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Reinfeldt rejects Israeli calls to condemn paper

AFP/The Local · 24 Aug 2009, 15:02

Published: 24 Aug 2009 15:02 GMT+02:00

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The high circulation Aftonbladet daily made the allegations in a story last week,

sparking public outrage in Israel and prompting senior figures in the government to demand that Sweden distance itself from the report.

But Reinfeldt said it was not for the government to comment on the content of every newspaper, stressing that a free press is an integral part of Swedish democracy.

"It's important for me to say that you cannot turn to the Swedish government and ask it to violate the Swedish constitution," he was quoted as saying by the TT news agency.

Reinfeldt also rejected the suggestion that the row could undermine his country's work in the Middle East peace process as the current holders of the EU presidency.

"Political ambitions always risk being used as an excuse to break off contacts or efforts, but I have no reason to believe that (is what is happening) at this point in time and I hope it won't go down that route," he said.

A spokeswoman for the Swedish prime minister later confirmed the comments.

Meanwhile, around 20 demonstrators gathered in front of the Swedish embassy in Tel Aviv on Monday under a banner reading: "Anti-Semitism under the cover of freedom of expression."

Swedish Foreign Minister Carl Bildt is expected to visit Israel in two weeks time and Israeli foreign ministry spokesman Yigal Palmor has said that the incident "will cast a worrying shadow over meetings if it is not resolved".

Bildt himself was however keen to downplay talk of a diplomatic row when questioned by reporters on Friday.

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"We have a very strong state relationship between Israel and our government. We are both open and democratic societies," Bildt said.

Elisabet Borsiin Bonnier, the Swedish ambassador to Israel, had initially expressed outrage at the article, but Stockholm distanced itself from her remarks several days later, drawing a stinging response from the Israelis.

AFP/The Local (news@thelocal.se)

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Your comments about this article

15:35 August 24, 2009 by Champ
Well Said .. Good Reply .."It's important for me to say that you cannot turn to the Swedish government and ask it to violate the Swedish constitution,

Let the World See , Sweden dont condem to Isreal ..
15:40 August 24, 2009 by Kaethar
Yay. Great. :D
15:41 August 24, 2009 by Prosweden
The truth is yes, most of us in Sweden don't like the jews. So lets stop all the BS. We don't care what you think.
15:42 August 24, 2009 by hpunlimited
Israel simply doesn't understand freedom of speech and freedom of the press. That is what scares me the most!

Even if Israel doesn't understand it, it is even more scary when they do not understand other countries may have it, this shows a huge lack of education of the politicians.

To make it even more scary, the people of Israel doesn't understand it either, they are now boycotting IKEA and 5000 Israelis have signed a petition.

There are millions of lies in newspapers, tabloids every day!

That is part of having freedom of the press.

Maybe Israel reacts so violently because the story is true!!

15:46 August 24, 2009 by Kaethar
Prosweden: Speak for yourself. Even the studies which show the most negative reactions to Jews in Sweden come nowhere close to "most of us." In one 5% claimed to be anti-semetic whilst 15% claimed slight negativity towards Jews (I think). Not that you should ever trust statistics but I doubt the number will jump from 15% to 85%. -.-
15:47 August 24, 2009 by Iraniboy

You have joined this forum Today, 15:35. Isn't your name Pro-Isael by any chance?!! These old trick are old. Most of Swedes I've met and know, don't give a hoot if someone's Jews, Muslim,... So your conclusion seems that it comes from Israel rather than Sweden!!!
15:52 August 24, 2009 by Prosweden
Iraniboy maybe you don't live in Malmo. Maybe most are not speaking to your face. where have you been?
15:52 August 24, 2009 by Aynte
Kudos to Mr. Reinfeldt for your brave decision. It was expected verdict. I'd count you as "great leader with courage decision". I hope every Swedish citizen and non-citizen with moral understanding of democracy would doubtlessly agree with your conclusion. Groovy job Mr PM.

15:56 August 24, 2009 by Iraniboy

I'm in gbg. They do. Sorry but honesty is another thing I have seen alot here in Sweden. Most Swedes don't care about these things at all. There are little things that Swedes care. Being on time, respecting others' rights. Of course there are some exceptions but I haven't come across any one yet. Maybe you can be the first one!?
15:57 August 24, 2009 by siam16
The article's author Donald Boström freely admits that he has no evidence of any of his allegations but says it is up to Jews and Israelis to prove themselves innocent. An interesting if not entirely original twist - Jews are guilty until they prove themselves innocent. The basic tenets of democracy do not appear to be familiar to either Boström or Aftonbladet.

IN SWEDEN, anti-Semitism is not punishable. Neither is crass stupidity. Nor, for that matter, is gross incompetence in public office. But an ambassador (swedish ambassador in Israel) who expresses her honest dismay over anti-Semitism while at the same time upholding Sweden's proud tradition of freedom of expression and freedom of the press, is censured by the Swedish foreign minister
16:00 August 24, 2009 by hpunlimited
Unfortunatly, you get very far in the world by using words like "antisemetic". A people that are willing to use their dead brothers and sisters in order to gain political gain, money and land is just simply disgusting. It wouldn't surprise me if the United States will act against Sweden very soon too. Go Go Freddie Reinfeldt the only true champion of democracy and freedom in the world!
16:08 August 24, 2009 by delusion1982
That is very expected by the Prime minister, he is an employee of the public, and should respect the constitution, otherwise, the public will distance itself from him.

Domestically saying, the whole article is a political game by the leftists to speculate some political tension, and put pressure over the government . And I guess they chose a very suitable subject and matter. Nonetheless, this is part of the political development in a free societal country.

What wonders me most actually, is the position of the Swedish ambassador to Israel, Mrs Bonnier. What an idiotic behavior of her to act in isolation of her bosses, she can release such comments in her off-work hours, but sitting on an embassy means that she is a messenger of her country's government, she is not the head of an independent party. Next time Bony, sorry Bonnier, pick up the phone and check what your government thinks before making a fool out of yourself. Anyway, the Israelis did not take her and her condemnation seriously, and went to the prime minister threatening to close McDonnals and BergerKings in Sweden if they don't bow down and apologize.

We are not against Israel, but against who want shape Sweden democracy for their own benefits.
16:12 August 24, 2009 by Nika-NM
Yes, I think Sweden's stance in this case is pretty appropriate. What do they want? make Swedish Governemnt crack down on Aftonbladet? This article has nothing to do with Bildt's or Reinfeldt's scruples, the issue here has more bearing on the scruples of Aftonbladet's staff, if they are proved to be blabbing about whoppers. Indeed, if this whole upheaval is based on some gibberish then Aftonbladet is an ignominious rag and nothing more.
16:22 August 24, 2009 by Kaethar
@siam16: There is evidence. Circumstancial evidence. And it's a debate piece in the debate section of the newspaper. He didn't even say IDF actually did illegal organ harvesting just that they're being accused of it by several Palestinian families and there is enough circumstancial evidence to prove it's not unlikely. Not that it's likely, but that it's not unlikely. It could have happened. We don't know, but it could have. And yes, he says that he's worried enough about it that he wants an official investigation done. This isn't something he can do but is something the Israeli foreign ministry must do.

@delusion1982: She regretted it later though. It was probably just an emotional response (I'm pretty sure she's Jewish - the Bonniers are one of our most famous Jewish families). So yeah, she was just reacting emotionally like certain other Jewish posters on here. But unlike her certain people here can't seem to get over it. Have you people even read the article? I somehow doubt you have.
16:27 August 24, 2009 by Nika-NM
And the Israeli side has had enough time to take in the Sweden's position as whatever they have described it to be, but let's speculate a bit, if Sweden did condemn that article which is based on flabby facts, if there's any at all, would such an overly formal condemnation be satiable?
16:38 August 24, 2009 by siam16
Kaethar: do u actually read your words: "Not that it's likely, but that it's not unlikely. It could have happened. We don't know, but it could have"

now here is a news flash:

"there are claims that the swedish royal family is involved of running a global chain of prostitution and smuggling dope and thus funding a facist right wing group". not that there are solid evidence but i did hear some families claim such things so i should it should be investigated and we don't really know that they didn't, do we?

now think if such an article would have been published in some other country's news-paper - how would it make you feel?
16:50 August 24, 2009 by bocale1
@Siam16, if it can help you, I would not expect any official reaction from our gvt. but, instead, the royal family lawyers sue the newspapers in front a tribunal for calumny.

