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Serial rapist sentenced to prison

TT/The Local · 29 Aug 2009, 10:30

Published: 29 Aug 2009 10:30 GMT+02:00

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Earlier in the summer, the man was suspected of being behind a series of violent rapes in the Stockholm suburb of Tensta. However, police could only connect the man to two of the cases, a brutal attack of a young woman in Spånga on May 3rd and a similar attack of another young woman in Spånga on May 25th.

The man has now been convicted of aggravated rape and attempted rape. He has also been ordered to pay 182,000 ($26,000) to both victims. After serving his sentence, the man may not return to Sweden prior to 2024.

The man is an international fugitive and has an extradition request has been filed by authorities in Belgium, where he is suspected of raping at least five women.

In the attack on May 3rd, the man broke into the woman's residence, hit her 30 times in the head, got a stranglehold on her neck and violently forced her to perform oral sex.

During the trial, the woman testified about the humiliation, the brutal violence and the fear she felt. She was convinced that the man was going to kill her.

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The second attack occurred in a similar manner, but the woman was able to yell for help and put up so much resistance that the man gave up and fled.

TT/The Local (news@thelocal.se)

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Your comments about this article

12:10 August 29, 2009 by peropaco
How nice. 2.9 years in prision for raping two young women. Why even bother with sending him to jail.
12:15 August 29, 2009 by double concerto
Sweden is a fools paradise, it has to be, that so called punishment is a sick joke. The criminal does not have 52 cents even, so that part of the sentence is a non event. Two years nine months is an insult to all women and very disturbing. This seriously disturbed criminal should be for life in a secure institution. When free in a few months time he will return to SUCH A WILLING VICTIM that Sweden surely is, indicated by its appalling and complacent response to these very serious crimes. Justice for whom? As it stands the so called Swedish justice system is complicit with him. How long is it before he murders I wonder?
12:48 August 29, 2009 by "green Swede"
Rapes two women,breaks into one woman's home,hits her 30 times over the head,makes her fear for her life,most likley ruins her for life and 2 YEARS 9MTHS!JESUS CHRIST!!!! my anger is directed at the judges,what if it was their wife,daughter etc,sweden's justice system has finially entered the twilight zone,what's needed for these type of crimes is trial by jury,full stop!
13:21 August 29, 2009 by here for the summer
So they'll let this guy back in 2024 ? Why would the citizens of Sweden ever want this monster back. Besides all the other horrible parts of this sentence. Have to take the justice system into account and your expectation of safety when considering investing in or visiting Sweden.
13:31 August 29, 2009 by DreEstwd
2 years and 9 months is a JOKE and like a previous poster said, an insult to women everywhere. Someone also asked about how long before he murders someone? Well, I guess we are going to find out in the not-too-distant future. This system of sentencing was built for native Swedes and doesn't take into account the large number of violent criminals and rapists that the government has allowed to enter this country over the last 20 years. You really can get away with anything in Sweden and this sentence proves it.
13:50 August 29, 2009 by eZee.se
I like the idea of him coming back to Sweden,

once he does, i hope someone will publish his address so someone from this from can run into his house, hit the SOB on the head 30 times with a crowbar or baseball bat (or cricket bat for any Brits here) choke the bast@rd till he is nearly dead, revive him by throwing him in the bathtub, and keep doing so every few days for each of the poor women he violated so badly.

Ironically, i think if a person is caught doing the above, he might get a harsher sentence than what this scumbag got.

Hopefully big Bubba in prison has had one of his loved ones violated in a similar way and wants to teach rapists a lesson in prison..

Fileshare a couple of songs and you can get upto 2 years in prison, violently rape and ruin multiple women s lives and you get a little more... yes, its almost the same. Dont you just love Swedish law and the music/film industries corporate influence on Swedish law?
14:00 August 29, 2009 by hilt_m
2.9 years what a joke, still lets hope it's 2.9 years of getting beaten and bu..tt f"#ked in prison
17:50 August 29, 2009 by delusion1982
How ugly, what surprises me is that he is only 18 years old. If he did it a year ago probably he would have received even a lighter sentence.

