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Swedish tabloid sued in New York

TT/The Local · 27 Aug 2009, 08:09

Published: 27 Aug 2009 08:09 GMT+02:00

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Guy Ophir, who works in Israel but has an address in New York, submitted a civil action suit to the New York State Supreme Court on Wednesday.

Ophir is claiming $7.5 million in damages against Aftonbladet. He writes in his writ that the newspaper intended to libel Jews and Israelis, himself included, and that he should be compensated financially.

The writ concerns an article published last week and which, according to Ophir, had ill intentions and is hateful against Jews, Israelis and the Israeli defence forces.

Ohir's writ is directed against the freelance journalist, Donald Boström, who wrote the text, and Aftonbladet - which is described in court documents as "the Swedish union's newspaper".

But according to experts that news agency TT has spoken to, the case has little chance of success.

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"As far as I can judge this lawyer has little hope of getting this case into court - as he is not himself named in the article," Bob Clothier at the Fox Rothschild law firm in Philadelphia.

Guy Orphir has been a soldier in Israel and he is reported to have told the Jersusalem Post daily that the article is "incendiary" and "something Goebbels could have written".

TT/The Local (news@thelocal.se)

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09:03 August 27, 2009 by hpunlimited
One word: Insane!
09:19 August 27, 2009 by Sensiblenick
Ahhh.. The American Way :o)
10:33 August 27, 2009 by Åskar
The American Way? Possibly, but this is not America so how could a court in NYC have any jurisdiction over a Swedish newspaper?
10:33 August 27, 2009 by ofdesign
This issue should be kept alive as long as possible until the writer and newspaper admit they fabricated a cruel article in order to injure innocent people. People sue all the time for slander and we all know that it is impossible to hRvest organs from a dead person. That was a malicious lie intended to incite hatred against a particular group of people. The credibility of the writer and the newspaper will lessen the longer the issue is kept alive. It doesn't matter if the case goes to trial or not. If the newspaper goes bankrupt defending this issue, that would be justice.
10:57 August 27, 2009 by Pengy
Zzzz, way to go Israel. I hope Israel and Palestina keeps on fighting for the rest of their pathetic existence. Zealous fantatics on both sides, they deserve the suffering they haul to one and another.
11:07 August 27, 2009 by Stüpid
Look Israeli and American News You will know:

Aftonbladet is also sold in America. That's the reason he was able to sue in USA.
11:22 August 27, 2009 by Str8RichandBlack
Israel is making such a big deal out of this it threatens to overshadow its demonstrable atrocities.

I think all the details about the shooting,autopsies without any reasonable purpose, the hastely burying of the corpses, the anonymous graves etc. will make people think about what's really going on in the Westbank and in Israel.
11:42 August 27, 2009 by Rebel
The lawyer is Israeli, the suit is from America.

Now here's my question, newpapers around the world publish stuff about Israel all the time that make the article in Aftonbladet almost seem legit and fair. Why not sue a bunch of news outlets in the Middle East? I really doubt this guy can get legal standing or that the suit can be held as valid -- if it is I suppose some Islamic fundamentalists can sue Penthouse and Playboy in a court in Tehran for damages done to the morality of the human race.
11:58 August 27, 2009 by Stüpid

I understand what you mean.....in regarding to news in Middle east against Israel.

But, only good countries are sued always. Because underdeveloped countries cannot be taken into consideration. No one wants to know what they print in poor third world countries. In Developed countries everything is taken seriously.

Because, if sued also, underdeveloped countries have no money to pay. They are already insulted by developed countries. They simply have no value and ignore the laws.
11:59 August 27, 2009 by DamnImmigrant
If the newspaper is SOLD in the US then that can be the basis of a lawsuit from the US.
12:01 August 27, 2009 by peropaco
@Str8. And I sent a Pulsa dinura your way so you , the person behind the name and your kind will be extint before :-)
13:05 August 27, 2009 by farnoxo
They **glaringly obvious** aspect of all of this is that that the vast bulk of the criticisms of Aftonbladet's article do not actually attempt to directly refute the validity of the evidence. Instead the focus of the criticism is on attacking the moral credibility of the piece, obfuscating the real issue with that standard defense employed whenever Israel is criticised - "it is anti-semetic".

Where is the proof that the allegations are actually false? Where is the ojective destruction of these allegations with cold, hard facts and evidence?

To me all of the "it is anti-semetic etc." counter-rhetoric feels remarkably like someone is trying to cover something up by diverting attention away from the real issue. For the responses of the Israeli (and pro-Israeli) to have any journalisitc credibility they should steer clear of rhetoric and focus on actually trying to refute the facts.
13:09 August 27, 2009 by mehrdad1111
calm down swedish. thats the way how civilizied humans like jews handle göbbels-style propaganda.

do you prefer burning swedish embassys and dead people?

