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Stones thrown at Gothenburg firemen

TT/The Local · 28 Aug 2009, 08:03

Published: 28 Aug 2009 08:03 GMT+02:00

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The rescue workers were met by stone-throwing youths shortly after midnight as they attempted to put out a fire in a newspaper storage box on Tamburingatan in the Västra Frölunda suburb.

There were no injuries as police quickly arrived at the scene and dispersed the group.

Earlier in the evening, firemen managed to contain a fire in a shed on Rubingatan, also in Västra Frölunda. The shed was destroyed and police classified the incident as arson, as there was a serious risk that the fire could have spread ot a larger adjacent building.

Later a moped was set alight in by the nearby Vattnedal school on Smaragdgatan, where a pre-school was ravaged by flames on Wednesday night.

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Fire brigades were again in action later in the night following reports of two car fires on the island of Hisingen.

TT/The Local (news@thelocal.se)

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09:28 August 28, 2009 by hpunlimited
It is time for the government to act! They need to set

aside extra money for the police to crack down on AFA,

arrest and convict these idiots. It is an organization

that promotes and aids the destruction of Sweden and democracy. It is not far fetched to say that they are terrorists. It may be needed to put in the Swedish anti terrorist force on them very soon.
09:46 August 28, 2009 by hjoian
i think the above post IS a little far fetched..terrorists?

BUT, i do agree,this kind of thing has been going on for years in the UK,and it needs to be stamped on HARD,for your own good.Dont let the idiots ruin this country,and dont let your own policys let the idiots get away lightly,sometimes you are too good to people who dont deserve it.These scumbags need sorting,or be it on your own head.
10:03 August 28, 2009 by Harding00
So the police only "dispersed" the group. What did they say "ok guys, now that's not nice. Now go home, ok? No, well, that's ok, you can do what you want." Why not arrest, why only disperse? I bet the police won't even look into it much. And maybe the firefighters should start having a police ride with them, or better yet, equip the fire truck with a more high powered hose to "disperse" the group by themseles, or better yet, knock them to the ground with it and throw rocks at them. Stupid A$$holes.
10:05 August 28, 2009 by antoniolgj
Well we have a problem with this.

You could alright, go after these animals, arrest and deport all of them swiftly, however the Yurpeen Court of Yooman Rites will, of course, promptly show to Sweden how much sovereignty it has lost.
11:35 August 28, 2009 by hpunlimited
Look at it this way. If I went down the city and set a building on fire(which potentially could kill people) it is a serious offence. The police wouldn't just "disperse" me and tell me to go home. I guess that if I cover myself up and go into a gang, then I would get away with anything in Sweden.

When you attack federal buildings(police stations), police officers, burn down building after building and do this systematically, for political reasons and organized. Then it is no different than terrorism.
12:10 August 28, 2009 by Marc the Texan
Dispersed??? This is what Swedish police do with people hurling stones at emergency personnel? I think that kind of response is absolutely unacceptable. You do not interfere with emergency workers carrying out their duties. This is a very serious crime in most US states and carries prison terms, just like interfering with a flight crew. It's ridiculous that the Swedish authorities do not respect their firefighters enough to arrest anyone who interferes with them carry out their duty. I don't know what the situation was, but this behavior can never be tolerated as lives can be at stake. A shameful and unprofessional law enforcement response.
12:47 August 28, 2009 by Harding00
And too bad I have to get used to he police acting this way, unless I made a big campaign, protested in the streets of Stockholm, and somehow convince lawmakers and judges to listen to me, just some American immigrant.
13:17 August 28, 2009 by mehrdad1111
the same problem exists also in germany and any other european state with high muslim population. there are city parts in köln, berlin and the big cities im "ruhrgebiet" where the ambulance and fireworkers can only go inside with police escort.

more and more, we have zones inside this countries, where national law is replaced with inhuman religieus and tradditional laws like sharia.

and instead of bringing news about this muslim parallel worlds inside europe and the failed integration of muslims in any european country things which do and will affect the lives of you and me directly, some stuppid lefitist "journalists" come with antisemitic myths about jews and israel.
13:22 August 28, 2009 by DreEstwd
Dispersed?? Un-freaking-believable. It's true, you basically can get away with anything in Sweden and these immigrant-punks take FULL advantage of it. Not only do they throw rocks at firefighters in the Arab/immigrant neighborhoods (of course) but they also throw rocks at the Spårvagn (Göteborg's tram system). I think that I would take more action than the police if I saw that happening. Sad.

