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Israel awaits stronger reaction from Bildt

TT/The Local · 22 Aug 2009, 17:07

Published: 22 Aug 2009 17:07 GMT+02:00

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But Israel said it still expects Bildt to clearly distance himself from the article, published earlier this week in the Aftonbladet newspaper.

“The ball is in the court of the Swedish foreign ministry. We expect them to act or answer. No answer is also an answer, of course, and if there is no answer we’re going to be very disappointed and it will cast a shadow over the visit and our political relations,” said Yigal Palmor, a spokesperson for Israeli foreign minister Avigdor Lieberman, to the TT news agency on Saturday.

Israel is bothered by the Swedish government’s refusal to condemn Monday’s Aftonbladet article, which describes suspicions that Israeli soldiers took organs from dead Palestinians.

In a statement, Lieberman said that it “reminds us of Sweden’s conduct during World War II when it also did not intervene”.

Lieberman's comments in turn irritated the Swedish foreign ministry, resulting in a Friday meeting between Israel’s ambassador in Stockholm, Benny Dagan, and Swedish cabinet secretary Frank Belfrage.

Bildt spoke carefully on Saturday about Israel’s criticism in his first public comments about the incident other than statements published on his blog.

“I’m not passing judgment on it at all,” he said as he made his way to Vaxholm to listen to attend a speech by Prime Minister Fredrik Reinfeldt.

He also commented on how the matter may affect relations between the two countries.

“I don’t think it will affect bilateral relations. We have an interesting and good dialogue when it comes to the peace process in the Middle East. But what I am concerned about is that the Israeli public has gotten the idea that there are anti-Semitic views which are tolerated in Sweden. That idea is wrong according to my view,” Bildt told TT.

“It’s important to say that anti-Semitism isn’t tolerated in Sweden.”

But the Swedish government nevertheless has no plans to issue an apology.

“No, it’s Aftonbaldet’s job to take responsibility for what Aftonbladet publishes,” added Bildt.

He explained that others sometimes have a hard time understanding Sweden's principles on freedom of speech, adding that there may be reason to more clearly explain what rules apply in the country.

Reinfeldt also commented on Israel’s critique of the Swedish government’s reaction to the matter.

“No one can ask the Swedish government to violate its own constitution. Freedom of speech is an inalienable part of Swedish society,” he said.

Bildt is expected to visit Israel in just over a week. While there had been speculation that the visit would be scrapped, spokesperson Palmor said there are no plans from the Israeli side to cancel the trip.

According to reports in the Israeli media, however, Israeli representatives are instead considering talking only about the article when Bildt arrives in the country.

“The visit happens in ten days and we’ll see what comes up on the agenda,” Palmor told TT.

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“Whether it will be the only thing on the agenda will be decided later – it depends also on the reactions of Mr. Bildt.”

He added that no further official protests from Israel are expected other than the opinions expressed by Ambassador Dagan to cabinet secretary Belfrage on Friday.

“We’ve already said everything we have to say,” said Palmor.

Israeli defence minister Ehud Barak had previously asked a legal advisor to explore whether or not it would be possible to sue Aftonbladet reporter Donald Boström for the article.

“We checking all the possibilities right now,” said Shlomo Dror, a spokesperson for Barak, to TT.

TT/The Local (news@thelocal.se)

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Your comments about this article

17:57 August 22, 2009 by kelvison
please get lost,sweden wont apologize to any one.this is a free country and the press is free here to write any thing from chicken`s milk to stolen organs by some hungry animals.

i just dont get this why government of israel got involved itself in this article of a news paper.as they are saying swedish press before printting any thing got to get special approval from israel,to see everything suits them perfectly.

if the israel army hasnt stolen any organ then prove it or say we have not done it.thats the end of it.and israel must stop intimidiating that reporter.every one should know the press in sweden wont print anything just like this.
18:04 August 22, 2009 by mysticbumwipe
Instead of "checking all the possibilities" regarding sueing reporter Boström, shouldn't Israel be checking whether the article is ACCURATE.

Apparently the Israeli Minister of Health, Nessim Dahhan, has admitted to the practice in an answer to Arab member of the Knesset, Ahmed Teibi.

Dahhan said that he couldn't deny that organs of Palestinian youths and children killed by the Israeli forces were taken out for transplants or scientific research. Ahmed Teibi said he had received credible evidence proving that Israeli doctors at the forensic institute extracted such vital organs as the heart, kidneys,and liver from the bodies of Palestinian youths and children killed by the Israeli Army in Gaza and the West Bank.

If this is not accurate then Israeli officials can demonstrate this.

If it is an accurate reporting then it is Israel who need to condemn this in the strongest possible terms. NOT try to shut up newsreports about it with this kind of intimidation.
19:20 August 22, 2009 by magic1964
Accusing Israel of such a serious thing is as terrible as accusing a politician for example Carl Bilt to be a pedophile.

Or maybe Aftonbladet just want to be popular amongs Arabs in Sweden.....
19:54 August 22, 2009 by lpaster
I'm Israeli living in NY.

To the reader to said that Israel should prove its soldiers didn't do what was claimed in the article: Why should Israeli bear the burden of proof? if the reported said it happened, he should bring the proof (and not some 3rd party rumors and stories that could be completely lies). Because, when you claim someone is a criminal, you need to prove it! the person you accuse has a right to be innocent until you, the accuser, prove otherwise.

I'll give you an example: If I published an article in the #1 paper in Sweden, saying that your mother is a prostitute, wouldn't you get mad and sue me for that? would you be able to prove your mother isn't a prostitute? how can you prove that?

Democracy and free speech were also protected in Nazi Germany, and in many European countries before 1935... look what it brought the us (it didnt bring any bad things to you, so maybe you don't care?).
20:01 August 22, 2009 by Iraniboy
The funny this is that we hear anything from Israel except rejecting this organ harvesting claim!!!

lpaster. The authur witnessed one occasion and he has taken a photo of it. If anything Israel needs to prove, it can be the rejection of the systematic organ harvesting.

lpaster and magic1964, as a person who live in Sweden I can assure you that if you accuse those things, Swedes won't get mad!! They just ignore it if you don't provide evidence.
20:17 August 22, 2009 by bocale1
Well, maybe it should be nice at this point to know what this article stated in reality since the episode of supposed missing organs in a young Palestinian killed by Israeli soldiers represents just a small portion of it;

moreover, it is dated back to 1992 and apparently already well know by Israeli military forces which provided also brief and not 100% convincing explanations about the scars in the dead body photographed by Donald Boström

Read the whole article and, if you do not speak Swedish (as me), use translate.google.com; not perfect translation but you get most of the meaning.