This is applicable for most of European countries that I know and this is normally the way those matters are handled in democratic countries where we expect politicians to do not interfere with press and newspaper editorial office to do take responsibility for the articles published.

The Israeli gvt. reaction seems a little bit "Islamic" in its means... well, no flags burnt yet but I feel that we are not that far from that.
16:56 August 24, 2009 by hpunlimited
Even if a Israeli newspaper was claiming the Swedish royal family was running a prostitute ring, the Swedish government wouldn't protest of do anything. It is not their JOB to suppress newspapers, only a dictatorship does that.

Just for your information. The worlds largest Nazi organisation(if you count memberships) is in the USA.

Do you hear Israel complaining?? NOO!! Why not?

They would make fools out of themselves and loose the hand that feeds them. In a free society you allow ALL opinions, wether you like them or not.

A small peaceful nation like Sweden, they feel that they can bully.

The credibility of Israel has been spent a long time ago.
16:59 August 24, 2009 by siam16
bocale1:, well i do think think that a law-suit should be made here against this reporter. however since the accusations were not directed at any private person , rather at the IDF/Israel then obviously the goverment has to react.

if the reaction seem a bit "islamic" to you..just imagin how would islamic states would have reacted in such case...should i remind you a few years back, after some caricatures of Mohamed were published in Denmark - they burned down not flags but even houses and violence evoked which immidietly caused the Danish goverment to condemn those publications....

where was freedom of speech then?
17:04 August 24, 2009 by Nika-NM
I think the point that this article touched the sore point of the War with Palestine, the fully established facts that prove the deliberate killings of Palestinian citizens by Israeli soldiers, has chaffed the Israeli politicians, the mere moment of fishing it out of memory, embellishing it and then decking newspaper kiosks out with such obtrusive headlines causes disgust in the Israeli reps, now wonder but, they've put their finger on the wrong crust of society that is the Swedish Government.
17:07 August 24, 2009 by Kaethar
@siam16: It should be quite clear to a native English speaker. I'm telling you what the tone of the story was, something you can't get through google translate.

"not that there are solid evidence but i did hear some families claim such things so i should it should be investigated and we don't really know that they didn't, do we?"

Where's the circumstancial evidence?

How about a real story?


"We have freedom of expression in Sweden and I am not going to contact the foreign ministry or TRT.
17:12 August 24, 2009 by gazastrip
its true 100 percent and if 25 years old body can prove it then we have evedince.
17:33 August 24, 2009 by Paul Goodman
A statesman would tell the Swedish public what is good and what is bad. I like freedom of the press. The problem is that this government likes to abandon the kind of interference in the free market, including pseudo journalistic reporting, so of course the left likes this policy when it helps them. They might want Reinfeldt to interfere in regulating the market, but they don't want him to interfere in the BUSINESS of journalism. Now, look, I understand freedom of the press is not a "bourgeois" freedom. I get that. But the Vänster party might want to nationalize businesses, but not the media I suppose. Explain that. Yes, the media is a DIFFERENT kind of business attached to democratic rights and spaces, but isn't Volvo and Saab also a space for spreading or retarding democracy or male hegemony? It does NOT violate freedom of the press for statespersons like the Prime Minister to condemn bad journalism in my view...but if he did this he might play into the hands of Israeli imperialists so perhaps he should keep quiet on this one. Anyway, it is a complicated story when all is said in done.
17:36 August 24, 2009 by Jan M
In a free society it is the newspaper and journalist's responsibility for what they publish and write. If it's wrong then the Israeli state can pursue a legal process against those parties to correct that. For Israel not to realise that that is how a democratic society works says something profound and true about Israeli society. Joining the ranks of Sri Lanka by prohibiting Carl Bildt from visiting would also say something profound and true. Israel unlike many countries feels that a sense of outrage can morally embarass others into an apology and this feeling stems from the appalling suffering of the Holocaust. It is however about time that Israel stopped using that tragedy as a moral licence to try to bully and pressurise people.
17:43 August 24, 2009 by bocale1
@siam16, as far as I know, organizations and agencies can also sue press for calumny; this is not a right only for individuals. So IDF is welcome to sue Aftonbladet if they feel victim of defamation. and then the 2 parties will need to prove evidences of their positions, something that would probably be beneficial for all of us.

The point is that nobody from the Israeli gvt. has even tried to argue with the newspaper; they were just interested in putting pressure on Swedish gvt, and this let me think about some second target; being Sweden running the EU semester, maybe it was a move to try to influence the role of EU in peace negotiations expected between Israel and Palestinian.

And it is unfair to say that Islamic countries are not criticized enough; I think Iran was in first pages for weeks and with very direct and string criticism.
18:09 August 24, 2009 by La Figaro
Here's the irony, a lot of bodies received from Israel, be it accidental or war deaths, seem to have missing organs. Is this the norm in Israel? Please google about the tourist Alastair Sinclair, he died in Israel, his body was returned, heart missing, family sues Israel.

Today, a newspaper is bold enough to carry the story of such practises, guess what, sweden is accussed of antisemitism, how funny is that? I sincerely hope no swedish politicians will succumb to this 'attempted blackmail'
18:30 August 24, 2009 by Renfeh Hguh
It is nothing to do with the Swedish government and they have rightly stayed away.

It is perhaps possible that this story is related to the recent arrest in New York


If there is even the slightest circumstantial evidence, then it was worth publishing.
18:51 August 24, 2009 by smokylake
ok so im the first real Israeli that comments here...and it really funny to see how people who live so far away and hear so little and often utter nonsense about israel...i want it to be super clear that israel is so damn liberal..that israeli arabs who have israeli id's..not Palestinians...protest in our independence day against our existence and our law system approves this..we pay arab politicians in the israeli parliament so they could preach against israel..while getting wage out of the israeli tax payer...the reporter himself said that there is no prove...i guess its the hypocrisy after all...cause Jews won't burn down embassy's and threat with violence there's nothing to worry about it's not like in 2005...pure hypocrisy
18:52 August 24, 2009 by hagarthehorrible
We in Sweden hold nothing as important as freedom of the press. They have the right to print any lies they want no matter what damage it may cause*****.

Israel should not interfere with out freedoms.

I hope the Jews of Malmo do not riot and burn our cars. We know what type of violence Swedish Jews can get up to.

****As long as they do not Publish Cartoons about Mohammed)
19:05 August 24, 2009 by Donato Tagliano

Funniest post of the week. LOLs.
19:09 August 24, 2009 by delusion1982
In addition to the good story Kaethar reminded us of. And to remind you Siam16, or probably inform you (since it is clear you do not know about the Mohammed cartoons issue)

The Danish government did NOT officially condemn the cartoons, and the whole EU supported the position of the Danish government.

Quoting from : http://www.timesonline.co.uk/tol/news/world/europe/article723266.ece

"Per Stig Moeller, Denmark's Foreign Minister, insisted in Brussels last night: "We condemn blasphemy. We want respect for religions. But we cannot intervene. We have sent explanations but, as we have said before, freedom of expression is a matter for the courts, not for the Government.""

Not really to mention that these religious cartoons are just at the edge of an abuse of the act of freedom of press, since they do not have any purposeful reason to publish except maybe to teach the Muslims a lesson in the freedom of expression (we hoped that Israel'd learned from others mistakes). Governments did not intervene although religious-hatred is highly disliked and discouraged in Scandinavian constitutions.
19:21 August 24, 2009 by Iraniboy

You're probably 789th Israeli who post here!! But as a part of your extensive liberalism, Arab Israeli are denied to go to to same schools as other Israelis go. Arab Israelis were supposed to make an oath to support Israel,... By the way, this article is not Israeli govermnet it is about Israeli defence forces that target Red crecent ambulaces, UN base and UN protected school,...
19:33 August 24, 2009 by mehrdad1111
sorry, but thats sarcastic in best case.

the same government which closes websites and says sorry to the muslim world about harmless muhammad pictures comes here and plays defender of freedom about old antisemitic absurd theses which we normaly see in muslim countries.

i dont buy it.

the swedish PM can only act this way because he knows that there is no risk to see burning swedish ambassys or dead people..why? because jews react very human and civilizied even to this absurd and inhuman swedish antisemitic "they stole bodys for the blood" junk which exactly stand in nazi newspaper "der stürmer".
19:40 August 24, 2009 by seekingtruth
Let me tell you all some truths about Aftonbladet.

- It is not considered a serious newspaper in Sweden.

(in fact extremely bad)

- Aftonbladet is traditionally supported by the Social Democratic Party, the largest opposition party to the current Government.

