Swedish ferry crash: ‘everything shook’

Swedish ferry crash: 'everything shook'
Two passenger ferries have collided in heavy fog near the port of Nynäshamn off Sweden's east coast. Ten people sustained minor injuries, according to the latest reports.

The MS Gotland is reported to have run into the high-speed ferry HSC Gotlandia II, according to several media reports. Jan-Erik Rosengren, managing director of Rederi Gotland, confirmed the incident.

“It was really foggy. The captain blew the horn several times then there was a crack and everything shook. Panels in the ceiling fell down, and the window panes in the lower deck shattered. People started to panic; they didn’t know what was happening,” said passenger Ulrika Bond.

Bond was on the way to Nynäshamn with a friend when the collision occurred. According to her, the entire starboard side of the ferry was dented. After a while, passengers were allowed to disembark.

“We are standing outside the terminal waiting for our luggage. You can’t believe it’s true. You don’t think you can collide with a Gotland ferry,” said Bond.

HSC Gotlandia II departed from Visby this morning with 579 passengers and was scheduled to dock at Nynäshamn at 11:35.

There were 1,338 passengers onboard the MS Gotland.

Both vessels have are now docked at Nynäshamn’s harbour where they will be inspected overnight.

“The incident will obviously cause disruptions in our schedule,” the ferry company said in a statement.

Passengers who provided a telephone number when they booked tickets will be notified via telephone or text message about further developments.

For the time being, Destination Gotland isn’t accepting any more reservations.

While a new ferry will be put into service between Visby and Nynäshamn on Thursday night, between 5,000 and 6,000 passengers are expected to be affect by delays of up to ten hours.

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