The point that I would like Israel gvt. to make a statement about is if it is true that more than 50% of organs transplanted in Israel comes from illegal markets and if it is true that medical associations do not have any policy forcing the doctors to do not handle organs obtained by illegal means.

This is the point that should be explained, more than just this old case from 17 years ago.
20:34 August 22, 2009 by Eurostan
in scadinavia press is independent. israel must understand this. minister can not do any thing with the writings of the press either cartoons or some other articles.

freedom of press is great in scandinavia and that freedom can be used to condemn the wrong doings of individuals.

do not destroy or burn just like muslims have done some years ago. we can only say it is unfortunate . no body can tell to press what to write and what not to write in the newspapers.
21:10 August 22, 2009 by bongo8
Hi swedes for you general knowledge this is how rediculous you look in Australia:

21:20 August 22, 2009 by Iraniboy

You mean the big country that constitutes a seperate continent by itself is summerized in one blog?! Oh man it's so sad!

We have too many new members who have just joined this forum since last week!!! Thanks to Give Your Support To Israel and their ilk!
21:21 August 22, 2009 by danielr
I'm an Israeli living in Israel and do follow up press from europe. I do respect the idea of free press and in Israel we do have free press either from the extreme left to the extreme right exactely as in sweden. saying that, there is a limit of freedom of speech. I did not like the publication of the "carricatures" in the danish press because as a lot of israelies thought at that time, it was simply in order to ridiculise the islamic religion (yes in israel we criticised it!) . I do think that carricature or "so called journalism" based on nothing that alloegations on the 80s or 90s can not be more than the articles published by the vichy regime in france or by the nazis propagandas in the newspapers in germany. Is there a limit to the freedom of speech? and finally gideon levy the haaretz journalist that usually report everyday about wrongdoing made by israel in the territories and is definitely from the extreme left in Israel called this article "garbage" and not "real journalism" I think that this is just plainly xenophobic and ante-semitic article. you knew that some 90 years ago jews were drinking blood of young christians , why not reporting that????
21:23 August 22, 2009 by Tennessee Thunder
Bildt is a Dusch bag,along with the rest of Sweden..
21:35 August 22, 2009 by mysticbumwipe
This is NOT an old story "dated back to 1992".

It is a current story and is related to a Rabbi arrested in America for illegal traffiking in organs for transplant. Plus the fact that these allegation do go back to the nineties and have continued through to this decade is indication enough that this is a very serious allegation. Instead of getting their knickers in a twist about the article they should be getting their boxers in a bunch over the fact that this may indeed have been going on.

"The Israeli Army killed three Palestinian boys, ages 14-15 near Khan Younison on December 30, 2001. The army issued conflicting reports on the killing, while Palestinian sources charged that Israeli troops murdered the three unarmed boys in cold blood. The bodies of the three boys were handed over to the Palestinians for burial on January 6, however, shortly before burial, Palestinian medical authorities examined the bodies and found out that the main vital organs were missing from the bodies."

And what is more the story that is getting missed here is that this is CHILDREN being killed for throwing stones! Lets get this in perspective. So is that OK then???? :-o
21:35 August 22, 2009 by Iraniboy

Those articles during and prior to ww2 were referring to "Jews" not a country. This article is about the Army of a country not a religion nor an ethnic group.

@Tennesse Thunder

I'm sure your did your best to write that comment about this issue!!
21:56 August 22, 2009 by Stone99743
Hello Swedes , I live in central Israel , just wanted to say most israelis are very pissed off on this newspaper lies , we are not animals to steal organs from dead people , there used to be a nation that did that 60 years ago..anyway , this is just an anti-semite article nothing more , also , your PM says he won't condemn it since it's "freedom of speech" , well that's funny , i read that swedish ex foreign minister condemned the Mohhamad caricature , after it was published in swedish newspaper .. well can you see the paradox?

Never been to sweden , heard it's a beautiful country , hope the people are the same.

peace from Israel.
21:58 August 22, 2009 by lingonberrie
The Israeli misinformation machine is now up and running on all 12 cyclinders, though not as well as Hitler's Dusenberg ran, and before long their AIPAC representatives in the U.S. Congress--who are undoubtedly in diplomatic touch with Sweden by now--will be compromising for a language deal with more diplomatic fluff from Sweden to appease the Zionists.

Whether Bildt will comply depends on the receptive mood of the populace of native Swedes of Sweden to be cowed by or to take orders from Israel.

Maybe this is what is needed to awaken the people of Sweden to start to take back their country.
22:06 August 22, 2009 by danielr
dear iraniboy!

This is exactley what said the danish journalish when he published the carricature: this nonsense of "not against the religion" but against an ethnic group because afterall he said he condemed the terrorist arab and not the islamic religion! do you believe it? i do not it was against the muslim religion. by the way dear iraniboy! how it is going in Iran? nothing to report? or maybe ahmnidjad do not bother us anymore after kiliing so many innocent lifes!
22:16 August 22, 2009 by Cornelius Hamelberg
I should like to quote from that icon of Swedish Diplomacy Dag Hammarskjöld. In his address to the Foreign Policy Association, New York, 21 October 1953, he says

" perhaps the most important new factor in diplomacy : mass public opinion as a living force in international affairs. Of course, this public opinion has as its background the new mass media of communication, but as a psychological phenomenon and a political factor " etc

From " To Speak for the World " the chapter entitled "The Diplomat and Public Opinion"

The lesson here is that an article which propagates Israel using Palestinian corpses as a resources for body spare parts , can spread like wildfire and take hold of the public imagination, thus fanning the fires of anti-Semitism. It's dangerous.
22:17 August 22, 2009 by danielr

here is a story for you! once upon a time we drank blood of jews during passover . it was reported in the press or as it was called then . so true that even the luthergican church believed it .. and not this story about stealing organs . maybe we should verify it as well , maybe we transfer organ and eat them! this is your logic. these 2 strories about the ulta orthodox jews in the US which is still under investigation and invoves corruption has nothing to do with this stupid story of "der strumer" (as it as called during nazi regime the swedish newspaper) but only a neo-nazi , right wing can thing about a connection like the beggining of my story and I know that you are not a men like that! so please dont play with such non-sense that do not fit you! the only simoi;arities between these stories is that we are speaking of jews. if this US strory were about iranians you would not link them~
22:17 August 22, 2009 by Iraniboy

Danish journalist were targeting a religion by picking their 1st man and accsuing of sexual insults. And this religion is mostly attributed to a special ethnic group i.e. Arabs. But Army of a country is not in that regard.

