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Sweden Democrats at record high: poll

TT/The Local · 13 Aug 2009, 08:20

Published: 13 Aug 2009 08:20 GMT+02:00

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The Pirate Party, fresh from its success in the EU elections, has however fallen 1.3 percentage points and enjoys 2.9 percent support, according to the poll by United Minds and Cint which was published in the Aftonbladet newspaper.

Since the previous poll in July the Sweden Democrats have increased their support by 1.5 points. Party leader Jimmie Åkesson is aiming for even higher in the general election to be held next year.

"Our goal is to land on six, eight percent and this is a step in the right direction," Åkesson said to Aftonbladet."

Jimmie Åkesson sees a future for the party in which it holds the balance of power.

"When the power of government is up for grabs I think all parties will be prepared to talk to us," he said.

The poll indicates that the left block of Social Democrats, Green and Left parties enjoy a lead with 46.8 percent of the vote. The governing Alliance coalition collected a total of 42.1 percent.

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The Liberal party increased its support by 1.1 points to 7.6 percent in the latest poll while problems for the Christian Democrats continue - with only 3.6 percent they remain below the threshold required for parliamentary seats.

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Your comments about this article

11:02 August 13, 2009 by byke
I predict the PP will start to loose votes now that the PB is selling up and not fighting for internet rights.
11:34 August 13, 2009 by antoniolgj
That's indeed a good news...
12:22 August 13, 2009 by Leprehcaun
@ antoniolgj

I'm sorry what? Good? Haven't you read the article? It says that SD might get a seat in parliament! Nazi racists! In Sweden! This sh*t is supposed to stay in Finaland, Holland, Britain and those countries, not Sweden..

We have big problems with immigration but electing ppl who hates them because of their skin color isn't the best solution, it isn't a good solution. They want all immigrants to go away, not just the rapists, other law breakers, drug liberal assho***, religious people, baby-circumcising-without-anesthetics-and-without-baby's-consent monsters and child abusing = terrible parents kind of immigrants. All of which we naturally should throw out of the country heads first since they are most of the bad immigrants we get. But this party wants them all out, even the good ones. They want to throw out some of my friends because of their skin color even thought they are completely Swedish mentally.. that's not good and can't be acceptable.
12:36 August 13, 2009 by here for the summer
leprechaun .. i have not heard any party let alone the SD say that citizens should be thrown out even recent immigrant citizens. I have also not heard any party talk about skin color. I am always surprised and ashamed at some of the blatant racism posted here by mostly non Swedish english speaking people. I am equally surprised and disappointed at some of the untruths that seem to be posted here by the Swedish left.

I don not know why any country accepts extremists or criminals of any color into their country. Equally why would or how could any country deport citizens.


Why is being against Islamic extremism and extremists of any kind called racism here. Many extremists are white .. They come in all colors ..
12:41 August 13, 2009 by antoniolgj

Sorry mate you are quite right about good and bad immigrants, I'm an immigrant myself.

However for the sake of my children if I have to choose between a right-wing policies and this reckless immigration policy with is bring all sort of rubbish in, I'll take my chances with the right...
12:50 August 13, 2009 by Iraniboy
Has anyone of you listened to Hitler's speeches and comments regarding these issue? There is nothing wrong with it. It is even nice. But what we saw on teh ground was different. That's teh same thing about these far-rights in Europe. Even if they say ALL IMMIGRATION to Sweden should be stopped, I find it reasonable!! Because I think it's Sweden's right to decide who to come to their cocuntry. But the issue with these far-rights is even worse. It wasn't long time ago when a BNP(British national party) was suggesting to sink the boats of those try to come to Europe instead of capturing and taking then back to Africa!!! This is murdur! And a German guy who killed another German Muslim woman for her Hijab. I'm afraid these far-right scums are not softer that their brothers in 1950s when it comes to murdering non-whites, Muslims, Jews,...

I wish a world free of racism especially the type that leads to murdur!!
13:27 August 13, 2009 by antoniolgj

"It wasn't long time ago when a BNP(British national party) was suggesting to sink the boats..."

Crossing territorial waters without permission is an aggression and can be considered an act of war. BPN suggestion is valid and effective.

"This is murdur!"

I think you mean murder... Anyway it's not, is protection of international borders. Unfortunately many coming from distant lands don't understand what LAW means.

BTW, paste your comments into a word processor before clicking "Submit." That way, you may not be first, but you may not look so illiterate.
14:11 August 13, 2009 by Paddy
That last sentence was illiterate. It must be catching!
15:05 August 13, 2009 by Iraniboy

According to your logic recent Americans who mistakenly entered Iranian territory should be killed!! It's funny how you can't comprehend the differece between systematic crossing of border by a state and refugees!! Nobody will start a war with a ruined old boat!

