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Gay youngsters suffer poorer health: study

Peter Vinthagen Simpson · 27 Jul 2009, 11:13

Published: 27 Jul 2009 11:13 GMT+02:00

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Every fourth gay or bisexual woman and every tenth man has attempted suicide, according to the report by the Swedish National Institute of Public Health (Statens folkhälsoinstitutet) to be present in conjunction with the opening of Stockholm Pride on Monday afternoon.

The institute's report is based on a review of the health status of LGBT (lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender) people aged 16-29 included in a national public health survey between 2005 and 2008.

The incidence of reports of poorer health among young homo and bisexual women is three times that experienced by heterosexuals, the findings show.

"Our survey shows a doubled and in some cases a trebled risk for impaired psychological well-being, stress, severe anxiety and suicidal thoughts among young sexual minorities," Regina Winzer confirmed in an institute press release on Monday.

The findings are in line with similar international studies, the institute states.

Winzer explains that the pressure for young people to conform to group norms can be higher for young homo- and bisexuals, with negative effects on their physical and psychological well-being as a result.

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Young gay and bisexual people of both sexes are also more often subjected to physical violence and threats of violence than heterosexuals in the same age, the report shows.

Gay and bisexual men are 2.5 times more likely than their heterosexual counterparts to be subjected to threats of violence, while young gay and bisexual women run twice the risk.

Peter Vinthagen Simpson (news@thelocal.se)

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Your comments about this article

13:23 July 27, 2009 by Nemesis
The reason the suicide rate is higher, is due to homophobia in society.

Any group that is excluded from society or shunned will over time develop mental illness's due to exclusion from society.
13:27 July 27, 2009 by A.I.
you cannot go against the nature. No matter how many PRIDE parades are there , once it is against the mighty laws of nature they will hurt back eventualy.
14:00 July 27, 2009 by Paulo +fab muscular than Jonnhy
@ A.I

Would you please elaborate scientifically the definition of natural and unnatural?

Your bible which I should remind you is something you CHOSE to follow is excluded - its just a collection of fairy tales.

How dare you feel so self-rigteous in the position to assume that the *abstract* rules that you are abiding are universal, thus should they be applied to each individual in our society?
14:05 July 27, 2009 by bocale1
A.I., I am not sure to understand what natural laws you are talking about...

Examples of homosexual and bisexual behaviors in animals are very frequent and homosexuality has existed in our human societies since the very beginning (ancient Rome empire and Greece for example)...

When talking about sex, nature should not be mentioned as way to justify personal religious opinions. It may led you in the total wrong direction.
14:09 July 27, 2009 by Inletwatcher
I thought being Homosexual came from the Genes, not by learned behaviors.

A.I. Its not my friggin bible, so don't be preaching to me about my bible. Please, if you can in your busy perceptive self, elaborate on the asbeforementioned "abstract" rules.

14:33 July 27, 2009 by Nemesis

Sorry to inform you. Homosexuality occurrs regulary in all primates. It is very common amongst primates. Homo Sapiens are primates. You are a primate. Evolution is very real and so are the genetic similarities to primates, to which we are all related including you.

It is only since the judeo-islamic-christian-satanic religeons were created in the middle east that homoseuxality has become seen as unnatural.

Also homosexuality was very common in Cathagarian, Roman, Greek and Parthian/Persian societies. It is regulary mentioned in ancients texts.

In ancient Celtic law a woman had good grounds for divorce if her husband was attracted to other men and vice versa. It was viewed as a natural occurance.

The only thing unnatural here, is your arguement that homosexuality is against nature. Your viewpoint is against nature.
14:40 July 27, 2009 by Luckystrike
According to basic anatomy, it is not natural. Perhaps this is what AL is implying ?
14:45 July 27, 2009 by Paulo +fab muscular than Jonnhy
and you certainly might claim authority in this subject as I presume you are an anatomist, right? Ok, a sexologist either?

