Blogger Profile: Vic ‘GameReactor’ Bassey

Blogger Profile: Vic 'GameReactor' Bassey
In the world of gaming production and development, Sweden has earned itself an all-time high score, ranking as a top-three nation alongside the US and UK, according to gaming whiz Vic Bassey.

“Most people here have an interest in the gaming culture,” says Bassey.

“That has blossomed and it’s arguably the largest revenue generator in Sweden, as a form of entertainment.”

The gaming expert, whose blogging alter-ego is ‘GameReactor,’ writes about news, interviews, reviews and press releases from developers and publishers. He also writes about insight gained from having a self-proclaimed “passion for gaming.”

“It was part of my culture as a kid, and now I play with my eight-year-old son,” he


With a market and following that’s quickly growing, gaming is often surprisingly fun for even the biggest sceptics.

“It’s lot more than just sitting in front of your computer, twiddling your thumbs,” he says.

“There’s creative development, script writing, programming.”

Bassey, who was born in England, describes himself as a “nomad” who has lived in 13 different countries. He says that since settling in Sweden, the gaming industry is one of many things that have impressed him about the country.

“Sweden produces and develops a lot of the biggest video games around,” he says.

“People think a lot come from the US, but Sweden has a lot of really high-profile developers and is well-regarded in the gaming circuit. There are so many elements to gaming that can be enjoyed by a single individual or collectively. There are so many aspects and layers of gaming that completely ignored.”

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