Well this thread is not about Iran. Although I no longer share any same value with him, he hasn't killed any of you, sorry. But yes it is a bigger news in Iran.
22:22 August 22, 2009 by bongo8

Take back their country from who?
22:25 August 22, 2009 by Stone99743
Iraniboy , I'm a jewish Israeli , well , if someone had published some caricature on the Holocaust , i promise you no jew would go out and fight police and burn cars etc.. but your fellow muslims did that in Denmark , so what i'm saying is , since both governments of Sweden and Denmark afarid the muslims , they prefer to hate the jews instead and hide the real problem , but you know , what goes around comes around.
22:29 August 22, 2009 by danielr
Dear Iraniboy

In most european countries except sweden denmark, this newspaper might have been prosecuted for this. the fact that this "newspaper" is telling about the israeli army and not the jewish themselves has no relevance and you know why? read the comment of "mysticbumpwire" he already made the connection with ultra orthodox jews in the US in an non-related story. this is the logic of antesemitism. and by the way the danish governement argued about the freedom of press and the danish newspaper argues that they were merely shwing the "arab terrorist" and not the islamic religion. the fact is simple this is pure lies published by a newspaper based on nothing that even the more extreme left in Israel condemn it as "garbage" and not "real journalism" so why it was published??? to make the jews again like eating and stealing organd and finally you forgot that the jewisj religion is also the jewish people and they are one and the same and it is not the same with the islamic religion!
22:33 August 22, 2009 by Caribbean guy/Swedish Gal
Did the USA denounce this article? If the big bad wolf dident then i guess the article was done on solid research.
22:35 August 22, 2009 by bongo8

I spoke with an Irani in a bar in Sydney,he thought I was german, and he told Iranians are Arians like "us" Germans?

I looked in wikipedia about the Arian race and Iran, and see that there is something about it.. isn't it funny with the islamic republic regimes hatred to the "Zionist Enemy"?

Let's chant together as we do in Teheran swedes can join as well:

"Death to America" "Death to Israel"
22:37 August 22, 2009 by danielr
finally 1 im going to sleep since there is a gapse of one hour not beforing saying that!

I do not want to continue this argument since it only helps the antisemitic/ I do advise though Mr iraniboy to read some carricature in the egyptinan, syrian press and the teranslation made in egypt of the "jewish protocol" I do advise also the swedish newspaper to read them like at least it is "antisemitic" with style/ why hiding that . it was what it was and I do suggest iraniboy that you request "ahmaninidjad" to invite the representant of this newspaper to his next "denial" of holocaust in tehran . they certainly deserve it! and finally .. you can criticize israel and it is your right but there is a way to criticize . we do it every single day in israel and believe me more effectiveley but not like that! its disgusting!
23:07 August 22, 2009 by Iraniboy

I'm really sorry for you and your Iranian friend who still live in Meddle Age. Whatever ethnic we have on birth doesn't mean anything. Btw, I don't understand your point. Just foy your info I have never chanted that and I'm not in Tehran.


If I have a chance to meet him I'll sai some other important things.

I understand your points but it's irrelavant. You should compare it with medias' articles about Islamic terrorism. How many articles about those 0.001% of Muslims who are terrorists? thousands? millions? But there isn't so any criticism.


Just for your info, the author of this article has recieved several death threats. Sorry it has nothing to do with Muslims.
23:36 August 22, 2009 by veg
I just wonder if it is probable that a Swedish newspaper would accuse the English army (for instance) of such acts. In such case, would England ignore it? Wouldn't there be a diplomatic protest? And then, wouldn't the Swedish foreign minister distance himself and his country from such accusations?

I guess there are in Sweden people who are not even aware that they are anti-Semitic.
23:37 August 22, 2009 by samjag
As we are used to here from Israeli that " they are innocent". When they killed the 1500 Palestinians i Gaza's war, then they said that Palestinians shot rockets at Israel. When they used the while phosphor in Gaza's war to destroy the human beings and kill the children, then they said that they didnt use it. " they are innocent".

Israel tries always to convence the world that they are innocent despite they do the wildest events in the world. If they are innocent why they didnt let the jornalist to filming what happened in Gazas war and before in West bank war and lebanon war.

If they are innocent why they didnt let the medicine and food entre to Palestinians and let the children die at hospitals. thier excuse that Palestinains are terrorist. If they are terrorist, then they wouldnt negatiate with Isreal for 30 years to get a part of their country without results. To stealing organs from the Palestinians is not so strange for Israel becuase they try to use the all possible and impossible ways to let the Palestinians seffering.
23:45 August 22, 2009 by Stone99743
Why didn't we let press film the Gaza war? simple, last time we let the press film the lebanon war , Hizbollah knew exactly where to aim it's rockets into civillians targets and kill innocent Israelis. you say we do the wildest things in the world? which army would hit a terrorist in the leg and then take him to Israeli hospital and heal him? despite the fact he killed Israelis. or let Palestinians enter Israel for medical operations , i can give you many examples.Maybe you should ask the Russian government to film the next war in georgia , i'm sure they will agree , hypocrite.
23:48 August 22, 2009 by Kaethar

"most israelis are very pissed off on this newspaper lies , we are not animals to steal organs from dead people"

Do you even realise how you sound? You're just as bad as neo-nazis in Sweden who claim all immigrants are behind rapes because "Swedes would do no such thing." People like you disgust me.

"i read that swedish ex foreign minister condemned the Mohhamad caricature , after it was published in swedish newspaper .. well can you see the paradox?"

Sweden, unlike Denmark, rightly refused to apologise for the Mohammed cartoons.
23:52 August 22, 2009 by erez
Hello people, erez from isra-hell report for you now.

nice to see your uprising of israelis asking to take your freedom of press.

ammmm ....

no. we aint.

1st - israel freedom of press is not less democratic then sweeden press. our press took down prim ministers, presidents, and governments in israel. we know the importens of freedom of press.

2nd - we do not seek sweeden press stop publising lies about our army.

we seek your government to condemned lies.

so, what next from sweeden ?

1. israeli soldiers drinks palestinan blood as good energy drink.

2. news flash - israeli soldiers kidnapp paletinian womans and rape them.

3. isreali soldiers started a new show - how many people will i kill untill i`ll finish my service in israel army ?. the more you get, the higher your monthly salary will be.

