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Swedish dad in bid for breast milk

Paul O'Mahony · 2 Sep 2009, 17:49

Published: 02 Sep 2009 17:49 GMT+02:00

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On Tuesday, the Stockholm family man began stimulating his breasts with a pump in a bid to produce milk.

"Anything that doesn't do any harm is worth trying out. And if it works it could prove very important for men's ability to get much closer to their children at an early stage," Bengtsson told The Local.

His efforts are to be documented by Swedish TV8, with the first instalment scheduled to air at 9pm on Wednesday on the Aschberg show. Bengtsson also maintains a blog on the station's website, the title of which translates as: 'The Milkman - One Drop at a Time'.

Bengtsson is preparing to pump his breasts at three-hour intervals every day until the beginning of December. As a full time economics student at Stockholm University, he is not always going to be in a position to pump in private.

"I'm going to have to pull out the pump during lectures. But really it doesn't bother me if it makes people uncomfortable. If they have issues with it that's their problem," he said.

Male lactation is a relatively common side effect of hormone treatments, but Bengtsson has no plans to chemically induce the process.

"If it works and the milk turns out to have a high nutritional value it could be a real breakthrough," he said.

Bengtsson has a 2-year-old son who is in no way involved in the experiment, but the Stockholm dad doesn't rule out breastfeeding any future kids. Not everybody has acclaimed his quest for fathers' milk, however.

"There have been a lot of strong reactions. Some people think it's completely sick," he said.

Sigbritt Werner, professor of endocrinology at Karolinska Institutet in Stockholm, told The Local that it could be possible for Bengtsson to produce "a drop or two" after three or four months.

"Women breastfeed after they've been bathing in estrogen during a nine month pregnancy, so obviously it takes some time. But if he works on it regularly he'll likely notice a layer of tissue forming beneath the areola and it should be possible to produce enough of the hormone prolactin to cause lactation," she said.

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But Werner stressed that while she was interested in the subject, she was more keen for men to use their breasts to comfort their children.

"Men often have trouble finding things. And if the mother is out, the child is screaming and they can't find the pacifier I'm sure there are a lot of men who give their baby their breasts.

"Healthy children know instinctively that the breast has a dual function. One gives them milk, the other gives them warmth and a cosy bond. Men don't need to strive to produce milk but they should take the opportunity to get closer to their child by offering them their breasts in the same way as women," she said.

Paul O'Mahony (paul.omahony@thelocal.com)

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Your comments about this article

18:42 September 2, 2009 by Nina_
the roles are really inverted in sweden.
18:42 September 2, 2009 by Lisaann
God created Man and Women, specifically, why do we mess with his creation by attempting something that seems quite repulsive to say the least. Leave the feeding to the wife, you have many others ways to bond with your child.
19:20 September 2, 2009 by voiceofreason
This is the act of a sick, self-centred, person. There is no scientific gain in this experiment.
19:26 September 2, 2009 by jose_s
Without trying to be rude negative.... what the f&€% is wrong with this guy? What effects would it have on his testosterone levels? Even if his wife could not breastfeed there are alternatives to feeding. I would really like to hear peoples arguments on why this is ok... and not just because he wants to....
19:39 September 2, 2009 by naturebox
This is so wrong and pointless as well.

"I'm going to have to pull out the pump during lectures. But really it doesn't bother me if it makes people uncomfortable. If they have issues with it that's their problem" - Do that and I will shove that pump up your *rse.
20:03 September 2, 2009 by Captcha
Note to THE LOCAL; Not everything thing is fit to print.
20:20 September 2, 2009 by seekingtruth
Brave or foolish to publicly show your perversion? To me this was way unethical, almost on par with doctors secretly digging up corpses for "scientific" purposes. T_T Women already have the best breasts in all creation fit for the job. Why, my friend, did you ever start this project?
20:21 September 2, 2009 by vladd777
I'm glad I'm old!!!
20:22 September 2, 2009 by Gwrhyr
Why all the negative harsh judgment? I think he was right when he said:

"If they have issues with it that's their problem".

That's so true. All you judgers who responded that this is sick, what are you so afraid of? It's his body, his interest, his own experiment. Why does that threaten you?

