Swedish school bans handshakes amid swine flu fears

In a bid to curb the spread of swine flu a school in Borlänge in central Sweden has forbidden teachers from shaking hands with their pupils.

Swedish school bans handshakes amid swine flu fears

The principal at Kvarnsveden school has introduced the new strict directive after consultation with the school board.

Teachers at the school have reacted to the new hand order which they consider to be excessive, writes local newspaper Borlänge Tidning.

“It will be difficult to do your job as a teachers if you can not even brush against the pupils,” Johan Stålberg, a teacher at the school, told the newspaper.

The school has introduced a broad policy of measures to tackle the threat of swine flu, acting on the recommendations of Dalarna’s infectious disease unit.

Pupils at the school have been briefed as to how best to contain the spread of the H1N1 influenza.

“One should wash, and shower, and stuff,” Egon Seger, 12, told the newspaper.

The school principal, Ylva Hoff, has defended the tough approach to the flu.

“Some teachers think that it is little tedious, but we have spoken about it. They can be extra attentive with eye contact instead,” she said.

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