4. this just came, israeli soldiers done the worst they can, yes, hold tight, they have now in the israeli army a gas chambers, they use nerve gas to kill them all.

5. new, from israeli INTERNET BLOOD SHOP you can but now on sale harts, lungs,liver, kidneys. IT`S ON BIG SALE.

ok ok ok, yes, i know what your thinking, who is that extreme israeli ... ?

well, i`m not.

it is you are.

need to go now, we have now plestinians blood festival.
23:56 August 22, 2009 by Stone99743
Just saying the truth kaethar , we don't do those things , but you obviously poisoned your mind we do , so I won't even try to talk to you.

and about the apologisment , as i recall sweden DID apologise , cause we all know what would happen if they didn't.
00:33 August 23, 2009 by mysticbumwipe
This not new news. Just the Isareli Ambassadors reaction has made this news.

"Last November, a local Tel Aviv paper Ha'ir ran a 12-page expose of Abu Kabir and revealed how the national lab allows medical students to practice on bodies sent there for autopsies, and transfers body parts for transplants without permission from the family of the deceased.

The family of Alastair Sinclair, a Scottish tourist, who, hanged himself in an Israeli jail, was forced to bring suit for the return of missing body parts.

University of Glasgow pathologists, who did an autopsy at the request of Sinclair's family, found that it had been returned without a heart (which they suspect was used for a transplant).

October 17, 2000

00:43 August 23, 2009 by Anonymous11
To samjag

You probably read news only in Aftonbladet.

Just to correct you, Israel did allow humanitarian aid to the Palestinians in Gaza under the recent war.

Of course not all Palestinians are terrorists, but Hamas is! This organization used Palestinian civilians as human shields in the combat with the Israeli soldiers. After all the more civilian casualties on the Palestinian side the more support they would get from the world.

Finally, It is sad that you draw the same shallow conclusion by stating that "To stealing organs from the Palestinians is not so strange for Israel becuase they try to use the all possible and impossible ways to let the Palestinians seffering"
01:00 August 23, 2009 by mysticbumwipe
This not something that can lightly be passed over. Nor can Israeli intimidation silence these allegations. I hope they are not true allegations. But if they are, then let us all face it honsetly and rationally. And please, all you supporters-of-Israel-under-all-conditions, please stop using the 'race' card. Its not about 'race' its about human rights for all without prejudice or bias. Don't you want that?

Do not fear the truth. May the truth set us free.

"Prof. Yehuda Hiss, the director of the Institute of Forensic Medicine at Abu Kabir was under police investigation in 2002 for removing organs from deceased persons without familial consent. He was dismissed by the Health Ministry for a while until Hiss agreed to a plea bargain. He admitted to being involved in the removal of body parts from 125 bodies and was reprimanded for this.

The stories about Palestinian Intifada dead arriving home with organs removed began soon after the outbreak of the Intifada in 1987. Palestinian pathologist Dr Hatem Abu Ghazaleh said there were many credible reports about this."

Best wishes

01:32 August 23, 2009 by Anonymous11

Well, Palestinians would make any claim that would make Israel look bad!!! If Dr Hatem Abu Ghazaleh said there were many credible reports about this, where are these reports??? And how can we know that these parts were not removed on the Palestinian side?

You say that "Israel should stop using the 'race' card. Its not about 'race'" unfortunately, not everybody is thinking the same as you. Take a look at the following link:


Maybe you can also update the readers on the outcome of this case. Was anyone proved guilty???
01:37 August 23, 2009 by Kooritze
Israel is a murdering jewish fundamentalist state.......always has been and always will be. A cynical and arrogant little country supported by the west in general.

I congratulate Sweden for sticking to it,s guns on critisising this country,s actions on many of it,s past and present conduct.

As europeans, most of us recognise the mistakes of our own history against the jews.......but ....this does not at all mean we are anti-semitic when critisising Israel. In fact crtisising crimes against humanity is a good moral standpoint. The article in question here might well be true, it certainly would not suprise me. Fact is, Israel is a mere 60 years old.....it does not mean it will always be there. The world is slowly learning truths and it,s days are numbered.
02:19 August 23, 2009 by dudyu

There's a difference between murder and self-defence. If a terror-group were to shell and bomb your city thousands times a year, if your children were killed and injured in these attacks, you'de do anything to stop it. And if this terror group is hiding behind civilians, as the hammas does, then yes, many of these civilians will be killed in the process of defending your country. This is a painful and sad truth, but if you have another way- i'de be happy to hear it.

I'll be more precise:

hammas aims at civilians - this is murder.

israel aims at terrorist - this is self defence.

(and the fact that these terrorists hide between civilians, this is also a kind of murder, i think).

But to our point:

If a newspaper publishes something such as the spoken article, it has to check for basic facts. Someone can publish an article saying that you're a murder: a big picture of you on the front page, with the title "MURDERER" printed above it in huge letters. you think that's okay? because that's exactly what this article did to all the people in my country, without checking any facts. none.
05:46 August 23, 2009 by bongo8
@kooritze you are a racist with a humanitarian amsk

read this book to see where you fit in:

07:07 August 23, 2009 by magic1964
So a SLOPPY newspaper can accuse Carl Bildt of raping young Palestinian kids in the name of freedom of press.....OUOUUH
08:04 August 23, 2009 by mysticbumwipe
Well said Johnnytango.

Try to put this in a Palestinian perspective and ask yourself how you would FEEL:

Here we have a group of people who are displaced refugees.

They have been forcibly removed from their land and homes a couple of generations ago. (land theft and ethnic cleansing = human rights violation).

They have been locked up behind check points, illegal walls, and are undegoing a trade and resources embargo, with little or no access to food, medicine, electricity or even clean water. (= human rights violation).

When they protest or groups of them resort to violence against this injustice then you kill their children (murder = illegal).

Then when it comes to light, with credible evidence, that on some occasions organs were removed from the dead bodies of their murdered children you get upset and cry "anti-semitism".?!! :-o

And still Israel is the victim here??

09:24 August 23, 2009 by royml
The issue is that the article did not bring any proofs for the harvesting, just hearsay of pro Palestine parties having interest in condemning Israel.

I assume to see the talkbacks to this article - once again people expect Israel to explain defamations and not going against the defamations themselves.

Defamations should be condemned as they are the sign of racism more than anything else - see Germany before the war.

I wonder what would have happened if one of Israeli main newspaper published an article blaming the Swedish government in discriminating Jewish business or the like.

