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Swedish tabloid reported for racial agitation

Peter Vinthagen Simpson · 25 Aug 2009, 11:28

Published: 25 Aug 2009 11:28 GMT+02:00

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"Is that true? I am perplexed," Åsa Linderborg, Aftonbladet's culture editor, said after being informed by the The Local of the report on Tuesday.

"I think it is a shame that whenever solidarity is shown for the Palestinians and criticism is directed again Israel, someone cries anti-Semitism."

"One has to have the right to ask questions," Linderborg replied when asked if she or the newspaper regretted publishing the article.

Nils Funcke, one of Sweden's leading experts on legislation pertaining to freedom of speech, said he expected the Chancellor of Justice to reject the case.

"The article can hardly be construed as racial agitation. There is no ethnic group targeted; the article focuses on the Israeli army, and Israel is not made up solely of Jews," Funcke told The Local.

Even had the article concentrated on a single ethnic group, Funcke did not believe it would be considered "agitation" under the law.

"It was more a description of events and certainly did not agitate against a particular group."

Funcke added that charges set forth by Israeli politicians to the effect that Aftonbladet's article followed in a long tradition of "blood libels" against Jews would not hold up under legal scrutiny.

The Chancellor of Justice is a government official charged with representing the Swedish government in various legal matters as the government's ombudsman.

The Chancellor, currently Göran Lambertz, is appointed by the government and is the only prosecutor with the power to take legal action in cases concerning freedom of speech and the press.

The charge of racial agitation (hets mot folkgrupp) is defined in Swedish law as a crime involving the public dissemination of statements which threaten or express contempt for one or more identified ethnic groups.

In a written request submitted on August 23rd, the Chancellor is asked to consider whether the Aftonbladet article, which puts forward claims accusing the Israeli Defence Force (IDF) of involvement in the illegal human organ trade, constitutes racial agitation.

"We will examine the case. We are able to reject fairly quickly most reports we get concerning newspaper articles. I don't really know how it's going to go in this case but it will be looked into. Whether it will be sent out for consultation or decided on immediately I don't know as I am on holiday right now," Lambertz told news agency TT.

The article, penned by Swedish photographer Donald Boström, has sparked outrage in Israel, with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and scores of ministers and commentators calling it a "blood libel" smacking of anti-Semitic accusations against Jews.

The article is in three parts and Boström links previous allegations of organ harvesting made by individual Palestinians to a New York-based crime suspect, Rabbi Levy Izhak Rosenbaum, recently accused of attempting to facilitate the sale of a kidney from a donor in Israel.

In a further twist to the saga, the Palestinian families on which Boström based his claims appeared to distance themselves from the allegations in an article in the Jerusalem Post on Tuesday.

The newspaper cites Ibrahim Ghanem, a relative of Bilal Ahmed Ghanem, the young Palestinian at the centre of the Aftonbladet story, who says that the family never told Boström that Israel had stolen his organs.

"Maybe the journalist reached that conclusion on the basis of the stitches he saw on the body," Ghanem told the newspaper.

Story continues below…

"But as far as the family is concerned, we don't know if organs were removed from the body because we never performed our own autopsy. All we know is that Bilal's teeth were missing."

Åsa Linderborg told The Local on Tuesday that Donald Boström is responsible for his own sources but added that staff from Aftonbladet had met the family concerned over the weekend and, she claims, had gained confirmation of the allegations.

In response to pressure from the Israeli government to condemn the newspaper Sweden's prime minister Fredrik Reinfeldt, and foreign minister Carl Bildt, have emphasized that it is not the government's role to comment on the content of newspapers.

Reinfeldt underlined in a statement on Monday that to act would be in contravention of the Swedish constitution.

He also rejected the suggestion that the row could undermine his country's work in the Middle East peace process as the current holders of the EU presidency.

"Political ambitions always risk being used as an excuse to break off contacts or efforts, but I have no reason to believe that (is what is happening) at this point in time and I hope it won't go down that route," he said.

Peter Vinthagen Simpson (news@thelocal.se)

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Your comments about this article

12:14 August 25, 2009 by Kaethar
Lol. This just gets better and better. I'm not worried but you never know. If it's a decision left only up to one man... But I'll trust him for now to have sense. :)
12:16 August 25, 2009 by seekingtruth
We all know Aftonbladet article author had his own agenda and bias writing the article and should be rightly investigated for his possible hate-crime. However the author first published this article in 2001 and there was not a word from Israel on the matter then. The author has even been visiting the country since! It's painful to see the hypocrisy of the current Israeli government trying to flex its muscles for its people this time around.