Aftonbladet or any other big swedish media would never bring something like that against muslims because of pure fear of the reactions. and a swedish government would never stand up and play defender of "free speech" when something like that would be written about muslims.

so much for freedom of speech. freedom of speech in sweden is only present when the autors know that there is little to no risk for themself by bringing something against the chruch or the jews.

one can make a stage play with a gay jesus in germany or bring something about bloodthirsty jews because he knows exactly that there will be no death-fatwahs, 24 hour police protection or he will not come close to initiate the "3th world war".

when its about muslims, a "scissors im brian" is activated by fear and the cencorship dictates what can br published and what now.

we dont have free speech in sweden or in any other european country with 20.000.000 muslims inside the EU and the arab petro-dollar hungry western politicans.
13:47 August 27, 2009 by Beynch
Good! If irrefutable evidence is presented in court, then let this Ophir lick his, self-inflicted, wounds. If it turns out Aftonbladet fabricated, or published its accusations with less than clear evidence, then it should be punished. - I'm baffled by the venue though; A Swedish newspaper is verbally attacking Israel, where does New York fit into this?
14:18 August 27, 2009 by Kaethar
LOL. Only in the US of A.

"Ophir is claiming $7.5 million in damages against Aftonbladet. He writes in his writ that the newspaper intended to libel Jews and Israelis, himself included, and that he should be compensated financially."

This made my day.
15:24 August 27, 2009 by Antioche

First of all, this article is not some religious attack like this "mohammed Allah-barking dog".You may understand thats importance when you know that even picturing mohammed is not allowed.

Second of all, i cant understand Israelis which threatens european people about muslim invasion in Europe like some monsters.This is racism.It is not like they wanted to live their home country but its a consequence.

Third of all, when you remember all bombing UN school, cluster bombs, memorial photo on the palestianian bodies, it makes easier to believe this article.But if it is not true, aftonbladet should be punished like every false allegation.

Fourth of all, isnt this palestianians are living in Israel.Why they dont have rights to live like a human or sue some people?
15:58 August 27, 2009 by honorable
The Aftonbladet article is reminiscent of the rumor-based blood libels inflicted on jews during the 14th to 19th centuries. Shame on that newspaper, and shame on swedish politicians for not having commented more appropriately the slanderous character of this article.

In Quebec, a prominent private citizen (Yves Michaud) was blamed by the entire national assembly for much less, and for good reasons, without removing his freedom of speech.
16:21 August 27, 2009 by bill.lunn
Hey everybody,

We need to remember who/what we are dealing with. Sweden. A self deluded paragon of virtue which in reality...and history...is very hyporcritical and radical chic. It is easy to pick on people who are civilised; they respond civilly. It takes courage and honesty to defend freedom of speech when a newspaper publishes a cartoon of a warlike Mohammet. Muslims can be scary. They can issue fatwas, kill people in riots,etc. They also own Sweden's largest oil co. So, let's not let principles or rights stir up trouble with these folks. Jews on the other hand are pretty safe to play with, so let's have a go !!
16:29 August 27, 2009 by mysticbumwipe
Just so we try and keep it clear, sane and morally fair...

Guy Ophir is not the victime here. Nor are Jews. Nor is Israel.

19 year old Bilal Achmed Ghanem is the victim of this story. Killed before he reached his prime. His crime? Allegations of throwing stones?

The secondary victims are his immediate family, his mother and brother. They are left with horrendous memories of his wounding before their eyes, the cruel removal of his still living body (dragged down their steps by his feet), the return of his lifeless body some days later at midnight by helicopter, with no teeth and a huge surgical scar from the navel to his neck.
16:32 August 27, 2009 by honorable
Antioche: there was no bombing of a UN school. The 2009 "bombing" was propaganda from a UNRWA employee. UNRWA has 24 000 palestinians employees, roughly half of whom are Hamas members or sympathise with Hamas.

What your are effectively saying is that anti-israeli propaganda and anti-israel defamation encourages further lies, false rumors and defamation. That is why this irresponsible nonsense, whether it comes from Aftonbladet or UNRWA employees, must be stopped. Freedom of speech does not include freedom to lie or to spread false rumors.
17:05 August 27, 2009 by Rick Methven

Taking your point of view, that the bombing of the UN school in GAZA, did not happen (even when live footage was there to see on CNN), must make it OK for me to deny the haulocast( even if there is plenty of evidence to say that it did happen)

You want it both ways.

You want to deny anybody the right to critisisc Israel because you are gentle loving people who have always been hard done by. Yet on the other hand you want the right to Deny a proven issue of the bombing of the UN School.

Actually the IDF amitted bombing the school because they claimed that all the children, teachers, and foreign UN personnel where terrorists that shot at them.
17:06 August 27, 2009 by mehrdad1111

great posting. i could not agree more with you.

its a game about double standards. noone wants to burn his fingers at islam critisism, but jews are "free for all" because they fiught back with pen&paper instead of fire and knives.
17:11 August 27, 2009 by Marc11
post number 10 is simply nonsense
17:14 August 27, 2009 by sverigefleetz
The comments about this article prove that Israel is 100% right about this.

The anti Israeli sentiment is the thin veneer that covers the lurking Jew Hatred that exists in many countries not only your country.