Jose_s, can you come up with a reason that this isn't okay? You definitely WERE trying to be rude negative.

If you think he should be physically punished (shoving the pump up his ass, as Naturebox thinks), or otherwise somehow prevented from doing this then you have a problem with the free will of others.

I'm just sick of so much negativity whenever someone is doing something that you don't understand. You all seem to think that if he does this, he's saying you all have to want to do this. That's insane. Just because you wouldn't be interested in doing something yourself, doesn't mean you have to call everyone who is doing something sick, twisted, and deserving of punishment.

Note to The Local: Not everything is fit to print, but it's usually the endless barages of negativity in the comments rather than the articles themselves.
20:25 September 2, 2009 by askin
Since we have never seen or heard men breast feeding the children, it sounds absurd and abnormal. But, the question remains: "Why do men have nipples?" Any answers?
20:29 September 2, 2009 by cerveza
The baby will decide: Mom's nice, big and plenty of milk breasts or Dad's dried and small nipples.
20:32 September 2, 2009 by seekingtruth
Sure askin, sometimes the answer is right in front of your eyes:

The answer is that as embryos men and women have similar tissues and body parts. If anything the embryo follows a 'female template'. That is why nipples are present in both sexes. It is the effect of the genes, the Y chromosome and the hormone testosterone that brings about the changes and masculinises the embryo. Testosterone promotes the growth of the penis and testicles. Because nipples are there before this process begins the nipples stay!
20:41 September 2, 2009 by tommycapes
what the f'''''+5k. this guy is a seriously deranged.

why do they even bother to right about an idiot like this. experiment or not his is child abuse. sick bastard
21:02 September 2, 2009 by Edna Harris
Please do not post rude negative comments. It makes me very sad to read most of these comments.

It is okay to print about current research projects. And that is exactly what it is. Research.

Research saves lives.

Stop complaining and please be supportive. Especially if you do not know the whole story.

Thank you.
22:06 September 2, 2009 by Renfeh Hguh
Ha ha ha, Swedish manhood :)
22:23 September 2, 2009 by AnaB
Many times I thought why not my husband had wake up to breastfeed our baby? I know it sounds crazy, but I would have liked this kind of help.
22:33 September 2, 2009 by diegoveggie
swedish, manhood.hahaha. guys in sweden are becoming gayer or something. if that's possible.
00:05 September 3, 2009 by Greg in Canada
Good luck to him for trying, but this guy really should take a basic course in human biology.
00:14 September 3, 2009 by 2394040
Just when I thought I had heard it all, I find out that I haven't.
00:32 September 3, 2009 by kelvison
try chicken milk mate,buy a chicken and milk it ,it may give you some milk one day or night .there is more chance in getting milk from chickens than your nipples.or implant artificial breast at least your child will suck a softer nipples.and when the child grows up wont say mum got better breast than my dad ,and your class mates when thay get bored can play with them,so they may not find you uncomfortable . have you ever thought of becoming pregnant,its better to give it a go,so women gonne have easier life.

im not surprised that you are studying economics, you want to make most of what you got. your dady didnt this for you so you dont need doing it for your baby.

just act like a normal person infront of your child and your child will understand you better day by day.if you carry on with this so called research your child will try to keep a way from you and his/her mumy. what gonne happen to mumy`s bond then?tell the truth if you have not left any milk in wife`s breast.? just kidding mat
01:46 September 3, 2009 by ronyasif
He could get some milk(though it is impossible), but that milk will not be edible.So, let your wife to do this job and better to concentrate on your lectures.
04:33 September 3, 2009 by DerekBWright
This is a performance of ignorance to human physiology.

An entirely unnatural act to say the least.

Not only on a religious (for those of you that believe) level but on a biological level as well.

This act is a total embarrassment to the organic processes and natural functions of the organism that is known as human.

I personally hope this man does not try this on a living soul.

Completely and utterly wrong!!!!!!!!!!!
04:45 September 3, 2009 by 4horsemen
Wow, that's flat out sick. He needs professional help, this should be a crime against humanity..
07:36 September 3, 2009 by mindymindy
He's going to need a couple of years of Estrogen and Progesterone therapy to develop the breast and ductal tissues.