In light of these facts, we can theorize about the Social Democrats wanting to burn the current Government. It might be so, but nevertheless, the fight Israel's PM should take is against the newspaper rather than the government.
19:43 August 24, 2009 by Iraniboy

1)While you're at it, take a look at CNN article to see that the author of this article has recieved several death threats!

2)Antisemism absurd theses? So everyone should shut up about Israeli army and they can do whatever they like?

Jan M's comment was so logical that it is worth repeating:

In a free society it is the newspaper and journalist's responsibility for what they publish and write. If it's wrong then the Israeli state can pursue a legal process against those parties to correct that. For Israel not to realise that that is how a democratic society works says something profound and true about Israeli society. Joining the ranks of Sri Lanka by prohibiting Carl Bildt from visiting would also say something profound and true. Israel unlike many countries feels that a sense of outrage can morally embarass others into an apology and this feeling stems from the appalling suffering of the Holocaust. It is however about time that Israel stopped using that tragedy as a moral licence to try to bully and pressurise people.
19:49 August 24, 2009 by Cornelius Hamelberg

The soulful eyed Fredrik Reinfeldt, current chief of chiefs of Sweden is also current head of the European Union has spoken and this means that he's unlikely to back down - though there is still room for more understanding about the very sensitive nature of the accusations. ( Should the Israeli press write a similar story ( Blood libel of Sweden/ Swedes) accusing or insinuating that Swedish soldiers have been harvesting the heart, liver and kidneys of Afghan Taliban, this would only increase Taliban venom against our soldiers there.

Zvi Mazel former Israeli Ambassador to Sweden here freely expressing his opinion.


Not too long ago he too was in hot waters:

20:02 August 24, 2009 by conenorm
The largest Swedish newspaper publishes an article accusing Israel of murdering Palestinians so it can sell their body parts. The largest Dutch newspaper publishes an article accusing Satan-worshipping Jews of creating swine flu and other diseases to murder large numbers of people. The newspaper of the British elite publishes an article by a well-known philosopher calling Israel a Nazi state.

How does the Swedish newspaper's editor respond to complaints about this sort of thing? Jan Helin complains:

"It's deeply unpleasant and sad to see such a strong propaganda machine using centuries-old anti-Semitic images in an apparent attempt to get an obviously topical issue off the table."

But what is the "strong propaganda machine" that is manipulating antisemitic images as an excuse to get "obviously topical" issues off the table?

The answer is not, as Helin would have it, an Israeli-Jewish propaganda machine. Since media coverage is so extremely anti-Israel--often breaking the rules of proper journalism to smite that country--it couldn't be all that powerful.
20:40 August 24, 2009 by Stone99743
Just please Carl Bildt , don't come to Israel , you are unwanted here , you and the rest of your neo-nazi friends in Sweden.
20:55 August 24, 2009 by Hagai
Let's make a hypothesis:Suppose that the article was saying

some words about the Islam and Muhammad or in which certain laws of Islam deny freedom of speech.Let's also suppose that consequently the entire Arab world was burning down Swedish flags and Swedish goods were boycotted.Did you see what Happened to Switzerland?Poor Switzerland they arrested Kadafi's son for misbehaviour in Switzerland rightly and then had to apologize.I bet that Mr.Reinfeldt would come down on his knees and say sorry 1000 times.
20:58 August 24, 2009 by Zonob
To all the Zionists posting on this board: It's over! you can post as many times as you want but we ARE NOT listening to your crap Zionist propaganda anymore.I've just watched a short clip on Aljazeera.net where they interviewed the brother of Qanim (the paper's mentioned his brother's story as an evidence). They showed IMAGES taken for Qanim after he was shot dead and his body returned to his family. You can VERY CLEARLY see the cutting marks on his skin splitting him into two halves. His brother said in his Aljazeera interview that all his teeth and many of his vital organs were missing. That's just one REAL example. So all of you Zionists out there shut up your mouths. Your crimes have been EXPOSED to the whole world to see. No one is believing your BS anymore.
21:00 August 24, 2009 by Iraniboy

Your analogy is wrong. A similar analogy is that the article was saying "Lebanese Army terrorize Israelis citizens"!! I'm sure you'll find a lot of them without any criticism from Muslim world!!!Poor Muslims have got used to be humiliated!
21:06 August 24, 2009 by zircon
We need John Stewart... Or Samantha Bee..
21:14 August 24, 2009 by Hagai
@ Iraniboy.

The criterium is facts and even the reporter himself says he has no proves!

If you want to make a comparison with Islam and I am not against Islam but even if you dare saying true things about difficulties that exist in various muslem societies you risk yourself look at Salaman Rushdi
21:17 August 24, 2009 by Stone99743
Zonob, dod you get the call from that DVD store that ask you to return the movie you live in?
21:49 August 24, 2009 by Leprehcaun
@ zircon

Yeah his timing sucks.. this is when he is needed. Vacation for three damn weeks now of all weeks? Jeeze.. Well maybe he'll take it up when he gets back. Though this isn't something for him anyway..
22:24 August 24, 2009 by mafiopolo
It is good entertainment actually.

Israelis coming to this site like cockroach epidemic accusing, pleading, propagating and beating their a**. But not a single word of logic or sanity.

You can not threat Sweden to go against its constitution.

I am lov'in it.
22:28 August 24, 2009 by Nemesis
As everyone is saying this is freedom of speech.

Why doens't Aftonbladet and the local carry the pictures of mohammed and defend them.

The reson they don't is that there is a lot less jews than muslims and jews tend to try to avoid violence.

The article in question, is blatant anti-semitism. My family is still trying to find where family members are buried, who fought against Hitler, whle in the british army.

Nazism was put down like the rabid dog it was. Don't glorify it and use its bigotry to attack a minority.

If any of you feel patriotic, join your countries army and defned it. If want to be brave and give abuse, do so to a group of neo-nazi skinheds while on your own.
22:40 August 24, 2009 by Per Johansson52
hahaha Israelis were calling the news PAPER ANTI SEMITIC

Why they call everybody ANTI SEMITIC?

ohhh it is their trick to shut down the people's mouth, so they can sell more kidneys and occupy more LANDS.

they just call everybody who speak against them. WELlDONE FREDRIK!! EVERYBODY SHOULD TELL ISRAEL TO SHUT UP and stop using your old tricks. and no we are not anti semitic or whatever.
22:46 August 24, 2009 by mafiopolo
We are not buying your Anti.-Semite cry anymore.
22:51 August 24, 2009 by tellem
The following article was published on Syrian Arab News Agency at Sep 2007:


Damascus, (SANA) - Swedish Ambassador in Damascus Mempel Catharina Kipp conveyed on Wednesday her country's apology for drawings printed recently in Swedish newspapers that depict the Prophet Mohammad in an offensive manner. Kipp expressed her respect to Islam and Muslims in general and the Syrian people in particular. Kipp expressed her respect to Islam and Muslims in general and the Syrian people in particular.

A statement by the Swedish Prime Minister Fredrik Reinfeldt affirms that Sweden is a country where people of different beliefs live together, and that the basis of Swedish society is respect, understanding and rejection of offensive action, violence and aggression. A statement by the Swedish Prime Minister Fredrik Reinfeldt affirmer that Sweden is a country where people of different beliefs live together, and that the basis of Swedish society is respect, understanding and rejection of offensive action, violence and aggression.

Reinfeldt expressed his regret of the incident which has offended and upset Muslims, calling against instigating or offending other religion. Reinfeldt expressed his regret of the incident, Which has offended and upset Muslims, calling against instigating or offending other religion.

The statement was delivered by the Swedish Embassy to Syria's Grand Mufti Ahmad Badreddin Hassoun, who stated that a third party is attempting to harm the relations between Sweden and Arab and Islamic countries. The statement was delivered by the Swedish Embassy to Syria's Grand Mufti Ahmad Badreddin Hassoune, who stated that a third party is attempting to harm the relations between Sweden and the Arab and Islamic countries.

Hassoun pointed out that the Swedish Prime Minister's stance and apology will have a good impact on Muslims and that it will contribute to ending instigation. Hassoune pointed out that the Swedish Prime Minister's stance and apology will have a good impact on Muslims and that it will contribute to ending instigation. He also called intellectuals, journalists and politicians to carry a message that serves humanity and civilizations and to avoid sowing discord between nations and peoples. He also called intellectuals, journalists and politicians to carry a message that serves humanity and civilizations and to avoid sowing Discord between Nations and Peoples.


