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Fewer seeking asylum in Sweden

TT/The Local · 16 Aug 2009, 09:44

Published: 16 Aug 2009 09:44 GMT+02:00

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This development is in direct contrast to the trend in the rest of Europe, where the number of asylum seekers increased by 18 percent in the first six months of 2009, reported Sveriges Radio Östergötland.

Between January and June 2008, 12,270 people sought asylum in Sweden. The equivalent figure for 2009 is 10,135. The decline is primarily due to a decrease of 74 percent in the number of Iraqis who sought asylum compared to the year before.

The largest group of asylum seekers is now from Somalia. Thus far in 2009, 2074 people from Somalia have applied for asylum in Sweden, according to SR Östergötland.

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Your comments about this article

13:45 August 16, 2009 by Iraniboy

1)The article doesn't talk about Muhammed does it?

2)Sweden is a democracy so the majority decide how much they cut and you should obey. Or maybe you haven't learnt the meaning of democracy yet?

3)Why most of them are Muslim? If you mean Iraqi,Kurd,Afghani and Bosnian refugees...ergh I think some countries attacked them and they have no home!
14:03 August 16, 2009 by Caribbean guy/Swedish Gal
Wonder why Other countries attacked them in the first place..HMMMMM
14:41 August 16, 2009 by swepk
right iraniboy!
14:54 August 16, 2009 by Reptile
And why did Allah let those countries attack Muslims in the first place??? Please don't go on preaching that Allah gave everyone a free will etc. because if the free will of some unbelieving atheist, infidels are more important than the wellbeing of the people who serve and worship him (i.e. Muslims) then your so called god is not worth worshiping. But then again, he doesn't exist anyway, so why should anyone bother?...
16:24 August 16, 2009 by eZee.se
Interesting... somehow i foresee a lot of comments in this thread ;)
17:15 August 16, 2009 by himilo
I am not willing to answer radical groups ideas. I am very proud swedish government and its people for their assistance to valunarible people from wartone countries such, somalia, afghanistan and etc.
19:03 August 16, 2009 by kelvison

%99 of the asylum seekers are not genuine.these people come to sweden for a better life.most of them are from middleast,particularly the iranians.they come here for money and better life.there are nearly 10 diffrent countries between iran and sweden.but they choose sweden.our government gives them passport after a while like toilet paper.then the first plce they want to travel is iran.how these people can be asylum seekers?when they are in sweden they try to work hard and make money in any way they could and then they try to bring some othere people from their families and relatives.

swedish government must help to genuine asylum seekers from any country,but not iranians. in a few years time sweden would be another iran and swedish people got to seek asylum god knows where?

come on our government just look at the crime these people are in.

iranians are not welcome to sweden.
19:19 August 16, 2009 by truth
"Caribbean guy/Swedish Gal" and "PlayMakre"

You both pls read histroy, if you dnt knw then i can tell

To destroy Soviet Union in 1980 American made Talabane and in that result millions of people moved all over the world, in authentic survey more then 80 thousand comes in sweden, if u need refernece i can give...so always super power sees thier interst and poor repent..

AsUSA said oh iraq has weapon and attacked and got nothing except USA is stealing oil but millions of people again shift in europe and other places....

Do you know that around 50 thousand people move into USA in 1800 when Sweden was the poorest country...What you will say all swede were Muslim......

So please first look carefully on histroy then say any thing...and "kelvison" i agree with you..95% asylm seekers never work hard...but they cant whn swedish govet will give cake to them..swedish gove should be strict then govt will get results. its does nt matter its from iran or not...
19:22 August 16, 2009 by Iraniboy

This thread is not about theology, is it?I'm not realy intrested in that topic espeically in an irrelavant thread.


I agree with your comment except the last sentence. That's true unfortunately but mirationsverket has stopped it for some years now. It was a bug in Swedish refugee system. These Iranians were used to claim that they are not Muslim anymore or they are gay,...and they will be excecuted if they come back but once they got it, they were traveliing back to Iran for leisure. Swedish and other European countries don't accept that anymore.

Regarding your claim that Iranians are not welcome here anymore. My Swedish friends strongly disagree with you.
20:23 August 16, 2009 by Somebody17
@kelvision - Totally agree with you. Iranian people tend to bring at least 6-7 relatives after they come here. My opinion is that swedish government didn't control at all this situation and there are way too many somalians and iranians here. Soon Sweden will become Iran-Somalia country.