Then, he can start taking something like Reglan or Domperidone (Motilium) and that should bring it in.
08:08 September 3, 2009 by Hairdont
So this is what Sweden has to offer the world. Man boobs.
08:21 September 3, 2009 by Soft Boiled
A shemale with a mangina and man-boobs? They are letting them out into the community earlier and earlier - What a tit!
08:36 September 3, 2009 by Xxsarahxx
OMG That is so wrong. I am a mother and have breastfed. I am very much into equality and women's rights and men's rights, but come on Society....We ARE different!!!

If it doesn't come naturally for your side of the species then you shouldn't do it!!!

I also don't agree to women taking hormones after menopause to have a baby. If nature says you are too old then thats that.

Heh, I've alway's wondered what it would be like to have sex with a penis, I could buy a fake one, strap it on...now all I have to do is make myself some semen and woohoo!!

God I would love to see like 8 male lions sitting around in group breastfeeding and talking about desperate housewives and how they just cant get the frizz out of their manes, oh curse the humidity!!!!
09:00 September 3, 2009 by this_aint_sparta
yakhhhhh!!!! I dont want to even think of my dad trying to breat feed me from his hairy chest :-(((((((((((((

"it could prove very important for men's ability to get much closer to their children at an early stage"

bu!! $h!t what a non sense.
09:28 September 3, 2009 by Serendipitiz
OK... so it's not something I would do, but what the hell does it have to do with all of you, either? Is he planning on breastfeeding you? I guess not. About the same level of pre-conceived notions prejudice that we saw in history when:

1. People were deciding whether colored people were fit to ride on a bus with them

2. If, horror or horrors, women were capable to actually work and do something beyond housework

3. If gay people could actually have a relationship that meant anything

and so on, and so forth. And please leave the whole imaginary God thing out of it.

And surprisingly many men on this forum who seem to be so unsure about their manhood, and how you really need to reiterate to yourselves about what defines a man. Bet you need to look in the mirror every day and say "You're the man. No, I'm not gay".. and Mr Hugh Hefner (spelt backwards, aww so clever you are, good doggy) obviously has the perfect role model of what a man is for him...
09:34 September 3, 2009 by Bra_billie_boy
Future Headlines:

* Swedish dad pregnant again!

* Swedish woman to pump her vagina, in an effort to grow a penis!

* More Swedish men suffering from PMS than women!

Oh, I can come up with so many :P

By the way, I seriously love and respect Swedes, so don't mind my nonsense :)
10:07 September 3, 2009 by Happyfisk
Sent this article to friends in Asia. They think it is like having a two-headed goat or a 5-legged cow. But big difference in this case is not a freak of nature, it's force against nature. A challenge to masculity. Mind you, some of my friends are gays and tolerant to most things unusual in Europe. But this is the limit they can take.
10:16 September 3, 2009 by rybo1
If I were a professor giving a lecture and saw one of my male students blatantly and furiously pumping his his nipples for milk, I would in no uncertain terms tell him to leave. It seems to me it would cause the lecture to be ineffective as it would be a distraction not only to me, but to to other students. Let this weirdo pump his breasts in the comfort of his own home, while watching "America's funniest home videos".
10:30 September 3, 2009 by jack sprat
Hmm,....it pretty well confirms what many of us have suspected for quite a long time.
10:49 September 3, 2009 by brendao
an interesting experiment and also an interesting gender equality dilemma...

as women, we've been fighting for decades to do and have and be perceived in many things the same way as men. it's amazing how much uproar there is (from women and men alike) when the tables are turned - some women seem to feel threatened that a man is perceived to be taking something away from them/able to replace them in what has always been a traditionally female role, and some men seem to feel their masculinity threatened.

i think it's simple..."live and let live". if you feel that your life is yours to make your own choices about, then leave him to make his own choices about his and what he spends his time on. if he's behaving in an irresponsible manner that's harming others or placing anyone in danger, that's a good reason to get pissed off. in the greater scheme of things there are worse injustices happening in the world that we could be focussing our anger on.
10:58 September 3, 2009 by Bra_billie_boy
Ok, my brain is giving me some really strange ideas right now. I wonder how long before some one comes up with an idea of having babies with animals or human females attempting to breast-feed animal kids (given the craziness in this world, I wouldn't be surprised if there exist women even today who volunteer to breast feed monkeys. I mean what's the big deal here, they are supposed to be our cousins right!!).

