from Iran and are studying in Sweden - once they finish their program they can't stay here.

Shows your own ignorance. Most stable countries have nuclear technology and a Swedish education is recognised around the world.

In Iran? Says more about you than it does about us.
05:47 July 23, 2009 by Torontonian
Ahhhhm: List of Terror Attacks
07:08 July 23, 2009 by Eurostan
majority of students enrolled in swedish universities are muslims. in future swedish universities will be the source of terrorism.
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Dried cattle genitalia, goats' heads and hundreds of litres of lard were just a few of the many strange finds discovered when police raided a property in Sweden.

This is officially Sweden's most beautiful beard
The most beautiful beard in Sweden. Photo: Memo Göcek

According to a jury of barbers and 'well known bearded profiles', that is.

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One expat's strategy for making friends in Stockholm

You might think it’s hard to make friends in a new city. But if at first you don’t succeed – try something else!

Injured Swedish photographer protected by 'guardian angel'
Swedish photographer Paul Hansen on another occasion. Photo: Fredrik Sandberg/TT

Photographer Paul Hansen thanked his lucky stars for surviving sniper fire while covering the battle for the Isis-held city of Mosul in Iraq.

How Sweden is trying to smooth relations with Saudis
Swedish Prime Minister Stefan Löfven meeting Saudi Arabia's Trade Minister Majid bin Abdullah Al Qasabi. Photo: Henrik Montgomery/TT

Sweden's Prime Minister Stefan Löfven has visited Saudi Arabia a year and a half after relations turned frosty in a major diplomatic row.

My Swedish Career
'Swedish people love it, but they find it quite odd'
Scottish entrepreneur William Macdonald. Photo: Michael Campanella

Meet the web developer and entrepreneur using traditional Scottish ceilidh dancing to break the ice with Swedes.

Swedish photographer shot near Mosul
Hansen was being operated on in the Iraqi city of Erbil on Sunday. Photo: Nora Lorek/ TT

Paul Hansen, a photographer working for Swedish daily Dagens Nyheter, has sustained light injuries after being hit by what appears to be a sniper while covering the battle for the Isis-held city of Mosul in Iraq.

Trollhättan remembers school attack victims
'It was an attack on all of Sweden,' Education Minister Gustav Fridolin said. Photo: Thomas Johansson/ TT

Hundreds of people on Saturday turned out for a torchlight procession in the small town of Trollhättan in southwestern Sweden to honour the victims of last year’s deadly school attack there.

Sweden wants emission- free cars in EU by 2030
Photo: Jessica Gow/ TT

Sweden's environment minister on Saturday urged the European Union to ban petrol and diesel-powered vehicles from 2030.

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