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Emmaus, Götgatan 14

The original Emmaus shop dates back to the late ‘60s, but now it has expanded into three stores linked together. The shops are owned by a global organization called Emmaus. The unique thing about Emmaus is that all items in the stores are gifts from the local community. This Emmaus store consists of three shops: one children’s shop, a designer/vintage shop, and the general shop (the original Emmaus in Sweden).

Opening hrs

M-F: 10:30-18

Sat: 11-16

Sun: Closed

Price range:

Designer vintage store: 60 kr- a few thousand kr

Big store: big price range

Children’s store: 50 kr – a few hundred kr

The children’s shop sells everything from baby toys to children’s shoes. The clothing is relatively cheap, with a baby’s dress averaging at around 50 kronor.

Editor’s Pick:Little girl’s dress, 50 kr

The general store sells everything from kitchen appliances to novels to high heeled shoes. The price range is quite big in this shop, as you can get a book for 30 kronor but dinner plates for a much higher price.

Editor’s Pick:Black patent leather shoes, 140 kr

The designer/vintage shop is the most expensive and the most popular out of the three shops, with most clothing coming from the ‘50s and ‘60s. Here is where Emmaus sells all of the most exclusive items, such as vintage designer bags and beautiful antique jewelry. Prices in this store range from 60 kronor up to the thousands.

Editor’s Pick:Blue dress, 160 kr

(Photos: Lydia Parafianowicz)

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