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Sweden's free speech tradition draws Israeli ire

AFP · 27 Aug 2009, 11:02

Published: 27 Aug 2009 11:02 GMT+02:00

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The row is likely to overshadow a visit to Israel by Swedish Foreign Minister Carl Bildt next month, right in the midst of Sweden's presidency of the rotating European Union, a key player in the Middle East peace process.

Many ordinary Swedes back the government's stance of not condemning the piece by Aftonbladet, the country's top-selling daily, according to a survey released on Wednesday.

In an online poll answered by 24,000 readers of the national daily Svenska Dagbladet since Sunday, 65 percent said they backed the position taken by Prime Minister Fredrik Reinfeldt's centre-right government.

Israel has urged the Swedish government to condemn the "anti-Semitic" article, which claimed that Israeli soldiers snatched Palestinian youths to steal their organs and returned their dismembered bodies days later.

"We are not asking the Swedish government for an apology, we are asking for their condemnation," a senior official quoted Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu as telling ministers during a weekly cabinet meeting on Sunday.

But Sweden, which was one of the first countries in the world to pass a law guaranteeing freedom of expression in 1766, has refused to condemn the tabloid.

"It's important for me to say that you cannot turn to the Swedish government and ask it to violate the Swedish constitution," Reinfeldt said on Monday.

The only Swedish condemnation has come from its ambassador to Israel, Elisabet Borsiin Bonnier, who slammed the piece as "shocking and appalling."

But the Swedish government distanced itself from Bonnier's remarks, stressing they should only be seen in a local context.

Urban Ahlin, foreign affairs spokesman for the opposition Social Democrats, has described the row as "a minor diplomatic crisis between Sweden and Israel" and has called upon Bildt to appear before the parliament's constitutional committee to explain Bonnier's comments.

In his complaint, Ahlin defended Sweden's freedom of the press and expression laws and stressed that "it is not the government's business to speak out about whether something is suitable to print."

Ahlin wants Bildt to explain if all Swedish embassies had been sufficiently briefed on freedom of expression and if those instructions had been followed in the case of Bonnier.

The foreign minister will not appear before the committee before spring next year.

Faced with a political impasse, some are trying to launch a legal battle.

Swedish Chancellor of Justice Göran Lambertz received two written requests on Tuesday asking to investigate whether the report amounted to racial agitation contrary to Sweden's freedom of expression legislation.

Lambertz is the only prosecutor in the country who can take legal action in cases concerning free speech.

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Swedish national media have been highly critical of the article but nevertheless defend its right to be published.

The Dagens Nyheter newspaper devoted three columns to a philosopher criticising Aftonbladet's journalistic methods rather than the decision to publish itself.

Svenska Dagbladet published a lengthy editorial from the liberal Haaretz daily, and also asked six major Swedish newspapers if they would have published such a story.

Five refused but the majority agreed that Aftonbladet had not violated the country's press freedom laws.

Expressen, its major tabloid rival, was vigorous in its defence of the decision to publish.

"Aftonbladet was within its rights to publish the article, and neither the Chancellor of Justice, nor the Israeli government, nor the Swedish ambassador has the right to interfere with that decision," wrote the editor-in-chief of the newspaper's culture section, Björn Wiman.

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Your comments about this article

12:02 August 27, 2009 by DamnImmigrant
I am confused how the government can condemn the mohammad pictures, even going so far as to shut down a web site displaying the pictures, and yet say nothing about this article.

The problem with this article is that it is impossible to harvest the organs of DEAD people! So the reporter is saying that the Israelis are cutting up LIVING people?!

The government can still claim free press while at the same time condemning the journalistic integrity of the article and the newspaper. Maybe I do not understand the word "CONDEMN" as it is used between the government and the newspaper

The newspapers editors really dropped the ball on this one! The FACT that you cannot use dead peoples organs should have been enough to have stopped this article.