The proof the righteousness of Israel's position against this abomination of truth is found in the comments of this article.

By the way,ou Swede's should do well to pay attention to what is happening in your own country. You are not watching your backs. The very liberal nature of your society is what will ultimately be so welcoming to the establishment of Sharia law in your own realm. Laugh now and remember these words in 20 years.

G-d Bless your poor country
17:25 August 27, 2009 by honorable
Rick Methven: the "bombing" of the UN school in Gaza did NOT happen. There is no live footage anywhere of a bombing of a UN school in Gaza. Very clearly, you have been manipulated by journalists of the type of the Aftonbladet journalist.

Read this article, for example:


PS: the holocaust did happen. Therefore, I am not having it both ways. I am having it one way: the way of truth.
17:51 August 27, 2009 by tigger007

free speech is fine when used properly and correctly. if you wanna have free speech that's fine,but think about what you are gonna say and write! alot of people will say things that are half truths and run with it to make that big story.i don't know if that story that the swedish newspaper printed was true,but something like this needs hard proof to back up it's claims! this freedom of speech is really getting out of hand in the west,the newspaper editors really need to use good judgement .

editors need to check their writers claims before they give the ok to print them and if the claims are true the editors should back their writers. this claim with this guy of taking the swedish newspaper to court is strange. if people are gonna use freedom of speech in this type of matter,if hope they have thicken skin and can fight. you might just get a hit in the mouth for all your troubles.
18:12 August 27, 2009 by mibrooks27
It is NOT "free speech" when you write and publish an outright lie that results in the deaths of innocent people. There are plenty of Arab fanatics that *have* and will use this invented story as an excuse to murder innocent Jews. This tabloid needs to be put pout of business and the publishers and editors arrested and tried as international criminals.
18:34 August 27, 2009 by honorable
Just as Rick Methven pretends that a UN school was bombed by Israel (1), many people will no doubt state in the future that "it is well known that Israel harvest organs of Palestinian people against there will". No amount of refutation will correct the damage done by Aftonbladet, just as you cannot put back the toothpaste in the tube, or collect back the feathers of a pillow which you completely opened up in the wind.

This is why we must all react strongly against serious news agencies or newspapers that spread rumors. There are enough daily facts in the world to fill a 1000 page newspaper. Nobody needs to loose time with rumors.

The Aftonbladet slander is almost as bad as the false news about the shool bombing that, in fact, never happened.

(1) Why does he believe in this slander? Because a lier pretended that a UN school was bombed by Israel and this lie was unconsciously transmitted by numerous news agencies; even today, when you try "Gaza, UN school, bombing", you get the false news among the first 10 or 20 hits!
19:11 August 27, 2009 by Torontonian
Comments like Str8RichandBlack (no 6) are taken right out of....

Comment by Str8RichandBlack:

"original Hebrews ... are genetically sick and have tons of deleterious genetic diseases. Dont listen to these fisby heads. They have made New York into a disfunctional city. Nonetheless, one way or the other they are going to go extinct."

Hitler On January 30, 1939.

"Today I want to be a prophet again. If international finance Jewry within Europe and abroad should succeed once more in plunging the peoples into a world war, then the consequence will be not the Bolshevization of the world and therewith a victory of Jewry, but on the contrary, the destruction of the Jewish race in Europe. "
19:42 August 27, 2009 by honorable
Comments # 6 and # 8 are slanderous and scandalous. There is no apartheid in Israel (or there is only for those who do not know the meaning of the term). There is no "demonstrable atrocities" committed by Israel, unless, again, one debases the meaning of the term.

These are the unfortunate consequences of all the propaganda uncritically published by serious newspapers (Aftonbladet and the organ removal canard; the unbombed UN school in Gaza that many still believe was bombed, against all credible evidence).
19:48 August 27, 2009 by Rick Methven

U.N. Secretary General Ban Ki-moon on Saturday condemned as "outrageous" the bombing by the Israeli military of a U.N.-run school in the Gaza Strip in which two people were killed.

"Another U.N. school was hit by the Israeli Defense Forces," Ban told a news conference in Beirut, hours after the school in the northern Gaza town of Beit Lahiya in which some 1,600 people were sheltering was set ablaze by Israeli bombs.

A woman and a child were killed and another dozen people were injured in the attack, medics said.

"I condemn in the strongest terms this outrageous attack which is the third time that this has happened," he said.

"Top Israeli leaders had given me their assurances two days ago when I was visiting Israel that U.N. premises would be fully respected. I strongly demand a thorough investigation

Shelling deep inside Gaza City by the Israeli Defense Force has resulted in damage - for a second time since the fighting in Gaza began 20 days ago - a UN school. The school run by the United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees (UNRWA). At least three people, among the hundreds seeking shelter in the compound, were wounded. Part of the compound that included a warehouse where the aid agency keeps food and medical supplies caught fire and it took six hours for it to be brought under control. Israeli authorities say the strike on the compound was a "grave mistake." UNRWA Commissioner General Karen AbuZayd says the facility was hit a number of times with phosphorous bombs creating the severe fire.

