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Children tell of 'hell' under abusive father

TT/The Local · 23 Jul 2009, 16:30

Published: 23 Jul 2009 16:30 GMT+02:00

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Despite the fact that the children are born in Sweden, two of them needed interpreters in court. They testified about abuse, fear and never having attended school.

The father warned of the dangers of Swedish society, telling his children they would be raped and lobotomized and that all Swedes were racists.

“If all the children in Sweden were lobotomized, why are they so happy?” recalled one of the daughters, according to the Aftonbladet newspaper.

Between September 2003 and March 2004, the children were confined to the family's apartment, never leaving the dwelling once, according to public prosecutor Johan Strömbäck.

Three of the children have sought compensation totaling 148,000 kronor ($20,000) for deprivation of liberty (frihetsberövande), including missing out on their education.

During a morning court hearing, three of the man's four children testified about their experience while confined by their dominating father, who is a native of Iran.

The 17-year-old son related how he peered out of the bathroom window and watched other children play, thinking that “we want to go to school, we want to live like other children.”

“It was hell, it's impossible to describe. If I think about it, my entire soul quakes,” he said.

His brother, who is a year older, described how he spent long periods crying and crying, and talked about his desire to go and play football with other children.

But he wasn't allowed to go outside, or to have any friends.

“We always got to play the quite game,” explained one of the sons, according to the Upsala Nya Tidning (UNT) newspaper.

“I remember one time when I was horsing around loudly and he took me to another room and forced a glass jar filled with pepper in my mouth.”

Both brothers needed the assistance of an interpreter, but their 22-year-old sister testified in clear Swedish.

She said that she had to fight to learn the language, despite the fact that she was born in Sweden, just like her brothers.

She explained that she clearly remembered how smug her father was when he learned that children who were not residing in Sweden were exempt from compulsory school attendance.

“He has deprived us of our rights as Swedish citizens,” the daughter said.

“I’ve never attended school, either in Iran or in Sweden. Not one single minute.”

The children's mother also testified during the emotionally charged hearing.

“They don't know what the inside of a school, or a classroom, or a bank looks like,” she said.

“I sometimes felt like he had control our breathing.”

Shortly after her husband's arrest on June 27th, the woman filed for divorce, citing that the man had abused her and the children for 20 some years. She has also requested that she be given sole custody of the two children who are still under 18.

The youngest child, a 16-year-old daughter was treated differently than the others, and doesn't believe she was deprived of her freedom.

Prosecutors were delayed in bringing charges against the man after uncertainties arose regarding his identify.

According to the original indictment, the father is listed as being 68-years-old, but according to Strömbäck he is actually a decade younger.

"He says himself that a mistake was made in the translation of his original documents," the lawyer said.

When the 58-year-old man took the stand in the afternoon, he denied all the accusations against him, claiming his wife and children were lying.

He said his children had made up their stories out of fear of their mother.

“She’s taken over the whole family and controls their lives, not me,” he said.

Story continues below…

He claimed that his wife was a “fundamentalist” and wanted to send the children to schools in Iran run by mullahs.

The father also refuted accusations that he had beaten his children.

“I’m against violence, it’s the mother who is violent,” he said.

“She does what she wants in the name of Islam.”

He said his children did in fact attend school in Iran and that there are diplomas to prove it at the country’s education ministry.

However, the 58-year-old was unable to produce any diplomas in court.

According to him, the children’s mother forbid them from attending school in Sweden.

“They want to make me look like a monster,” he said.

TT/The Local (news@thelocal.se)

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Your comments about this article

17:48 July 23, 2009 by Inletwatcher
Instead of blasting the papers with the children's horror, having them testify in court over and over, get them some help. REAL help.

My heart goes out to them. ;**(
18:06 July 23, 2009 by Emfa
I am always surprised at how childish people can be in Sweden. How on earth can one believe a shitty story like this????

A child who was locked indoors for 20 years in Sweden? And who speaks Swedish???? To the level of understanding what they are asking her in court???

I am sorry for these kids who are being used in husband-wife problems. Where are those so-called children rights groups? Why are they accepting that these children be tormented to this degree? And I am sure they will after a few years testify how they made up the entire story just as the boy who testified against Jackson came back after his death.
19:05 July 23, 2009 by Iraniboy

I assume thet these parents either have psycological problem or they are very sick. I'm afraid they will be sent to one or two years in jail and then back again. They have to be sent back to Iran so he can be prosecuted and get a longer sentence.
20:52 July 23, 2009 by byke
Lets just hope these kids dont want to go to university in sweden

(maybe its all part of a very sinister plan)

P.S - Congrats to the child welfare groups.