The only recourse anyone has against this paper is a law suite for defamation of character.
12:48 August 27, 2009 by irit22
The article is a blood libel.It dangers Jews.are you for the fredom to murder?

My Jewish mother in law said it reminds her of Poland in 1938.
15:12 August 27, 2009 by Khamees Hasan
Mohammad pictures:

Those were cartoons that meant to make fun of a man who is holy for 100's of millions, and it had nothing to inform or discuss. But this article is telling suspicions about the Israeli army (which has Jewish-cherist-Muslim soldiers FYI) , and instead of discussing these suspicions, or providing their defense (if they have one) , simply they started attacking AftonBladet, and calling it Antisemitic !

so your comparison is not valid here

impossible to harvest the organs of DEAD people!:

Dear Mr Anatomy, the body parts live for several hours after death, this why you can go and sign that they can use your body parts after death, and Donald mentioned in his article that a chopper was waiting out of the refugee camp when that guy was shot and taken by the soldiers (I actually doubt if you read the article)

My Jewish mother in law said it reminds her of Poland in 1938. :

I agree, it should remind her of those days, when a guy is shot dead so they can use his organs, it sounds like another Holocaust, and it's really horrible and shocking.

Check your favorite encyclopedia to see the meaning of Semite, you will find that it's not only jewish, many others are in the list, including Arabs.

So if any of you dare to discuss my ideas, or say I'm wrong, I will sue him, and scare the hill of him, and silence his voice. Down with the anti Semitic

15:34 August 27, 2009 by mehrdad1111
@Khamees Hasan:

since you are a muslim, one can not expect a neutral opinion from you about jews.

but i dont blame you personaly for that.

when someone grows up in a muslim parallel society in europe and is bombarded by muslim antisemitic propaganda, in which jews are apes and pigs, wh brought aids into the muslim world, hitler is a hero and the holocaust never happend, its normal that people get brain washed and take this hate speech for true.

that happend to millions of germans before WW2 and that happens to millions of muslims day by day.
16:19 August 27, 2009 by Khamees Hasan
@ mehrdad1111

I wish that you could discuss my ideas, not judging me based on a religion or race.

Non has anything against jews, I'm against any killer regardless of the religion, and when an Israeli soldier kills an innocent, then I'm against him, doesn't matter if he's Jews or Muslim or christian , as these 3 religions are in that army.

and talking about a parallel society, You live here, and consider your home is in another country. Like eating in a restaurant, and paying the bill in another!!!
17:21 August 27, 2009 by mehrdad1111
@Khamees Hasan:

are you also against hamas terrorists who kill aimed 30-40 jewish civilians? you better dont speak it out too loud in your muslim parallel universe because of the reactions from the members of the "religion of peace".

now back to your ideas.

-muhammad cartoons were totaly harmless when compared with antisemitic rumors which caused and resulted the elimination of the entire european jewish population. and the reaction of the muslim world was childish and immature. you muslims can learn alot from jews about how to deal with such things in a human and civilizied way.

-there are no muslims in the IDF. there are nearly all jews, some druze (who refuse to name themself as muslims and are proud to be israelis and in the IDF) and few christians. muslims dont want to serve in the IDF and they should not because of the risk which they would cause for the security of israel.

-the peak of idiocy it takeing this hate speech as truth. let beside that none is so stuppid and shoot someone in the cheat and abdomen AND give the "empty body" back to the families and risk that they find out that something is missed.

the jews dont need to prove themself unguilty because in civilizies non-muslim countries, one must prove that you are guilty and until then you are not guilty. so it was up to the pali-familiy and their antisemitic supporters to open the body and prove that there is something wrong with that.

the jews dont have to do any investigations for the same reason why they dont need to investigate idiotic and absurd muslim propaganda about jews bringing AIDS and swine flu to the ironicly "judenrein" made muslim world or to put poison into the fountains or stealing christian childs blood to bakeing bread with.

they dont need to investigate that because these are not serious claims with facts and evidence behind, but idologicly driven hate speech against jews.
22:21 August 27, 2009 by Khamees Hasan

Hamas is a group of freedom fighters, no difference between them and Che or the french resistance when they were under occupation.