What is evident however from its attack on both Norwegians and Swedes alike is that Jerusalem has an agenda to display the Scandinavian people as hateful and vile Nazi-admirers, or at the very least anti-semitists. Thankfully, I have to say, the joke is on Jerusalem. Having had a few Swedish Jews as coworkers I and them with me can testify there hasn't a single isntance of racial hate or violence committed against them throughout their entire lives. We have all enjoyed each others camaraderie.

So please, stop hating. Investigate the article if you like, but please keep your racial-superiority thoughts to yourselves. Or best of all, throw them away. :)
12:37 August 25, 2009 by Britswedeguy
Israelis aren't an ethnic group.

Close the case and stand up to right wing Israeli bullying.
12:39 August 25, 2009 by magic1964
It´s the Swedish Chancellor of Justice (JK) who have reported Aftonbladet for racial agitation......but I guess the Swdish start feeling the heat....hehehehe.
14:15 August 25, 2009 by Cornelius Hamelberg
Great move and it's going to be very interesting when the case gets a hearing

World Jewry reacts … to wonderful Sweden… trial by peers and the jury is out for lunch. ….maybe the case should be moved to Nuremberg?

In the annals of tha Theatre of the Absurd this is one of the most absurd statement of the post-holocaust century :

"The article focuses on the Israeli army, and Israel is not made up solely of Jews," ( Herr Nils Funcke) Perhaps he is thinking of the "mixed multitude that accompanied Moses outta Egypt.?

It's less of a legal brain and more of socio-logical awareness that comments thus:

And by extension / analogy an article that focused on the Nazi army could be exonerated because Germany is/ was not made up solely of Germans ( or Jews, or other victims of the holocaust).

This takes the biscuit and a little more looking into…..

Give me a 2,000 word limit and I'll come up with a fictional story, slightly less absurd than Funcke's that statement. I'll pen it tonight. Nothing Swiftian about it, just a direct appeal to sense and reason and even a little less of an absent imagination.

It's quite unpleasant having to read the escalation of words arising from so much emotion:


14:37 August 25, 2009 by AussieGurl
y cant they just leave sweden alone...could it be because its true and theyve been exposed????hmmmm i wonderrrrrrr :P
14:55 August 25, 2009 by ehwhat?
Newspapers selling fantasy as fact is not a new situation. It should be roundly condemned no matter where it is put forth or by whom. This will of course increase the circulation of the tabloid as everyone tries to figure out what the fuss is about. Bravo!

Real reporters verify their facts and their stories. Yellow journalists do not. This piece of work does indeed raise the spectre of Blood Libel, which was the intent. Poke the bear and watch it snap. Report the snap. Be surprised by the snap Report the surprise - Sell more "newspapers" - ad nauseum. This does nothing to advance Palestinian needs, which are legion. How typical. How Stupid. How Boring.
15:07 August 25, 2009 by bill.lunn
It is August. The world is on vacation. There is no real news to report. Reporters and politicians not on holiday try to make some.

There is no credible evidence to support the story. At the same time, the Israelis lose every p.r. and propoganda battle out there. They have become viewed as monsters and are frustrated. Both the Jordanians and Egyptians refused to take back the West Bank and Gaza after the 67 war, leaving the israelis stuck with a lot of perpetual bickerers to rule while there is no real negotiating partner to get out of the impass. They just pulled out of Gaza, through the keys back to the locals, and look what happened ! They are as tight as a coiled spring with no sense of humor about any of the lunacy. And the Swedish gov,t joined the ruckus !!Mon Dieu !!
15:23 August 25, 2009 by Beynch
Wouldn't this whole thing be easily solved if, radical, Aftonbladet simply presented its evidence? Let the chips fall where they may.
16:09 August 25, 2009 by mysticbumwipe
There reallys is no case to answer regarding anti-semitism. Plus a quick search of the web reveals that the Aftonbladet aricle is not an isolated report but one of many detailing the same thing fro which there appears to be very credible evidence.