18 years old, an international fugitive and suspected in raping 5 in Belgium. What the heck is happening to this world! My brother is 18 years old, really still a kid, cant imagine him killing a fly without a good reason!
17:59 August 29, 2009 by DStrope
again like the states, the laws are way to lax, hang em!!!! he will rape again!!!!!!
20:12 August 29, 2009 by La Figaro
the sentence is soooo small that what's the point in sending him to jail? This is extremely appalling, I really don't think swedish women will be feeling safe or well protected with such pathetic sentences. Its sooo unfortunate.
23:09 August 29, 2009 by nightwish
This guy must be laughing at such a pathetic sentence.Where is the deterrent in that.Sweden needs to sort out its soft justice system
05:29 August 30, 2009 by ofdesign
It just goes to show you how badly people are allowed to treat Swedish women.

I'm willing to bet a Moslem comitted these horrific acts and he is being given a lenient sentence because of the country's collective fear factor.
08:03 August 30, 2009 by ameribrit
@ ofdesign you are just a racist piece of sh#t!

We can all just hope that this guy gets extradited to Belgium where he might et a real jail term.
09:30 August 30, 2009 by ofdesign

Oh so that bothers you? How do you think the Jews feel worldwide by the Swedish acceptance of lies and accusations hurled their way? It's pure racism. Thank you for making my point. And bravo.
10:42 August 30, 2009 by rybo1
Had he committed an economic crime the sentencing probably would have been a longer stretch in the can and maybe some flogging. As for "ofdesign", go sh%t in your hat.
11:00 August 30, 2009 by ofdesign
--- Em, I'm not so common to use that terminology-- but I do think that the Swedish correspondents and governmental leaders are, let's say, "racist pieces of inedible pickled herring by products." Cheers.

And hopefully Belgium's courts will respect women's lives more than the Swedish courts. Can we all agree on that?
12:06 August 30, 2009 by LudwigJohansson
Who cares if its racism or not, this stupid ape have beaten young woman and raped them.......in Sweden immigrants are overrepresented with 500% in rapes....

I would break every single bone he had if i saw him, ofc that would be the situation no mather orgin of the rapist.

You are just liberal communist pigs, insted of saying he should get a longer jailtime you call others racist....get a life you pussies.
13:43 August 30, 2009 by ameribrit
Just to clear up one thing. What was it about me calling you on a racist comment that makes you equate my statement with condoning the short jail sentence handed down in this case. In actual fact I believe that serial rapists should be executed, and yes I am prepared to inject the required drugs. You also managed to find a way of interpreting my calling you a "racist piece of sh#t", a view I still hold, as condoning the equally racist dribble that was printed in the AB the other week. One last thing, how asinine of you to assume that I AM NOT Jewish!
13:57 August 30, 2009 by eZee.se
Execution is too quick and once done... its over.

Castrate the SOB, put his sack in the guillotine and call me to pull the chord, let him live with the fact that he will never be "a man again".

Lets try to keep this on topic shall we?
15:12 August 30, 2009 by DreEstwd
Is it really racism if he is saying that a Muslim probably did this, when 80-90% of the rapes here are committed by Muslims? That just sounds like basic deduction to me. Of course the media could solve all of this if they would just print pics, names or nationalities of criminals.
16:34 August 30, 2009 by Moshe
"An 18-year-old man was sentenced to two years and nine months in prison for assaulting and raping two young women in northwestern Stockholm"

Wow, two years and nine months! How did the judge deduce this sentence? Really tough legal system in Sweden. I bet when all the rapists in Sweden read about this case, they will become Catholic priests.

Yous guys are really harsh when it comes to crime and punishment. Women in Sweden must really feel safe under the protection of the Swedish goverment.

Does your criminal-justice system protect the innocent, in this case women, or is it setup to protect the guilty?

The newspaper wouldn't even give the name of a person found guilty of rape. What a shame! Protect the guilty.
17:02 August 30, 2009 by double concerto
The Swedish justice system and government are an insult to all women and civilized behaviour. It is not racist to speak the truth and we all know the truth about rape and immigration in Sweden and the threat to Swedish women that is posed by it.
20:13 August 30, 2009 by TvAmazon
I'm feel sorry for these victimized women. Why the Swedish people continue to accept this? These women have been beaten and raped and then robbed by the court of their worth to humanity. Swedes should be protesting tomorrow at court rooms and government offices. They should be forming a group to have this judge removed from office. The men and women of Sweden should stand up for there rights to treated with dignity and respect. How come this mans nationality is not published. This will happen again if the Swedish people do not say THIS HAS TO STOP.