If they have access to F16 or Mirkava, then they would have targeted only soldiers, but shame on the army that kills 1500 within few days, 1t least 1/3 of them were children, 11 of them were confirmed civilians who had a white flags in their hands.

refer to the latest Human Rights Watch report.

The army has a majority of Jews, but not all. The Druze are saying that they are muslims, and there are beduim who are not druze too, and to make the long short, I rember that (Israel ) is a secularist state, isn't it?

About learning from Jews, we do not need that, as in the time your grandfathers were getting killed in Europe (which was not justified) , the jews were having a very peaceful life in the middle east, side by side with Muslims and Christians.

About giving an empty body (which you find it too strange), the Israeli Attack Army used to take most the bodies of the Palestinians they killed for autopsy (Did you wonder why) , even though the reasons for their death were clear, a big hall in the head or chest.

Not only they kill them, but they bring the body at the midnight, allow only 3-4 of the family to go the grave yard and bury their beloved one. So killing, and depriving them from a respected funeral!!! then how you expect them to make an autopsy, and find out, when the killer,investigator,and the judge are the same person?

Israel (Not the Jews) does not want to investigate these (claims) because they know that they are guilty, and the simplest way is to attack and start the accusations of antisemitic song, that many are tired of hearing it.

These are some Jews voices, that have respect to their humanity,religion, and the world that we live in, I wish you will get sometime reading for them, or at least stop talking in the name of Jews, because your ideas do not represent them.



02:29 August 28, 2009 by martell
Freedom of speech means freedom of speech.

A Western value Europeans have fought for for a long time.

So, inhabitants of Israel, relax. It is exactly the same what the citizens of the United States enjoy since there is a U.S.
07:13 August 28, 2009 by ilan
somthing you GOT to ebutuoy !

Resurrection in Palestine

Poor Starving Gaza Palestinians at the Start of Ramadan

Child Abuse in Gaza, Hamas Terrorists Sponsored Pedophile Wedding"

British Colonel Declares The IDF Did More to Safeguard Civilians Than Any Other Army

Israel embraces Darfur

Cowardly IDF Soldier Saves Palestinian Girl Life

Female Homicide Bomber (suicide)

JUST ebutuoy it !
12:59 August 28, 2009 by Elias06
to our jewish friends :

plz do not involve muslims in all your problems in the world you have a problem with a swedish newspaper,you think the content of this article is not true you have something called justice,bring the journalists to an international justice court and prove to us that your pure innocent army is not doing anything wrong.

You have the money you have the power you have the US go to justice and leave muslims alone we are tired of your antisemitic songs TIRED TIRED TIRED

soon you will call football referees antisemitic because your football team lost a game ... you are going too far with your antisemitic songs you already won palestinne at the last WW2 awards SO ENOUGH ENOUGH ENOUGH
19:14 August 28, 2009 by israeli
i wonder what the government of israel expect when attacking the swedish government for not "condeming" an article i suppose was planted by the swedish government itself. since the publication of the famous article it was revealed that the swedish government is involved in many sinister projects that are counter productive to the good relations that are supposed to exist between the israeli-swedish nations. no wonder the swedish government hides behind the vague concept of "freedom of speech". any child or adult around the world will tell you that speech is not limitless. it is especially accepted in democratic nations to limit the possibilty of poeple to spread lies about others in public. can i go to sweden and blame others relentlessly without any proof? is there chaos and anarchy in sweden? no law at all? i suppose there is when it concerns the jews (or israelis) . in dark ages of history poeple could spread such lies about the jews, hide behind freedom of speech and ask the jews to prove they are not to blame. this was the case for example in the dreifuss case in france, in der sturmer publications, and nowadays in arabic newspapaers along the arab world. now sweden joined the party in a blood dance. there is nothing innocent about this. sweden has problems. internel problems, also problems with muslims. the solution is to deflect attention from itself towards the eternal enemy- the jews or the present incarnation of them- israel. nothing new here. this is the coward's solution of centuries. well, the israeli government falls into these pits always. now the swedish government can call teheran and riad and show how anti-israeli they were, to gain points with their new masters. this is exactly what the aim of the article was. next time a silent multi-miilion law suit and restriction of swedish journalists barring them from our beautiful land. let the swedes shout and protest like babies for their own follies.
03:48 August 29, 2009 by DamnImmigrant
Khamees Hasan - It is interesting that your HATRED is so ingrained that it is keeping you from any rational thinking and allows for the rewriting of MEDICAL FACT! In YOUR mind you NEED to BELIEVE that "body parts live for several hours after death" so it can FEED your hatred! When people sign up as organ donors, they are saying IF they are on life support AND brain dead THEN you can go ahead and take their organs.