1. The Israeli Minister of Health, Nessim Dahhan, admitting to the practice in an answer to Arab member of the Knesset, Ahmed Teibi. Dahhan said that he couldn't deny that organs of Palestinian youths and children killed by the Israeli forces were taken out for transplants or scientific research. Ahmed Teibi's claim he has received credible evidence proving that Israeli doctors at the forensic institute extracted such vital organs as the heart, kidneys,and liver from the bodies of Palestinian youths and children killed by the Israeli Army in Gaza and the West Bank.

2. The killing of three Palestinian boys, ages 14-15 near Khan Younison on December 30, 2001, and the return of bodies of the three boys to the Palestinians for burial a week later on January 6 2002 with the main vital organs missing from the bodies.

3. The local Tel Aviv paper Ha'ir ran a 12-page expose of Abu Kabir and revealed how the national lab allows medical students to practice on bodies sent there for autopsies, and transfers body parts for transplants without permission from the family of the deceased.

4. The family of a Scottish tourist Alastair Sinclair, who allegedly hung himself in an Israeli jail, who were forced to bring a lawsuit for the return of missing body parts. University of Glasgow

pathologists, who did an autopsy at the request of Sinclair's family, found that it had been returned without a heart (which they suspect was used for a transplant). [October 17, 2000 - http://www.jewishmediaresources.com/178/presumed-guilty]
16:24 August 25, 2009 by Torontonian
Palestinian family: We didn't say organs taken


Ghanem's younger brother, Jalal, said he could not confirm the allegations made by the Swedish newspaper that his brother's organs had been stolen.

"I don't know if this is true," he said. "We don't have any evidence to support this."
16:42 August 25, 2009 by Querist
Two words. Repeat after me.


Streisand Effect: The Streisand Effect is an Internet phenomenon where an attempt to censor or remove a piece of information backfires, causing the information to be widely publicized.

Ta da.

17:12 August 25, 2009 by GefleFrequentFlyer
Why am I surprised that Asa Linderborg is not acting surprised.

Is she that clueless and blind to her agenda?
17:18 August 25, 2009 by Torontonian

1. I agree with you that it would have died out unless Israel did not make a fuss.

2. However, I disagree about "censoring". It is not about Censoring anything. Israel never asked the Swedish gvmt to Censor this or to apologize for it. The request is to make its position. I think the problem here is that in Sweden freedom of speech means gvmt cannot criticize the media. In Israel every person (including gvmnt) have FREE SPEECH to criticize anything - including media.

3. There is a point where there is a a greater interest. This article was pure hate propaganda:

- it was in the"opinion" pages

- the author and the newpaper both say they have no proof.

- the family is saying they don't know if its true

- but the title is meant to spread disinformation and hate... At the end of the day, I do not think it will do much good to Sweden's reputation either. It will definitely alienate it in Israel and will diminish Sweden's role in any type of influence position to "do good".
17:34 August 25, 2009 by bill.lunn
To author of #10:

None of the anecdotl "evidence" you cite has anything to do with the specific case and charge at hand. Because my neighbors or family members are alleged to have done something bad, does not mean I, me, myself have done something bad. In a democratic state governed by the rule of law, you have to have some proof, not guild by association. That's for undemocratic racist states and minds.....
18:19 August 25, 2009 by mysticbumwipe
Dear Bill Lunn. Its only anecdotal to you and me.

Not to the families of the people mentioned, nor to the guilty parties concerned.

E.g. Hiss from the Institute of Forensic Medicine at Abu Kabir was "reprimanded" after a 'guilty' plea bargain. The allegation is that organs have been stolen from and in this one instance from youth who was alivebefore the IDF took hi (kidnapped him).

The story that the IDF can do this with impunity should really be the issue. NOT this ludicrous charge of anti-semitism.

And OF COURSE it "has something to do with the specific case"...!!! :-o R u serious??

It is further evidence of the allegation of organ theft from the bodies of killed Palestinian children. Can you read Swedish? Have you read the article? Or do you judge this whole thing without any real knowledge of what has even been written like most of the other Israeli supporters posting here?

5. "Prof. Yehuda Hiss, the director of the at Abu Kabir was under police investigation in 2002 for removing organs from deceased persons without familial consent. He was dismissed by the Health Ministry for a while until Hiss agreed to a plea bargain. He admitted to being involved in the removal of body parts from 125 bodies and was reprimanded for this. The stories about Palestinian Intifada dead arriving home with organs removed began soon after the outbreak of the Intifada in 1987. Palestinian pathologist Dr Hatem Abu Ghazaleh said there were many credible reports about this."