Your obviously doing your jobs very well
00:28 July 24, 2009 by odinmp5
this smells funny.

there is something behind this.

push them all back to iran!
08:58 July 24, 2009 by Nemesis
The father should be deported once his sentence is complete.

The mother obviously stood by and did nothing, during this abuse and did not inform the authorities. She should also be deported with him away from the children.

There is no excuse for this situation having been allowed to develop on the part of the parents or the authorities.
10:02 July 24, 2009 by Nutcracker
"Three of the children have sought compensation..." Being a Moslem victim of Islam is proving a financial winner. The larger public, who have had the lies and destructive policies of multiculturalism and 'diversity' forced on them, are the fools paying the bills. The Left hates Western civilisation; 'multiculturalism' and 'celebrating diversity' are actually dedicated to denigrating it and, if unopposed, will succeed in turning the majority into just another minority in their own lands. Islam's innate degradation of women & children, political correctness and, possibly, consanguinity (55% Moslems worldwide marry first cousins producing massive mental/physical problems) help to explain the parents', children's & authorities' conduct.
10:54 July 24, 2009 by Renfeh Hguh
Have not read the full article. Anything mentioned about a connection to Fritzel, Palme, Mossad etc...

Trow, got any new facts about the case from your website soundslikecraptome.org

16:20 July 24, 2009 by Iraniboy

55% of Muslims marry their first cousin?! Blah Blah Being in a Muslim family, only one of my aunts have done so among all of my aunts, uncles, coursins,... Your statistic is weird but consdiering your hatefull comment, it explains it. Those apposed to multiculturism are mostly xenophobes who think everyone is wrong except themselves. It is a kind of dictatorship in belief. Thanks Renfeh for reminding us Austrian Fritzel. Not mentione the Italian, Indian,...equivanalt. Are they also part of western culture. I don't think so. Despite you and your xenophobic views, I think all cultures have good and bad people among themselves. We shouldn't pick bad ones to introduce that culture.
17:39 July 24, 2009 by Carin B Krasno
I think one has to be careful when judging another culture. It's easy for a lot of westerners to look at our own culture as the "right way" to act or be.

Although, I think it is very likely that any culture look at their own culture and find many positive traits and look at another and find the negative aspects of that culture. However, we all know there are plenty of faults in each of our cultures.

However, in this case I believe it is most likely about a tyrannical father, not a cultural difference. How can we possibly forget about the case of Fritzel, the Austrian father who held his daughter captive in a basement for 25-ish years, and the mother/wife who lived through this hell and didn't stop it?

17:44 July 24, 2009 by CBKrasno
... continued from last comment

Let's agree on one thing, don't blame the children for actions solely created by adults. Don't accuse them of being malicious money hungry wolfs when it is most likely a legal move by the lawyers to make sure the father gets put behind bars and very little chance to manipulate the judicial system to his benefit.

These children didn't wake one day and decided that they are going to pump "the Swedes" for money. It is this kind of narrow-mindedness that is going to get all of us in huge trouble.

There is a saying in Swedish - "think further than the length of your nose". It's time for all of us to do just that! Let's not stop at the first convenient thought, but let us try to exercise our brains a little
17:47 July 24, 2009 by conboy
Actually it was not so long ago mental health issues affecting a man and a woman in a south central Sweden town resulted in a long term kidnapping situation. However, the mediating factor was mental illness and substance abuse on the part of the parties who were involved. I find the ethnic angle here not irrelevant but largely so!
19:06 July 24, 2009 by Nutcracker
The problems produced by Moslem consanguinity are in British publications (Telegraph, Times, Mail), on the BBC and aired in Parliament by MPs and Ministers of State: this lengthy article details "even though Pakis births represent 3-4% of births nationally, the incidence of recessive disorders from this groups accounts for THIRTY PERCENT of all births nationally with these traits": http://vladtepesblog.com/?p=277

This development is also now noted in Denmark where 40% of all Moslem births have produced disorders resulting from recessive genes due to consanguinity (first cousin marriage). The West can't afford --- medically, financially, educationally or socially --- what the Br Minister calls 'the elephant in the room.' The Fritzl case, on the other hand, stands out by its rarity. For Islam, these problems are the norm.
19:41 July 24, 2009 by Inletwatcher
Okay, seems easy to throw stones when one does not understand what it is like to be a victim. Domestic violence occurs when a family member, partner or ex-partner attempts to physically or psychologically dominate another. The psychology of it is deep and very disturbing to look at in the face. Who are we to judge what happend in the minds, and behind the doors of those involved? I believe that the facts were carefully weighed on both sides, before this came to the courts eye.