I will repeat - YOU CANNOT USE THE ORGANS FROM A DEAD PERSON FOR TRANSPLANTATION - IT IS A FACT!!! Of course your hatred will cause you to deny this fact because you really HAVE to believe these people are LESS THAN HUMAN!

So now that you are faced with the FACT that the organs cannot be used for transplants, why don't you just admit that these people are in fact using these mysteriously missing organs as a form of blood libel (human sacrifice)! It is, based on the facts in this case, the ONLY realistic answer. YES?

Khamees Hasan As for the cartoons, AGAIN, you do NOT know what you are talking. Those cartoons were in FACT published EXACTLY to INFORM and to DISCUSS! They were published as a challenge to the FACT that when it comes to islam, THERE IS NO PRESS FREEDOM! It IS impossible to say anything bad about the profit of islam because of the THREAT of VIOLENCE from all of those who practice the pieceful islamic religion! WHAT HAPPENED? VIOLENCE, riots, murders and threats of murders!

You know what else happened? SWEDISH GOVERNMENT CONDEMNATION OF A NEWSPAPER ARTICLE!!! The very thing the say they cannot do in this "HUMAN SACRIFICE" accusation article!

17:28 August 29, 2009 by govindh
It is a pity that Swedes seem to lose their sense of balance and fairplay when it comes to Israel. I have lived in Sweden for 2 years and was always mystified by their attitude towards Israel. For a nation which believes in balanced behavior, I find their nastiness towards Israel irrational - how can Sweden which supports peace and has not fought a war for 200 years support organisations with death and destruction as their goal however justified they might think.

Crtticism must be even handed. If you criticize Israel for its aggressive approach, I never see any vehement protestations from Sweden or its citizens condemning the fanatical organisations (be it mid east or south america) killing innocent people in the name of their "cause"

Peaceful Sweden might as well put up an advertisement saying - "all those who believe in violence and aggression to attain your goals come to us, we will support you". Sad but true!
22:17 August 29, 2009 by browneyes10
@ Khamees Hasan. I totally agree with you.

@Damnimmigrant. I do not know why you are mixing up cartoon issue with human organ steeling case. Khamees was right about human organs...so first try to learn some facts and then pass your baseless comments.

Elias06. I also agree with you. I do not know why these israeli and jewish people throw their all dirt on muslims. They have power, technology and USA on their behind but they will always cry.

To all those, who mix up this issue with cartoon and supporting jewish/israeli army for such crimes directly or indirectly, shame on all of you.

This issue has nothing to do with religion and racism. This is purely un-natural and non- humanitarian criminal act and this must be brought to International Courts.

So do not cry like wolfs. If you have no words to condemn this crime than atleast do not support such crimes. It may happen to you also someday.
13:54 August 30, 2009 by mehrdad1111
no normal person can take the comments of hasan for serious after reading things like "Hamas is a group of freedom fighters".

hamas is, like many other muslim groups, a islamofacistic, antisemitic terror gang which terrorize not only jewish civilians but also arabs in gaza with its islamic agenda.

people like hasan are the best example why its impossible to assiminale muslims into a society in which individual freedom is the most important thing.
11:19 August 31, 2009 by mysticbumwipe
Well said Khamees Hasan(#7) and Elias06(#10).