Another thing is that swedish government didn't check the past of these people, from here a lot of strange people in Sweden.

Also, way too many asylums with no/poor education came here and this is not a good thing for such a educated country as Sweden!
20:39 August 16, 2009 by Iraniboy

My educated. What the heck is bringing 6-7 relatives? Surely they can't hide them in a basket, can they? Who told you that Sweden doesn't check the past? Have your ever heard of application for Visa or something?

Like I said before, yes many Iranians lied for being asylum but now it is stopped year ago. Read this ans stop this old claim. http://www.migrationsverket.se/news/getArticle.do?ldid=10&id=67631&view=1
21:18 August 16, 2009 by Somebody17
If you apply for a Visa doesn't mean the government checks you!

Of course they brought and still try to bring their relatives, and when I am saying 6-7 I reffer to their 1st and 2nd grade relatives...maybe you don't know too many iranians here ;).

Too bad for Sweden to become another country...Iranians have even football teams now in second league...

And I am sick of the protests they make in T-centralen everyday...but of course they do this since thay receive government money for beeing asylums...
21:39 August 16, 2009 by browneyes10
I can not say anyhting on this news because I am just here for my completion of studies.

I just want to say to all those swedish who believe in humanity and on the fact that ''gives respect and gain respect''. So to;

@Playmaker; why you use the word Mohammed? What are your bad deeds ? Did this article mentioned such thing? Why you want to create disturbance?

I dont think so that you are pure swedish because swedish does not normally behave like this. I think you should re-think on your genes...

So dont try to play with other people emotions especially using their religious names in bad meaning. Does any of us say anything bad to you or about your famous people? If not then why you?

So dont behave like an evil moron.

I also request to all sensible readers and Editor of ''the local'' to take notice of his/her behaviour.
22:15 August 16, 2009 by Iraniboy

They defenitely check. That's why it takes a month or more to handle it.

Sweden will never become another country even if 30th grade od Iranian relatives come here ans stay!! You're talking about thousands. Sweden has 10 million population.

The footbal team maybe is due to the fact that Iranians like football. Just look at the Swedish football national team. One of the main players is Iranian. What exactly bothers you about Iranians? the colour of their head or eye or something else?
23:46 August 16, 2009 by Michael84
@ kelvision

that's true that most asylum cases are just fake, but i couldn't get why is the great hate you have for those people . the last person with this much dislike i saw(i don't watch news usually) was Rice whom allegedly had been dumped by some guy from there lol
23:48 August 16, 2009 by Omidn
Well, I have read all of irrelevant and none sense comments here toward different nations or groups. I am quite surprised to see these comments in 21st century where social maturity has been established.

I believe all of you are immigrants and then accusing each other.....trust me it is quite funny for Swedish to see you guys like this.

Why fewer people seeking asylum?

1) lack of resources for immigrant in Sweden

2) lack of job opportunity

3) resolve the situation of remaining immigrant

So people, act more mature toward each other in order to have a nice society in Sweden.
00:04 August 17, 2009 by Eurostan
sweden is heaven and safest place for terrorists.
00:12 August 17, 2009 by Michael84

well said, could n't been said better
00:29 August 17, 2009 by lingonberrie
This is the best news that I have heard all year.

I had to look twice to be sure that this wasn't a newscast from/about Denmark, but lo, this does refer to Sweden.
00:43 August 17, 2009 by Uncle
Iraniboy, one forgets that the west did not attack Afghanistan, but vice versa. One forgets how Saddam attacked Kuwait.

How about Darfur, Balochistan and Kashmir where Muslims are killing in packs? Somalia where Muslims are killing people in millions, in Philippines Muslims are doing their favourite thing also, in Chad - Muslims are excelling in killing, North of Yemen, South Thailand, Niger (Tuareg), Ingushetia, Lebanon (Amal/Gov't vs Hezbollah. I am not even starting on Hezbollah attack on Israel in 2006), Djibouti vs Eritrea, Nigeria (Boko Haram vs Gov't).

How about this shortened list of ONGOING conflicts involving Muslims? No west is involved there. No one else to blame, he? No evil Bush to hide behind his back. I can give you all the conflicts in the past 50 years where nobody saw the evil west, but the Muslims are simply exterminating the surroundings.
00:58 August 17, 2009 by The Traveller Returns
Good greif. Sort yourselfs out the lot of you. Anyone in Gothenburg???
01:20 August 17, 2009 by svenskdod
The article has answered its own question.