Friday, January 4 2002 "…Allegations made against [chief pathologist] Hiss in some cases include his taking organs without consent, placing the cardboard centre of toilet paper rolls and metallic rods in their place to fill the voids in the body and hide the theft of the organs.

A court-ordered search of the institute revealed large supplies of stored organs taken illegally from bodies. Over the past years, heads of the institute appear to have given thousands of organs for research without permission, while maintaining a "storehouse" of organs at Abu Kabir.

Organs belonging to soldiers killed in various circumstances were found in the institute during a surprise search this week. After consulting with Chief Chaplain Brig. Gen. Rabbi Yisrael Weiss, it was decided that in concert with the bereaved families, graves would be opened and the organs buried along with the remains of each soldier involved."
19:15 August 25, 2009 by Kaethar
@Torontonian: Did you even read the article?

"I can't tell you if these rumors are true or not," the brother said.

"But in light of the investigative report in the Swedish newspaper, we are demanding an international commission of inquiry into the case."

How convenient. :)
21:19 August 25, 2009 by diegoveggie
swedes love hating israeli policies. it seems to be in vogue or something. it would also be fair (if fairness matters to anyone) to mention the abuse of the palestinian 'security' forces and militants. the brainwashing of kids, mistreatment of women and the hatred towards gays is never mentioned by anyone here in sweden.
21:47 August 25, 2009 by bill.lunn
To author of #16:

My Swedish is limited but I have read a good transalation.....supposedly done by the newspaper itself.

If all the tangential calamities you cite were true there would have certainly been massive publicity and inbtervention by NGOs, Arab and Muslim states, Arab and Muslim media, run of the mill left wing and right wing extremist group press, UN resolutions, etc.etc. The Israelis are not angels,,,,,neither are the Palestinians nor their Arab/Muslim neighbors.

Let the author bring forward his evidence, and let that evidence be judged by the same standard of law as if jews were accusing muslims. You sound like a kind concerned person who is blind and naive......
22:03 August 25, 2009 by DumbFounded
When Truth becomes Hate, all is lost.

It is the Kosher way to ascend criticism by claiming Anti-Semitism. Take it from an American, where Israel is supported blindly and any claim of solidarity is called Racism.
22:40 August 25, 2009 by dbrand53
If had any doubtd regarding the double standars of the press, media, unions and people whom getting the incitment for all day long, they will really beleive its true story about organ havesting.

It was enough that a rabbi in the US who belongs to has nothing to to with Israel, on the contraty he belongs to an Ultra Orthodox cumunity whom do not recognize Israel. but who cares, he is Jewish, who is blamed on 2009 for organ trading and the alleged stoty of organ harvesting was in early 90's but who cares. if he is a Jew, then all Jews in the wordld are guilty.

The double standards of Swedish Media and in the name of free press can attack Israel all day long, while the Arabs are the children of mother Tereza.

There was an exibition in Sweden:

A bath tub full of red liquid like blood with the picture of a suicide bomber who blew herself up in a resturant at Haifa, killing women and children.

The resturant belongs to Arabs and she killed also the security man who was Arab.

Isn't it sick that in the name of free art her picture was shown on the small boat floating on the red liquid?

What would you say if in Israel in the name of free speach, press and art, we would have put the picture of Christer Pettersson the assasin of Olof Palme?
00:26 August 26, 2009 by Iraniboy


There are thousands or maybe millions of articles about Arabs. The funny thing is that this article is not even about Jews or Semists. It is about IDF.

Just as a reminder, this article is just about an army that its soldiers were wearing T-shirt illustrating a picture of a pregnant woman with a quote on it "Shot One Kill Two". about an army that targets Red-cresent ambulances, UN base and UN protected school. This is an article about an army that drop sulphurous weapons to cause permanent injury on the Palestinians' skins,...
00:47 August 26, 2009 by browneyes10
I suggest that this harvesting human organs case must be bring to International Courts and after proving all these criminal acts, the Israeli soldiers must be hanged irrespective of their religion and race.

Dont mix up such sucking crimes with racism. Dont behave like an angels.
04:50 August 26, 2009 by lingonberrie
The Zionist machine is up and running on all 16 cylinders to prove to the world that they can make Sweden bend to their will.

They will fail.

They don't run Sweden like they run the United States.
05:02 August 26, 2009 by dbrand53
To: Iranboy 00:26

Once again you are recicling your comments.