Islamofascism is a contradiction in terms, and is an example of anti-muslim thinking, which can be classified as racist(mehrdad1111 #15).

Interesting how the ones shouting "racist" the loudest are also themselves ones guilty of the same thing.

Just to be factual here, Hamas was created in 1987 as an uprising against Israeli rule in the Palestinian Territories.

And explain this: Tel Aviv gave direct and indirect financial aid to Hamas over a period of years. Israel 'aided Hamas directly - the Israelis wanted to use it as a counterbalance to the PLO (Palestinian Liberation Organization),' said Tony Cordesman, Middle East analyst for the Center for Strategic [and International] Studies. Israel's support for Hamas 'was a direct attempt to divide and dilute support for a strong, secular PLO by using a competing religious alternative,' said a former senior CIA official.

And 'innocent-till-proven-guilty double-standard alert: Killing someone without proof is OK.

But suggesting he might have had his organs removed without proof is not???

mehrdad1111 says that the poor 'Jews' AREalways guilty till they can prove their innocence whereas for everyone else its the other way around.

But that is clearly false. Stick to the facts. Stop repeating 'strawman' arguments.

The article doesn't say removal of organs in the case of Bilal was a proven fact(!???) Just that the relatives of MANY Palestinian youths killed suspected so. (Have you read the article yet, mehrdad?)

And the killing of Bilal: did he have a chance to proove his innocence before he was shot and wounded?

Or before he was kidnapped.

Or did his family have the right to question his innocence when the body was returned minus teeth and after the unpermitted autopsy/organ removal and his burial was forced in the middle of the night??

Don't you see the double standard and complete reversal of reality.

This artcile is NOT and has NOT been about 'JEWS' the world over.

That appears to be a 'jewish' self-deception.

Its about the IDF, Israeli impunity and implementation of international law and human rights.

If you keep this in that perspective then its clear that the real victim here was and still IS Bilal and his family
17:14 August 31, 2009 by mehrdad1111

are we talking about one killed pali now or about evtil jews stealing organs?

if your focus is on the killed pali guy, you better get your attention away from the evil jews to the arab brother of the palis. they have killed 10x more palis then the evil jews.

and as long as you dont care about 30.000 palis beeing killed alone in the black september massakar by jordanian and syrian troops, i simply dont buy it that you are for universal human right and therefore so intrested in bashing israel.

and this article is about claiming jews stealing pali organs. just read the headline! "they stole our sons organs....blabla". the so called autor with a long anti-israeli history simply plays a dirty game. in 99% of his article he brings unprooved claims about jews stealing organs..claims which were never made by the familiy of the pali guy! and in the last line he brings a statement by "one israeli officer" negating that. and by doing a fantasy and not prooved connection to one arrested rabbbi in the USA with this "case" he guides the article directly against jews.

come on, mysticbumwipe. you cant be that silly. its intended that this newspaper which was in the hand of nazis in WW2 and after WW" brought antisemitic articles like "if you want to learn about genocide, go to ramallah and not to auchwitz" brings this junk about jews and israel.
03:22 September 1, 2009 by DamnImmigrant
*browneyes10 - "why you are mixing up cartoon issue with organ steeling"

You should reread what I wrote very slowly and carefully! I was very clear in my statements that the government easily condemned a TRUTHFUL article about Islamic censorship, which should have killed NO ONE! And then refused to condemn an article that is so FICTITIOUS and yet SO DANGEROUS that it WILL inspire someone to kill those subhuman, organ stealing, Jews!

*browneyes10 - "Khamees was right ...so first try to learn some facts…"

Reading such a statement just makes me think of how children behave! IF you had spent just 20 minutes researching this topic you would have seen WHY this article would be impossible! Instead you tell me to "learn some facts"! I am confident I understand this organ issue quite well!