Whether it is written as "murdur" or "murder" it doesn't reduce it's vile consequence that you apparently like to make fun of it.

Many coming from distant lands should be sunk to death for not understanding?!! Considering your support for BNP and far-right activists, I can understand your points!

So from now on, anyone who misspell is an illiterate!! How about killing me for that? Should illiterete people be killed too? Who are next? Muslims, handycaps, Jews,...?!!
16:25 August 13, 2009 by Kaethar
Who suggested murdering anyone? He suggested sinking the ships and throwing its inhabitants life vests so they can swim back. And the illegal immigrants coming into Europe are hardly refugees - they're economic migrants. Something needs to be done to stop them, to be sure. If they were refugees most Northern African countries are classified as safe...
16:32 August 13, 2009 by antoniolgj
Let me repeat this because it's very important...

"If they were refugees most Northern African countries are classified as safe..."
17:02 August 13, 2009 by Iraniboy

Are you kidding? who is going to swim from south Europe back to Africa with a life vest?!

Something needs to be done to stop them? I agree but not with drowning them in the sea!! It's funny how these refugees are once accepted in Europe and then harassed, insulted, murdured,...If they are really undesirible, they should be denied entry to Europe or be sent back to their home country.

Immigration has been a key issue for success in US, Canada, Australia in recent decades. Why? Because they select who to come to their country rather than letting all refugees in with all their real or fake stories and refusing all other qualified immigrants. Unfortunately Europe and Sweden immigration policy is based on the latter.

Another problem in Sweden is lack of law enforcement. They don't act when some immigrants break the laws and then they complain about the whole immigrants!!
17:19 August 13, 2009 by Brugge
Will you please stop mentioning Hitler whenever a topic that involves a conservative view comes up? It makes everyone groan.

The immigration policies into Europe were made by an overzealously liberal left. Now that large problems are coming from it, a more moderate centre are moving to change it. Is there a problem with that? And on your last note, are you seriously blaming Sweden's police on immigrant's crime? Sweden used to have an adequate police force before the giant influx of non-Swedish immigrants came in. What does that say?
17:25 August 13, 2009 by Leprehcaun
@ Here for the summer


Ever heard their slogan? "Go home!"?

@ antoniolgj

What if you are wrong? What if they are deeply racist? This party is, with the exception of how they think an economy should be handled, a lot like the republican party.

Think about some of the other people who are supporting this party. The neo-nazis, the skinheads, the nationalistic a-holes, the racists. That you support this party.. think about what message that sends to your children, you being in the same party as people who have little no no problems with what Hitler did. You can't let that happen.. and what about our pride? Sweden is one of the few countries left where the far right nazi movement hasn't had any power. 9/10 Swedes don't celebrate the national day, these people do and it isn't as much, "we love our country" as much as it is, "we hate foreigners". That can't be tolerated.

I think someone called me a far leftist, did I get that right?
17:42 August 13, 2009 by antoniolgj

How do I read the 106 remaining words from @Leprehcaun?

The link takes me to a error page.
18:22 August 13, 2009 by Iraniboy

It's not my fault that Hitler and Nazis have so much in common with these far right activists, is it?

And yes I'm seriously blame current soft action of Police against criminals. This is far-right tactics. They just don't push for more policing action against crimilan immigrants to have a justification for their overall dissatisfactions against immigrants!! Finally it's sad that you and these far-rights are unable to comperehend the difference between criminals and immigrants, immigrants and refugees!!
21:26 August 13, 2009 by Brugge
I think you totally missed the point but your post not coherent enough to be sure.

They should not have to put more money into a previously sufficient police force to handle immigrant's crimes. The immigrants are the problem in that case, not the police. What you're saying is absurd.
21:40 August 13, 2009 by Playmaker
I just went to the SD homepage and thanks to google translate you can read everything in your tounge. i personly will vote for them since i became a duel citizen last month. my swedish family thinks what the news tells them. "they are racist". i dont think so. stoping about 90% of immigration will save sweden money, and they belive they can actully lower the taxes. yes i said LOWER the taxes. Geert Wilders has the best idea. make every ministry give a report on how much immigration has cost them from 10yrs. back and 10yrs. into the future. just to prove there is no benifit to Hollond in accepting so many. esp. muslims. i think the same is true for sweden. look how much it cost us in fire, police, healthcare, schooling, to pay for housing, food, water, electricity then put it up against what we gain. gain anyone give me a example where mass influx of muslims has help that country. you can go all the way back in time.
21:41 August 13, 2009 by Investor612
If only that were true. US immigration policies are a disaster, nearly as bad as Sweden's. We make it difficult for people from groups that assimilate easily , like Europeans and Filipinos, to come, but have millions of illegal Mexicans and lots of Somali refugees. The US makes it difficult for educated people to come, but easy for the uneducated to be here illegally. Why? Uneducated people are easily made dependent on government services and the party of big social spending-the Democrats.
21:47 August 13, 2009 by Iraniboy

What you say has no logical base. So you believe you shouldn't supply more water, electricty,... when your population increase? As population increases, policing services should increase too.