So it did not happen ????

I suppose that U.N. Secretary General Ban Ki-moon is a palestinian lackey and anti-semitic too?

How come the IDF admitted the attack and said it was a grave mistake if it never happened.

Like Sweds should not believe averything that is written in Aftonbladet, the Isaelis shoule not believe the mouthpiece of the Israeki government - Haaretz.

I am not Anti-semitic just anti those blind 'anti everybody' who dares to even think of critising Israel and think that they and only they are perfect.
19:48 August 27, 2009 by Ben Mowbray
I am sick of hearing about people of Jewish faith claiming every shot at Israel is an anti-semetic shot against them, their people and their religion. I think they should get over themselves and wake up. A lawyer in New York has no business suing a newspaper in Sweden that has made an accusation against his country. Certainly not in the United States.

...that aside.

I don't know how many other people feel this way, but I personally view Israel as a country, not as a religion. I come from a secular country. Issues of religion and state are kept seperate. It may be that Israel is a country where state and religion are as one, but that doesn't matter to me. It is still a country, and if it is acting as a country, that's how I'm going to regard it. It still has borders, it has an army, it is a country.

Israel, as a country, not as a religion, has done terrible, shameful things since its inception. That's not to say other countries, especially prominent western ones, have not done a whole host of shameful things. However, they don't go around accusing any opponent of anti-semitism.

Israel ought to be ashamed of the way they treat the Palestinians. I'm not talking about the article or the issue in question at all. I'm talking about treating them like animals, taking away their rights through putting up walls, road blocks, denying them fair trade with the outside world, and in general, the means to support themselves.

Maybe I should sue this lawyer in New York for that...

...oh wait, no I shouldn't, because I have no business doing that!
20:03 August 27, 2009 by honorable
Rick Metheven: NO, it did NOT happen. U.N. Secretary general Ban Ki-Moon was mistaken:

"On January 6, Israel fired mortar shells at militants near the Al-Fakhura school.[120] Initially, reports mistakenly stated that the attack had directly hit the school and that the victims had taken refuge there to escape the fighting. This created a public outcry and prompted condemnation from Secretary General of the United Nations Ban Ki Moon, members of the news media, and international aid agencies. The response before it was learned that the school itself was not attacked lead to a renewed push for a cease-fire in the conflict.[121]"

To find source, do "gaza war, Wikipedia" in Google.
01:01 August 28, 2009 by Cornelius Hamelberg
Dear All,

A lot of foul anti-Semitic kind of language is now creeping into this discussion and it seems that we are slightly losing our focus on the main issue. So Guy Ophir and perhaps a hundred other victims of the blood libel decide to sue the author of the calumny and you want to make an issue of the legal redress we choose to pursue?

Mind you no one has advocated the bombing of the Aftonbladet headquarters…

" One Black represent all, all over the world." ( Steel Pulse) Can you understand that?

Just as there is lot of pro-Palestinian propaganda, so too there is a lot of anti - Eurabia paranoia such as this demographicproblem.mnv as the prospect of this aspect of globalisation is already scaring the bananas out of a lot of people. For some, it's an on-going ever-approaching reality:



Whether or not this is racism is discussable.

( It's reported that the late Emperor of Ethiopia agreed to construct a few more mosques in Addis Ababa - on one condition : that he would be permitted to build a few churches in Mecca.

Equal Rights, right?
02:59 August 28, 2009 by Torontonian
"All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing."
03:18 August 28, 2009 by lingonberrie
Consider the source.
07:01 August 28, 2009 by ilan
somthing you GOT to see !

Resurrection in Palestine

Poor Starving Gaza Palestinians at the Start of Ramadan

Child Abuse in Gaza, Hamas Terrorists Sponsored Pedophile Wedding"

British Colonel Declares The IDF Did More to Safeguard Civilians Than Any Other Army

Israel embraces Darfur

Cowardly IDF Soldier Saves Palestinian Girl Life

Female Homicide Bomber (suicide)

JUST google it !
07:10 August 28, 2009 by KarlK
I wonder if palestinian liver is kosher? Maybe if you don´t get the transplant on a friday=)
07:11 August 28, 2009 by ilan
somthing you GOT to ebutuoy !

Resurrection in Palestine

Poor Starving Gaza Palestinians at the Start of Ramadan

Child Abuse in Gaza, Hamas Terrorists Sponsored Pedophile Wedding"

British Colonel Declares The IDF Did More to Safeguard Civilians Than Any Other Army

Israel embraces Darfur

Cowardly IDF Soldier Saves Palestinian Girl Life

Female Homicide Bomber (suicide)

JUST ebutuoy it !
07:24 August 28, 2009 by ilan
Its funny i tell you...

MUSLIMS took over 98% of the middle east

(occupation? LOL)

killing jews,christians,bahai,copt,arm enian,assyrians enslaving all of africa

rejected the UN 2 state solution

opening holy war against the israelites (by the way The words jerusalem/el-quds are not mentioned in the Quran even once ! in the bible 767 times! )

in order "kick the jews to the sea" lost ALL the wars and blaming all their misfortunes on the jews.