"decrease of 74 percent in the number of Iraqis who sought asylum"

However, now we have Somalia. A country without any determined borders and a militant Islamic group that has control of most of the southern half of the country.

There are concerns in SAPO of the amount of young Somali/Swedish men raised in this country going to fight in this war. The exact same problem is evident in Australia, just read the news there. The young Somali men are finding themselves without direction and purpose, the militant recruiters give them both. After waging a Jihad they come back here and then what? Are their violent ideals just going to disappear?

Muslim people often preach that Islam is the religion of peace. I entirely agree. When everyone in the world is under Islam and Sharia law then there will be peace. Either then or the opposite, not sooner. Any political figure who argues otherwise is either an idiot, or fears the reaction.
02:11 August 17, 2009 by totyis
Maybe it is just paranoia. I've read recently that SD might have chances to enter in the parliament at the next elections. Big brothers message is : "Calm down. The immigration problem is fixing itself". So basically it weakens the right wings propaganda. Just a possible thought.
04:09 August 17, 2009 by Greg in Canada
The article only mentions that less are applying. It says nothing about the amount still being accepted. Sweden has to realilze that a country of 9 million can't possibly play mother to the world with refugee applicants.
05:23 August 17, 2009 by Weekend_warrior
I think those seeking asylum from Iraq, Afghanistan, Somalia are doing so out of fear from their own people, not the West. I am tired of this blame game on the US. We help, you tell us to mind our own. We do nothing (Iran's recent uprising over elections) and the world bitches "Why don't you do something?"

As for Sweden, like many homogeneous countries diversifying right now, look at all these racists. so long the most diverse nation in the world were called racists. And for good reason, we have history, but the USA for the most part gets along just fine.

I do not see Sweden getting taken over. Others have pointed out the small percentage relative to population. However I see it becoming very less Social and more Capitalistic. Monetary constraints will force the government to cut taxes and privatize a lot of areas and I for one welcome it.
07:04 August 17, 2009 by Iraniboy

Afghnaistan didn't attack any country. It was some Saudi Arabian/ Egyptian,... who did so. Saddam was a dangerous warmonger but he was dangerous from 1970s!! Not in 2000s!!

Those examples are from those countries that suffer from a filthy corrupt dictator. I can't find anything in Islam that advocate such behavior, can you?

Since 100 years ago, the existance of British empire in Asia and France in Africa is apparent. How can you those examples without mentioning them? Apparently they were so happy to see dictators in Middleeast and Africa!! Democracy was only prefered at home in Europe!!!
08:07 August 17, 2009 by The Free
I was there and I sow every thing day by day sadly. The Iraqi Genuine Asylum Seekers (IGAS) noticed the unjust means of giving the Swedish permanent residence (PR) for the asylum seekers. The IGAS could not think positively of any good result in the future of there appeal. They lost trust in the PR system as they suspect corruption and mislead involve in it. Migrationsverket is simply unjust by giving the PR erratically to liars, cheaters and worthless and reject the genuine and the constructive ones due to uncertain practice, bureaucracy, reckless policies and wrong immigration management system "if there is one". Hundreds of IGAS wasted long months waiting for the PR result and they get a bleak rejection. The IGAS are looking forward for the suitable moment to leave Sweden without any regret, to any place can give them safety with respect. That is why the result of Migrationsverket reach as Fewer Iraqis seeking asylum. Congratulation Well done. !! Any way IGAS still love Sweden:)
12:33 August 17, 2009 by Kaethar
@Iraniboy: There are no Iranians on the Swedish national team, otherwise we'd have to rename it the Iranian-Swedish national team.

Anyway, to the article! From my experience (and statistics) Somalis are the hardest group to integrate in the West. There are enormous cultural differences. Many probably are real refugees though since Somalia is a complete mess right now. Hopefully something will be done to help the situation in the future because Somalis in Sweden isn't really good for Sweden or the Somalis (not being able to integrate effects them negatively in terms of jobs, social life, etc).