Now it's easy to see why all of these countries where they came from have dictators, why the police there torture and why the laws seem to be from the 15th century....because it is the only way to keep these people from doing idiotic things like setting fires and throwing rocks at firemen. Geert Wilders for PM of Sweden!!
13:40 August 28, 2009 by hpunlimited
Yes it is freaking unbelievable!! I have for months been considering organizing or starting an organisation of concerned citizens and residents. To"makes things right" since the police and politicians refuse. The citizens and residents of this country has to rise up. Do public arrests, chase them down. If someone is throwing rocks at your tram, jump off the tram, chase them down, take pictures, inform not only the police, but other concerned citizens about these people. It is a citizens right to do so!
14:37 August 28, 2009 by vladd777
This problem will only get worse because lumping cultures together doesn't work!

The outsiders will always protest one way or another.
15:30 August 28, 2009 by eZee.se
The ONLY way - make a law that if you are caught doing sh!t like the above, you get deported to whatever country your parents/grandparents are from and your citizenship (if applicable) is revoked.

This crap *has to* stop.
16:25 August 28, 2009 by peropaco
One word, the Swedish Police are affraid to act as they risk uproar, car burnings and massive property destruction.
17:12 August 28, 2009 by antoniolgj
risk uproar, car burnings and massive property destruction = the religion of p!ss in action.
17:15 August 28, 2009 by Harding00
Well it seems there are already car burnings, and property damage, maybe not on a hugely large scale, but it happens too often as it is. I don't care who commits the crimes, be them Swedes or foreigners, they deserve to be arrested and put in prison (for a long time) if convicted. And if they're not Swedish citizens deport them as soon as they are convicted so my taxes don't have to go to their Playstations and TV's in jail.
17:26 August 28, 2009 by Beynch
It is time for Sweden to order these soft-hearted liberals to shut up, or Sweden will cease to exist as a sovereign nation. This unbridled anarchist filth calling itself `AFA ` should be squashed like an irritating mosquito. And Sweden DOES need immigration, but not rock throwers, Wake up Sweden, you're losing your country.
17:59 August 28, 2009 by mkvgtired
"as there was a serious risk that the fire could have spread to a larger adjacent building."

Considering the fires set by these "youths" could kill people maybe Sweden should allow the property owners (or firefighters) to shoot them. You risk my life or the lives of my family and friends, you catch a bullet. A low cost solution to a high cost problem.
20:17 August 28, 2009 by Leprehcaun
@ mkvgtired

That's a racist Israeli solution, NOT a Swedish one. It is also illegal by Swedish law to kill them (well.. unless they are killed in self defense.. and even then you can end up in jail.. you can only kill someone if it is absolutely necessary to save your life.
21:33 August 28, 2009 by Greg in Canada
"This problem will only get worse because lumping cultures together doesn't work! "

It's only worked in places like Canada or USA because it was a natural progression of immigration and nation building over a 200 year period. .

Sweden suddenly declaring itself "multi-cultural" twenty years ago and accepting anybody and everybody in large numbers hasn't been successful.
21:37 August 28, 2009 by Weekend_warrior
None of the firefighters or police were injured, that is good. I guess they need these guys on the streets to keep the tax money coming in. The end result will be an increase in these services throughout the country.

Then we can enforce stricter sentencing and keep them in jail longer. Europe is in a transitional period as every country becomes less homogeneous. As the U.S. has been forever and a day, I find it fascinating to watch over here.

Besides there are 1.1 billion of the 6 billion in this world having limited to no access to a potable water supply and over 5 million deaths a year already due to fresh water. Parts of Africa and all of the Middle East sitting on the equator are pretty much done for in about 20 years. Not too many will emigrate to the west, so everyone just relax.