-Zuheir Mohsen (Arabic: زهير محسن)-

"The "Palestinian people" does not exist. The creation of a Palestinian state is only a means for continuing our struggle against the state of Israel for our Arab unity. In reality today there is no difference between Jordanians, Palestinians, Syrians and Lebanese. Only for political and tactical reasons do we speak today about the existence of a "Palestinian people".."

-Walid Shoebat (Arabic: وليد شويبات‎)-

"As I lived in Palestine, everyone I knew could trace their heritage back to the original country their great grandparents came from. Everyone knew their origin was not from the Canaanites, but ironically, this is the kind of stuff our education included. The fact is that today's Palestinians are immigrants from the surrounding nations! I grew up well knowing the history and origins of today's Palestinians as being from Yemen, Saudi Arabia, Morocco, Christians from Greece, muslim Sherkas from Russia, muslims from Bosnia, and the Jordanians next door. My grandfather, who was a dignitary in Bethlehem, almost lost his life by Abdul Qader Al-Husseni (the leader of the Palestinian revolution) after being accused of selling land to Jews. He used to tell us that his village "Beit Sahur " in Bethlehem County was empty before his father settled in the area with six other families. The town has now grown to 30,000 inhabitants".

The word "palestine/filistin" is not an arabic word by origin, ask any scholar how do you say palestinians in arabic!? there isn't a word called palestinians in arabic because there isn't such nation!

the word palestine/filistin comes from a LATIN via GREEK via

HEBREW word The Philistines (Hebrew פְלִשְׁתִּים, p'lishtim, lit. "invaders") from greece mycenaean's not- MUSLIM ARABs !!

the romans ( who changed the name from judea to palestina) used the word to describe a -REGION- never a nation nor a country!

after the victory of the british army over the turks

the brits gave jordan to the arabs

and divide the holy land in 2 half's arabs/jews

the arabs rejected the UN 2 state solution.

opened a holy "war 1948" aginst the israelites(7 countries VS 1 small israel) LOST land. and what do you know..

say hello to the EX-jordanians & egyptions =the "palestinians"

gaza was egypt befor israel won it in the "Six-Day War 67" and the west bank was jordan there were no "PALESTINIANS" back then!

they say they lived there all along,,, well...

lets read together those reports from people who actually visited the holy land... before 1900 shell we kids..??

"There is not a solitary village throughout its whole extent (valley of Jezreel, Galilea); not for thirty miles in either direction... One may ride ten miles hereabouts and not see ten human beings. For the sort of solitude to make one dreary, come to Galilee... Nazareth is forlorn... Jericho lies a mouldering ruin... Bethlehem and Bethany, in their poverty and humiliation... untenanted by any living creature.

- Mark Twain, "The Innocents Abroad",

1867 -

"The land in Palestine is lacking in people to till its fertile soil".

- British archaeologist Thomas Shaw, mid-1700s -

"Palestine is a ruined and desolate land".

- Count Constantine François Volney, XVIII century French author and historian -

"The country is in a considerable degree empty of inhabitants and therefore its greatest need is of a body of population".

- James Finn, British Consul in 1857 -

"The area was underpopulated and remained economically stagnant until the arrival of the first Zionist pioneers in the 1880's, who came to rebuild the Jewish land. The country had remained "The Holy Land" in the religious and historic consciousness of mankind, which associated it with the Bible and the history of the Jewish people. Jewish development of the country also attracted large numbers of other immigrants - both Jewish and Arab.

- The report of the British Royal Commission, 1913 -

"The yellow badge (or yellow patch)",

was first introduced in ISLAMIC countries

to subrogate jews,christians and bahai

from the local ISLAMIC population long before the NAZIS!

60% of the jews in israel ("mizrahi jews")

are refugees from ISLAMIC countries!

the first documented massacre in the holy land

is the Hebron massacre 1929.

google "Jewish exodus from Arab lands" "yellow badge" "plunder of Safed 1834" "Farhud" "Dhimmi" "Tiberias massacre"
07:25 August 28, 2009 by ilan
"Palaestina ex monumentis veteribus illustrata" - a detailed geographical survey of Palestine in 1696 written in Latin by Adriaan Reland published by Willem Broedelet, Utrecht, in 1714.

Residents of the country mainly concentrated in cities: Jerusalem, Acre, Safed, Jaffa, Tiberias and Gaza.

In most cities, the majority of residents are Christians, Jews and others, very few Muslims who generally are Bedouin, seasonal workers who came to serve as Seasonal workers in agriculture or building.

Nablus: 120 muslims, 70 Samaritans

Nazareth: 700 people - all Christians

Umm al-Fahm: 50 people-10 families, ALL Christian

Gaza: 550 people- 300 Jews,250 Christian(Jews engaged in agriculture ,Christians deal with the trading and transporting the products)

Tiberias:  300 residents, all Jews.