Do you think someone will ask the Swedish government to take the burden of proof? NO WAY!
10:17 August 23, 2009 by Iraniboy

The editor of THE LOCAL "Paul O'Mahony" made a similar claim. He said:

"The article, a flimsy affair based largely on the hypotheses of grieving Palestinian mothers, should never have been published."

But when we read the article, it's not just based on what grieving Palestinian mothers have said as Paul O'Mahony claims!! In one case the author witnessed and take a picture from the dead body who had been under an authospy.
10:26 August 23, 2009 by roihat168
Where were you all?

The "humanitarian" Swedes when Germany

used your country's iron to build trains in order to kill jews.

Where were you? when they used your country as a free pass

to Norway to murder the jews who live there.

Don't pretend to be so "humanitarian" because just

hate the jews no meter what and afraid from the Arabs in

your country, you saw the riots they did in the streets of Malmo.

You should be careful because in 20 years they will the majority

in your country. and I dont think they will give you freedom.
10:26 August 23, 2009 by peropaco
It would be funny if someone hacked aftonbladet site and posted pictures of mohamed in drags to see the reaction of the swedes. The Reichminister Karl Bildt and the rest of the clowns would be outfront with their apologies stamped on their forehead.
10:42 August 23, 2009 by erez
mysticbumwipe, and other pro-palestinians. seems to us that the news-paper story is a true success. whether if the story is true, or a lie,it seems that it is no longer importent for sweeden. it is just another excuse to tongue-lash at israel. also, if anyone abroad think he knows the aspects of our conflict, might do some self-examination again. we know the suffering, also, we know our suffering. JUST a small reminder to all of the israel-haters: ONE DAY after istrael got a mandat from the UN to establish israel country istrael found itself alone in attak by egypt, syria, jordan, iraq. we DIDNT have army, we had nothing. at that day of attak arabs inside israel borders run away to other countries. israel was never responsible to the fleeing arabs that tried to find a safe place to be, AFTER the destraction of israel small country by leading arabs nations. IF THE ARABS WERE TO NEVER OPEN ATTACK AGAINTS OUR COUNTRY, THE STORY MIGHT BE DIFFERENT. since israel got it`s mandat from the un the palestinians never see israel as a country, they only dream about our destraction, every day since 1948.
10:54 August 23, 2009 by fa1afel
I'm a Israeli citizen and I believe it's astonishing a western democratic civilization doesn't react to this kind of blood label, haven't we learned nothing from war world 2 and the holocaust!? and I'm not talking about the systematic biased information that the European and especially the Swedish media is giving to it's audience, but about a whole lie which incites people against Israel and the Jewish people.

I believe the respectful thing to do is to officially condemn this kind irresponsible and biased information. I'm sorry for all of you who disguise their anti-Semitism in a synthetic cover of liberalism.
11:14 August 23, 2009 by bongo8
Did you know that sweden supllied tens of thousands of tons of iron ore and steel to nazi germany up until the latest stages of the war in Europe in 1944. This was used for the construction of the main battle tank of the wermacht the Panzer tank (some parts of it were also made in sweden).This has prolonged the war in more than a year, 20 milion people have died in Europe alone.
11:49 August 23, 2009 by Iraniboy
Oh, I wonder when these newly joined Israeli posters leave this forum then "The local" can really mean "The local"!!
11:54 August 23, 2009 by erez
@ Iraniboy

"Oh, I wonder when these newly joined Israeli posters leave this forum then "The local" can really mean "The local"!! "

hard to hear other poeple voices. i guess it is not ok for us israelis to come here and place our opinions.

sweeden, a free counrty ...
11:57 August 23, 2009 by roihat168

according to your name I guess you r from somewhere in the middle east,

maybe you r from a IRAN(you r really local) which killed innocent protesters just because they resisted("right of speech") to their "democratic" regime/
12:18 August 23, 2009 by Cornelius Hamelberg
In the war between information and Dis-information,

Re- Re. "Israel did allow humanitarian aid to the Palestinians in Gaza under the recent war." - check this out:

http://www.google.com/search?ie=UTF-8&oe=UTF-8&q=aid to gaza&btnG=Google+Search&domains=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.mfa.gov.il&sitesearch=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.mfa.gov.il
13:14 August 23, 2009 by kfir
To all Swedes,

I am Israeli, 32, works for a high tech company. I served in the Israeli Army and still serves as a reserve soldier.

I am not addressing this comment to anyone who has already decided wrong from right and now would hold to any claim just to justify his/her worldview.

I am not asking for your apologies. I am not asking for your Government's apologies. I am asking you to open your eyes. You are on the wrong side of the fence. I am asking you to realize you are being fed with misleading information, and it seems that for many years you have been.

Israelis will pay only a small price as a result of this situation. Swedes, in the long run, and it has nothing to do with Israel per-se nor Jews, will pay a much higher price.

We can all pretend and continue arguing the means (freedom of press vs. demonization and lies, etc), when we all know that most commenters here are already "decided" and would use whatever pretext to justify or deny this one incident.

Look again at the VALUES that guide Palestinians/Muslims, Swedes and Israelis and think again, I would.
13:20 August 23, 2009 by dudyu

You got it partially right, but mainly wrong. Let's go over this:

* "Here we have .. people who are displaced refugees ..forcibly removed from their land and homes .." - This is right.

* "land theft and ethnic cleansing" - This is terribly wrong: The arabs refused the division plan set by the UN. When Israel has declared independence, the arabs began a war. The aim of the war was to wipe out all jews from israel, and take over all the lands. It was during this war that we took over some of the arab land. I'll be more clear: The arabs began a war in order to take over jewish land, they lost that war and so they lost some of their land. This has nothing to do with ethnic cleansing. Just to losing a war that they started. Here, read: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/1948_Arab%E2%80%93Israeli_War

* "They have been locked up behind check points" - Locked up!? do you know where these check points are? They're located on the border between Israel and the palestinian territory- and they are there because otherwise terrorist get out and kill our children in the streets. Israel controls who enters it's border, just like when you reach the airport, this is not "locking up".

"illegal walls" - illegal? show me where. You have to understand that without check points and walls they just get to the heart of israeli cities and execute terrible terror attacks. Walls and checkpoints are not set because we have a fettish for them, they are set for basic protection.

"undegoing a trade and resources embargo" - This is partially true. Israel sets embargos when hammas (the terror group that controls gaza) begins to "push it"- meaning: none-stop shellings and bombings of israeli cities. In this case Israel has two options: embargo- puts pressure on the hammas to stop, and also makes it more difficult for them to build more weapons. the other option is shooting back- this we do when the embargos don't work. Both options makes us seems heartless war criminals. I'de be happy for other suggestions.