Excluding South America who's sitting pretty, and if I actually believed in God, there is a reason the US/Canada and parts of Europe control 1/3 of the world's water and consume about 23%...as well as have the means to defend it. China....well they consume about 60% of worlds water and only have about 1/3 also...guess who's getting paid back soon (hint USA).
21:38 August 28, 2009 by peropaco
Hej Leprehcaun, you mean Sweden didn't learn a tactic or two from its big brothers the Germans? It is such a shame the Swedish soldiers that volunteered for the Nazi army did not come back with a trick or two on how to deal with the rowdy type. Shame on them, they returned to a hero welcome, enjoyed their pension et voila.
22:02 August 28, 2009 by radaggio
The Swedish Government definately needs to act now !!!

I am in this country becasue of my child and marriage to a Swede, therfore i am an immigrant to this country and enjoy its law abiding ways and mutual respect for people, state and property. If the authorities don't act now in a few years it will be accpeted and known as the "norm" to commit and get away with such violent acts, also believe it or not they will continue to push their crimes as far as possible. Unlawful, disrespectful youths and adults alike that know they can get away with decaying the social fabric of this sovereign nation will continue to do so, particulalry immigrants who are not reformed to live in a decent country, especially seeing that they have no regards for the country itself....

No doubt that these acts are forms of terrorism;

Arson & Malicious destruction of property is a crime !

Putting fear into decent citizens by throwing stones at the trams are terror acts, people with heart conditions can have an attack from that, what if the glass breaks and blinds a child or somebody?

Attacking emergency state workers is a form of terrorism against the state!

Preventing people from moving around freely becasue of the fear of violence is pshycological terrorism...

And my final thought is, it is not fear for hard earned valuable tax dollars to be wasted on things that can be prevented, there are too many things that need to be done with that money....
22:10 August 28, 2009 by lingonberrie
Each time, the firemen should just arrive with an extra pumper-truck filled with gasoline with which to spray the hoodlums.

They will disperese like fog before the sun.

The problems with them will disperse likewise.
22:39 August 28, 2009 by Leprehcaun
@ peropaco

You mean those THREE guys? 3? You know what? I think I can live with that number. Ppl like my grandfather makes up for it. Oh and those nazis weren't returned as heroes, ppl like my grandfather was. You're either making that up or confusing those volunteers with the other volunteers.

@ radraggio

We can't do it cause it's too easy to call it racist, like these Israelis have made the aftonbladet article anti-semitic. If you don't like then get involved with a political party, preferably the social democrats.. at least if you're a citizen. That's your right anyway. The only way we can do stuff like that is if foreigners with another skin color tells us that it isn't racist. Difficult to understand but that's how it is.
00:39 August 29, 2009 by Captcha
In as much as the Local's only description of the thugs was "youths" and the comments suggust they are not young white Swedes, why do the EU papers still use code words?
00:56 August 29, 2009 by wolfbay
The Muslims want Sharia law and taxpayer support for mosques as a sign of respect. If this is achieved the original Swedes will then be what are called "Dhimmi" and muslims might leave them alone. There is no place in the Koran for separation of laws from religion.Separation of " Church" and state is clearly not allowed.
01:42 August 29, 2009 by Coalbanks
It's only worked in places like Canada or USA because it was a natural progression of immigration and nation building over a 200 year period. .

It has worked in the USA? Never any racially bsed riots there, eh?

In Canada? How about Quebec independance riots/bombings? Native Warriors?

Good luck to Sweden & I hope they do better than we have.
03:07 August 29, 2009 by La Figaro
I thought such nonsense only happened in Malmo, I can't believe it is happening in Gotenburg. I think its high time the swedish government took a hard approach to such miscreants & juveniles. Proper jail time, if the person is of foreign descent, deportation should be a possible punishment too
05:52 August 29, 2009 by Thoddyt
Whoever keeps writing that Canada has had a success with multiculturalism obviously hasn't been to a major Canadian city in over 25 years. The policy has been a total DISASTER, and never more so than with the recent influx of niqab, abaya, hijab and pyjama-clad Muslims from all sorts of third world countries. Despite Canada's past semi-success with integrating new immigrants, this recent group resists any and all attempts at integration. They've already been shot down over the Sharia Law issue and although we've not yet experienced "carbeques" like Europe, it's only a matter of time. Sweden, send them packing back where they came from, before it's too late and your own identity is lost to a new global caliphate.
06:48 August 29, 2009 by peropaco

You are hopping for miracles and those don't happen too often in Sweden. The Muslims will bread them out in just a matter of time. While the Muslims are home begetting babies, the Swedes are out getting dumb drunk or getting it off with some farm animal in Bollnäs. One day they will awake from their hangover to realize they are surrounded. Go to any town in Sweden from Värmdö to Bromölla and you will c what I am talking about. They are here!