Oo oo, I have got a good one! How long before the church accepts the right to marry a baboon! or it becomes legally acceptable to marry your distant cousin (the chimp!)

Even though my next question will seem offensive to many, but what guarantee is there, that in a few years time, people will not start advocating the right of an individual to legally marry their sibling or their parent or their child. Can any one guarantee me that!!! I don't think so. We live in a very sick world. God help us all, if you believe in God that is ;)
11:17 September 3, 2009 by Suprise
Live and let live is all fine and good.. But this person is actually going out of his way to bring attention to his actions.. I would venture a guess that he is more interested in attention than in the actual benefits of any "research" he is conducting. Not to mention he is not even in college for this line of work.

Its attention he is after and what he is getting.. Some people feel so insignificant and invisible that they will do most anything to be noticed.. whether that attention is good or bad.

Regardless of why he is performing this behavior its not in the best interest of his children. Mothers milk is nutritious and necessary for a baby's success. A mans lactation's can not even compare because they do not have the mammary glands a woman does.. His experiment is pointless and simply a cry for attention.. which he is obviously getting..
11:32 September 3, 2009 by Sir Arthur Streeb-Greebling
I say "go for it" I would have done it at the drop of the hat, but am only able to draw a little yellow ooze from my left nipple. Even the Bible mentions male nursing. Numbers 11:12 says: "Have I conceived all this people? have I begotten them, that thou shouldest say unto me, Carry them in thy bosom, as a nursing father beareth the sucking child, unto the land which thou swarest unto their fathers?" From my time in Africa I learnt that in the Aka Pygmy society, a community of approximately 20,000 people who live in Central Africa, fathers commonly suckle their babies. Life goes on does it not? Sometimes the dark sword of fate can act as a milk catalyst, in 2002, a Sri Lankan man named B. Wijeratne lost his wife and was left to care for their 18-month-old daughter. When the child refused powdered milk, Wijeratne tried something different. "Unable to see her cry, I offered my breast," Wijeratne told a Sri Lankan newspaper. "That's when I discovered I could breastfeed." The notion of men breastfeeding is bizarre at first ... but doctors say it's entirely possible. Men possess the two most vital components for lactating -- mammary glands and pituitary glands. When those mammary glands are stimulated (by a baby's sucking), they can actually produce milk.

Sir Arthur Streeb-Greebling
11:37 September 3, 2009 by BillyB
Surely an april fools joke posted at the wrong time?

at best this is dumb, but borders on sick.

I remember a episode of Family Guy when Peter tried to breast feed stewie...it was a gut churning vomit inducing little scene...and that was just a cartoon...

Someone need to stop this insanity
12:26 September 3, 2009 by the pigeon hunter
in which world do most of you live? so many of you react to male lactation like it is an abomination. male lactation is far more common than anybody believes and it actually works.

unfortunately i am unable to find the web page decribing the story of a malasian father whose wife died in child birth and who decided to breast feed his newlyborn son so the baby wouldn't die. and it worked! all the nipples need was the stimulation from the baby's mouth to produce milk.

(edit: reading sir arthur's comment i realise it's the same story and the guy was sri lankan. my bad)

of course it is not as plentiful as from a woman's breast but the same tissues (mammal glands) are present in the male breast, only less of it.

check this informative website out: http://www.unassistedchildbirth.com/miscarticles/milkmen.html

i thought that most people who read the news and post here are enlightened and intelligent people. some of your comments make me sick though and really makes me wonder just how progressive people nowadays really are.

or is it just that you males feel threattened in your masculinity, now that there is a possiblity to breast feed your children? so much for "oh, i sure would want to give birth to children if i COULD, but sadly that is impossible". is all that talk just smoke and mirrors, posted and said in conversation because it sounds good and makes you look "new-age"?