Safed: about 200 inhabitants, all Jews

Jerusalem :5000 people,most of them (3,500) Jews,the rest - Christian (1000) Muslim (500)
07:26 August 28, 2009 by ilan
... So far from being persecuted, the Arabs have

crowded into the country and multiplied till their

population has increased more than even all world Jewry

could lift up the Jewish population.

-- Winston Churchill [45]
07:28 August 28, 2009 by ilan
... and it's kinda funny to me that the Quran dosent mention the fakestinians even once ! ! !

but the israelis many times !

"And thereafter We [Allah] said to the Children of Israel: 'Dwell securely in the Promised Land. And when the last warning will come to pass, we will gather you together in a mingled crowd'.".

-Qur'an,sura 17:104 -

-Qur'an, Sura 5:21-

-Qu'ran, Sura 17:104-

if you are a true muslim you got to be a zionist!
07:28 August 28, 2009 by ilan
Zakariyya Muhammad- Palestinian scholar

have criticized pro-Palestinian arguments based on Canaanite lineage, or what he calls "Canaanite ideology". He states that it is an "intellectual fad, divorced from the concerns of ordinary people."[79] By assigning its pursuit to the desire to predate Jewish national claims, he describes Canaanism as a "losing ideology",
07:29 August 28, 2009 by ilan
The Islamic claim to Jerusalem is false - There were no mosques in Jerusalem in 632 c.e. at the death of Muhammad... Jerusalem was [then] a Christian-occupied city

In the days of Muhammad, who died in 632 of the Common Era, Jerusalem was a Christian-occupied city within the Byzantine Empire. Jerusalem was captured by caliph Omar only in 638 c.e., six years after Muhammad's death. Throughout all this time there were only churches in Jerusalem, and a church stood on the Temple Mount, called the Church of Saint Mary of Justinian, built in the Byzantine architectural style
10:03 August 28, 2009 by hjoian
thanks ilan, kind of clears that all up then doesnt it! I wondered what all the fighting was about.....now,how does one get a peacefull resolution to this?

All i know is that since i was a kid i have always known of violence in that area,and maybe there always will be,religion has a lot to answer for....
12:41 August 28, 2009 by Cornelius Hamelberg
This Aftonbladet article is not a flash in the pan: it has it's own environmental support as a result of which it can flourish in comfort since a cold and anti-Semitic climate permits it to do so:


The most infamous Sweden-based Radio Islam is an anti-Semitic organ not fit for transplant to anywhere else than to the heart of anti-Semitism - and talking about anti-Semitism, there are distinct cultures in which it has been nurtured throughout the ages, Christian Europe, hell- bent on converting Jews ( much more than it has been determined to convert Muslims).. This anti-Semitism flowered and powered Hitler's anti-Semitic ideology which resulted in the Holocaust - and the Holocaust also gave more impetus to Arab nationalism which transplanted/ transferred European anti-Semitism into the mainstream propaganda tenets and emotional core of Arab Nationalism, from the accursed Hitler's Mufti Mohammed Amin al-Husseini to Arab nationalism's strongest profile before Saddam Hussein, the greatest anti- Zionist yet Gamal Abdel Nasser, second to no one, not even the late arch terrorist Yasser Arafat.

But sticking to the central issue from which this discussion has been spiralling, here is USA's most distinguished legal brain, Alan Dershowitz writing about that Aftonbladet article (and imagine if he could give succour to the litigant Guy Ophir by having him in him in his legal team):


All that has been requested is that the Government position itself unequivocally towards that Aftonbladet article just as it would if Aftonbladet published an inflammatory article against e.g. the prophet of Islam - Salallahu alaihi wa salaam - for fear that Sweden would then become a tourist destination for terrorist from abroad, not to mention some possible home-grown varieties that could cause much havoc in the land.
18:43 August 28, 2009 by mkvgtired
I completely disagree with the article but believe the paper has the right to print it.
19:15 August 28, 2009 by honorable
Ilan: thank your for your very interesting and instructive comments. Thanks too to Cornelius.
20:15 August 28, 2009 by israeli
i wonder how many sweat drop will drip from the swedish writer's forehead the next year or so. i call all israelis and jews and other honest poeple that get insulted by this article to suit.

after the last al-dura incident in which it was proven that reports against israel are being fabricated by the palestinians as part of their propoganda war, i was convinced there is a european leftist- islamic coalition that is aimed to spread as many lies as possible. let us hit them in their pockets.
08:42 August 29, 2009 by mysticbumwipe
To mehrdad1111, post 22. You wrote:

"its a game about double standards....jews are "free for all" because they fight back with pen&paper instead of fire and knives."

You have got to be kidding. :-o

This isn't about "jews"???

Was it "pen&paper" that killed 19 year old Bilal, who was the focus of the Aftonbladet article??? :-o

Was it "pen&paper" that killed all the hundreds of women and children just after Christmas in Gaza, nor wounded the thousands of others.