Do any of you know whats its like to actually be told, "I own the air you breathe" ? I hope you have not.

Allow me to point you to this story, this is just one of many, "unbelievable" stories.


Imagine if you will, the people involved in the saving of this family, if they had the same mentality as some of the posters above this post. Read if you dare, Elisabeth's story I have linked. No this is not the same story, as the start of this thread, but it has to do with DV, at its ugliest.
19:46 July 24, 2009 by conboy
Bud you WASPS are always worried about the outbreeding thing Paisley banged on about it Powell too you are becoming parodies of your old Teutonic cousins and enemies - take a chill pill - people don't move to the West for nothing you know!
20:09 July 24, 2009 by byke
Is this really about culture / religion ?

Or is this simply a case of a man living in sweden flaunting the local laws (regardless of his background)
20:25 July 24, 2009 by CBKrasno
Nutcracker...are you actually arguing that "incidence of recessive disorders" (whatever this disorder/trait is?? also, not very clearly stated in your comment or linked blog) is caused by, in your argument, first cousin marriage which in turn makes a certain ethnic group to become tyrannical abusive parents? AND in the case of Fritzl the cause was not because he had married his first cousin, but just because he was generally a complete thickhead?
20:37 July 24, 2009 by conboy
Great Republican argument don't know it it will hold up in the court of laboratory defineable confirmation. On principle I understand your point though
21:21 July 24, 2009 by Inletwatcher
Thickhead is one way to put it I suppose.

Fritzl has told forensic psychiatrist Kastner that his mother regularly severely beat him as a child, kicking him even when he collapsed to the floor, bleeding. She never hugged or kissed him or told him she loved him, Fritzl claims, and she brought him into this world only to prove to his father that she wasn't infertile. ***copyright by CL

It does not take inbreeding to make someone absolutly insane. This man was said he was "born to rape."
22:07 July 24, 2009 by Nutcracker
My original comment at 10.02 cites Islam's own innate degradation of women and children, political correctness and possibly consanguinity, as reasons for the conduct of parents, authorities and children. Consanguinity refers to first cousin marriages and the medically attested facts (as mentioned in the linked article) that such close marriage risks massively higher incidence of genetic-linked mental and physical disorders. The article I listed and the newspaper articles linked to from it are all self-explanatory. This is a serious problem in all Moslem societies and when they emigrate to Western countries, they bring this practice which has devastating consequences for "host" societies. It also helps explain the inbuilt insularity of these families and of Moslem enclaves.
22:20 July 24, 2009 by Inletwatcher
Hell buddy, this is a problem in the Southern states of America too. I hear you though, loud and clear.

Bottom line is for me, DV is in every city, country...its in your own neighborhood.

Without open hearts and ears for the silent screams, it will never stop.
22:27 July 24, 2009 by DMatni
'a serious problem in ALL Moslem societies'?? That's a pretty bold generalization to make, Nutcracker. Just because you have your head stuck in the middle east and refuse to look anywhere else for other Muslim societies that exist everywhere else in this vast world we live in, does not mean that ALL muslims believe in the same thing.

I am a muslim and the muslim society I live in DO NOT believe in consanguinity. As a matter of fact, we believe that it is against nature to marry a first cousin, especially if it is from the paternal side. Marriage among cousins may be common but NOT first cousins and this is more a cultural practice rather than a religious one. So maybe it's time all of you open up your eyes and try to spot the difference between culture and religion before mouthing off. It just makes you sound prejudiced and ignorant which is unfortunate if you are not.
22:31 July 24, 2009 by Inletwatcher
Okay everyone, I know this is way heated, and getting worse. Please don't be so mad at each-other, lets talk this out and no name calling and cr*p. I don't want to see this thread closed like the others... Please. Lets talk it out, not be so mad. Please.
22:40 July 24, 2009 by DMatni
I'm still wondering how the eldest daughter managed to testify in 'clear Swedish' when she has never attended school before. Especially since earlier reports say that they kept moving in and out of Sweden. Correct me if I'm wrong but I think Swedish is a bloody difficult language to pick up, what more if you don't live in the country or interact with other Swedes. I wonder if the mother is Swedish but that seems highly unlikely.
22:53 July 24, 2009 by Inletwatcher
Excellent point, I thought that as well, wondering what was the language spoken in the home... I can see why some posters want to believe it cannot be possible..this horror right under our very noses. It happens though. More often than we know.