shame on those who have nothing but negative attitude towards a father breast feeding his child. how is a man breast feeding any more "disgusting" or "vomit enducing" (thank's for that one billyB) than a woman doing the same thing? it's juice squeezed from a person. how does the gender of that person make any difference?
12:48 September 3, 2009 by BillyB
Puss is also squeezed from a person, doesnt mean we should all go around sucking it
13:01 September 3, 2009 by the pigeon hunter
yeah but if you did suck it from one person then what difference would it make if that person happened to be male or female?
13:07 September 3, 2009 by BillyB
depends where the puss was...

anyway, for some people, me included, this is just wrong and more than odd.

But thats ok, not everybody will always agree on everything.

but everyone is entitled to add their comments regardless of if you agree with them or not.
17:00 September 3, 2009 by ironman294
That is swedish men for you they have been so emasculated that they are now even acting like women! hahaha

17:41 September 3, 2009 by mkvgtired
I am not so concerned about the father. He can do what he wants. I am more concerned about his poor future offspring. Can you imagine how much they will be tormented when their classmates find out they were breast fed by their DAD!
18:03 September 3, 2009 by thnaks
Didn't Sweden used to have Vikings? Does this guy pee sitting down?

This isn't a life and death situation, the dude must be an attention whore.
18:09 September 3, 2009 by conboy
Things have gone far too far out of hand Swedish feminism is going the same way as Islamic fundamentalism nazism and extreme left wing nutology. Absolutely cat from start to finish - the guy should be commited
18:35 September 3, 2009 by Kooritze
This country is something else!........I mean it just gets more absurd. Are we still on planet earth?.........or did we all leave the real world when we moved here?
19:34 September 3, 2009 by ironman294
Remember the story of the guy who repoted to the police when a gang of tattooed women pulled his pants down and molested him? What real man would report it as a crime. I mean I would have left a tip!

Or the swedish guy who went to a strip club in romania and he reported to the police that she went too far during a lapdance. They didn't say if the police punched him in the face and then threw him out of the station on his arse, but I would have.

Sverige please change and save yourself before it's too late.
19:54 September 3, 2009 by ecdaddy
pigeon hunter

How can you be so insensitive to those who do not agree with your view? You have resorted to scolding and lecturing to make yourself feel above those who disagree with you.

Men and women each have separete, distinct, very important roles in raising children. The blurring of the lines is done for those males that lack the confidence to stand up, be men, and assume their role. There is nothing wrong with being a dad and acting like a man. If dads were meant to breast feed, it wouldn't be such a controversial subject, now would it?

You can blather all you want about mammary glands, etc. That doesn't matter. The whole point here is that when this deviant does what he is doing, he is simply showing personal choice and expressing himself, no matter how offensive that might be to men who do not want mommy's role. But when anyone objects, they are mean spirited, insensitive, or my favorite "uncomfortable with their masculinity".

If this is 'progressive', you can have it.
22:47 September 3, 2009 by ValkyrieRides1
If America is the land of the free and the home of the brace, Sweden is now the land of the freak and the home of the knave. Men like this would have once been locked up for the protection of himself and others. Now he's hailed as a man for all seasons. God help your twisted little country. You have succeeded in one thing at least---Sweden has become an example of what happens to a country that throws God out of the picture. The end of all secularism is moral and social chaos. This is a prime example.
23:12 September 3, 2009 by mhinsch
Wow! I'm really impressed! Not by the guy trying to breast feed - although I think that's a really interesting experiment, but by the comments to the story.

I haven't seen this amount of panic and sheer hate in a long time... I can't start to imagine how insecure of his own masculinity one must feel to react this aggressively to some guy pumping his breast!