Just keep spouting your ignorance on the subject so you can keep the hate going! And do not lie to everyone and say that you have researched this and that I am wrong! You would just sound more childish.

You cannot use the organs of DEAD people straight off the street! The transplant team will "pull the plug" and wait for the heart to stop, but this technique results in fewer viable organs! IMAGINE THAT! The transplant team is standing right there waiting for the heart to stop beating, and they still have a poor success rate!

*browneyes10 - "To all those, who mix up this issue with cartoon and supporting jewish/israeli army for such crimes directly or indirectly, shame on all of you."

To all of you who think publishing cartoons is an offence punishable by death and who ALSO have a NEED to believe that ANYBODY is capable of killing people for their body parts because that is how much you HATE those people; SHAME ON YOU!!!!

*mysticbumwipe - "Islamofascism is a contradiction … can be classified as racist."

It CANNOT be classified as RACIST! It is PREJUDICED! IMHO it seems islamo-fascism are definitely complementary!
11:42 September 1, 2009 by mdl123
Is beheading people in the name of Allah an acceptable humane culture?

Shame on you ,Swedes, you will live to regret your silence on this 'blood libel'.

However, you are entitled to nominate for Nobel price in the art of hypocricy.
14:16 September 1, 2009 by KipHamilton
Champions of free speech? Don't make me laugh. So the Mohammed cartoons were different because they intended to "make fun", while the Israeli story was uncovering suspicion. While I believe that the Israeli story was irresponsible by not being backed up by any firm evidence, the fact is, in any society which understands free speech to any meaningful degree, BOTH stories should be allowed. It is laughable to applaud Sweden as a champion of free speech because it is one 50% of the time. Once again, many of the postings here go beyond the subject at hand, and make it clear that you don't like Jews very much... do you?
14:43 September 1, 2009 by hannhanna
The newspaper is not just trying to spread anti-semetism over Sweden, it also is spreading groundless 'hearsays'. Hello...there is a thing called journalism ethics which the paper does not seem to understand yet...It is confirmed that what has been reported by the paper is not even MEDICALLY POSSIBLE and thus, the Swedish government should consider appologizing for what a tabloid it sponsors lies to the public and tarnish the image of another state in front of the Swedish public. Allowing defamation based on lies cannot be equalised to granting freedom of expression.
00:06 September 2, 2009 by Tony Ryals
And some Zionists should have been held accountable for collusion with Nazis and what they did with secular Jews.


Hitler was a Godsend for Israel

August 18, 2009

by Henry Makow Ph.D.

If Hitler didn't exist, Zionists would have had to create him. Maybe they did.

The numbers (from Edwin Black's The Transfer Agreement) tell the story. In 1927, about 15,000 of Germany's 550,000 Jews considered themselves Zionists. That's less than 2%.

The vast majority of German Jews "vehemently rejected Zionism as an enemy from within." They were Germans.... Thanks to Hitler, 60,000 German Jews emigrated to Israel between 1933 and 1941. Thanks to a "Transfer Agreement" between Nazis and Zionists, Jewish property valued at $100 million was transferred to Israel in the form of German industrial exports used to build Israel's infrastructure. The Transfer Agreement brought in tools, raw materials, heavy machinery, appliances, farm equipment as well as labor, and capital to finance expansion. Many of Israel's major industries, like textiles and the national waterworks, were thus founded...

Thanks to Hitler, the kernel of the German Jewish community was lifted up and transferred to Palestine along with their property. "Many of these people were allowed to transfer actual replicas of their homes and factories --indeed rough replicas of their very existences." .....In 1937, when the British proposed dividing Palestine into two states, the Nazis wondered if they hadn't made a mistake by creating "a Jewish Vatican" dedicated to Germany's demise. But Hitler overruled all dissenters and insisted the Transfer Agreement be continued and even expanded to other countries. Italy, Rumania, Hungary and several other countries under fascist influence signed similar agreements.....Hitler hated Jews so much he built a country for them. He could have taken all their property and kicked them out but that would have been anti-Semitic.