Must have some level of trust in the "system" to get to the bottom of it all through discovery and rebuttles, surbuttles and all those courtroom workings. I just hope that after all this is said and played out, whether the kids lied or not, this family deserves help for their minds and their hearts to repair. If its true its horrid. If its a fabrication, its heartwrenching for this father. Unimaginable pain. I feel sorrow for them.

There is truth though, however deeply hidden, it will be dug out. Another thought in my little mind...

They were held from school. I also wonder if the kids were ever given the personnummer here in Sweden, or not. How can people just disappear in this ultra high tech age?

08:31 July 25, 2009 by Nutcracker
D Matni: No, not a 'bold generalization'. A statistical fact according to the Ministry of Public Health, Lebanon, 1998 and expressed in numerous medical abstracts: prevalence of consanguineous unions in Europe, North America, Australasia, Russia is 1% of total population. Prevalence of consanguineous unions in Iberian Peninsula, Japan, S America is 1-10%; in North and Sub-Saharan Africa (predominantly Moslem), W Central and S Asia (incl Pakistan) is 20-50% of total population. In Middle East, consanguineous unions range from 21% to 58% in all Moslem countries. World-wide, statistically, 55% of all Moslem unions are consanguineous, exhibiting (due to expression of detrimental recessive genes) deafness. retinal problems, intellectual & developmental disabilities and congenital heart disease.
12:03 July 25, 2009 by DMatni
Are we still on that, Nutcracker? Fine, I apologize for that comment since the statistics says it all. But I do implore that people try and differentiate between cultural practice, social environment and religion. Sometimes it is not the religion that is to blame but a practice within that culture that has been reality for so many generations and spread due to migration. Interpretation of any religion is so closely based on culture sometimes that even I have difficulty making this difference. I just wish people will not lump everything and everyone together and label it under one umbrella such as Islam or Judaism or Christianity simply because it's the simplest thing to do. There are always more layers to discover if people try to dig a little deeper.

And I do genuinely apologize if you took offence at my comment. I'm just frustrated by the prejudice I face myself just because I am a muslim (from SouthEast Asia) and my husband's family keep waiting for me to live up to their image of what a muslim is. 2 years on and they still have fears that I will turn my husband (who converted) or unborn child into a first cousin marrying terrorist.
08:49 July 26, 2009 by IamUnique
So, DMatni, do you now agree with Nutcracker that Islamic culture is at fault for producing too many disorders in children as result of consanguinity then?

In my view, what is frustrating is that Muslims themselves are extremely prejudicial to any and all views and comments criticising Islam or Muslim cultures and that, as you did with your reply to the Nutcracker's first comment about consanguinity shows, Muslims themselves tend not to do what you preach others to do - to separate religion, cultural practices and social environment.

I think Muslims will face less prejudice from people of other culture if they stop their own prejudice against these people. Do you agree?

To demonstrate this, let me pick up on what you said in the above post, namely that "Sometimes" it is not the religion that is to blame but a practice within that culture that has been reality for so many generations and spread due to migration."

So, since Islamic religion does sometimes need to be blamed for its inherent wickidness or badness according to your above post, could you please list for us what would such wickidness or badness be with Islam?

What we will find, I think, is that many "Muslims" will disagree with your list of faults with Islam and they will come up with others, or none at all, let alone what people of "other religions" list as faulty with Islam!!

In other words, although ALL readings of Koran or Islam are result of culturally biased and prejudicial interpretation, Muslims often, if not always, force others to interpreted only as a force for "good" and not "evil"!! This is despite whether Islam is "good" or "evil" is entirely depends on one's "interpretation"!!!

So, here we can derive at a conclusion. "ALL INTERPRETATIONS" of anything, be it "religion", "cultural practice" or "social environment", are "CULTURAL" (or have cultural dimension attached - meaning requires "human input", which is an act of "interpretation".

Note, "interpretation" is done by "HUMANS", not "GOD", therefore religion (e.g. Islam), no matter how (e.g.) Muslims want to claim it as inherently "100% good", "pure", and "god-sent", can never escape the evil desire by some humans to do evil (e.g. justify mass murder) in its use of the word, Islam (because "Islam" is only "a word" (i.e. "I"-"s"-"l"-"a"-"m", sting of letters) to be interpreted and manipulated of its meaning).
17:06 July 26, 2009 by Janie
Are you talking about the boy who claimed Jackson had molested him? Has he retracted his story?
17:27 July 26, 2009 by Inletwatcher
Yes, as I cannot find the exact article, grrr. but I did dig this up... but jeeze its probably a rumor. This article is a good read as well, that sideways steps around the question.


I can't do all that fancy smachy internet linking stuff, hope this works

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