Btw, it's not just about immigrants or refugees. Swedish police is already very weak in the first place. It was lat year that my friend and his German friend rented an apartment from a Swedish woman for 8000kr per month. They signed a contract and paid the rent for a month but when they went to enter the apartment, the key couldn't match the apartment's door. They complained to police but police told them and it is not that much moneh and it isn't worth investigating especially since they don't have enough staff!!
22:21 August 13, 2009 by Playmaker
the point with the water, electricty, police, fire, ect, ect.. is that it is paid for by the taxes of us hard working people. when we could use that money to hire more nurses, police, or heaven forbid lower the taxes. sweden will never go plus by taking in useless immigrants. we only need so many people to clean toliets.

2nd population increase that happen naturaly is easier to cope with then tens of thousands of people in a short time. also the western cultur avg. is 2.5 childeren per family where the islam cultur is more like 7 or 8 per family. but i guess that can be profitable when you sell your daughters to the highest bidder.
23:13 August 13, 2009 by Leprehcaun
I don't know what's wrong.. no matter how I change this comment I get "Error: Comment disallowed, contravenes usage guidelines" and I have no idea what I'm doing wrong..

I'll try to rewrite and still make sense. I forgot to add a doc u ment ary from y u o t u be about im migra tion in sw ed en.

G o th e r e and se arch "ra cist swe den pa rt 1" (wr ite it nor mally th ough). It is a 10 part doc u men tary. Ve ry go od.
23:20 August 13, 2009 by Iraniboy

That's your opinion about immigrants and it's valuable but it is proven otherwise. Sweden is victim of mishandling immigration policies. Some other countries have had good example of how to use immigrants. Untill Jan 2009 it was impossible for you to hire a qualifed nurse,...from outside Europe but it has alwasy been very easy to become an asylum in Sweden.

Islam culture?! Please stop these nonsenses. I only have one sister. All of my aunts and uncles have either two or one children so we're below European average and whilst Muslim!! Even my grandparents only had 4 children. I think there are some strange paranoias about Islam and Muslim among many people.
23:39 August 13, 2009 by Eurostan
immigrants = refugees=muslims=social money= 6 or 8 children=use children to brings money for parents who wants swedish citizenship=more immigrants=.....................................................cycle continues until whole sweden becomes like rosengård.
00:13 August 14, 2009 by Iraniboy

When exactly Swedes asked an INDIAN guy to decide over their future? Why don't you go to fix problems in INDIA?

Have you studied at school that immigrants are not necessarily refugees or Muslim?
01:17 August 14, 2009 by Playmaker
Honor killing in Jordan: Muslim shoots his 16-year-old niece, a rape victim, nine times in the head and back

"Upon questioning, the uncle told the police that he killed his 'niece to cleanse his family's honour,' the source added."

How did she sully that honor? By being raped.

And you wonder where we get "strange paranoias about islam"

Abduction and Forced Islamization of Christian Coptic Girls Continues in Egypt

Two Iranian women arrested for converting to Christianity

Muslims behead four ex-Muslim Christian orphanage workers in Somalia

02:10 August 14, 2009 by Brugge
"the newspaper Aftonbladet reported several years ago that 9 out of 10 of the most criminal ethnic groups in Sweden came from Muslim countries"

"The number of rape charges in Sweden has tripled in just above twenty years. Rape cases involving children under the age of 15 are six - 6 - times as common today as they were a generation ago. Most other kinds of violent crime have rapidly increased, too."

"In Oslo, Norway, immigrants were involved in two out of three rape charges in 2001. The numbers in Denmark were the same, and even higher in the city of Copenhagen with three out of four rape charges."