Iraqis aren't really as hard to integrate but I'm glad this decrease happened. There are indeed too many economic migrants posing as refugees and because of well-built illegal migration channels many undeserving have been moved to Sweden throughout the years. Many real refugees from Iraq will tell you this as well. I'd say the people coming from Iraq now are the real refugees.
13:48 August 17, 2009 by Iraniboy

Please check your fact before posting!!

There is an Iranian-born in Swedish national team!!! It's hard for you to swallow because it doesn't match your pre-defined characteristic of an immigrant.

16:01 August 17, 2009 by Playmaker
@iraniboy- you wrote about irans using the gay or stop being muslim issue to get asylum. but why what happens if you are muslim and want to be a christian in iran muslims are peacful it is only the.00001% who is bad right. so what happens or is it more likely that they are not so inniocent as you make them out to be. and are filled with hate for anyone who changes from islam to christ. you must see that. only islamic countries have "religious police"

@browneyes- i said "oh praise muhammed" as a joke like "oh praise god" see i belive in free speech i think it is ok for you talk bad about Bush or burn flags or throw shoes. i love to use muhammed for the simple fact it seems like the only thing in the world you can not make fun of with out there being murder. the danish cartoon proved that. what makes him so special. but iraniboy says it is only ,001% of muslims who do all the protest of hate and threaten to kill. just like the movie fitna maker and van gough.
18:30 August 17, 2009 by kelvison
you know why i have problem with iranians?

i used to work in the bank.some of these people when they live in sweden for a few years,they apply for loans from banks and building sociaties,transfer the loan to iran or another country and then they dissapear for ever!!!!

ok,so thay never come back again to sweden.and it is impossible to trace and find them again.

is this what sweden deserves?

swedish banks must be careful when they are dealing with iranians!!!this is just one small example.
18:36 August 17, 2009 by Uncle
Iraniboy. I mentioned only CURRENT conflicts. going back, one can see that there was not one Muslim nation that was not involved in violence. From China through Indonesia, Africa, Middle East and Europe. THIS perhaps shows something about the religion. Everywhere Islam arrives, violence starts. Dictators that you blame are muslim and surprisingly most muslim countries are dictatorships and the ones that are not the most violent dictatorships - are not democracies, but some wierd thing.

And Afghanistan did sponsor the attack and provided training grounds.
19:01 August 17, 2009 by Iraniboy

This ofumr is capable of starting a theology discussion. If you like you can PM me. As for that 0.001% of bad Muslims. It is not my figuer it is the highest possible rate according to Islamophobic wehbsites. If you don't accept them so what would you accept?


Please!!!You can't get a loan without having a job in Sweden. These guys might have had a job in Sweden and might have PR or Swedish citizenship. If they do so, neither they can entre Sweden nor ANY other Shchengen state or even other countries. There is also Intelpol that Iran is also a member of. So this is a very stupid action if it's true!!


It shows we CURRENTLY suffer from hatred toward Islam like what we sufferend against Jews in 1950s. Now in North west China, Balkan, and probably in west Europe in near future.

Those ditators are not Muslim! Can you be a Chrsitian and reject and disobey all bibles? They claim that to rule naiv people. Afghanistan didn't Taliban did.
20:10 August 17, 2009 by kelvison
oh,yes these people had jobs and earnings.they were qualified to get loans.you go to any bank in sweden and ask them about banking crimes of iranians,then you would know what im talking about.im not talking about people who dont have jobs,of course they wont be able to get loans,etc

all of them were swedish citizen and banks thought they are decent people.probably no one has ever brought up this.because i was in system and saw anything.some bank workers went in somuch trouble....just because of them,believe me some of them ,this is their plan...
20:50 August 17, 2009 by Playmaker
my fact are far fetched uh? i guess there was no problem at all with the cartoon muhammed and a bomb for a turben mabey all those fires and protest were fake. no they were not you ignorant f*ck. yeah lets blame the US for everything even the somlia wars right? since most asylum seekers come from there. we dont take them because they are not going to die for sure if they stay thats why so many who have had the asylum rejected stay illegaly they are not going to die as soon as they land in the airport they wany free money. did you not see the EU elections many many people or starting to see the light and we are not ignorant most of us are highly educated. free speech is worth fighting for you should be able to say whatever you want about muhammed, jesus, bush. thats free speech and worth killing to keep. God Bless the Allied forces
22:19 August 17, 2009 by Iraniboy

Sorry but it's hard to understand. Why should someone give up his citizenship and years of living in a country and forget about any trip to Europe for the rest of his life for only not paying a load?! That doesn't make sense to me.