I think this is double-face. Why does than nobody spoke about the freedom of journalism ?
22:52 August 24, 2009 by Stone99743
Don't buy it , but don't say a bunch of lies are a "freedom of speech".
22:53 August 24, 2009 by tellem
Dear Per Johansson52

Have you ever been in Israel ? Or all your knowldege about Israel is from Newspapers ?
22:57 August 24, 2009 by deces
Israel is wrong - and will always be wrong in any way it acts - only in the eyes of the deluded and inveterate (anti-israeli) Jew-haters, who can think mainly in the irrational categories of prejudice and hatred. For decent people, even if in the minority, Israel is doing actually the right thing. That's why it should remain firm in denouncing this certainly racist article published in the Aftonbladet (bood libel is the exact definition), as well as the evident hypocrisy of the Swedish government, which has fear to take a clear stance on the issue (maybe afraid of the reaction of its aggressive Arab minority? - see Davis Cup riots). In doing so, it has already lost its moral (and political) credibility.
22:57 August 24, 2009 by browneyes10
@ Per Johansson52. I totally agree with you.

Israeli = crocodile tears.

23:01 August 24, 2009 by mafiopolo
Search "BBC Documentary: The Birth Of Israel (2008)" on google and you will see that Ex Haganah Intelligence Officer admitting and regretting on killing of poor children, women and civilians. That how you built your houses on Arabs blood. And that is why you will never live in peace.

This is freedom of speech that so hundreds of Israelis coming and posting their anti-Semitic propaganda on a Swedish website. No one is stopping you here.

We just do not buy it anymore coz we all know its a trick. Everyone knows the article is not racist. It can be wrong in its accusations of the crimes of Organ Harvest by IDF but not racist.

So stop being a laughing stock again and again.
23:01 August 24, 2009 by tellem
message to deces

In principe I agree that Israel was overreacted
23:02 August 24, 2009 by Stone99743
I don't care what all of you Israeli-Haters say , Me and many of my countrymen love our country just the way it is , you can say all these lies , it won't change a thing , Israel is still one of the most ethical nations in the world.
23:05 August 24, 2009 by Iraniboy
In which country a specific ethnicity is legally denied same rights as other citizens? S.Africa decades ago but now Israel.

23:07 August 24, 2009 by tellem
Dear MAfiopolo

You wrote that the Israelis built their houses on Arab blood. It seems that your knowledge in History is very poor. Please - look in history books and see what happened after the UN decition in 1948
23:09 August 24, 2009 by deces
@ tellem

so let's make it clearer: In acting so, Sweden has already lost his moral (and political) reputation.
23:10 August 24, 2009 by tellem

You can hate jews. But do not forget that Israel won all the wors against the arabs and the fact is that you cannot do nothing - Israel is a fact. So stop be so primitive and think - maybe to live in peace is better than in hate.
23:11 August 24, 2009 by mafiopolo
"Israel is still one of the most ethical nations in the world."

O Give me a break and shut up.

Perhaps you forgot to put "un" before a word. Right??? People have witnessed just recently your ethics, lawfulness and decency in Gaza. Now they are observing your ethics of Organ Harvest.

Do you even have a mirror to look into after typing the words about your ethics???
23:14 August 24, 2009 by Stone99743
I stand behind every word i have said.
23:15 August 24, 2009 by tellem

I did not hear nothing from you and people like you when the palestinians rockets hit Israel over 5 years -

Israel left Gaza and many Israelis has to leave their houses. What did Israel got in return ? rockets !!! so please - I wouls like to see you sitting quite and doing nothing whan rockets are coming every day
23:16 August 24, 2009 by mafiopolo
Then you are living in a shell. I feel sorry for your poor soul.
23:16 August 24, 2009 by tellem
stone 99743

I am with you 100%.
23:20 August 24, 2009 by mafiopolo

Are you not violating UN resolutions?

Are you not driving away Arabs from the lands you are not entitled to?

Are you not building illegal settlements.

Greed is a curse. It is universal fact.
23:22 August 24, 2009 by glamshek

Society is made up of different religious, ethical, ethnic and traditional rules and regulation. You are mixing society with Islam. First of all correct that. Next we can talk about Islam. There is not a single rule that is abnormal in Islam. Things that exist in Islam are being proved correct with the passage of time. A lot of scientific theories are a witness to that. Scince may or may not know at any specific time and moment, but Islam knows it.
23:25 August 24, 2009 by Eurostan
first of all most of the arabs are ugly. they deviated the cause and injustice done to palestinians as the cause of muslims and they have followed terrorism.

israel instead of attacking sweden they should enquire how much is the truth in the article. i think little bit of story ís true. not all but some soldiers have done business with organs.
23:25 August 24, 2009 by smokylake
people who say that israel's campaign in gaza is a crime are straight up idiots or hypocrits...show me one!!@#$!@ country in the world that will tolerate 8 years of nonstop rocket launching against its people until they will finally defend their people...8 years no one says a word...in 2009 suddenly we are occused of war crimes...another little piece of info which ill bet your media have saved from you..is that the IDF hold special units that in case of war will call the arab families that live near the fire zone and notify them when and where the attack will happen..only israel does that...thats so human its dumb...and then those innocent people run straight to hamas and tell them...rememeber..we left gaza..the chose hamas..8 years of rockets by the way my city is in the fire zone..you are more then welcomed to come visit and see how it for real not the media..rockets are harmless from stockholm
23:27 August 24, 2009 by tellem

If you do not know the facts - please be quite. Israel offered tha palestinians 95% of all the lands they want. The Palestinians refused. Why ? because they do not want peace. And it is time for you people to understand it. See what happened in Gaza these days. Hamas are killing people of Patach. Where are you ? I did not hear a word from you about all the criminal actions. So please -

HAmas got billions of dollars after the last war. They could make Gaza look like heaven. Where is this money ?

I truly beleive that the Palestinians want peace. The majority of the Israelis are. The problem is that their leaders do not want.

and as for the UN resolutions - both sizes are violating it. But nobody never sayd nothing againstthe palestinians.

As for the illegal settlements - who decided that they are illegal ?
23:28 August 24, 2009 by Arabian
Look careful. We are real Arabs. All are not Arabs. We have diginity. Do'nt plese tell others people also Arabs. We are royal in what we posess. Real Arabs are from Saudi. Do'nt talk rubish.
23:31 August 24, 2009 by tellem

so the palestinians are not Arabs?
23:42 August 24, 2009 by Arabian
How can they be called Arabs? We are rich from begining. Let me tell you one story.

Long ago was a farmer. He got animals of diffrent kinds. One day Horse and donkey two of them give birth to baby horse and baby donkey. But size was same.

He get confuse. both same colour. he ask them. Who is donkey and who is horse. two tell ....baby horse tell i am horse.... baby donkey also tell.... i am horse. next day he wait to find truth...

He ask again two of them next day.... so, baby horse kick him from front legs and baby donkey kick him from back legs...

now you know? what is real horse..... Arab is Arab. Not all.... all can say .... we are arab... we are arab. Real Arab is real. Know the truth.
23:46 August 24, 2009 by tellem
I thnk everyone here can see who we are dealing with - see the message #77 of Arabian
23:47 August 24, 2009 by localite
The Israeli government needs to put their act together and cut all this crap demanding an apology. Why drag the Swedish government into this? Fredrik Reinfeldt is right in rejecting such stupid demands from the israeli government. Freedom of speech, the press all publish articles based on facts and proofs...they are not story tellers.

@smokylake-the truth is out there..see for yourself who is rocket launching whom! Who has all the tools and machinery to bomb innocent people. The politicians of Israel and Palestine will never come to terms in maintaining peace...how else will they get all the money from the US for their livelihood!!!
23:49 August 24, 2009 by tellem

Freedom of speach ? see my message #52.Where was the freedom of speach when the Sedish government appologized than ?
23:55 August 24, 2009 by mafiopolo
Time to sleep. Idiots can cry all night.

Sweden is a free country and everyone have a right to say they like.

No one can force Sweden to go against its constitution.

The Prime Minster has taken a very correct decision.