Something tells me police would be needed at a greater rate than the normal amount required by ethnic Swedes to deal with these immigrant groups. The best part is those immigrant groups have a negative GDP and can not fund the police you claim they require.
05:10 August 14, 2009 by DreEstwd
How do these headlines and facts not make it onto the desks of each and every lawmaker in Sweden? SD is actually the only group that can save this country. Hopefully they gain a majority soon or Sweden is toast.
07:33 August 14, 2009 by Brugge
If we left them alone, they'd be fighting amongst each other like they have since recorded history, like the rest of the world. I don't think you can blame the west. And if you try, you're a fool. I'm not sure what 'problems' you're talking about exactly, even. If you mean their standard of living not being up to the West's, that's just silly. The world outside the West lives worse than the West does. That's the triumph of the West, not the West's failure to build up the rest of the world. The subject of Muslims and Arabs comes up because they live in Europe recently, and have become a big issue, because many problems have come with them. If you want an origin on that, http://www.newsweekly.com.au/articles/2006jun24_i.html

that is a website that explains some of it.
08:18 August 14, 2009 by Iraniboy



It's funny how you stick to your examples of some criminal Muslims to satisfy your racist attitude against all Muslims and Arabs. Shall I make a lot of examples of those Frtizels or latest one in Gemran court that a Nazi German killed a Muslim?!!

Please Stop Fascism and Nazism against Muslims. You know better than me that Muslims are not angles. They commit crime like others but picking these example and generalization to condemn/humiliate/assult and finally kill them is method of faschists and Nazists. You have been born 60 years late!!

Apparently you guys are not from Sweden except one who has nealy become Swedish but he has forgotten to leave his facism home. SWEDEN is a country overwhelmingly free of fashcim. Leave it as it is!
08:31 August 14, 2009 by Brugge
There is a very very big difference between one single murder and 2/3 of all rapes being committed by an ethnic group that makes up a relatively tiny fraction of the population. I hope you can see it. They do commit crimes like others as you say. They just happen to do it at a rate that overrepresents them by four or five times the natives. That is something that should not be ignored or passed off as nothing or labelled as "fashcist" and thrown away. The whole point I'm asking is, if these people do not contribute positively to the economy, they clash with the culture and commit crimes at such high rates, why are they allowed to be in Sweden or Europe at all?
11:06 August 14, 2009 by Iraniboy
I don't accept your claim that "2/3" are comitted by ethnic groups! Even if it's true it simply means that you have a lot of scum from ethnic minorities but it CAN NEVER prove that people are more vulnerable to do a crime due to their ethnic background. Ethnicity is something that happens at birth and it has no effect whatsoever on people's criminal acts. Like I said before only Nazis believed that people of certain ethnics are better than others.

Just tell me this. What was the ethnicity of those who killed millions of people around the world? Then we can conclude we all can be criminal or well-behaving person regardless of our ethnic background.

Finally Swedes or any native country can decide who should get in their country but you can't make racist accusations to prove your decision.

And finally you cannot expect a huge contibution from refugees. They mostly come back from decades of wars and clashes without education or experience. They need to be educated first.
11:27 August 14, 2009 by rumcajs
I saw in the SD web site that they believe that the only way to live in harmony is having people of the same race and etnic origins. It sounds pretty much like "we don't wany ANY of you here" more than " we don't want bad people".
12:17 August 14, 2009 by james_g
@ Leprehcaun

re 'some of the other people who are supporting this party' - one problem may be that none of the other 'major' parties has the 'right' (ooops!) policies regarding e.g. the corrupt, monolithic and (at least incipiently) fascist European Union. Necessity makes strange bedfellows...
12:46 August 14, 2009 by Norum
This is indeed a very good news. Something needs to be done.

@Leprechaun. Sverige Demokraterna are not nazis. No one is talking about extermination so get your facts straight. But the problem is that Sweden (all of Europe for that matter) has too big of a Muslim population and in a few decades, we will become minority on our own country. But that is the problem, censorship, no freedom of speech. Swedes must speak out, otherwise this country will become a muslim nation in time. The problem is everyone just talks with one another, but that is it.

De flesta svenskar har ingen stake.

Allt de gör är att tala med varandra, men inget mer.

Vissa vågar säga sin mening, men det behövs mer.
12:47 August 14, 2009 by rumcajs
If you talk about a lot of things and some of them is sex, that's cool. If you talk mostly about sex, there might be something wrong with you. It's the same here; if you talk about a lot of things and one of them is imigration, it's fine... but if you talk mostly about inmigration and race and those things.... I would think you are racist. So yes I believe these guys are. I don't think we humans have to see more of it to know that racism's caused us a lot of damage already.
12:48 August 14, 2009 by Norum
where did "" come from?...strange..
13:03 August 14, 2009 by totyis
@Iraniboy : Why do you call racism the opposition to islam? Muslims are whites, browns, yellow, osv. Please mention also the name of genious Haj Amin al-Husseini and islamofascism when are you speaking about that crazy Hitler and nazism. One last remarque: why do you feel that a bigger population is desirable instead of a smaller one with a better quality of life and education? thank you.
13:07 August 14, 2009 by Iraniboy

De flesta svenskar don't support SD!