The court might as well send letters to all known rapist saying come holiday in Sweden the raping and beatings are almost free.
00:08 August 31, 2009 by double concerto
The women of Sweden should form an association, to lobby and take legal action against the Swedish government for allowing and giving such willing and free access to these rapist animals. These criminals are now making a beeline to Sweden due to its non existent justice system and particularly as far as Swedish women are concerned. As illustrated by this latest case of outrageously lax sentencing.
16:12 August 31, 2009 by hpunlimited
Forced castration is the most humane for both the criminal and for society! It is time that this will be implemented.

I think that if a Western Society like the USA can eletricute, hang and poison prisoners to death on a regular basis, then forced castration is very mild in comparison.

I would clearly support an initive like that for mass rapists like this guy from Congo in this article.
17:53 August 31, 2009 by Moshe
hpunlimited stated:

"I think that if a Western Society like the USA can eletricute, hang and poison prisoners to death on a regular basis, then forced castration is very mild in comparison."

hpunlimited, the USA, not all states, only execute people for murders. Your comparison was a little off. However, rapists are usually given long prison terms, more especially in Texas.

They get away with crimes such as the one mentioned in this article because the government doesn't care about the safety of women or anybody. Anyone who rapes should be severely

punished and anyone who murders another person should be executed. So mote it be!
23:40 August 31, 2009 by Coalbanks
Castration is not the answer. He will still attack women. Then what? Amputate his hands? How about an open-ended sentence with a somewhat lengthier minimum?
23:50 August 31, 2009 by anduthinh
Should be 5 years minimum without parole.
01:49 September 1, 2009 by tuco!
Talking about laws here in Sweden...

I was coming out of a Swedish airport with my family and I suddenly saw one security chap with a policeman watching the crowd. I could not resist laughing but I tried my best not do so. The policeman was quite amused and just said "Hej" when I was passing him. And... when my wife asked me what I was laughing about I just told her what I was thinking.

"What on earth this policeman doing here rather than catching criminals who are sharing files all over Sweden"

On a serious note.. It was great to see at least they were there in the airport watching folks.
07:04 September 1, 2009 by Uncle
This is nothing. In the north (Skellefteå area) a guy was released after 2 years from prison after raping a child. It was his SECOND sentence served. The first one was also sexual assault on a child. So someone posted his picture and address all over the area.

The "angry citizens" have filed a complaint to the police against the POSTER. Why? Because it is defamation, invasion of privacy, "he served his sentence", bla bla... Are they so thick that they do not get that he is going to rape again and they just sacrificed another child for the freedom and privacy of a serial rapist? What the.... is wrong with some people?
08:14 September 1, 2009 by hpunlimited
I do believe that castration is the answer! They have done experiments with this already. Where they have given rapists the option of prison OR voluntary chemical castration. The rapists that have choosen the castration have not raped ever again.

I do believe that prison just costs alot of money and most people that gets released commit crimes again. And most of the times, are even worse when they come out. The cheapest solution would be to create a "New Australia". Find an isolated island and just drop them off there and forget about them.
14:43 September 1, 2009 by waspy
ofdesign: "I'm willing to bet a Moslem comitted these horrific acts"

He was actually from the Congo which is not a muslim country it's but still a third world country.

There's a picture of him on thelambethwalk(.)blogspot(.)com

Remove the brackets in the URL.

Look for an article called "Cultural enrichment in Sweden" or do a search for the name of the rapist Huguel Kitenge Bunka.
15:43 September 22, 2009 by Dinaricman
Sweden is an amazing country. No where else do you see such a lack of self preservation. They allow foreigners to come in to rape and beat their women. I also see that Sweden is a big promoter of the homosexual agenda. Especially in countries like Serbia, Hungary, and Croatia. Don't worry your sick attempts will fail there. Sweden is Europes biggest enemy and people are starting to see that.
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