... The World Jewish Congress had to act pretty offended because they had a world boycott of Germany goods. But this only endeared the doughty Zionists to the Nazis. And gave the Nazis an excuse to boycott and persecute German Jews....As soon as the Nazis assumed power in 1933, the Zionists gained a visibly protected political status. After the Reichstag fire, the Nazis crushed virtually all political opposition and closed 600 newspapers. But not the Zionists nor their newspaper which was hawked from every street corner.....The Zionist uniform was the only non-Nazi uniform allowed in Germany. Same with their flag. Hebrew was mandated in Jewish schools....
13:07 September 2, 2009 by mdl123
Swedes not Nazi collaborators?

Read on...

From 1935 until the end of the Second World War, the 'Nuremberg Laws' were applied by the

clergy of the Church of Sweden in their state function of announcing marriage banns and considering

impediments to marriage. These laws prohibited marriage between Germans of 'Aryan' descent and

Germans or foreigners of Jewish extraction. Sweden's application of the legislation took place in

accordance with a Hague Convention of 1902. From September 1937, Swedes wishing to marry a

German of 'Aryan' descent had to sign an assurance that none of their grandparents on either side

had belonged to the Jewish race or religion. This was based on a strong recommendation from the

legal department of the Swedish Ministry for Foreign Affairs, but lacked historical and democratic

legitimacy and was, moreover, alien to the Swedish sense of justice.

In 1940, for example, Sweden recognised a judgment in the German Landesgericht court in Berlin

annulling a current marriage between a German 'Aryan' and a Swedish citizen of Jewish descent,

who was thus declared an unmarried mother, while the couple's son was retroactively classified as

illegitimate. Although the Ministry for Foreign Affairs admitted that it lacked authority to interpret

Swedish law, its instructions came in practice to have the effect that a German judgment was

observed in Sweden. Another, similar case of annulment of marriage on the German legation's

request affected a married couple who were summoned to appear before the Kolbäck district court, in

the Snevringe rural court district, and describe the circumstances of their marriage in the United

Kingdom. Thus, this court showed considerably greater alacrity in following the German legation's

request than the Ministry's somewhat more sluggish legal department. However, the annulment

decision was never recorded in Sweden, probably because of the clergy's refusal.

Neither members of the Riksdag (Swedish Parliament), the Minister of Justice nor the courts behaved

in line with their counterparts in the Netherlands, where all mention of Dutch 'Aryans' or 'Jews' was

rejected on the grounds that the country's inhabitants was classified only as Dutch citizens. Nor were

the German forms rejected by the Swedes, as sometimes happened in the Netherlands since they

were not based on the legislation concerning civil law that both countries had undertaken to comply

with but, rather, had only been sanctioned by the application regulations of public law. Comparisons

with the situation in Switzerland show that open discussion took place there, as in the Netherlands,


but that the outcome varied - sometimes between the cantonal and national levels and sometimes

also within a single level.

Want to know more? read your own 'Vetenskapsradet'
17:31 September 2, 2009 by DamnImmigrant

I get the part where the government says they cannot say anything and that it was the PREVIOUS administration that screwed up with the cartoon issue, and THEY are NOT going to make the same mistake!

Has the Aftonbladet talked about this issue at all? Is anyone talking about journalistic integrity?

Was this just a bizzare plot to sell more newspapers to the moslum immigrants?
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How Sweden is trying to smooth relations with Saudis
Swedish Prime Minister Stefan Löfven meeting Saudi Arabia's Trade Minister Majid bin Abdullah Al Qasabi. Photo: Henrik Montgomery/TT

Sweden's Prime Minister Stefan Löfven has visited Saudi Arabia a year and a half after relations turned frosty in a major diplomatic row.

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6 October

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Stockholm: creating solutions to global challenges
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