There is nothing wrong in tightening immigration policies an denying people from entring a foreign country.

The wrong thing is accsuing other races of being worse than our race.

The wrong thing is spread of LIES AND PROPAGANDA against specific ethnic to make other people hate minorties!!! This is exactly what far-right groups are doing. I and my whole extended family have less children per family in comparison to my Swedish friends whilst we're Muslim.In Islam it's forbidden to make damage other people's property, to kill them,... so why some do? Because they are criminal.
15:18 August 14, 2009 by Leprehcaun
@ Norum

I.. wow.. I really didn't say that SD is a nazi party, I said that all nazis supports SD. There is a difference.
15:32 August 14, 2009 by Bob Jacobson
Anyone who says that "ultranationalists only look bad because of what the left says about them" should ask the Norwegians what Swedish neutrality toward Nazis can produce. They remember even if some Swedes prefer to forget.

In my home, America, 20 million immigrants, many "illegal," are the mainstay of our "grunt labor" workforce. Their children, history shows, will become professionals, business people, and creatives, often extraordinary. They keep American society vigorous.

A spider web of rules ensnare Swedes, inhibiting innovation and expression. If immigrants, usually the smartest and most adaptive among their former countrymen, challenge these oppressive rules and customs, it just might be a good thing.

Sweden must remain an international leader respected for its defense of human rights at home as well as abroad, rather than a bunch of scared kids afraid of their shadows and the world. The vast majority of Swedes won't have it any other way.
16:10 August 14, 2009 by UKLady
Immigration is discussed - people automatically jump to the conclusion that those discussing it and worrying about it are racist. What a surprise.

I am of mixed race and both sides of my family) can see the problems for Europe as a WHOLE that mass immigration has brought about.

We should aid countries in time of need & provide a safe haven for those who are at risk BUT throwing so many different cultures together is going to cause problems at some point.

On arrival in the UK my grandparents were spat at, ridiculed, had bananas thrown at them and when searching for a home read signs saying "No Irish, No Dogs, No Blacks". Today this is unacceptable, rightly so, and European countries and societies now bend over backwards to accomodate immigrants of all shapes,sizes, colours and nationalities.

Immigration overall is handled appallingly and its repercussions will only increase until something is done.
16:57 August 14, 2009 by Nutcracker
Bob Jacobson: Of those 20 million illegal aliens, many live permanently on welfare, have never worked, their kids don't learn English, they cripple the hospitals (paid for by legal taxpaying citizens), many Hospanic aliens belong to La Raza (motto: "For the Race, everything. For those outside the Race, nothing"), commit large % violent crime (thanks to Mexican drug cartels) and the US/Mexican border states are plagued by them. As to Moslems in US: 'charities' funding terrorism, CAIR, Hizb-ut-Tahrir, Muslim Brotherhood, Islamic schools (80% of them funded by Saudi Wahhabi with usual hate literature) and internal terrorist plots thwarted by US FBI. People who assimilate to the values & beliefs of a 'host' nation are usually positive contributors; those seeking to destroy or change the nation, are not. As to "What Does Muslim Immigration Cost Europe?" read: http://chromatism.net/ March 23 2006 article
17:51 August 14, 2009 by Iraniboy

It's not about questioning immigration it's about what you see in above posts from Nutcracker,Eurostan,Playmaker,Norum... It's about systematic lie and propaganda to humiliate certain ethnics with certain beliefs. To do so, they pick up examples of criminals from that certain ethnic and start to generalize. It's about suggesting to drown illegal refugees instead of refusing them peacefully... This is exactly what Nazis were doing about Jews. I don't know when we decide to learn from the past !!!!!!!!
17:58 August 14, 2009 by Greg in Canada
5.6% isn't exactly a majority, but it should be a wake up call to the Social Democrats and other lefties that Sweden is becoming more poloarized.
18:41 August 14, 2009 by Nutcracker
Sorry, I mistyped the link to the article:

"What Does Muslim Immigration Cost Europe?" 2006 http://chromatism.net/fjordman/fjordmanfiles.htm

Iraniboy: Statistics of Moslem crime & practices are mirrored in all European countries (Britain, France, Italy, Spain, all of Scandinavia, Greece, Switzerland, the Netherlands, Belgium, etc)Islam's doctrines, practices, history and followers are the problem. Western civilization is not a suicide pact and is infinitely superior to Islam. Re your comment #35: Long before the Nazis, Moslems were taught they were superior to all other peoples:

Koran 3:85 "You are the noblest community ever raised up for mankind.