It has no difference what the T-shirt showed.

Did you see even once what the Hammas for example showing on their tv screen? and what in your homeland they show against the "Zionist Entity"? we do not hang people in the streets like your country does very nicely.

We do not gather people in the national stadium for showing the crowd how women being stoned to death according to your SHARIAA law.

Regarding shooting on Red Cross ambulance, how many times did it happen? and what did they been used for ? they were used for carrying armed groups and their rockets.

Regarding Sulphur weapons, just read the international press who published the results of the alleged use of sulphuros weapons, and you will find out that there was no evidence for such use except for lighening.

Once is suggest you to read newspapers of the free world not those published in Iran.

As if you ask the one looks like a Chimp in Iran even the hollocaust never happen and the only sick minded who made an international exibition with caricatures lughing about the biggest tragedy in human history was this beast.

Let me remind you that the Hammas did not throw candies and sweets accross the borders of the Gaza strips.

Although we left Gaza and gave back till the last cm. all towns and villages arround were targeted for years.

Did not see then your protest.

To: browneyes10.

I agree to an international investigation, but let me tell you before that.

The reporter admitted he has no evidence.

The families never saw missing organs

They saw corps with stiches after post mortem.

I served also in the army and proud to say that such accusations are an insult to humanity.

Just to remind you that in most cases the boddies were of wanted terrorists who did not hesitate to blow up buses, targeting civilian or resturants.

It doesn't meen that they should have been killed in cold blood and most of them were killed while ressisting their arrest while shooting back.
07:15 August 26, 2009 by Uncle
Iraniboy - it is against the Jews, if YOU read the article. The writer supports his claims against the IDF with a law suit pending against rabbis in US. It is like to say that swedish tourists (a group of people) have a tradition and a habit to rape little girls in their trips abroad. Proof? Oh, the recent attack on little girl in Trollhättan. No connection, except the word - swede.

I hope that the paper will be sued. This will strip it of some money, prove that they are obvious and one-sided liars, as they have been for years now, get some understanding into the swedish minds. After all, Sweden is bending over every time a muslim is insulted when he THINKS that pigs head from France is Danish mocking. Sweden runs with apologies. Well, one can also see that Jews, unlike some, do not burn consulates. How ironic...

Oh, Iraniboy - have you heard about the war in Yemen that is raging now? Started a thread denouncing arabs yet? No? 2000 killed... Mmm.
09:33 August 26, 2009 by Mini

Nobody has reacted to the statement "His teeth were missing"

Is that part of an Israeli Autopsy, to remove one's teeth?

And why do an Authopsy? To remove the bullets?

Sounds like a crime...
10:00 August 26, 2009 by dbrand53

We say, before you jump don't say "HOP".

Don't you know we remove the teeth as had golden teeth and we remove them for the gold only.

Also his testicles were missing as we made from them an omlet.

The Authopsy is to find what caused the death and by whom.

If the money the Arabs spend for propaganda and for anti Jewish / Israeli incitement they could rule the world, give each Palestinian refugee a villa with golden taps and best Sauna room and Jaccusi.

But as long they will find nice Scandinavian succer like you who beleive all this rubbish they will continue as we see it works very well.

We preferred to invest the money for better purpose.

While they still cry for the poor 1/2 milion Palestinian refugeee, we (the Israeli Criminals of war) received in our country and rehabilitated 1.2 milion Jewish refugees who were expelled from Arabian countries only with their cloth on.

Remember: for 1 day income of the Arabian rich countries they could solve problem 65 years back.

Also remember:

If the Arabs will lay down their weapons their will be peace.

If Israel will lay down its weapons, there will be no Israel.

Don't forget that when you accuse others for crimes when you believe only to one side.
10:16 August 26, 2009 by Mini
I don't know why a 19-year old poor boy would have golden teeth?

Maybe he was bored and felt he needed to replace his nice healthy teeth with gold caps. Maybe the rappers in the states took on this trend...

Remember, wearing gold is FORBIDDEN for Muslim men according to their scripture!
12:00 August 26, 2009 by Moshe
Åsa Linderborg stated:

"I think it is a shame that whenever solidarity is shown for the Palestinians and criticism is directed again Israel, someone cries anti-Semitism."

This statement tells you there was a plot by the newspaper against Israel in or to show solidarity for the Palestinians.

The newspaper made-up a story, using free speech, and it proved nothing.