"with credible evidence, that on some occasions organs were removed from the dead bodies of their murdered children" - All wrong. No credible evidence. Moreover- we don't murdered children- if children are killed it's in the process of war against terrorists that hide in populated areas, just like hostages may be killed when trying to free them. It's bad and sad, but no-one can prevent that from happening.

"And still Israel is the victim here??" - Well, maybe. A terror group supported by huge arab countries is hiding withing populated areas, shelling and bombing and suicide-bombing, forcing us to react. You know, the fact that we're stronger does not automatically makes us the bad guys.
13:37 August 23, 2009 by erez
"You know, the fact that we're stronger does not automatically makes us the bad guys"

you got it right "dudyu" cuz in 1948~1987 we were pupular in europ. as long as we were poor, and week europ liked us.

by the way sweeds, how many of you know that the world egitimate palestinian government found itself in a new conflict with hamash terror orginization that took gaza strip from them in a few days of bloody conflict.

yea, seems that palestinians killes each other, and cant get along. now we have 2 stats of palestin, one controled by hamas at gaza strip, and the other in the west bank controled by fatach.

cant see how can we get along with them, if they cant get themself right.

o, forgot to say, the festival was gread, lot`s of tasty palestinian organs. come to isreal to see for yourself.
13:45 August 23, 2009 by sogilya
Is that freedom of speach?

Why we appologise to the muslims for the our freedom of press and not to the Israely army?

No one in Israel tryed to burn swedish flags.

This is just hipocracy.

Soon sweden will be a muslem state and then well not have any freedom of speach or descossions about it, or any freedom at all.
14:27 August 23, 2009 by Iraniboy
Puffffffff This forum has been hijacked by Israelis!!! and all their Islamophobic comments. They all accuse Muslims of being terrorist, virus,... but when someone talk about a portion of their military men, they call it anti-semitic!!


Yes I'm local. Despite being Iranian I'm currently living in Sweden. And for Iran, it is off topic but I'm outraged by murder, no matter in Iran or Palestian.
14:46 August 23, 2009 by browneyes10
@salman salman and to all pro-Israeli readers. Do not try to divert the readers from real news.

And never try to create fight and problem among minorities and swedish. We all minorities love and respect swedish by our open hearts.

Why this news is not digested by pro-Israelis ? Why they are crying as a wolfs ? First they capture the land of Palestinians and now they are sucking their blood and even steeling their organs. Shame on all of you.
14:59 August 23, 2009 by roihat168

you r crazy if you really think we r sucking the Palestinians blood

and steel their organs or maybe someone made u a brain-wash.


"This forum has been hijacked by Israelis"

what heppened to the freedom of speech???

I guess u are not so liberal when it doesnt fit your interests.
15:07 August 23, 2009 by dudyu

It's not digested because it's not true. Please remind me when and how we captured the land of Palestinians, Id'e love to hear it. I'll give you a some pointers: Check who started the war, and why. Check if Palestinian "nation" existed before 1948. Better yet: OPEN A HISTORY BOOK, and then talk.

As of the organs stealing.. Id'e "digest" this if it was true, but it simply isn't, I happen to know it isn't and couldn't be true. But I don't need to prove it, if you say we steal organs - you need to prove it. And no, an interview with my enemies is not proof.
15:08 August 23, 2009 by browneyes10
@roihat 168

I do not know in which world you are living?
15:15 August 23, 2009 by roihat168

u dont have something to say so u ask stupid questions.

the answer is: ... EARTH
15:22 August 23, 2009 by browneyes10
@roihat 168

I have many things to ask but no advantage because you are only stucked to the thing that you people are REALLY innocent which is not a true..your short term memory is impaired, just look few months back in which small innocent Palestinian children were killed so severely that it is out of discussion...

@dudyu Read all the previous articles realted with this news carefully with open mind and heart.
15:30 August 23, 2009 by delusion1982
Waaaaaaw, bravo Israel. Now you suddenly see hundreds of new subscribers to TL from Israel, discussing and slamming the history of Palastine the way they want, hoping to reflect agreement on forums on how pure, innocent and victimized they are. Well, I hope that I am not the only one who can not be brainwashed that easily by the ideas of TL new visitors communities. I am not against free speech, and welcome everyone, but com'n, have some shame and stick to the damn subject and if you are so offended, go and research your "defense" agencies and their acts. You might be wrong my dear, Intelligence Agencies were never famous for their democratic, humanitarian, and open agendas.
15:31 August 23, 2009 by Cornelius Hamelberg
As the fallout and reverberations continue to make big waves,

the consequences are more than a ripple:


15:38 August 23, 2009 by roihat168

Of course innocent people died, this is a WAR, but you need to ask yourself why this war has started. because Hamas repitedly shot our cities everyday, We tried diplomacy but they dont understand words and they continue to shoot. The only thing those terrorist understand is power. after this horrible war they stopped their fire, We sacrificed a lot of innocents lives and Isreali soldiers in order to get temporary peace in the border.
16:04 August 23, 2009 by dudyu

I read them (not all, but alot).

About what you said to roihat168- I don't think we're innocent, there's a war going on and in war mistakes are made. But there is a difference between killing children on purpose, and killing them in the process of war. that's my point.


Take a look at the thread. We began by talking on the subject, but also replied to to other people here. I'll be more honest: I wrote a straight-forward reply on the subject, a long detailed one, a couple of times, but chose not to submit it, because i found it pointless: I can tell you how I was in the army and how organ stealing can simply not be even if someone really wanted to do it, because of the structure of the system here (both military system, and health system). I can tell you about ethical and humanitarian decisions that are made, and I can tell you about how just a week ago, a soldier was trailed and found guilty of stealing money from a palestinian, we're full of self-criticism here, and we try to play this war as ethical as we can. But we also know when criticism is criticism, and when it's a big lie. The problem is- I cannot prove anything I want to say, nor disprove the stolen organs story. Free speech is free until it hurts someone for no reason. Printing unproven stories in the press as if they were truths, is not freedom of speech, it's a lie.
16:18 August 23, 2009 by Iraniboy

I'm liberal and I believe in your rights to comment but I don't think it's appropriate to advertise a website in GIYUS,... and then an internet group of some thousands members rush to make a comment against those who criticise Israel. Like I said before this forum was mainly created for "The Locals"
18:18 August 23, 2009 by shez10

If this forum is "for local only" - why does it publish in English and brought out on the internet who connect people from the whole world? oops...