Anyways, kudos to the pumper, I wish you success!
23:20 September 3, 2009 by Kaethar
I agree with mhinsch. :D Rock on, I say!
23:45 September 3, 2009 by norling
I think at best all he produces is a fluid called cholostrum don't know about the spelling. Women produce it during pregnancy. All the mother has to do is use his pump and save the milk in the refrigerator for her husband to give the baby when shes too tired or sick. I don't know about some people but I think that some roles in life were meant to be. I fed both my children with my WIFES milk. I think the guy is just a masochist who wants to make a spectacle of himself. I think the only women that are attracted to a guy like that are the ones looking for a push over to cheat on.
00:43 September 4, 2009 by Asian view
This is the age of cloning, envitro fertilization, parents of the same gender, "hire a womb", to even the possibility of pregnancy without the presence of sperm. My position is that these are trends that society is experimenting or have accepted whether I approve or not.

As for this article men like women do have mammory glands and maybe like the appendix the male mammory gland's purpose became redundant; that is untill now.

But considering the new scientific experiment of the possibility to bear a child without the sperm and therefore the "male factor", this story finds logic that women after giving birth may prove to be redundant too.
02:35 September 4, 2009 by Difster
He says that if it offends anyone, it's their problem. Not all "natural body functions" are meant to be displayed. Should I pee or poop out in the open near him and his children? Should I masturbate in front of his family? Very natural things right?

It doesn't mean that the rest of us should be exposed to it. I'm not saying it should be against the law for him to pump himself in class, however, common decency (which is less common now) should prevent him from doing it.

Men breast feeding is NOT how we were created. If you don't believe in creation, we certainly weren't evolved to do so either. Who knows what sort of other hormones a kid could ingest. He shouldn't even be trying to do this. He's an embarrassment to men and his kid is going to be a laughing stock growing up. OHHHH YOU HAVE THE BOOBIE DAD!
04:12 September 4, 2009 by cosaschaparitas
For any woman that had trouble breastfeeding or felt like you were going to die of exhaustion this is a god send!!!
04:18 September 4, 2009 by mansson_in_USA
over 100 years ago my dad's family left Sweden for America, damn am I glad. Y'all are weird!
06:42 September 4, 2009 by Jennyfromlosangeles
I say GO FOR IT, Daddy! My nipples are sore. Shave yours up and put 'em to work!
08:12 September 4, 2009 by the pigeon hunter
@mansson: hey, that's cool, coz americans are not weird at all, right.

@ecdaddy: i'm not actually dissing those who are "of a different" opionion. if you don't feel like suckling your baby as a man is a good idea, then don't. i'm not trying to re-inforce compulsory breast feeding for men by law.

my point was that people who usually claim to be open-minded and progressive suddenly resort to screaming "abomination!!!" as soon as they hear people do things the unorthodox way.

plus, i find it lame to call men who want to give it a go "disgusting", et cetara? can't be other than because you're feeling insecure with yourself.
08:18 September 4, 2009 by Ruller93
Hey, has anyone ever thought about how humans drink milk from other animals? I mean really thats kinda weird if you think about it. I drink milk so im not complaining about that but, just think about it for a sec.

Also, think back, way back when we used to like in caves and all that fun stuff. There were no little rubber pacifiers for men to use when their mates were busy doing stuff. What would be a good substitute for a nipple? No silly, not a finger, who knows whats on fingers. Ok, Ill give you a second guess. Yup, thats right! A nipple! Good job :) A round of applause for ye! I'm also pretty sure that a nipple would be cleaner than a finger.. for the most part.

So I'll wrap-up with saying that how knows, maybe a long time ago guys might have lent their nipples to their babies to calm them down. Probably not to feed them, but still, you see my point right?
09:09 September 4, 2009 by jose_s
With the advancement of medicine and technology anything is almost possible. Aren't there enough issues that need to be taken care of before we continue f'n with our bodies just because we can.... "Scientific research" someone said... What? Is this research aiming towards solving world hunger? There are things we can do.. but should we? The panda population is near extinction.... If we had the technology would it be ok for a woman to give birth to one just because she can? There has to be a line drawn to what we put out time and money into. How many kids could this guy have fed in some 3rd world country instead of thinking that he could have breastfed one of his own? The last sentence sounds funny now that I read it again... but then again I might inspire him to go on a world breastfeeding tour if he happens to read this... lets spread the word.
13:21 September 4, 2009 by the pigeon hunter
thanks ruller fo rmaking that point :) and cheese is just rotten milk. call me weird, but i have been thinking about that before, how the notion is actually strange. juice squeezed from a cow. oO

so if we can drink the juice from a cow, or a sheep, a horse, goat, or our mothers, what's the big deal with it coming from our fathers? why does that make it all "wrong"?