Hadith Bukhari 6:60:80 Narrated Abu Huraira: "The verse, 'You (the Muslims) are the best of people ever raised up for mankind' means, the best of peoples for the people, as you bring them with chains on their necks, till they embrace Islam."
19:25 August 14, 2009 by Iraniboy

You're also part of this far-right propaganda campaign against ethnic minorties and Muslims. Btw, your link about Quran is true. Koran is also right. 1400 years ago, Muslims were noble among other tribe. In Europe people were eating each other in 1400 year ago.

You and your ilk want to dictate other people how to live. Islam is personal way of life. But fascists don't like to accept any other way of life except what they prefer!
01:02 August 15, 2009 by Playmaker
it is not racist to hate a religion only another race. i know leftist love to use the word "nazi" because it has so much power but know one is saying round up every muslims and starve, beat, kill, rape, inslave, and steal the muslims and you know this dont you. that will never happen again with all the tech., satilites, and internet. it could never be covered up. so get off the nazi horse it is old.

it is not propaganda if you use the quran and statements from elected leaders like hammas, irans president, and many many immans. just search on you tube. i wish all religion was banned from the public eye. islam is not a choice for a lot of people they have to are be killed, honor killed, or be jobless, pay a higher taxs. islam is a political party not a religion.
06:11 August 15, 2009 by Bob Jacobson
Hate for religions has killed more people than hate of race. So get off your horse!

Nutcracker certainly doesn't have his American facts straight. Most of the 20 million immigrants here are legal. None have been implicated in terrorism. Terrorists arrested since 9/11 -- a mere handful -- have been citizens or legal residents, most Christian. Also..

1. There is no welfare in the US anymore.

2. "La Raza" to American Hispanics means "community," as in "related by blood."

3. American Muslims are noted for their hyper-patriotism

4. Drug wars on the border are run by drug lords in Mexico fighting over a willing American market that provides them with guns.

Such ignorance.

The value of immigrants and guest workers (like me) is that add variety. America doesn't favor assimilation, a false goal. We value diversity. And most Swedes do to.
08:54 August 15, 2009 by Iraniboy

It wasn't long time a ago that Bosnian Muslims were slaughtered for their race and religion. It was 60 years ago that Jews were slaughtered for their religion and race. Of course race and religion are different but for fascists and racists, they split in hairs because each religion mostly represent a different race. Hitler killed 6 million JEWS. Serbs KILLED Bosian MUSLIMS.

It's propaganda and immoral to mis-translate, misquote,...

It's fascism to tell people how to leave based on your method and to ban Islam,...
09:23 August 15, 2009 by Nutcracker
Bob Jacobson: Obama states he wants to grant an 'amnesty', to 'regularise' the status of 20 million illegals. Those illegals have their use of Amerc health facilities paid for by legal Amer citizens & welfare includes food stamps, medicaid,subsidised housing. I stand by my remarks re La Raza. No, Mexican drug terrorists dont get their guns from US, but in Mexico and links in Latin/South America. That false argument is used by the Left in the US to push for denial of the Right to Bear Arms in US Constitution. Most terrorists arrested in US since 9/11 have been Moslem(re latest conviction this week); last months case against Moslem 'charity' funding terrorists (Holy Land Foundation) was largest in US legal history; CAIR set up by Muslim Brotherhood said in 1991 their plan in US was part of a "grand Jihad" against the US and the West. Only the Left promulgates "celebrate diversity".
10:31 August 15, 2009 by Iraniboy

Hoe many Muslim terrorists have been arrested so far? How many have been conficted? 100? 1000? 10'000? Let's assume 10'000. There are more than 1 billion Muslims living in this world. It measn 0.001% of Muslims are either arrested or convited for terrorism at most! So what the heck you and your ilk keep telling others about terrorism and Islam? Fine there are 1 billion news,websites,... in CNN and Faux News about Islamic terrorism but in real world it is far less than 0.001% of Muslims. If you hate Muslims it's OK but stop spreading LIES about them. Accept the facts and figuers.
10:52 August 15, 2009 by we-say-polis-too
Please don't vote for the far right Sweden. Banning immigration is not the answer.

Countries become more polarised when the wealth gap opens up. This is where your attention should be focused.
12:41 August 15, 2009 by Playmaker
Please do vote for SD. baning immigration is the anwser for the most part.