There is anti-semitism and Linderborg's statement shows it.
15:41 August 26, 2009 by morkusrex
I'm sorry but I feel the need to copy and paste the last comment from kooritze:

"Sorry but I feel the need to put some facts in here due to the rants of some proclaiming Sweden to be a moral and honest place to put your money in. During WWII Sweden supplied vasts amount of Iron Ore, Ball Bearings and other engineering parts to the Nazi war machine. Sweden even let them use their territory to invade Norawy. Also when Deutchmarks were in short supply, Sweden took payment in Nazi gold (or Jewish gold from its various sources eg teeth).....that gold is still here. It wasnt until 1943 when the Swedish govt realised they backed the wrong horse and switched sides. Intrinsically Swedes are opportunistic businessmen and today are huge exporters of arms. I am pro sweden believe it or not....but please stick to facts and the true nature of the country."

about freedom of speech, from WIKI:

"According to the Freedom Forum Organization, legal systems, and society at large, recognize limits on the freedom of speech, particularly when freedom of speech conflicts with other values or rights.[21] Limitations to freedom of speech may follow the "harm principle" or the "offense principle", for example in the case of pornography or "hate speech".[22] Limitations to freedom of speech may occur through legal sanction and/or social disapprobation."

Do no forget it's Sweden who closed a website because of a caricature which the Muslims didn't like.

And for all even trying to discuss the organ harvesting...just STOP. Grow up. everyone knows the article is false, you're just making a fool of yourselves.
18:17 August 26, 2009 by Rick Methven
This website provides Swedish news in English for us expats living in Sweden who prefer to get a digest in English of what is happening in the country in which WE LIVE.

We often make comments on stories we read, short and sweet and get on with the next story.

In the past few days, it has been taken over by the Israeli mis-information brigade. The Israeli and pro-Israeli posters who have commented on stories outside of the Aftonbladet story, have shown themselves to be ignorant and illiterate and to follow the lead of their Government spokesman to push the propaganda line that any slight towards Israel demonstrates that the whole world is anti-Semitic. I wonder in Netanyahu tried that line in London today when he had a meeting about the illegal Israeli settlements in occupied East Jerusalem?

All you Israelis please get off our web site and leave us Swedes and Expats living in Sweden alone.

You will not get condemnation of the Aftonbladet story from us or from our government. At some time in the future Aftonbladet MAY get a rap on the knuckles from Göran Lambertz when he gets back from his holidays but don't hold your breath. Until then just go away and leave us alone!!
18:37 August 26, 2009 by morkusrex
Rick Methven.

If you don't like it, don't read it.

No one is forcing you to read.

If you do choose to read. STOP WHINING!!!!

"illegal Israeli settlements in occupied East Jerusalem?"

Who says it's illegal?

It's all withing Israel borders. If you don't like it, write a letter to the UN. They returned us the land.

Does Israel tell Sweden not to build in Stockholm??


Mind your own business. Your country is no perfect, work on that before bugging others.
19:55 August 26, 2009 by Rick Methven
morkusrex (and other Mossad paid posters)

There you go again showing just how STUPID you are.

You hide under a pseudonym why don't you use your real name . What have you got to hide?

Re illegal settlements in East Jerusalem.

EVERYBODY in the whole world, from the United Nations down says that they are illegal. Israeli officials are evicting Palestinians from their homes in order to turn East Jerusalem into a Jewish only region. It is not within Israeli borders is Occupied territory.

Your infantile little mind says that Israel does not tell Swedes not to build in Stockholm! Perhaps you think that Israel has ,the right to dictate to the whole world!

I do not think that Sweden is perfect, like many countries it has it's good and bad points, I chose to come and live here because on balance it has more good than bad.

And do not come back to me with the old chestnut that I do not know anything about Israel. I have been to Israel many times. I had an Israeli partner for many years. And spent months in the country. My girlfriend eventually left Eretz Yisrael because of the bigotry of people like you. Dumb, numbskulls.

I have no opinion one way or the other as to the truth or lies of the Aftonbladet story. It is up to them to justify or otherwise the publication of the story. I started off thinking that it was most probably false but the vitriolic response attacks from the Israeli thugs such as yourself make me wonder

Why not take a read of the words of the sensible Israeli press and just SHUT UP


"The story... is certainly a contemptible story - the press at its worse. Yet the campaign Israel's government is conducting against Sweden following publication is no less untenable. This is a base, cynical campaign that proves that the foreign minister in Netanyahu's government thinks only of internal needs - his internal needs."