Live with the fact.
23:55 August 24, 2009 by localite

Swedish government apologised then because it was an act of blasphemy not publishing truth! So please don't sway away from the topic that the Israeli army is indeed dealing with internal organs of the people they kill. :-)
23:56 August 24, 2009 by smokylake
the only thing that we should really learn from all of this...is that we should stop treating palastinians in our hospitals surgeries and treatments out of our pockets...let sweden take care of them...and if we already started..why not sweden give them fuel food and the very few water we have in here...uhh the only country in the world that sponsors the ones who come for its destruction...but nevermind what we will do were always wrong...too bad all you guys know about israel is from your extremely objective media...the one who said something about a prove to the article in an aljazeera show really made me laugh though...whats more funnier is that aljazeera is a fully authorized to work from israel...thats like a tv station which is based on hatred for the swedes spreading unobjective miss informed news on a daily basis working straight from stockholm..and i bet you would love it on behalf of the freedom of speech
23:57 August 24, 2009 by localite
@ mafiopolo

Well said!! The truth hurts but learn to accept it!!!
00:00 August 25, 2009 by smokylake

wait wait let me get this straight buddy?are you denying the fact that 8 years before this war hamas launched rockets on israeli cities?!?ohh so i guess someone lied to us when he said we have 45 seconds to go into shellter and those sirens on a daily basis was just my imaginaction...and the rockets shells and the school in my city of beer sheva who got hit....its all fiction..
00:02 August 25, 2009 by tellem

You think it is truth ? It is pitty that all you knowledge about Israel is from the media.

Blashpemy ? no my friend - your government is just affraid from the arabs.
00:04 August 25, 2009 by smokylake
what truth that your media tells you is the truth...come here..to where it all reallyy!!! happens..and see whats real or not..see our hospitals filled with palestinian patients...and we pay for it...if we are so racist facist and whatever..please...take care of them pay for the medical care...
00:04 August 25, 2009 by tellem

don't you understand that localite is not interested in facts?he is looking only one way and cannot understand that the truth may be different
00:04 August 25, 2009 by localite

Like I mentioned earlier, don't sway away from the topic. Fredrik Reinfeldt has rejected claims of condemning the newspaper. There is no mention about what happened 8 years ago in your city. Let's not get out incidents (I am not saying stories here, pls take note!) that happened years ago...so go to bed and wake up on the right side tomorrow morning! -)
00:05 August 25, 2009 by delusion1982
@Arabia: Are you sure you are not Israeli Jewish. I doubt you are.

I guess any story about the Israeli practices, however ugly it is, would find a lot of people tending not to reject, since their government (with absolutely all its brainwashed Jews) has broken all possible International Resolutions, and committed all possible war crimes. A country where murderers become prime ministers instead of going to the Hague is a country where you would speculate any evil practice to happen.

@eurostan, actually not most of the Arabs are ugly, I am sure that you do not know the names of more than 50% of the countries who speak Arabic.

I am not defending anyone here, but just to put the dots over the letters (as they say in Arabic)

@tellem, where do you get your information from? can we get some links to where it says you gave the Palestinians 95% of the land they want? or you would say that the land they want is 2% of where Palestinians used to live?

and illegal settlements are illegal because they are done on an occupied land, which should be returned under a peace agreement, even USA said that to you, but...
00:11 August 25, 2009 by tellem

1. The facts are facts. I have to look for links but even when Mr. barakwas inCamp David with Arafat he offered him95 % of the land. If you will send me your e-mail address I will try to look for links.

2. You love to say occupied countries. Why did Israel occupied it ? and if Israel occupied it from Egypt and Jordan - why does the Egyptain and Jordanian does not want this land back ?

so please - please look into facts. Israel left Gazza. did she get peace ? or rockets ? peace agreement ? is there peace in Palestine ?

3. AND FINALY - who are the palestinians ? why didn't they ask for country before 1967 when they belonged to Jordan and Egypt ? think about it
00:14 August 25, 2009 by smokylake
localite you are really pathetic in the worst case and a real dumbass in the best case...your'e blaming israel for that war..while not so nobly avoiding the tiny little fact i mentiond you know..those rockets..for years...
00:15 August 25, 2009 by localite
@ smokylake

Nighty night...time to go to bed! So sleep!
00:18 August 25, 2009 by tellem

good night to you too. laila tov
00:22 August 25, 2009 by smokylake

people here have no clue about the israeli palestinian conflict... who are the Palestinians what are their history...FYI..arab scholars said over and over again that there is no such word in the arabic language as palestinians...Palestine was a name of a place..the named changed from Jehuda ..palestinians are jordan and egyptian arabs came to work for the british here...they have 22 arab countries but no one wants them..israel gave back sinai to egypt offering gaza strip as well..the egyptians declined...jordanians dont want them..in jordan 97% of the population is palestinian and only the royal family are Hashems...
00:25 August 25, 2009 by tellem

I know all this. But it is time for people in Sweden to learn a little but history
00:28 August 25, 2009 by Arabian
Rubish. Do'nt tell again same thing. All not Arabs ok? They still ride donkeys. Which is not part of our culture.
00:46 August 25, 2009 by tellem
Good night toall of your people. Let us hope and pray for peace
00:48 August 25, 2009 by the.dude.continues
there is a revealing story in the main and most popular israeli newspaper. revealing the killing of Norwegian fishermen, and "harvesting" their feet for use in the Gravad lax industry. (for getting some fungus out of the feet)

sound reliable and convincing.

here a link (in Hebrew)

01:32 August 25, 2009 by ofdesign
Wow. Reinfeldt's head looks like it already has been harvested. The Swedes are just cackling cowards. With the Mohammed cartoons, the Swedish government went to great lengths to profess to the local, potentially violent, muslim community their great love of this religion with the primitive mentality. Then the government ministers went to several Moslem countries to express their great remorse. Why?? Fear, fear, fear. Not truth but fear. They don't want to see the infrastructure being blown up by devout Moslems -- yes those pious people. When the Mohammed cartoons were circulating, the Swedes were virtually peeing in their pants. The Swedish ministers know that Israel and the Jewish people are not violent people so they have no fear of repercussions. It's easy. The Swedish ministers would kowtow to the Moslems who hate the Jews and at the same time look like they are preserving the Swedish freedom of the press. Swedish anti semitism has now been institutionalized!!! It's no wonder the word 'scandalous' comes from Scandanavia.
01:42 August 25, 2009 by the.dude.continues
here translation to english with google translator:

02:21 August 25, 2009 by Joel Weymouth
"We don't like the Jews" indeed. You are just scared to death of what a Muslims will do to you and being the sheep that you are, they would eat you for lunch. No wonder your country openly supported Hitler and sent weapons to him. You also supplied the infrastructure to Hitler to carry out the "final solution". But you were just too cowardly to join the Axis. Sadly, the Allies never made you pay for it. The last time Sweden took any type of stand was 300 years ago-(My Father's family came from Sweden-and I am ashamed)-so Sweden has not been equated with bravery. And not very smart, I also read the story about those brilliant Swedish boys "proud" that they have Chlamydia. I as an American realize that you are irrelevant. No nuclear weapons, no real army, - a sick decadent culture destined to the ash heap of history, the Muslims think that also-they think of you with contempt. Freedom of speech, does not suggest the right to lie. And we all know the "harvesting" of organs, or drinking of blood, or whatever by the "Jews" were myths propagated by genocidal maniacs were justification of the Pogroms against the "evil" Jews - then they would slaughter the Jews. The Arabs and the Muslims supported Hitler so I guess Sweden is a kindred spirit. And also Jews infiltrate your society, for their laws upon you and kill you by blowing themselves up in your cities like the Muslims would.
03:32 August 25, 2009 by nldani
The nation which has been build on the occupated land can never understand a meaning of the word FREEDOM. So please excuse JEWS for being JEW.
03:56 August 25, 2009 by the.dude.continues
nldani, a nation that was build on hatred of Jews, (we all knows that the evil Jews kill you Messiah, which was also JEW btw) and voluntary assisted the Nazis in WW2, and have nothing but a free press on anything that is Jew related. Coz we all know that Jews are to blame on every evil in the world. on the millions whose murdered in africa. on hundred of thousands murdered in Iraq.

So please excuse Swidish of being plain Nazis !
03:58 August 25, 2009 by browneyes10
@ delusion 1982. I completely agree with your comments about ''Arabian'' in your comment No.90.

''Arabian'' you seems to be Jewish but you are using Arabian name. You are actually malingering actual Arabic people.

So you are using wrong nick name and Yes you said correctly but just take in another way and i.e by changing the nick name the donkey can not become the horse.
05:17 August 25, 2009 by Jewish
I am here to claim that We are Zionist nation. it is true. but we have money, we have power, and we have land that we invaded by force. if you are stronger than us, come and take it, i dont think you can. so what? if iSRAealis are harvesting Palestinians organs? you cant stop it, do you think the money comes from the sea? no, you think all the money we use killing Arabs come from sea too? no of course not. we need organs, we need money to protect us from our enemies. you can do the same if you have many enemies like us.
05:32 August 25, 2009 by the.dude.continues
and your hipocracy amazed me. so here some TRUE FACTS against your HATE and LIES.