@johnnytango- you asked if there was an occupying force in the US we would have to fight them even if they are there to help? did you just not go to your history lessons in school? if you remember France came to help us in the revolution. then england help us fight france. both these countries had armed forces in the US to help & guess what THEY DID HELP. the US was occupying england and france and many other countries in WW 1,2 we were there to help & we did. how about that.

Terrorist do not were a uniform to id themselves as combatants. they go after public places on purpose insted of military targets.

@iraniboy- one huge difference is all most all nations execept islamic nations let you live how you want. you can come to sweden and be a proud muslims and preach in the streets, but can me and my wife go to your country & make out in the street. she is a infidel so does she have to cover her hair
13:22 August 15, 2009 by preddo53
The point one or two are missing on here is, it's governments who who control immigration. Tell me one instance where a government asked the people of that country if they wanted a diverse, muticultural society, I'll tell you now, not one. Now you have to ask yourselves why all the immigration and all the problems that go with it. The western world has been turned upside down, very few want a multicultural society, you've been duped, all of you. now ask yourselves what the outcome is going to be, and you don't need a degree to answer that. This world will soon erupt, and that's the plan, nothing like a little depopulation, why should they soil their hands when we can kill each other. By the way, type into your browser "Protocols of Zion", maybe it's the reason Hitler killed so many Jews, there again, how many did the people communists murder. Don't blame muslims for immigration, blame your governments.
15:21 August 15, 2009 by Iraniboy

You said "banning immigration is the asnwer for the most part". So why don't you pack your bag and leave Sweden? You just got your citizenship last month and now you lecture others not to come to Sweden? It's hypocrisy!

@ Palymaker, Eurostan,...Whilst your at it I draw your attention to a festival that is going to be held very soon. You can find lots of people with your ideas there. http://www.independent.co.uk/news/uk/home-news/bnp-festival-rallying-point-for-neonazis-1772242.html
16:31 August 15, 2009 by Nutcracker
13,826 deadly (fatal) terror attacks by Moslems since 2001 http://www.thereligionofpeace.com/ 2 million dead so far in Darfur; Somalia; Mumbai; Moslems torturing and killing 'fellow' Moslems in Iran, Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan; German security forces tracking thousands of 'home-grown' terrorists & Br security forces monitoring 2,000 islamic terror cells, and the social/criminal/housing/medical/educational/policing costs of an Islamic presence in all European/Western countries with Moslem enclaves and demands for Sharia: one can understand why political parties which want a sensible policy re immigration are garnering more public support. Epithets like nazi, racist, islamophobe, far-right are the lingo of those who seek to silence the facts.
16:41 August 15, 2009 by Iraniboy
13000 terror attack. If each attack was commited by one Muslim it will lead to the fact that 0.001% of Muslims commit these attacks. Now tell me how many non-Muslims have killed Muslims?

Iraq? Afghanistan? Bosnia?...

Despite this there zillions of articles, news, websites about this 0.001% of Muslims but there are ver few of them who talk about the rest of 99.99% Muslims. Does it tell you something about a unjust and suspecious war against Muslims like what happened against Jews in 1950s? If you're not part of this LIE Propaganda war, at least understand it.
20:17 August 15, 2009 by Nutcracker
johnnytango: You've actually touched on the point that those who understand the nature and impetus behind Moslem immigration into the West are trying to bring into the open: Jihad in the Koran & aHadith is either warfare ( most honoured) or it is by 'pen, heart (mouth) and wealth.' Every demand by Moslems for us to accept Sharia (clothing, practices AND our silence re Islam & Mohamad) is the way 'peaceful' Moslems help to create the milieu in which non-Islamic societies become more islamic & to enforce silence re Islam's doctrines, history, tactics & goals.That reduces our freedoms of speech & conscience & helps to advance Islam. Terrorist attacks ARE thwarted in US & Europe all the time. Zakat (alms-giving) is a Pillar of Islam; one of its recipients (Koran 9:60) is "For Allah's Cause" (the Mujahidun, the Jihadists). "For Allah's Cause" repeated constantly in K & H means to bring the world through Jihad to Islam ("submission")
21:17 August 15, 2009 by Iraniboy
Nutcracker, You're a brainwashed extremist.You're just repeating a line of nonsenses by repeating Arabic words that make no sense to most posters here. We have 0.001% of Muslims like you among ourselves!! It's a time when anyone who speak Arabic or look like an Arab is victim of this brand new fascism. It wasn't long time ago that a poor Brazilian guy was shot dead by British police because latins look like Mideasterns!
22:25 August 15, 2009 by DreEstwd
Nutcracker, you are the man! Iraniboy, you are a f-ing joke. Nutcracker is providing facts, statistics, sources and a wide variety of events that have occurred. Iraniboy just brings up the Arab woman getting killed in Germany (about 50 times) and this .001% statistic that has no source and is based on a guess. Tossing out the facts and statistics for a second....all any white person really needs to do is take a walk through your local Biskopsgården, Tensta, basically anywhere in Malmö or any other immigrant neighborhood and see how safe you feel around those people? See if they practice the anti-racism that they preach when they are the majority? (laughs)
22:53 August 15, 2009 by Nutcracker
This site doesn't permit multiple links, so: as I mentioned, Holy Land Foundation case won by US Govt last month, largest terrorist funding thru " Islamic charity" in US legal history; now pending in US Fed ct: AIG (18th largest co in world) on the basis of its Sharia finance role; head of Deobandi sect in Britain & Chrmn Dow Jones Islamic Index (also former Sharia Judge in Pakistan) was quoted in TIMES online rpt Sept 8 2007: "Our followers must remain peaceful until we are strong enough to wage Jihad" ALL Sharia-compliant financial institutions & services have Sharia boards of imams & are required to give % profits towards Zakat & can thus serve as conduits for funding terrorism. Sharia banking first devised by Muslim Brotherhood in 1970s for this precise purpose:http://www.brusselsjournal.com/node/1898/print
23:32 August 15, 2009 by Iraniboy