@Lepre, if your granddad was one of those cowards who volunteered to fight alongside the Nazis; well I have to say too bad he came back alive. The cowardice displayed then by Sweden is the same today but the consequences will be even greater. In the 40s you allowed your brother's; the Norwegians and the Danes to fight alone with the excuse of neutrality and the fear of invasion. Today the invasion is different; they come by plane, you give them a roof, schools and you build them places of worship where they are planning your doomsday. You couldn't find your balls then and you will not find them today.
06:56 August 29, 2009 by calebian22
La Figaro-

Sweden doesn't have the largest population of muslims by country but it has the 3 out of the 5 highest city populations in Europe. Gothenburg, Malmo and Stockholm all hover at cirka 25 percent. These incidents will only increase as those demographic numbers also increase.
09:52 August 29, 2009 by Uncle
I think these were the Jews who were throwing the stones - Israel is guilty and should be denounced.

You know how I know? Because Islam is so peaceful, so peaceful and good to people, that it is just impossible that the muslims did it.

Good luck to Sweden with their immigration laws...
09:55 August 29, 2009 by peropaco
Check out on u tube Increased full stop(.) wmv
13:54 August 29, 2009 by here for the summer
lerprecan Being able to shoot people who invade or are attacking your property could change things .. why is this racist ?

the social democrats is who brought this immigration, low sentence judges and low employment due to the closing or chasing away the factories ..
17:17 August 29, 2009 by magic1964
What ??? you are not allowed to throw stones on firemen in Sweden ?? you can´t rape girls ??? what is this fascist contry !!!! let´s ring to amnesty and human rights to complain !!!!!!!!!
20:17 August 29, 2009 by mobings
Hunger, poverty, killings, rapes, suicides, diseases, and crimes are few values the so called modern and progressed world is witnessing so far. And the biggest contributor are those who have the control of affairs( economical, political and military). Rest all are propaganda to hide their FU*K ups.
00:23 August 30, 2009 by bobnbri
It's only worked in places like Canada or USA because it was a natural progression of immigration and nation building over a 200 year period. .

Hi Greg in Canada,

the type of immigration you are refering to took place in Canada and the US at the end of the 19th century through until after the second world war and then into the 1960's. That immigration for the most part was principaly from the UK and Northern Europe; then Southern Europe and Central Europe and eventually Eastern Europe.

On the west coast of Canada there was a huge influx of Chinese into Vancouver that eventually resulted in riots there. ( I have looked all this info. up by the way in my history books).

The middle eastern mass immigration to the west really got under way big time just about 30 years ago. And this "experiment" by our benevolently naive and politcally correct pollyannic leaders is clear turning out to be a big fat FLOP!!!!

Islam and it's values and beliefs clash hideously with those of the west. To deny this is simply and irretrievably wrong-headed. Mass arab migration to Sweden and all the other western countries including mine is a poorly thought out undertaking that definately threatens social cohession and peace.
06:41 August 30, 2009 by KipHamilton
Interesting that I had to read the comments rather than the article itself to find out that these "youth gangs" were Muslim "youth gangs". Is there a law requiring the newspapers to leave out politically incorrect facts when reporting a story?
10:41 August 30, 2009 by magic1964
Muslim want and demand respect fron others....but the problem is they don´t really know what is meaning of respect !!!!

Respect and sympathi is something you get if you are yourself respectfull.....
15:17 August 30, 2009 by KipHamilton
Leprechan- Please- Enough of the racist charge. Are some anti-Muslims racist? Of course. But many, many more are wary of the ultra-conservative (by western values) political and social belief system which is Islam, and its growing influence in Europe. Blond Swedish convert or Pakistani immigrant,it is the belief system, not the race I find troubling.I have no problem with any immigrant of ANY race or ethnicity if they wish to enjoy a peaceful and respectful life in the west- they can only add to the richness of western life.But when immigrants in large numbers, in the name of their religion, openly disdain the western values of the Enlightenment, then I have a problem with them.
17:14 September 7, 2009 by Mesost


16:38 September 11, 2009 by unkle strunkle
Here is an excellent analysis of the situation:

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