"Like the uncompromising demand for an apology from the Swedish government, the Israeli attack on the newspaper was like a gift from heaven for Aftonbladet that turned the story into 'struggle for freedom of the press in Sweden'... A simple, direct reaction by the Foreign Ministry... would have caused the story to disappear as early as the following day instead of becoming a diplomatic crisis from which no side gains."

Report abuse »

#136 19:40 August 26, 2009 by conboy

Just want to add my non-swedish support for their governments position condemning the shocking journalistic standards of Aftonbladet while defending the democratic stipulations of the Swedish constitution which protect the independence of the press. Shame on Aftonbladet and shame on Nethanayu and the Israeli Government!
20:29 August 26, 2009 by morkusrex
Rick Methven

When you start insulting and show your true face I know I'm making good points.

My name is Gal. I don't know why this is relevant.

"Israeli officials are evicting Palestinians from their homes" - no one is evicting anyone. except for Israel evicting Jews! to give more land to the palestinian-arabs.

"illegal settlements" - it's in OUR borders, therefore, It's legal. Nothing to argue here.

there are no more occupied territories. When 3-4 countries try to eliminate your country (without a reason except for - them not liking you) and don't succeed. NO, you CANNOT say:

"Oh we're sorry, can you give us the land back?" -NO!!! It does NOT work like that. ANYWHERE!!

Especially when they still try to kill you!!

And no, I'm not talking about Jerusalem. That's all ours. That's our Capital city!!

"Dumb, numbskulls." - again with the insulting. grow up please.

About what was said in Yedoit (one of our newspaper):

I totally agree!! Our government shouldn't have asked for condemnation.

It puts the Swedish government on a bad spot. from one hand , They don't want to do what Israel is telling them. On the other, Israel is right.

What should have been done is a lawsuit. A lawsuit against the Aftonbladet newspaper.

And not mentioning the Holocaust - Even if it's exactly the case. Freedom of speech to legit racism and hate.
19:41 August 27, 2009 by bill.lunn
why all the fuss ?

Sweden as a country is well known as very hypocritical....a litle like the Swiss. Make money where there is tragedy and trauma ( i.e. WWII ). Avoid trouble ( Muslim extremists, Russian submarines in Swedish waters ). Expound noble principles, but not at the expense of money or risk taking ( i.e. Mohammet cartoons )A country based on principles ? In theory, yes. In practice, a joke.
21:11 August 28, 2009 by lingonberrie
Rick Methven

Consider the source.
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Donald Trump won't get new Ericsson head's vote
Trump pictured at a campaign rally in Florida. Photo: Evan Vucci/AP

The new Swedish-American boss of telecoms giant Ericsson has revealed he will not vote for the Republican nominee in the forthcoming US presidential election.

Swedes named fourth most gender equal in the world
A file photo of men and women pushing prams in Stockholm. Photo: Claudio Bresciani/TT

Sweden has closed 81 percent of its overall gender gap according to the World Economic Forum.

Sweden: Russian warships in the Baltic 'worrying'
Swedish Defence Minister Peter Hultqvist. Photo: Vilhelm Stokstad/TT

Two Russian warships equipped with long-range missiles have entered the Baltic Sea after passing Denmark.

Why businesses are worried about Sweden's drone ban
A drone filming in Stockholm. Photo: Pontus Lundahl/TT

The Local investigates what Sweden's new drone ban could mean for businesses in the country.

This is the new top boss of Swedish Ericsson
Börje Ekholm. Photo: Magnus Hjalmarson Neideman/SvD/TT

Telecoms giant Ericsson has appointed a new CEO after a turbulent year for the company.

These are Sweden's best universities: ranking
A new university ranking has been released. Photo: Cecilia Larsson Lantz/Imagebank.sweden.se

At least according to this global ranking, which picks 12 Swedish universities among the top-1000.

Swedish pharmacies restrict paracetamol sales for teens
The move is intended to cut paracetamol overdoses. Photo: Nora Lorek/TT

Sweden's pharmacies are banning teens under 18 from buying more than one pack of pills at a time.

Rwandan genocide suspect held in Sweden
A memorial centre in Kigali, Rwanda. Photo: Ben Curtis/AP

A man has been arrested in Sweden suspected of involvement in the 1994 Rwandan genocide which claimed 800,000 lives.

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