Facts and statistics? He is just referring us to Ultra-Islamophobic and fascist websites. His other sentences are irrelavant Arabic names and some twaddles. BUT I ACCEPTED his statistic because even if we acceot his statictic that 0.001% stands. You don't need to know so much math to understand my number. Just google the number of Muslims or see it in wiki, there are more than a billion Muslims in this world. Then devide it to the number of Muslim terrorists times 100. It gives you that percentage.


I haven't studied that much about 911 but the problem is even if we accept it as we have heard, we can't see why Muslims are being humiliated for their 0.001% of propsed criminals. In US number of criminals are worse than this. 99.99% are just victims. Millions of deaths in Iraq, Afghanistan and Bosnia,...
23:39 August 15, 2009 by Playmaker
@iraniboy- i do give you props for standing up for what you belive in and being the only one. i mean that honestly. i have a question on your .001% earlyier you said if 1 person was responsable per attack then its .001%, but you must know there are many people involed in attacks it takes planning, money, sometimes insiders, and what about the people that know about it but dont say anything they are just a gulity. the people you pay for these attacks have big groups around them. if you watch someone plant a bomb or set up a ambush and say nothing then you are just as guilty and are no longer a innocent person.

on a second note i said "most of the problem" i am a swede so i belong. my wife is a typical swede with blond hair blue eyes, and we have a 4mo. son who is now a duel citizen like me. i love it here and do as swedes eat köttbullar with keptchup and recycle. i merge with the cultur not fight it some immigration is ok but must be selected carefully
09:03 August 16, 2009 by Iraniboy

so you mean ten times of this are involved? Like in 911, 10'000 were invloved? Ok I accept. So now you're talking about 0.01% of Muslims. How about other 99.99% of Muslims? Please accept that medias and these far-right groups are not showing the mainstream Muslims. Why? To fulfill their agenda.

You had a good reason to become a immigrant and finaly a Swede. But I didn't see a note neither from you nor from fa-rights that in exceptional cases like you immigration is acceptable.

Hate of religion as a(maybe bad) way of life, has had a huge impact on humanity in recent century. Considering Bosnia and WW2, it has led to deadliest clashes among people. Are the majority of Germans ready to kill Jews anymore? Not at all!! So what happened in 1950s? It started with a political movement and then they started to induce hatred among German about Jews,...
12:03 August 16, 2009 by preddo53
Iv'e said this once and I'll say it again, look to what the governments of the west are doing, it seems to be with one voice. They are creating devision, Catholic, Protestant, Muslim, Jew, Men, Women, Children. Just look around at the laws they've made, laws made by the EU that make no sense, The EU is slowly dismantling society in Europe, and we all watch it happen and no one does anything. But don't blame the muslim, he's a innocent as you, he has no say either, like you he's just a pawn in a game. Whatever happens in this world I guarantee, the US has a hand in it. Madmen now run the world.
19:47 August 17, 2009 by Playmaker
you are right about that preddo thats why the SD is gaining ground just like in many EU countries.

about the US having a hand in everything come on. but if you have to pick a way of life or a world leader who do you want.



or the evil USA?
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