FACT 1: Between 1962-1954, France killed 600,000 Algerian muslims in Algeria independence war. Algeria claims this number is more like 1,000,000

fact 3: Between 1972-1955 in the first civil war in Sudan, by moderate estimates 500,000 died. in 1983 the second civil war started, but it was a real genocide. the arabs Muslims murdered 1.9 Millions other ethnics, and non-muslims. in the last genocide, that is still happening todAy in Darfur, The arab-muslim government killed 500,000 of other ethnics. Total in sudan - between 2.6m - 3m. - The JEWS and the Israelis was NOT there.

FACT 2: Afghanistan - during the soviet invasion, between 1979 till 1989, 1m to 1.5m civilians were killed. after the soviet withdrawal, and till the American invasion, 1M more civilians were killed in the civil was between the different groups. after the american invasion, about 10,000 each year. (which is less then the 100,000 average a year, during the Taliban regime) Total dead: 2m - 2.5m. - The JEWS and the Israelis was NOT there.

FACT 3: Somalia . since 1977, between 400,000 to 550,000 dead. partly in warfare, partly in organized mass starvation and civic bombing. - The JEWS and the Israelis was NOT there.

FACT 4: Bangladesh: In 1971, those people tried to get away from Pakistan. Pakistan retaliated with systematically mass massacre between 1m to 2m peaceful muslim Bengals, many farmers. researchers in the world, call it the third genocide since the Holocaust. - The JEWS and the Israelis was NOT there.

FACT 5: Indonesia between 1966-1965, in a Communist uprising, 400,000 muslims were massacre, by their own people. in 1975 east-timor declared independent. soon after, Indonesia invaded, till the withdrawal in 1999, between 100,000 to 200,000 men died. - The JEWS and the Israelis was NOT there.

FACT 6: Iraq-Iran: In the war between them, 450,000-650,000 Iraqis, and 450,000-970,000 were killed. between 1992-1991, there was Shi'ite uprising in Iraq, between 40,000-200,000 shiates were murder by Saddam. add to that, the genocide done by Saddam, of the Kurd, between 200,000-300,000. after the first gulf war, around 500,000 iraqies died from lack medicine & food, because Saddam preferred to buy some other stuff. since the american occupation, between 100,000 to 150,000 were killed by Shiites killing Sunnites and vice versa. total of: 1.5m-2m Iraqis. 450,000-950,000 Iranians. - The JEWS and the Israelis was NOT there.

FACT 7: Yemen: 1962 -1970 Civil war - between 100,00 to 150,000 muslim Yemeni dead. Egypt interfered in that war, and did war crimes, by using chemical gas. - The JEWS and the Israelis was NOT there.

FACT 8: Chechnya - first Chechnya war, between 50,000 to 200,000 Chechnyan dead. the second war, between 30,000 to 100,000. total of 80,00 to 300.000 depend of who you ask. - The JEWS and the Israelis was NOT there.
06:18 August 25, 2009 by shap
If all of you Israel hating Arabs and neo nazis could just speak one line of English correctly, it would certainly help your cause. Pathetic as you are!
06:23 August 25, 2009 by the.dude.continues
FACT 10: Jordan - in 1971-1970, the Jordenian army, invaded the Palestinian refuges camps and killed between 10,000 to 25,000 Palestinians. again, depends on who you ask. - The JEWS and the Israelis was NOT there.

FACT 11 : by all accounts, around 60,000 Arabs were killed in the Israeli-Arab conflict since 1948 war, till today. the most of this number, are soldiers that been killed in Israel-Arab countries wars. mostly Egypt, Syrian and Jordanian.

you don't care about the millions of Muslims killed by other muslims & by other European countries in the last 50 years, and the hundreds of thousands still killed each year.. you only care about arab-muslims that killed by Israeli.

and that is, in their fight (of Israelis) to survive in the only country they have. and all of this is after, a massacred of THIRD (6 millions) of the Jewish people in Europe only 65 years ago. you are the last who can lecture morality to the Jews. and they says it can't happen again in Europe... yea, right. especially with this kind and so familiar middle ages blood libel

Which is leading to only one conclusion. Its not of your deep love & sympathy to the Palestinians. Its of your hatred to the state of Israel, and anything that is Jewish.

Look at yourself in the mirror, and at least admit it to yourself.
06:37 August 25, 2009 by Jewish
We jewish are strong. F-ucking swedish can not stop us. we do not like Sweeden at all. i hate you Europeans, you helped Hitler to genocide jewish.
06:38 August 25, 2009 by ofdesign
Long live the truth!!! The mother of Bilal Ahmed Ghanem, the Palestinian militant who was killed 17 years ago said this was the first time she ever heard the rumors that her son had his organs harvested. Even the brothers said the stitch marks on chest were from an autopsy. The lie has been exposed!!! The government should be horrified that such vile, anti semitic news was printed in their sophisticated and just world. I'm hoping this will put an end to the journalists career and I hope the legal case against the newspaper is drawn out to bring forth all the facts in the case so the newspaper understands what it has done before it has to shut its doors. God is Great!
06:55 August 25, 2009 by mehrdad1111

i dont give a damnd about antisemitic propaganda...whereever it comes from the regime which kills my iranian people (IRI) or some stuppid leftist/nazis.

since you seem to be an iranian, you should focus more to the islamic dictatorship which killed thens of thousend iranians since 1979....jews kill no iranian...jews were the friends of iranian people since kyros the great.

unfortunary, the mullahs are perfect propagandists and manage to divert the attention of the people on israel and the jews.

i for myself was in israel and i wish my homeland iran will be such a liberal and intresting land like israel one day.

and by the way:

since there is no police escort for this "stürmer-leftist" who wrote this junk, one can not take some e-mails as a serious threat for his life. after all, there is no death-fatwah and millions of dollar on the head of this swedish agitator.

the islamic umah can learn alot from the jews when it comes to mature and civilized response to things like that.
07:21 August 25, 2009 by Rick Methven
It is now time for posts on this story to close.

What started as legitimate comments, have now been turned into hate messages.

The comment by Jewish

"Modern Jews should not shrink from the explicit commandment to cleanse the land God gave us of its hostile inhabitants."

is a call for ethnic cleansing and has no place in ANY forum.
07:38 August 25, 2009 by casinoed
It's good to see Sweden showing a bit of backbone in this issue (finally), but unfortunately it won't last. Those of you praising Reinfeldt for his stance should hang on a bit, this story isn't done just yet.

Sooner or later, and most likely through quiet diplomatic back channels (Bildt's visit), Sweden will cave in and Israel will once again have succeeded in deflecting criticism of the state by playing the 'anti-Semite' card.

Sweden is just a pawn here in a much bigger geo-political struggle: with Israel cornered into backing down over settlements by the US it needs to reposition itself as a nation that is threatened on all fronts, by reawakening (as if it had ever gone away) anti-Semitic accusations against European Jew haters, it can continue to argue that its policy of expansion is essential to the survival of the Jewish state.

Sweden should not back down, but it will do. The only way to avoid being pushed around on the world stage by countries like Israel is to get nukes and to stop running away at the thought of military confrontations. The human race is 10-15 years from annihilating itself anyway. If were all going down Sweden should go down fighting along with everyone else.
07:41 August 25, 2009 by mehrdad1111
by the way:

to all people who live in the illusion that sweden is still a free country:

you can not call such a country free, when:

-85% of the media is contrloed by anti-israeli leftists.

-noone can critisize islam because of fear or political correctness and the government even closes websites because of islam critism while pure hate on jews and totaly one-sided israel-bashing is common.

-there are no-go areas for jews in the middle of sweden.

-a sport match between sweden and israel is played out without audience because of the leftist and muslim mob on the street.

your good old free sweden is gone. i saw an interview with a former swedish jew who decided to go to israel because of the hatred which the tiny swedish minority is facing by mostly muslims and leftists. that was not the picture of a realy free country.
07:48 August 25, 2009 by the.dude.continues
23:11 August 24, 2009 by mafiopolo

"Israel is still one of the most ethical nations in the world."

O Give me a break and shut up.

Perhaps you forgot to put "un" before a word. Right??? People have witnessed just recently your ethics, lawfulness and decency in Gaza. Now they are observing your ethics of Organ Harvest.