Or how to explain this:

14:45 August 29, 2009 by Cornelius Hamelberg
Just for the record,

With regard to the anti-Semitism imported from Mister Hitler's post and pre-holocaust Europe, still a strong feature in pan-Arabism's anti-Zionism after the rebirthing of Israel on 14 May 1948, I'd like to point out that the horrible past with things like this not withstanding,


we should not be too overall pessimistic about peace and harmony between the fighting cousins ( the Jews and the Arabs) the Nobel Prize winning trio, Peres' Rabin and Arafat's much desired peace & tranquillity in the Middle East: I attended Princeton's Professor Mark R. Cohen's lecture on 30th October 2005 at the Judiska Församlingshuset. He was very upbeat , very optimistic about future good relations, both during the lecture ( which featured Prince Hassan of Jordan, somewhat ) and in the chat we had with him after that.

There's a Shia book entitled ASK THOSE WHO KNOW……

Better ask those than ask those who don't know.

I too am an optimist…..and since the background (anti-Semitism ) seems a permanent one, would like to comment later on, on this oft-repeated spurious charge that dares compare Israel to either (God forbid) Nazi Germany or Apartheid South Africa…

Where in the Judea and Samaria are the gas chambers, a black man may well begin to ask….
04:12 August 30, 2009 by Moshe
DamnImmigrant wrote:

"If the newspaper is SOLD in the US then that can be the basis of a lawsuit from the US." and Marc11 responded by stating "post number 10 is simply nonsense".

If Aftonbladet does business in NY, then it can be sued in court for libel.

Now the court can either accept the case or reject it. The case can then be appealed to a higher court.

It is simply the truth.
04:12 September 1, 2009 by Tony Ryals
I would warn Aftonbladet and Donald Boström about New York or Zionist 'justice' in advance and to expose as best they can the injustice done to us Americans since 9/11 both by our politicians as well as by our legal system which in the case of 9/11 for some reason has been monopolized by Jewish attorneys and judges with ties to Israel and not the U.S.

Constitution that guarantees free speech and separation of church and state.If only the founders of that Consdtitution had known they might have added separation of synogague and mosque and state as well just to make it clear.

Judge Alvin Hellerstein is a case or the case in point.He has harrassed and intimidated so many familes who lost loved ones on 9/11 its ridiculess.I believe both Aftonbladet and Donald Boström should boycott New York and U.S. 'justice until victims of 9/11 in American receive justice and ex Israeli military officers and I sraeli money launder Menachem Atzmon who 'guarded' Logan Boston on 9/11 with their ICTS International stock and 'seurity' fraud and Marvin Bush and his cousen Wirt Walker III

are brought to justice for their role in guarding Dulles Airport on 9/11 and running a stock fraud against American investors as well called Securcom.

If they were to make that stipulation clear and at least Sweden and hopefully the EU backed them up Americans would be greatful forever.Please boycott U.S. 'justice' system.


This is America?

Where Can the 9-11 Victims Find Justice?

"This bastard judicial system is so corrupt," Ellen Mariani wrote me the other day. "But the 9-11 people want the truth behind these murders.

"I am not giving up. These murderers just keep on lying more and more. It will break open one day not too far in the future," she said......

The entire 9-11 litigation is meant NOT to be seen or understood by the American public. The media is intentionally not reporting about the developments in the courtroom of Hellerstein. They are in cahoots to make the 9-11 litigation go away. I have never seen such outrageous treatment of so many high-profile cases, but it is clear that the judge has his orders to bury these cases one way or another.

As I have said all along, the court of Alvin K. Hellerstein is not interested in delivering justice to the victims of 9-11 -- he is bound and determined to bury all of the 9-11 litigation without a single case going to trial. This is an outrage that the American people need to know about. If American were not so mesmerized by the television nonsense they might actually do something about this travesty of justice - which affects every American, NOT just the 9-11 victims......
10:07 September 1, 2009 by SFSister
Thanks for enlightening me, Tony Ryals, now I see 9/11 was a JEWISH plot. Perhaps you read the Al Jazeera piece, stating that all the Jews who worked in the Twin Towers stayed home that day, because they all knew the Twin Towers would be attacked. That would be a surprise to the two people I know of who happened to die there that day, both Jews, one of whom was a police officer. Also to the Israeli Mossad, which warned former (thank God) President Bush that they had gotten wind of just such a plan in the works by Muslim terrorists.

No wonder people are willing to believe the dreck in that article. If you hate Jews, you can believe anything.
19:31 September 1, 2009 by Tony Ryals
by SFSister,

Why do you put words in a mouth that I didn't write ? Did I say W Bush and the Kuwait royals were Jews !? You obviously have your own agenda and its clearly not the truth.It was actually an African-American poet from New Jersey who was the

most vocal in bringing out the software company Odigo(also a U.S. incorporated stock fraud against Americans)as having had diect communication with 'Al Qaeda'just before 9/11 warning them about the attack.It was the fraudulent company itself who publically acknowledged said communication,so do you wish to attack that ISRAELI ZIONIST COMPANY FOR HAVING DIRECT COMMUNICATION WITH THE SUPPOSED AL QAEDA THEMSELVES ?

