Couple sues municipality for Hultsfred ‘inferno’

A couple from Hultsfred in southern Sweden is demanding 38,000 kronor ($5,000) in compensation from the local municipality to cover 19 years worth of disturbances caused by intoxicated attendees of the area's annual music festival.

The two arrived at the sum by figuring each of them experienced 1,000 kronor worth of suffering each year, according to the Oskarshamns-Tidningen newspaper.

The Hultsfred Festival (Hultsfredsfestivalen) is a three-day music festival that is held every summer in the middle of June. In 2009, more than 23,000 people attended the festival.

According to the couple, the yearly festival is an “annual inferno” which attracts people under the influence of drugs and alcohol who end up making noise and urinating in their garden,

Since the festival occurs with the approval of the municipality, the couple argues that the municipality is responsible for compensating them for the trouble caused by the festival.

The municipality has a month to pay, and if they don’t receive the money, the family is prepared to take the matter to court.

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