How ridiculous and ill-informed is your statement --- what do you mean by basic anatomy?
14:46 July 27, 2009 by Jenta
Nemesis - you say that "In ancient Celtic law a woman had good grounds for divorce if her husband was attracted to other men and vice versa." So does that mean that a Celtic woman had good grounds for divorce if other men were attracted to her husband?!? ;)
14:52 July 27, 2009 by kmbr
I thought being Homosexual came from the Genes, not by learned behaviors.

I don't think there is any scientific evidence to back this up.

Though, if I had to make an unscientific observational guess, I'd guess that a very small percentage of homosexuals are that way due to a genetic predisposition. A much larger percentage for other reasons.

I also would venture a guess that lesbians fair OK as far as health goes. Male homosexuals tend to be very promiscuous --leading to many more problems in the way of health. Probably skewing the study.
14:54 July 27, 2009 by Jenta
Luckystrike - you claim that "according to basic anatomy, it (presumably homosexuality) is not natural." Are you seriously suggesting that for someone to love someone of their own sex is not natural, and that this is somehow due to basic anatomy? Please could you explain what on earth you're on about?
15:00 July 27, 2009 by Luckystrike

I mean basic anatomy, as in, reproductive system.

If you think this fact of life is ill-informed, im afraid to say you have been ill-informed your entire life.


I don't at all question the love between two people of the same sex. I am just trying to debate the physical "un-natural" aspect of being Gay.

Could it be that these youngsters are just so overwhelmed and confused because of the physical aspect of being Gay?.
15:08 July 27, 2009 by Nemesis
Hello Jenta,

I read the brehon laws about 25 years ago in a school library. Here is the only link I can find, although am not sure of its accuracy.


I don't think there was any mention of if a person was attracted to someone's partner, although am not sure.

What I mean't in my comment was, if a husband was attracted to another man, or if a wife was attracted to another woman. That was grounds for divorce.

I hope that helps.
15:12 July 27, 2009 by Jenta
Sorry, Nemesis, I was only teasing - I was joking about the "vice versa" by which you obviously meant that the same applied to men with wives attracted to other women, but could also have been read to mean that it applied to a woman when other men were attracted to her husband!
15:13 July 27, 2009 by Dazzler
Lipstick lesbians are freekin awesome! Pucker up girls!!!
15:15 July 27, 2009 by Nemesis
I tend to explain myself anyway?)
15:18 July 27, 2009 by Paulo +fab muscular than Jonnhy
You have been brainwashed to believe in the status quo about gender roles and sexuality. I fail to realise how someone solely ability to have a functional reproductive system would be a mandatory prerequisite to committing to a relationship with a person.

Are you implying that the reason why people settle down is to reproduce?
15:24 July 27, 2009 by Johno
Well the Catholic Church holds that view very rigidly, and there are a lot of Catholics in this world. Also read many of the vows expressed in wedding ceremonies in many other churches, where the emphasis is to go away and procreate.
15:32 July 27, 2009 by Luckystrike
Paulo, you are deflectiing and totally warping my debate point.

In regards to your last questions. In my personal opinion (Not fact) im very sure that couples only settle down to inevidably reproduce. That's why most "public" married Gay couples always end up with a donor or adopting children.
15:36 July 27, 2009 by Paulo +fab muscular than Jonnhy
Well, in this case I cannot understand how so many infertile couples happened to get married within the Catholic rituals(provided the fact that a significant overwhelmingly number of people choose NOT to have a religious marriage, nor are they Christians either - our society is heterogenous if you haven't already realised it).

Are you aware by the way that in Sweden there is a separation between church and state, right?
15:37 July 27, 2009 by Paulo +fab muscular than Jonnhy
Show us the numbers? Is there any study to back your views? I have never heard about it. I am sorry but you are lying!
15:51 July 27, 2009 by GITM
Ah well, my post no longer makes sense since the halfwit 'Ex_New_Yorker's post was deleted.... I can live with that... especially as he has already adequately demonstrated his shortcomings.
16:06 July 27, 2009 by Nemesis
Ex new yorker.