One thing I have been emphasizing is international elite far right cooperation and collusion against us all but it is true Israel is one if not the most signicant center of this far right fascist billionaire's club.Also whoever said that

'little jews' weren't expendable by that group and to them sometimes even a mid level jew or moslem or chtistian fascist is also expendable for the 'cause' of personal and group enrichment from the 'terrorism industry' that has become a part of the military-industrial complex that Dwight Eisenhower(who should have known)warned us about before his death.

The poet I refered to previously was NJ poet laureate Amiri Baraka with an Islamic name.I am an atheist myself but as it turns out the governor McGeevey who fired poet lauraete Amiri Baraka was being bribed with an Israeli homosexual prostitute and had to resign as governor himself.

The Israeli Spy RingYet another Israeli telecom company is Odigo, which provides the core message .... Checkpoint Systems, which like Amdocs, Comverse Infosys, and Odigo, ...


Kobi Alexander As AFP has previously reported, Odigo, like Comverse and other Israel-based software companies, is really headquartered in Herzliya, Israel, the suburb of ...


Reporters Diary: 'Kobi' Alexander's Namibia - News - CNBC.com7 Jun 2007 ... Former Comverse Technology CEO Jacob "Kobi" Alexander has come to start a new life-and maybe avoid prosecution on options fraud charges in ...


SEXPIONAGE: Why Gay Governor McGreevy really stepped Down, page 120 posts - 13 authors

I can't beleive the media isn't adressing the spy/blackmail issue more. .... The self-"outing" of New Jersey Governor James McGreevey and his involvement with ... He's not gay. He's a prostitute for Israel's intelligence apparatus. ...

05:47 September 4, 2009 by Tony Ryals
If I could read and write Swedish I'd have this info to Aftonbladet and Donald Boström in a hot minute.The Norway divestment from Elbit Systems Ltd. is breaking news.The Local should pick up on it and as the Swedish English News source should review Christopher Bollyn's(who has a Scandinavian connection by way of his wife),strong accusation of a possible Israel and Elbit Systems Ltd. connection to 9/11 by way of an explosive called Super-Thermite that he believed was planted in the WTC just prior to 9/11/01.

You can follow the links below including to Bollyn's site which has much more info than I can post here.I have never met him but he studied at U.C.Santa Cruz and I lived in Santa Cruz which is where I briefly met CIA Chief Leon Panetta who was my Congressman at the time.Small world indeed.But there is more !

I warned Aftonbladet and Donald Boström above about NY Zionist 'justice' using New York Judge Alvin Hellerstein who has blocked 9/11 families legal discovery at ever turn - for how many years now !? Well,as it turns out there is a

Ran Hellerstein, age 58 who is Executive Vice President and Co-General Manager of Elbit Systems Ltd.'s Aerospace Division Haifa, Israel !This info is thanks to Christopher Bollyn.So first check the recent news re Norway,Elbit and the Israeli government.Check out Bollyn's website for yourselves.



LONDON -- Norway's Finance Ministry said Thursday it has excluded Israel's Elbit Systems Ltd. from the country's vast global pension-fund portfolio because of ethical concerns...


Foreign Ministry summons Norwegian ambassador over Elbit decision

Ynetnews - ‎11 hours ago‎

Yossi Gal, director-general of the Foreign Ministry, summoned the Norwegian ambassador to Israel following his government's decision to exclude Elbit ...


Christopher Bollyn outside his home in suburban Chicago after being assaulted and tortured with a TASER by ..undercover tactical team in front of his wife and 8-year-old daughter in August 2006....

Israel's Super-Thermite Lab

August 26, 2009

The thesis of my book, Solving 9-11: The Deception that Changed the World, is that a small gang of high-level Zionist extremists carried out 9-11. This group centers around the senior Israeli terrorist, Shimon Peres, who is currently president of Israel...Alvin K. Hellerstein is devoted to protecting Israel. He has obstructed a 9-11 trial for 8 years...

Some members of the family emigrated to Palestine while others went to America. The ones that went to Palestine later went to America, and vice-versa. The family is one of the founding families of the Zionist state... Alvin K. Hellerstein, who is currently ruling over the 9-11 litigation..
00:59 September 9, 2009 by Tony Ryals
Oh my...


Neturei Karta ideology alive and kicking

Innocent booklet in her mailbox by Neturei Karta compels Tali Farkash to explain to her son truth about the 'evil Zionists.' Neturei Karta – Aramaic for protectors of the city – spread their ideology to impressionable children as they continue their hundred-year-old struggle against Zionism

Tali Farkash Published: 08.25.09, 17:16 / Israel Jewish Scene


Jerusalem: Haredim bring segregation to the street

Group of Neturei Karta activists tour capital's ultra-Orthodox neighborhoods on Friday, call on men and women to use separate sidewalks

Ari Galahar Published: 08.10.09, 19:06 / Israel Jewish Scene
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