Book details JFK affair with Pan Am Swede

Former US president John F. Kennedy had an affair with a Swedish flight attendant, according to a new book based on interviews with current and former Secret Service agents.

Book details JFK affair with Pan Am Swede
Eduard Marmet; Cecil W. Stoughon (File)

According to ex-agent Robert Lutz, President Kennedy took a liking to a Swedish Pan Am Flight attendant who was riding on the press pool airplane which typically follows US presidents while they travel.

While Lutz, who was assigned to the press plane, had initially planned to ask the good looking Swede out for dinner, members of the Secret Service detail assigned to President Kennedy told Lutz to back off.

“She’s part of the president’s private stock,” the head of the president’s Secret Service detail told Lutz, according to an account in the book reported on by the New York Post newspaper.

The book, entitled “In the President’s Secret Service: Behind the Scenes with Agents in the Line of Fire and the Presidents They Protect”, is written by former Washington Post reporter Ronald Kessler and set for release on August 4th.

Lutz’s account of Kennedy’s Swedish mistress is one of many tales in the book detailing the late president’s many extramarital escapades.

In addition to the attractive flight attendant from Sweden, Kennedy also shared intimate relationships with Marilyn Monroe as well as the First Lady’s own press secretary.

According to the book, the Secret Service was also aware of threesomes the president had with two other secretaries known as Fiddle and Faddle.

“Neither did much work,” former Secret Service agent Larry Newman said in the book, according to the New York Post.

The new revelations about Kennedy’s Pam Am Swede come more than 10 years after details emerged of another affair he had with a Swedish aristocrat in the weeks leading up to his 1953 marriage to Jacqueline Lee Bouvier.

In a 1997 book entitled “Love, Jack”, Swede Gunilla von Post tells of a chance meeting she had with the 35-year-old Kennedy while vacationing in the south of France in August 1953.

According to the memoir, Kennedy referred to the then 21-year-old von Post as “My Swedish Gorilla”, having misunderstood the pronunciation of her first name when he had first met her.

Von Post described the future president as making love “with a surprising innocence” and the two maintained a correspondence for six years, with Kennedy visiting her in Sweden for a week in August 1955.

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