Do you even have a mirror to look into after typing the words about your ethics???

no mister, you're wrong. the arabs countries will never get close to 50% of the ethics of the Israeli state.

and also, many people in Sweden. All what happen in the last week prove just that. a big portion of the people in your country are with deep roots of hatred toward the Jews. it makes you so distrustful of Jews, and so blind, so you automatically always takes the anti-israeli version, no matter how distorted it is, and how much the LIES cry out of the words.

On every other people but Jews, this kind of "Newspapaer Article" would never see the light of day. and the fact that so many people in your country, believe in this 10th century crap, make you look like Savage barbaric. and ethics ? If Stalin was an ethical man, you're also one.

culture of lies. unbelievable
08:50 August 25, 2009 by Nika-NM
Why should Swedes hate Jews? Any reasons? why should Anti-semitism be brewing in Sweden? I can't see any reason. The Germans had their reasons, at least cock-and-bull reasons but Swedes? They haven't had such a ransacking recession running in their country since donkey's years as the Germans had in 20-30s and therefore there's been no reason to scapegoat the Jewish anyhow. Just that Democracy is more prevalent there and nobody wonder's or dub's it as an Anti-semitistic move if anyone happens to be criticizing Political steps Israel takes. These are honest people the last people from whom one should expect blasphemy.
09:13 August 25, 2009 by the.dude.continues
reason for antisemitism ? we ask that for 2000 years. I'm guessing the roots start with the early Cristian belief the the Jew killed Jesus, which was also a Jew btw.

and not in Sweden ? do you know that till 1951 Jews in Sweden were prohibited to take public jobs by law ?

politcal story ? speakig on borders, that political. speaking on one of the ugliest

blood libel ever, and that with ZERO proof, that simply antisemitism.

go read http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Blood_libel_against_Jews

if you wanna know more
09:23 August 25, 2009 by Knowledge Protects
It's when reality is described, in all its ugly nakedness, that makes it so hard - no, plain impossible - to take Israeli allegations of Sweden promoting antisemitism seriously (Sweden being one of the few countries in the world to have legislated against antisemitism).


But of course, this article just like any other such report from that particular area of the world is a fabrication, an example of bad journalism, palestinian propaganda and antisemitic attempts at demonising "jews".

Everyone is lying except the zionists.

The zionists of the Israeli government own the truth and their present strategy is to perpetually agonize all of us, like mad barking dogs, until we agree with them or run to hide from them afraid of being labelled an "antisemite".

I for one will never agree with the zionist description of reality, because I never promote crimes against humanity in any form and I will never ever give in or buy their trying to convince us that being critical of the wrongdoings of the zionist regime equals antisemitism.

I sympathise with all jews and Israelis wanting to live in peace with their neighbours and who are not zionists. (For more information please google "jews against zionism").
09:33 August 25, 2009 by casinoed
Given the vitriolic and often unintelligble rantings of Jewish:

"what the f-ucking you can do? nothing. i will wait and see you! fu-cking Swedes and Arabs". yada yada yada (is that yiddish BTW?)

His/her earlier post seemed relatively intelligible (if lacking in any intelligence). It turns out it is cut/pasted from a rabidly right-wing website that advocates the expulsion of all Arabs from the holy land. I've reported your comments Jewish, I hope that others have too and you will be banned from this site for good.

You also might want to think about learning English if you want to participate on English speaking forums in any constructive way, but somehow I doubt that your pathological brain would be able to cope with that.
09:43 August 25, 2009 by Nika-NM
What a mess, wouldn't it have been better if that guy in a grange hadn't been born at all. Would have spared us so many ding-dongs. The earth is a better place to live when it's forsaken.
09:49 August 25, 2009 by Eurostan

by reading your comments i am sure that you are not a jew at all. again you are using dirty islamic technik.it is the muslims who killed fellow muslims in millions.
09:53 August 25, 2009 by Jewish
i think all jews are commenting for nothing! jews lost this time. jews! do not be stupid and get back to primary schools again.
10:12 August 25, 2009 by the.dude.continues
to the last unknown poster.

the smell of antisemitism is coming strong from you. you try to mask it like all other modern antisemitic, with given other reasons. but there's no reasons of supporting ugly and filthy article in the paper. an article that its whole purpose, is to make the ZIONIST, (oh my, the Zionist are also JEW somehow!! i had no idea!! of course, its not related, yea right?) look like animals, (and therefore, get every bad end someday) and all of that, with given NO PROOF WHATSOEVER.

and you again and again try to get the subject to your political views, which has nothing to do with this case.

this kind of article would be sued in civic court for tens of millions, if it was against an individual in Sweden. and that newspaper wouldn't dare making those accusations without SOLID proofs. but against a country, yea, a ZIONIST country, which is the only home for the Jewish people, that's OK. coz we all LOVE to HATE Israel.

(again, nothing to do with the JEWS, right ?)

well, I don't like the SWEDINST. Swedenist are running a twisted country that forgot right from wrong, and elevating the nonessential, over what truly important. and for the cowardy to always bully to the people whos always its been so easy to do it to them.

but with all their so call morality, they're evil enough to ignore all the real genocide that happen right now, and in the past 5 years in darfur. and more genocides that happened few time in the last decade or two. but hey, I sympathies with all the Swedish who want to live with good hearts.

and why ? because for some reason, which they can't explain themselves, they demand much more from the Jewish country then from the rest of the world.

but don't worry if it makes you think a bit. tomorrow, you will read a new invention in a swedish newspaper, about israel making a new genocide. the world goes round and round and nothing ever changes.
10:18 August 25, 2009 by Johan A Stock-Homer
The implementation of what Reinfeldt says is that a condemnation could lead to the Swedish gorvernment being sentenced by court for violating the law. Well, I think it wouldn´t be sentenced. Because a condemnation wouldn´t be against the law. A regulation would though.

I think.
10:39 August 25, 2009 by siam16
@Nika-NM : i didn't understand you last comment.. what "guy in a grunge"? who r u speaking of?
13:25 August 25, 2009 by peaceprotest
....................................hats off to Reinfeldt!!!! You can have my vote any time you want............standing up against a bully while US & UK can't even dream to do that...........it takes balls...........swedish balls to do that.............though i'm worried that it might cost us but enough is enough...........somebody has to put bullies in their right place.
14:26 August 25, 2009 by AussieGurl
@ Jewish...dont be soooo damn proud of urself for having as u said "power"!!!!! u've gained it in the worst form, killing children, kicking families out of their homes at gun point.not allowing aid in2 palestine so people who need it die. u only have power because u have weapons who u got from america and if thats a positive type of power for u than there is something really wrong with u and ur people.
16:47 August 25, 2009 by browneyes10
@ all jewish lovers,

Please type the words '' The Miracle of Pharaoh in the Quran'' on you tube page look and listen it.
22:15 August 25, 2009 by DumbFounded
I only wish Americans could have such a spirited debate about Israel.

Reinfeldt is a greater leader than any US President since Andrew Jackson.

Unfortunately, if you question Israel here, you are committing professional suicide, as the Zionists control everything.

Israel is a gangster state. It harbors hundreds of criminals that have fled prosecution in the countries where they robbed their hosts blind. Israel violates UN Resolutions daily with its illegal occupation of Palestine.

Rather than being pro-Israel and coming here to condemn the critics of Israel, perhaps it would be a better use of enthusiasm to go to Israel and publicly question the conduct of its "ethical" leadership.
12:49 August 26, 2009 by Leprehcaun
@ dumbfounded

Well that's the funny thing, isn't it? There are almost no Swedes here..

I'm getting tired of this, why does almost everyone think that everyone here are Swedish?! The newspaper is in English! Hey (!), we actually speak Swedish and our newspapers are in Swedish. This newspaper is mostly for foreigners. I'm an exception but I have my own particular reasons (which should be obvious).

Other than that I think you're a bit harsh and Obama is much better, Reinfeldt makes many mistakes and is all and all mediocre.
15:41 August 26, 2009 by morkusrex
I'm sorry but I feel the need to copy and paste the last comment from kooritze:

"Sorry but I feel the need to put some facts in here due to the rants of some proclaiming Sweden to be a moral and honest place to put your money in. During WWII Sweden supplied vasts amount of Iron Ore, Ball Bearings and other engineering parts to the Nazi war machine. Sweden even let them use their territory to invade Norawy. Also when Deutchmarks were in short supply, Sweden took payment in Nazi gold (or Jewish gold from its various sources eg teeth).....that gold is still here. It wasnt until 1943 when the Swedish govt realised they backed the wrong horse and switched sides. Intrinsically Swedes are opportunistic businessmen and today are huge exporters of arms. I am pro sweden believe it or not....but please stick to facts and the true nature of the country."

about freedom of speech, from WIKI:

"According to the Freedom Forum Organization, legal systems, and society at large, recognize limits on the freedom of speech, particularly when freedom of speech conflicts with other values or rights.[21] Limitations to freedom of speech may follow the "harm principle" or the "offense principle", for example in the case of pornography or "hate speech".[22] Limitations to freedom of speech may occur through legal sanction and/or social disapprobation."