I only know my friend who decided to leave Sweden forever. He had a Credit Card from Handelsbanken. He paid it fully and unvalidate just before leaving to make sure there is no peoblem afterwards.


Now you're talking personal. Like I said before, your comments have nothing to do with the topic.


Yes it shows somthing about religion. It shows there is still great dealy hatred against religion from North west of China to North west to Europe and if it's not stopped it kills more like in 1950s.
22:26 August 17, 2009 by browneyes10
@Playmaker. It can be joke for you but not for millions of people across the world. So be careful.

Moreover, proof yourself as an educated person by your way of comments. Well from the comments you seems to be a donkey. Even donkey is better then you.
22:56 August 17, 2009 by Playmaker
Comment: be carefull!!! what. so i guess you are not in favor of free speech. but i'm sure you said some nasty things about Bush right. and the same to you millions of people take free speech to the heart. i am not afarid to fight for what i belive the US Army has tought me very well and i am confident in my abilty's as a solider. proof yourself as an educated person by the way of comments. W T F i know muhammed was a war monger, women abouser, murder, and the worst a child rapper. how old was his wife 8. the cartoon shows a bomb on his head so what do muslims do bomb embasys. incl. swedens. i wonder what they would think if they knew that we used the koran as target practice and a muhammed look alike on the faces of are shooting dummies. i bet the "peaceful islam" would show there true colors
23:15 August 17, 2009 by Iraniboy

I hadn't seen such a load of irrelevant twaddle in my life. If you're currently drunken, it explains it.

That bit for your participation in US army clears some of our misunderstandings.
01:23 August 18, 2009 by browneyes10
You are really M.F.

I guess that your bloody presence in this world is the result of Bush effort. You M F moran.

You really speak from your ass.
08:04 August 18, 2009 by hpunlimited
What I don't understand is, how do Somalies get here in the first place, this is a big mystery to me??????

1: As far as I know, Sweden does not have a border with Somalia, how do they get to the Swedish border?

2: They can't take an airplane, because they do not have a visa for Sweden.

3: If they enter another european contry, they are subject to the "entry" country's asylum law and that countrys replonsibility, can't go to Sweden.

4: If they get "smuggled" they have enetered illegally and broken Swedish law and thereby criminals and have forfeited their asylum rights.

Someone please explain.
08:32 August 18, 2009 by mkwrk2
Perhaps, smuggling the asylum-seekers had found more easy-accessible places on the Earth.

M. Kerjman - Kerjman
11:23 August 18, 2009 by hpunlimited
Frontex needs more funding, close down the EUs borders. With modern satelite equipment, it shouldn't be that hard. Intercept ships in the mediteranian and send them back. A policy is needed that illegals return to their own country and apply for asylum at the Swedish embassy. Once you have entered EU illegally you should be barred from entering the EU zone for 10 years, regardless of humanitarian need. If you have nothing to hide, then you do not break the law.
11:39 August 18, 2009 by Liadora
I have been reading stuff in the Local for a few months now and I just had to register so I could take part in this discussion.

I am soon to be arriving in Sweden from the UK. (yes I sooo know the UK has plenty of it's own problems when it comes to immigration!)

I have to say tho, considering all the comments I have read over immigration to Sweden, I am a bit terrified of the reception I will recieve.

But I get the impression I am not the type of immigrant that these comments are directed at. Meaning, I am white, from a western "modern" country. It leads me to think that real issue isn't about immigrants, it's about the people. The negative comments are all directed at people because of their skin colour or religious beliefs. That is just racism, plain and straight. Are we ever going to stop killing and demonising people because of such minor differences?

Sweden has sooo much to be proud of, why let racism stain it so?!
12:28 August 18, 2009 by kafirman

and down with TRAITORs who accept them
12:29 August 18, 2009 by Playmaker
no one ever said one word of skin color. you can read all the comments does anyone ever write about skin color? it is not racist to hate islam since islam has no race. the UK is part of EU so you are not a immigrant not because you are white but EU same a some one from Spain who is brown. if you want to move here and be divierse move to tensta, rinkaby, or rosengård.

@browneyes-so i guess you do talk hate of Bush, but that is ok in your eyes right. i talk from the heart..same as you muhammed did rape a 6 yr. old.