The gay community may be a bit strange at times, but they are not the SA ( Sturmabteilung ) and are nothing like them. The SA was headed up by right wing catholics, like Ernst Röhm, Adolf Hitler and his friend Herman Goering who was in the Order of the Knights of Malta, which stangely has as part of its oath a promise to remove democracy.

Gay people are like everyone else. They pay there bills, goto work, try to get on in life and generally just try to get on with life. They are not nazi's.

They are not depraved or immoral. Morality as given by the judeo-islamic-christian-satanic religeons should have no place in a modern society. The rule of law should govern society, not superstitious nonsense.

All law abiding citizens should be treated equally and allowed to life there lives free of harrassment or judgement.
16:28 July 27, 2009 by Nemesis
Thats right ex New yorker. Rohm was a homosexual, so what.

The first thing Rohm did when the nazi's got power was attack the Hirschfield centre which helped effeminate homosexuals, transsexuals and hemorphrodites. He made a point of killing them all first. He was a homosexual, with a vehement hatred of effeminate men, non extreme masculine homosexuals and women. The picture that is shown in every book about that period were the SA was burning books on a bonfire is that attack.

The entire nucleaus of the SA which formed in the 20's in Bavaria was right wing roman catholic. A few of them were homosexuals and pedarists, but the majority were not.
17:05 July 27, 2009 by aradhona
Most of the cases homosexuality is the consequence of frustration and bitter experience. I talked to many homosexual individuals. most of them had heterosexual partner in past. they told me those relationship did not work. they think same sex individual understands eachother better than heterosexual ones. most of the cases these relationships are not based on for the feeling for sexual intercourse to the same sex.
17:49 July 27, 2009 by bocale1
Never read so many ridiculous comments about homosexuality as in those posts... Being heterosexual, I know a lot of homo people that are happy about their "status" as I am about mine. They have normal lives and enjoy sex as everybody of us should do.

And, by the way, @Ex_N_Y, @Tino, @aradhona, be careful with your comments because there are quite several psychological theories that say that people who hate homo are very likely trying to deny unconsciously some attractions for its own sex (you hate others since they represent a part of you that you want to deny... something like that!). Maybe it is the right time for you to put aside prejudices and investigate a little more you unconscious.
18:00 July 27, 2009 by Kind Man
I feel sorry for these gays/lesbians they are our brother and sister who are misguided and this is the way they have chosen for themselves to be away from community.

May God show them the right path and guide those who are misguided. the way to enjoy your life is to follow the God's law and as believer I believe anybody who Creates something He knows the best what is good what is bad for the item. God doesnt like us to commit sin and if you commit sin then you will pay back for it. some would pay here some in the last day.
18:09 July 27, 2009 by Torvig
Looks like narrow-minded hatred and dogma on all sides of this issue.

Perhaps that is the reason for the ill health?
18:24 July 27, 2009 by Renfeh Hguh
So you've seen that movie too, great isn't it
18:25 July 27, 2009 by The Lix-a
Oh no please! not more gay homosexual arguments full of utter Shite ignorant stupid remarks! Who are you people, where the hell do you come from! and kindmans on the case now with his dribbly GOD ! awww for gods sake!

Anybody got a gun now i can shoot myself in the head! or even better these dumb Asses!

Look i watched my twin brother grow up, me being probably the closest person to him. We shared a womb together, he has gone through im sure alot of confusion, fear, unhappiness with coming to terms with who he is. He didnt chose it, he was born like it, i know he has been confused about who he is and his sexuality since we were kids.

I love him to death he's my twin bro, he is a normal human being like you or i for gods sake. He has a normal life, hes a lovely guy, really! wouldnt harm a fly.

Why would he care about gods laws and such anyway, who the hell is god? he dosent believe in god, and nor do i! So if gods way is to make animals homesexual, um animals he so called created, well whats going on there then?
18:37 July 27, 2009 by The Local
Dear all,

This topic will now be locked overnight. Thanks for your understanding.

All the best,

James Savage

The Local
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