U can not be liberal if u want to hear only one voice.

If this is the case - stay at home & talk to your self - this is the only way u will be sure everybody agrees with u. (&maybe your dog)

To the dearest Sweden who think this ridicules article has a point; u give the word journalism Such a bad meaning and smell - articles should be based upon facts. This is journalism. There are no facts here; only bunch of opinions from a writer who did not learn that writing story without fact is i-n-v-e-n-t-i-n-g them.

- but he got his goal - now everybody is talking about his lies; no matter that they are so crazy and have no base.

Even the most left newspaper in Israel - haaretz; who always criticize Israel about a lot of things; devoted today his whole editorial article to explain how this Swedish article is so ridicules; the best thing is just to ignore it - they said.

I agree. This debate is to big; and this is sad for u - swedwn; and happy day for people who love to hate.

I have so much to say; but this forum is so one track minded I feel it would not change a thing.so why bother?

Just one thing - I remember u Sweden from my visit in Greece. While me &boyfriend were making so much new friendship with people from Amsterdam; Denmark; franc' greek etc; u stayed alone in your "local" blond groups; and talked only with your friends from your country . It was very sad to see what a close groups u had and how other people from different countries did matter to you at all!!!.

u werent even curies to meet other caltures.

The only time we saw 2 girls from your country even bother

talking with the local Greeks- was ironically when they let them buy them food in an expensive restaurant. When the bill arrived the girls run away and left them pay alone; hardly told them good bye and; without even say thanks…

I prefer u stay with your dark narrow-minded opinions; and we stay here.

enjoy talking onlu with people ecsactly like u; u r not invited to tel-aviv; and it is your loss.
18:42 August 23, 2009 by dudyu

We don't think we're more important or that our blood is worth more. In WW2 there was a homicide against the jews, and a THIRD of all the worlds jews were killed- six million (not thousands) out of 18 million. Imagine how will you feel if someone declares its intentions to wipe-out all christians on earth, and is then actually not that far from succeeding..

Again, I'm not saying us Israelis are angles and that we did nothing wrong, but there is a big ethicle difference between doing mistakes in war, and murdering people on purpose.

Also, we did not "steal" the land from anyone, and if you say we did- please tell me who we stole it from. A (very) brief history:

- Eve of '48: The Britons rule the country, it doesn't belong to the jews nor to the arabs.

- A partitions plan set by the UN: Half of the land goes to the arabs, half to the jews.

- The jews accept, the arabs refuse and begin a war.

- The jews win the war, only to be later be ignorantly accused of "stealing the land".
19:41 August 23, 2009 by History_Guide

"Eve of '48: The Britons rule the country, it doesn't belong to the jews nor to the arabs."

The land was totally for arabs, I am a teacher in History and know well. It was called PALESTINE and they issued passports and currency so definitely it was a land of the PALESTINIANS but it was a british mandate since the end of the ww1 so the british gave the land to the Zionist party who established israel. The UN that time was very new and dominated (until now) by the USA and 4 other members so the UN is not that fair council to issue countries (like Israel) and erase others (like Iraq).

All the israelis are illegal immigrants from Poland, former USSR, Romania, Bulgaria and others. So they all should go back to their countries and let the refugees go back to their home otherwise there is no peace and justice in the world.
20:23 August 23, 2009 by roihat168

in other words you want all the jews will back to europe??????, why for??? to be murdered again by nazis like you, news flash - we r not going anywhere ,Israel it is our country and we r not going to give up and this is why we have the best army in the region and the fifth in the world.

by the way with opinions like that you can easily build the nazi party in sweden.
22:29 August 23, 2009 by dudyu
You may be a history teacher but you certainly didn't study the middle-east to a profound level.

PALESTINE is the name of the geographical area, and the palestinians are a population with distant origins in that area. so have the jews- Judah is the Jeruslam area. Over generations the pals. population spread out and in the eve of '48 most palestinians lived in Jordan, and most arabs that lived in palestain were not of palestainian origin. Moreover, "Palestainians" did not exist as a nation before the war of '48, because it was only after that war that they began feeling as they have a common past and future. Before-hand you couldn't find an arab that defind his nationallity as palestainian. check that up in your history books.

Yes, there were passports and currency issued. BY THE BRITS. And before the brits, there were the Ottomans.

So, as I said, in the eve of '48, the country did not belong not to the jews, and not to the arabs.

This is also the reason why your "illegal immigrants" argument is faulty. Jews originate in palestain and were fled all over asia and europe over history. Why not say the arabs and brits "stole" the jewish land, and that the jews merly came back to their land? I'll tell you why- because if you go back far enough in history, then no nation deserves to be nowhere. You have to look only at recent history- and that is palestain didn't belong to the arabs nor the jews. You want to go deeper into history to find out who was here first? no problem, go about 3000 years back, and see for yourself.
09:02 August 24, 2009 by shez10

U made me laugh!!! Big one.

First - again; history u do not know. U r invited to come to yad vashem and learn a little.

Second = never mind the "facts" u invented - I will comment about your lovely idea we all come back to Europe -

The only reason I am here and not in the place my family came from in Europe - is because we as a family was mostly butchered in your lovely green countries. Did not u know???

Yes dear; u and your Europeans friends are responsible of butchering 99% of my poor family; who lived peacefully in your countries. 1 part was almost totally butchered in Poland. The other half in Austria!!!

The few who succeeded to escape rune here! To the only place that saved them - israel.

If anyone is to blame for the problems of the Palestinians Arab today - is u and your friends from Europe.

My grandmother had 6! Brothers and 2 parents; and they never came to israel after she run this place; we today know where they were even murdered in Poland!

Also the other side was butchered so beautifully in Austria.

The only safe place this refugees had was Israel.

And ask me - where are all our land in those countries? Houses? Money? All was taken from my family by force and until today we did not even get compensated for it. Is it o.k.?

First butchered most of us and then depride us getting our property back? Or is it o.k. to kill and take houses from jaws in your perception? I think it is.

My family run from the mountains by foot with nothing but there close; running for their lives from your "civilities" countries.

So now u invite us all to come back? 6 millions of us? Take back what was ours? our land? Houses? Money? Fields?

Ha ha… come on. No one is giving us anything;

U will probably not even be surprised to hear - that 2 years ago we as a family tried to get at least our citizenship whom is rightfully ours - from Austria. We did not try to get back the big lands we had; or the houses or compensated for it.