Tabari VII:7 "The Prophet married Aisha in Mecca three years before the Hijrah, after the death of Khadija. At the time she was six."

Ishaq:281 "When the Apostle came to Medina he was fifty-three." She was 6, 6yrs old and if muhommed did it then it can not be wrong right. this is what i fight for 6yr old girls who are raped. may muhammed burn in hell for this.
12:42 August 18, 2009 by Iraniboy

I have been in Sweden for a year now. This forum doesn't show what's really going on in Sweden. The vast majority of Swedes are really welcoming even to non-whites. They are just so shy to look at someone and very polite but once your staty saying something you'll notice how good they are. Most of these racist and fascist comment/views in this board are expressed from non-Swedes.


Now you define who is immigrant and who is not? Immigration means moving from one land to the other for living.

For umpteenth times, those who have hated people for their religion have caused more deaths so far. 1950s Germany 1990s Balkan 2009 North West China,...

Last tiem I heard that stupid claim she was 9 years old!! It's funny how you accept a number in a book which belongs to hunderds years ago yet you fail to accept current statisitics about Muslims!!
13:38 August 18, 2009 by Liadora
I would agree wth Iraniboy, moving home from one country to another is immigration (or emigration...depends which way you are going doesn't it? :)) Which makes me a bona fide immigrant (or emigrant).

Playmaker...I am confused. How does what Mohammed did or did not do have any bearing on immigration? I'm not trying to provoke an argument...just trying to understand :) And ok..the colour thing wasn't stated, but it seems implied.

The point I was trying to make (and perhaps worded wrongly) is that some people seem to think there are only one kind of immigrants. Bad, evil, backward people from bad, evil, backward countries who come to Sweden to manipulate the system, commit crimes and drag the country into pandemonium. I would be inclined to believe that most people who seek asylum or emigrate are just trying to find a better, safer place to live. Of course there are bad apples in every bunch...but that doesn't mean you raze the whole orchard!
13:51 August 18, 2009 by hpunlimited

A discussion like this is needed because some of the illegal and criminal immigrants destroy for the good and law abiding immigrants. Now I do not agree with what most people write here. It is not about skin color, it is about behavior, laws and common sense. Why should anyone respect the Swedish laws when "some" gets a free ride?? The Swedish system is built on that YOU "GIVE" to society and the society "GIVES BACK".

For instance, you pay millions in taxes "in Sweden" thru your life time. IF something happens to you when you are old, you end up in the hospital, then you have already paid it off to society, it will help you. But if someone lives in(lets say Somalia), only comes here because they are poor with no intent on helping Swedish society and its taxpayers only to suck it dry on money and send back, then the system fails.
14:20 August 18, 2009 by Kaethar
@Iraniboy: There are plenty of foreign-born people on the national team. Tobias Linderoth is another, born in Marseille in France. You're still not getting it. There are no Iranians on the Swedish national team. There are no foreigners on the Swedish national team.

Zlatan isn't Bosnian, Majstorovic isn't Serbian, Berg, Rosenberg, and Wendt are not German, Gustafsson isn't American, Linderoth is not French, Viktor and Rasmus Elm are not English, and Safari is NOT IRANIAN. He is Swedish of Iranian descent. Goodbye.

@Liadora: This forum is for foreigners, not Swedes. So I'm apparently one of the few Swedish "racists" on here.

@hpunlimited: You've got it all wrong. How do you think people are able to seek asylum? They come to a country illegally and then seek asylum. And if their request is granted they are given residency. If not, most go into hiding.

Only a minority are picked up and transferred here by the UN.
14:35 August 18, 2009 by Liadora
I agree with everything you said :) And I am 100% behind the idea that if you want something from a country, you have to give something to it in return. That's what being a citizen is, enjoying your rights and not shirking your responsibilities.

The only problem I have is the generalisations. I just think it's sad that some people think all immigrants are a waste of space and money. I still think most of us want to live out a happy, law abiding life in Sweden :)

Anyone who comes to a foreign country with no intent of intergrating, contributing or blooming well behaving themselves shouldn't be there ofc. But as a wealthy, capable country shouldn't Sweden, and other countries like it, have the humanity to help a poor and peniless man fleeing for his life settle and become intergrated, contributing and well behaved? That is what the whole asylum agreement thingymabob is all about isn't it?