Do no forget it's Sweden who closed a website because of a caricature which the Muslims didn't like.

And for all even trying to discuss the organ harvesting...just STOP. Grow up. everyone knows the article is false, you're just making a fool of yourselves.
18:18 August 26, 2009 by Rick Methven
This website provides Swedish news in English for us expats living in Sweden who prefer to get a digest in English of what is happening in the country in which WE LIVE.

We often make comments on stories we read, short and sweet and get on with the next story.

In the past few days, it has been taken over by the Israeli mis-information brigade. The Israeli and pro-Israeli posters who have commented on stories outside of the Aftonbladet story, have shown themselves to be ignorant and illiterate and to follow the lead of their Government spokesman to push the propaganda line that any slight towards Israel demonstrates that the whole world is anti-Semitic. I wonder in Netanyahu tried that line in London today when he had a meeting about the illegal Israeli settlements in occupied East Jerusalem?

All you Israelis please get off our web site and leave us Swedes and Expats living in Sweden alone.

You will not get condemnation of the Aftonbladet story from us or from our government. At some time in the future Aftonbladet MAY get a rap on the knuckles from Göran Lambertz when he gets back from his holidays but don't hold your breath. Until then just go away and leave us alone!!
18:21 August 26, 2009 by Torontonian
sraeli researchers report heart treatment breakthrough

August 26, 2009

Israeli researchers succeeded in growing heart tissue in the abdomen of a rat and then implanting it into another animal's damaged heart.

The experiment, which was published this week in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, shows that it is possible the rejuvenate the heart after an attack, Ha'aretz reported.

Typically, a heart attack leaves a scar that exerts pressure on the heart, often leading to another attack. The tissue patch prevented this deterioration.
18:36 August 26, 2009 by morkusrex
Rick Methven.

If you don't like it, don't read it.

No one is forcing you to read.

If you do choose to read. STOP WHINING!!!!

"illegal Israeli settlements in occupied East Jerusalem?"

Who says it's illegal?

It's all withing Israel borders. If you don't like it, write a letter to the UN. They returned us the land.

Does Israel tell Sweden not to build in Stockholm??


Mind your own business. Your country is no perfect, work on that before bugging others.
19:30 August 26, 2009 by Rick Methven
morkusrex (and other Mossad paid posters)

There you go again showing just how STUPID you are.

You hide under a pseudonym why don't you use your real name . What have you got to hide?

Re illegal settlements in East Jerusalem.

EVERYBODY in the whole world, from the United Nations down says that they are illegal. Israeli officials are evicting Palestinians from their homes in order to turn East Jerusalem into a Jewish only region. It is not within Israeli borders is Occupied territory.

Your infantile little mind says that Israel does not tell Swedes not to build in Stockholm! Perhaps you think that Israel has ,the right to dictate to the whole world!

I do not think that Sweden is perfect, like many countries it has it's good and bad points, I chose to come and live here because on balance it has more good than bad.

And do not come back to me with the old chestnut that I do not know anything about Israel. I have been to Israel many times. I had an Israeli partner for many years. And spent months in the country. My girlfriend eventually left Eretz Yisrael because of the bigotry of people like you. Dumb, numbskulls.

I have no opinion one way or the other as to the truth or lies of the Aftonbladet story. It is up to them to justify or otherwise the publication of the story. I started off thinking that it was most probably false but the vitriolic response attacks from the Israeli thugs such as yourself make me wonder

Why not take a read of the words of the sensible Israeli press and just SHUT UP


"The story... is certainly a contemptible story - the press at its worse. Yet the campaign Israel's government is conducting against Sweden following publication is no less untenable. This is a base, cynical campaign that proves that the foreign minister in Netanyahu's government thinks only of internal needs - his internal needs."


"Like the uncompromising demand for an apology from the Swedish government, the Israeli attack on the newspaper was like a gift from heaven for Aftonbladet that turned the story into 'struggle for freedom of the press in Sweden'... A simple, direct reaction by the Foreign Ministry... would have caused the story to disappear as early as the following day instead of becoming a diplomatic crisis from which no side gains."
19:40 August 26, 2009 by conboy
Just want to add my non-swedish support for their governments position condemning the shocking journalistic standards of Aftonbladet while defending the democratic stipulations of the Swedish constitution which protect the independence of the press. Shame on Aftonbladet and shame on Nethanayu and the Israeli Government!
20:34 August 26, 2009 by morkusrex
"Your infantile little mind says that Israel does not tell Swedes not to build in Stockholm! Perhaps you think that Israel has ,the right to dictate to the whole world!"

I the meanwhile, It's Europe who is doing that. Not Israel. Israel does not tell Europe where to built what. I can't say it's the other way around.
21:09 August 26, 2009 by schaab
All those who resort to name-calling and hate speech only reveal what is in them...too much nonsense and lies have been told already. Every decent person from Sweden or anywhere in this world will only rely on the TRUTH and respect others.

HJP Schaab, Holland
21:09 August 26, 2009 by Kooritze
Well done Swedish PM!

For all those who have been wound up by this article: Every country has it,s gutter press, bad newspapers that tell tall stories. A classic in England is 'The News of the World'..............full of mad stories that if you have some inteligence can deduce is for yourself, is not to be taken seriously and is pretty much tounge in cheek. Aftonbladet is,nt quite there on the same level but it,s not far off with many of it,s shock horror headlines.

Chill out Israel. If an Israeli paper printed an article on the Swedish Royal family being involved in drug smuggling and in colaboration with the Taliban opium growers.......do you think Swedes would get so upset?
21:18 August 26, 2009 by morkusrex
If the Swedes were Almost eliminated from this world by Israel not too long ago - YES, I think they would be upset.

I'm not comparing Sweden to Germany, but Sweden wasn't innocent in WW2. They were part of it even if not conducted the mass murders.

So much for being a neutral country.
23:30 August 26, 2009 by Stone99743
Me and many other Israelis have said what we think about this article. After reading so many comments in this site I now know what kind of country Sweden is really is. I , for one , don't want any connections to Swedes anymore , also hopes my government will disconnect itself from Sweden.

This was my last post here , all i can wish for , is that you'll get what you deserve.
07:06 August 27, 2009 by Uncle
Iraniboy, I just talked to an Irani friend. In the latest events in Iran, SNIPERS were shooting demonstrators in the head one by one. Meanwhile everybody talked about a palestinian family that was replaced by jewish in a court decision. In Iran thousands of men and women were so severely raped in the jails (with tools) that the internal organs were irreversibly damaged. Meanwhile everyone is talking about false allegations against Israel. The above info is from law suits IN IRAN, not imperialist inventions.

Now, it is clear that the muslim propaganda machine diverts the attention of its own atrocities towards millions around the globe in the past years to a conflict in which less people died than in the Mexican drug war. But liberal Europe eats this because: 1) It's consulates are burning and people are dying if the muslim behind is not kissed. 2)It fits well with the antisemitic views in Europe.
11:46 August 27, 2009 by Moshe
"But Reinfeldt said it was not for the government to comment on the content of every newspaper, stressing that a free press is an integral part of Swedish democracy."

Reinfelt, you are right. It is not for the government to comment on the content of "every newspaper" but you should have commented on this one. Why? Because, the newspaper wrote an article which was not proven and it reflected the values of Sweden.

The values of Sweden were valued by the silence of the Swedish government. When the Swedish nation placed racist comments as a priority over the truth and then reacted in racist manner to the government of Israel, it, Sweden showed it's racist beliefs.

You were wrong Sweden. There are rights to freedom of speech and there are responsibilities that go along with those rights. You want the rights but you don't want the responsibilities.
13:21 August 27, 2009 by farnoxo
Yay - Reinefeldt for prime-minister

- wait -

He is!

Now that all is well in the world I can sleep well at night without the horrible dream where Mona Sahlin waggles her wonderful and weird wattle at me :-)
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