But even this was denied. The Austrian people does not want their country to get messy by other cultures. They invented ridicules story why we can not get it!

So yes dear. We are stocked again in Israel.

Next time; before u invent history; read; learn; and think. what u wrote is shameful.
09:40 August 24, 2009 by shez10
jonytango - my answer was to history_guide, who wrote:

"All the israelis are illegal immigrants from Poland, former USSR, Romania, Bulgaria and others. So they all should go back to their countries and let the refugees go back to their home otherwise there is no peace and justice in the world."
09:53 August 24, 2009 by Kooritze

all agreed the jews suffered in europe during wwII. The problem many of us have with Israel is that the result of the persecution of the jewish people was to plunder and oppress another group of people .....the Palestinians. This moreover has been done in a ruthless manner without mercy and it is no wonder that Israel will never have peace. Resistance to this oppression is justified because of the conduct of the Israeli occupation which if you read it,s history it is just as shocking as the conduct of the nazis. Read:

11:01 August 24, 2009 by shez10
hi Kooritze

so what do u suggest? 2 states for 2 nations in "Israel"?

1 state only for one of them and not for the other? where will the other now go? He can not disappear to nowhere…

u know; this is funny.

I am a v-e-r-y left voter in Israel ("meretz.)"

.I leave in Haifa - where Arabs -Muslims and Arabs -Christians live peacefully together with Jews- all three of us. we seat together in cafes ;make friends; visit houses of one another.; I am originally from tel-aviv ; a great place' full of culture; freedom and beautiful young people.

but reading in this forum things like - u r Nazis etc; does not help or contribute to us here in the middle-east. it will not bring peace. It will just make israely-jews feel more hatred by people like u, and will make them suspicious; and etc...

It just makes things worse.

Yes me and my friends protest against the settlement; and the settlers. We "like" them as much u like them . But there is a different between condemning what is wrong un my country - to condemning all of us in Israel.

U can write whatever u want in your newspaper; what we ask is to be truth to the facts; to understand the Israeli society is very diversity - just like in other places including Iran - where u see people like ahmanidijad hunging gays in the streets; and the opposite.

If u come with open mind; we will. I am sorry I got to bad tones; it is not me. But u also must check yourself and how your friends talked to us here.

One of them a few minutes ago wrote - we are like "cockroach"!

Also u must understand that for us - no matter if we vote left; right; for all of us the holocaust is not history, it is alive everyday - because all of us have so many in our family who were killed - only because they were jews.

and the survivors from our family are talking about it every day. Because of this "history"' it is hard for us not to be "paranoidic".

No one is taking your free speech.

13:45 August 24, 2009 by Kooritze
Hi Shez10,

I am sypathetic to the palestinian cause in Israel due to my readings on the history and accounts of Israeli oppression of these people. As in the jewish holocaust there are many palesinians alive today who have lost family members, homes, land and continue to live under occupation. It is only human nature to retaliate as best as one can to oppression....and it is justified. Israel is the Goliath in this situation and the Paletinians the David. I am in no way the type to call all Israelis Cockroaches as it is not true........I am sure there are very decent human beings in Israel. As for the aggressive disproportionate action, inhumane merciless killing and bombing of civilians in Gaza.......the authorities of your country are deeply cynical people with no humanity it seems. 2 Free States: Yes
14:40 August 24, 2009 by Butcer
Honestly Sweden is known as the anti-semetic captial of Europe and there is strong anti-swedish attitude in Iceland as in other europian countrys because Sweden is the country of hypocrisy,self righteousness and extreme leftwing policys

The swedish government apologized for cartoons made in denmark which featured mohammed and the swedish goverment shut down a swedish website for posting them, humm yes freedom of speech in sweden you say?

Dont make my laugh about freedom of speech in your country Sweden , if anybody makes criticism about the insane immigration policy that Sweden has hes labeled a neonazi skinhead and will get harresed and assulsted by violent communist groups.

If anybody dares pointing out about the truth about the no-go zones in Sweden where muslims have taken over entire neighborhoods they are demonised by the free media in sweden i , the situation is so bad in some areas in Sweden that ambulnces deny going to those areas without a swat team or a heavily armed police team because they get attacked. And sweden policy on immigration problem is see no evil hear no evil
15:56 August 24, 2009 by Prosweden
@butcer Yes we are , can you go to another country now? Go to Israel. The Truth
16:34 August 24, 2009 by Butcer
I dont live in sweden and i'm not a israeli ,
23:06 August 24, 2009 by Muskens
It is wellknown that israelis were ( or still are ) involved in kidneytrade in Moldovia.

Poor people from the countryside were ( are ) giving a tip to sell their kidney to an israeli who is in need.

The poor Moldovian got "medical care "in the form of being stitched up and give a few painkillers. Off you go.

Besides: The very wellknown tune of "anti semitism " is brought in the field again by the israelis. Can't they find something else? I am getting so bored by their "anti semitism "mantra.

It is obvious that the Swedish government isn't obliged to interfere. In fact this would be a form of strangulating the free press, which is maybe normal in the so called "israeli democracy " but would be totally unthinkable in a democratic, human rights abiding country like Sweden

The first thing the israelis have to do is to start with sincere investigations.

If the outcome of these investigations would proof that the accusations are wrong, then and only then you can qualify the accusations as libel. Not before an investigation.

Muskens from the Netherlands
01:14 August 25, 2009 by the.dude.continues
there is a revealing story in the main and most popular israeli newspaper. revealing the killing of Norwegian fishermen, and "harvesting" their feet for use in the Gravad lax industry. (for getting some fungus out of the feet)

sound reliable and convincing.

here a link (in Hebrew)


and here's a tarnslation from google translator

21:57 August 26, 2009 by morkusrex
Muskens from the Netherlands

"It is wellknown that israelis were ( or still are ) involved in kidneytrade in Moldovia."

I'm not sure what you are talking about, but lets say it true for a moment.

What does it have to do with this discussion?

So what if a criminal did that. A dutch man murder someone, id does not mean that Holland is the land of the murderers. but apparently it does for Israel.

Anti-Semitic, that's exactly it.

You're getting bored with that "Mantra"? well too bad. It's there and it's stronger than ever been in the last 60 years.

"The first thing the israelis have to do is to start with sincere investigations. "

Right. Investigate what? It's not even possible to shoot someone and then take his organs after he's dead.

Forget it..The article was Idiotic at best. The purpose of this article was to add fuel to a fire already burning.
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'There was no future for me in Turkey'
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