Again, no attempt at arguing, just trying to understand :)
15:43 August 18, 2009 by commenting
good news but disgraceful!! that some people on this thread hate others because of their passports! I know truely now, as a foreigner, what a miss to live in Dublin. these senses lacking out of any power of distinguishing and cognition!! make me dissapointed guys. these represent the why's behind some shades of undevelopment, closed minds and poor communication!! the problem of faking is simply a fraud in the system which is getting fixed now at a very late time and because of rushing is causing problems for foreigners!! have you ever thought how come states or Canada has never had this problem??????????????????????

how do you perceive the developmetn??? a well-developed system sould have well-established regulations..

SWEDEN: a social system with high taxing favourable for having an easy and plain life

US,CANADA: a liberal system with low taxings favourable for having a splendid life but with hardwork indeed

now let's judge why things are not fixed here,
16:04 August 18, 2009 by hpunlimited

The problem is that there are 2-3 billions people in the world that have lower social standard and less money than Sweden/Swedes, are the Swedes going to feed them all? Are they Swedens responsibility? Are they Europes problem?

When there are so many people in the world that needs help, should Sweden then help people that start their first day in Sweden by breaking the law? NO!! There are others in the world that needs a safe haven that are not criminals, that are willing to become Swedes and contribute to society.
17:03 August 18, 2009 by Iraniboy

Once you become Swedish your previous citizenship is not stripped!! Safari is both Iranian and Swedish. He is also born in Iran. He hasn't filed to revoke his citizenship. Btw you were talking bad about Iranians, you were actually talking about Iranian Swedes like Safari. But you see, your prejudeces about Iranians fails you to comprehened that there can be a successful Iranian


Welcome to Sweden. Most Swedes think like you. Believe me!
17:11 August 18, 2009 by Eye_Witness
@playmaker is an Indian. I know him personally as his application for asylums has recently been turned down. He actively participated in burning the people(muslims) alive and their houses in Gujrat(India).

22:31 August 18, 2009 by Playmaker
hope you got the PM eye witness if you are not a coward we can go to the woods and have a good old fashion fist fight. come on fighting is fun it feels so good to hit someone in the face. by the way i am a proud american/swede and white as they come. i am sorry to say i did not get the chance to help in gujrat but i did get to help in iraq.

@liadora- i dont think if you move from lets say england to scottland you are a immigrant, the same as if you move from NY- to Cali. thats what the EU is about. about muhammed came in when we talk about free speech (danish cartoon) and the inability to adapt to the western cultur. this has been a ongoing thing in many treads.you must know they have shria law in england. just dont want that here. also he seems to be the only thing in the world that is off limits. thats bull

i will pray to muhammed eye witness takes me up on my offer.lol
22:42 August 18, 2009 by Iraniboy

So western culture is inviting for a fist fight in the woods? No dear that is your backward militarism culture. You might have stripped it before claiming to be a Swede!!

I also feel you're a typical brainwashed American soldier. Your comments explains it. I'm wondering if you could witnessed those American soldiers who were raping and killing Iraqi women and children.

Moving from England to Scotland is totally different from moving from England to Sweden. Different language, farther and so on.

P.S You're a proud white? Congratulations for your colour!


We already have an open racist Indian in this board called "Eurostan"
05:49 August 19, 2009 by jazzIIIlove
The reason "why most of the asylum-seekers are muslim" is as: Let's check the history;

Except for Afghanistan, others were ruled by Ottoman Empire in the past for 400 years. The idea in Ottoman Empire is that you rule the country, treat them well and assimilate them. The assimilation is majorly done by emigration/immigration and low taxes to Muslims/high tax for Christians. Jews are out of this set since they were major elements in Ottoman Empire. To some extent, Ottomans had reached that goal though, as the 20th starts, the independence idea emerges in some districts of Middle East and the Balkans of Ottoman rule.
06:07 August 19, 2009 by contd
07:19 August 19, 2009 by Uncle
Iranboy - OR perhaps that is the religion's fault ? Maybe, just maybe the fact that 90% of all current terrorists are muslim (purposely killing civilians. PURPOSELY) and the fact that it is missionary and HAS to expand and the fact that the prophet talks a lot about swords, fire, no mercy, infidels etc. and the fact that most of these countries are horrible dictatorships and the fact that even Buddhists and Hindu are fighting against it and the fact that it i allowed to behave to women and minorities the way it is and the way Muslims are not capable of integrating themselves anywhere....

Maybe, just MAYBE there is a problem with the education of the religion and hereby - the religion itself, since it did not make sure that it will be abused in a medieval way? A? Maybe? Mmm?
08:45 August 19, 2009 by Iraniboy

No it's not. The whole idea about danger of terrorism is overwhelmingly exaggorated and has been generalized from 0.001% of population to 100%. US army is much more dangerous as they have killed much more innocent people recently. But those murders commited by these so-called Muslims are on high agenda. why? That's clear. Some groups are aiming at spreading hatred about Muslims. This is the same thing that Hitler did about Jews. He was accusing Jews of many things. It wasn't totally untrue but it was very exaggorated and generalized and he wanted to make sure that his people accept that Jews commit a lot of filth and they deserve death. Now far-right groups , Islamophobes and their supporters are doing the same thing to justify their action again 1 billion Muslims and to establish a fascist estate in Europe where religion is not allowed and is a crime fortunately Jews have already secured their place after their horrific experience and nobody dare to target them.
14:02 August 19, 2009 by Liadora

Sweden is completely independent from the UK, I am moving from one independent country to another...I am an immigrant. I'm actually learning to be quite proud of it for some reason, starting to wonder what this board is doing to me....:D

Why do you state you are "white as they come" as if that somehow makes you superior? It was a fluke that you were born where you were..and if you are of American descent then your family line will lead you back to...wait for it...immigrants.


Everyone is brainwashed at the end of the day, call it social conditioning, intergration or whatever, it's still the same thing. Playmaker is programmed to think one way, you are programmed in a different way and me in yet another different way. It's the root of soo many disagreements, sad but true.
23:57 November 9, 2009 by Nordmann

Sad to say but some of our clueless Migrationsverket are so 100% clueless. They did NOT know that the mole is under their nose.

I happen to know a former asylum seeker who told me a true story about her self and her mother.

I mentioned some years ago in the Discuss-forum that an asylum seeker

paid 6000 euro (under the table) just so her mother will be in Sweden.

Her mother came via a container truck so she was terribly sick.

This was BEFORE news about Migrationsverket came out!

But hey, I got a sarcastic response from some black or dark haired chick who became a swede national but not by blood or birth, & said she would do the same. She proudly lives in Stockholm.

What world are we going into?

i met this pleasant & intelligent Iraniboy (not u of course).

saved money to fly to Europe

he chose Norway.

He went to the police.

applied asylum in Norway & made up a story which brainless or clueless norwegian authorities believed.

Boasted that he has just $50.00 in his pocket.

He met a fellow asylum seeker who knew someone in Denmark.

This iraniboy (not U)married a clueless true blue eyed, blond dane chick.

reason to expedite his "uppehållstillstånd" resident permit.

but due to strict danish laws,the iraniboy and her clueless danish wife

moved to sweden.

now this iraniboy got his "uppehållstillstånd" and just waiting for his permanent residency permit in Sweden.

Ones he get it, he will divorce the Danish chick

and disappear in the capital or

somewhere in in EU, so he says.

Migrationsverket--wake-up, Wake-up

You have a mole!

If the mole is gone, hurray for you.

What are you doing.

Protect your country.

You can not leave it to our


Our own defense is depleting

Now, you are 1st line of defense

Stand on ALERT!

So Iraniboy, no offense. This is NOT personal

Just a fact.

Perhaps deep inside you,

you know this as well.

Talk to your people.

Make a difference.

Be wise
01:43 August 31, 2011 by Incognito007

Cultured Americans must be ashamed of you speaking of their behalf. You project your self as a macho man online challenging others for a fistfight in woods knowing that you are not accessible and no one would like to make their hands dirty of you.

Your speeches are full of hate, arrogance, ignorance and insults, and your place is in the woods but not amongst educated and cultured people. Though your company might be disgusting to the world of animals either.

And, moreover, you should educate yourself about Islam - the religion you hate so much. Death eventually will come to everybody and instead of wasting our time and efforts for hate and insults, we should figure out what is right and what is wrong before it too late. The God (which is One only for everybody) has given you life, health, sustenance and freedom of choice. The day of judgement is inevitable and punishment in hell is endless...
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