@jose: what do you mean "effin with our bodies"? it's not like the guy suggested to undergo hormone therapy.
13:59 September 4, 2009 by si
I rekon it's time to introduce breastfeeding from the family pets - goldfish milk anyone ?
15:41 September 4, 2009 by Serendipitiz
What a bunch of intolerant twats on this page!! If you hate Sweden and all things Swedish so much, why don't you all eff off to where you came from? And Americans - spare us your holier-than-thou self-righteous crap - you guys have done more to screw up this planet than all other civilizations combined (forgive the generalization, but more directed towards those sister-marrying hillbilly twats)
15:45 September 4, 2009 by losungen
This only works when you are wearing your tinfoil hat. No wonder this guy at 26 is still in school. Outside of the county fair freak show, what else is there.
16:24 September 4, 2009 by RickinFlorida
This is not really remarkable at all. Transsexual women, loaded up on hormones, frequently lactate. I have seen it with my own eyes on more than one occasion, and the quantity of milk produced appeared to be the same as a lactating female. While hormones are a shortcut to lactation, they are not absolutely required. Repeated manual stimulation of the male breast with a breast pump can also induce lactation in some young men. The male breast possesses the same glandular tissue as the female breast. Men have vestigial breasts because all males start out as females in the womb. I say, go for it.
20:26 September 4, 2009 by Kooritze

thanks for clearing that up and making it sound so normal. From now on I,ll keep an eye out for those transexual lactating breasts and even give my own a little pumping.....could be useful when you,ve run out of milk at home and cant be bothered to go out to the shops.
22:21 September 4, 2009 by NervousEater
This has been tried before in Quahog, Rhode Island in the United States. A boy named Stewie Griffin was shaken up pretty badly when his father, Peter Griffin, tried to breast feed him in an attempt to feel closer to his son.
22:45 September 4, 2009 by sarahdorian
Male lactation is completely possible, although it's more difficult than stimulating lactation in a woman who hasn't been pregnant (and obviously both are much harder than lactation that follows the natural course of pregnancy and childbirth).

I would never have pumped in public, so that part of his assertion is a little weird even to me, but there is NO reason for people to get insane about this. (Especially since you aren't in his classes anyway). I have no answer for you creationists because you people don't listen to reason in the first place, but from an evolutionary standpoint it makes sense to have Dad as a stand-by source of milk should something go awry with Mom.

And goldfish aren't mammals, you hopeless fool.
00:23 September 5, 2009 by NervousEater
There is some information showing a child's reaction to this here:

00:40 September 5, 2009 by kelvison
milk,milk,milk ...you know what this man is thinking now? i tell you ,he is thinking about how to make coffee.he will come up with something soon.

lol and lol
04:20 September 5, 2009 by Rapture Forums
Just when you think you've heard it all. :-(

07:14 September 5, 2009 by I Love it when ...
how awkward ... and embarrassing
07:50 September 7, 2009 by anzidear
I don't have any objection in principle to what he's doing, but one should consider

1. Will the milk be as good for the baby? There are so many nutrients in a woman's milk (and so many hormones and other biological phenomena that drive the process of making milk) that he should at least be a little skeptical of whether his stuff is up to par!

2. Can he really make enough milk to be worthwhile?

3. If so and he makes a habit of breastfeeding, will it be as good for the mother? After all, there are many health benefits women get from breastfeeding.

4. With all that time and effort, why not just bottle some of mom's milk for later? Or if she is having trouble, hiring a wet nurse? Either option sounds like less trouble!
08:37 September 7, 2009 by Anders From The Midwest
Yes, it sounds bizarre. Yes, it is an EXPERIMENT. Maybe it will be successful, but probably more trouble than it is worth. The infuriated and rabid reactions above show how sick society really is in opposing a simple experiment that harms no one and that could benefit humanity. He is awfully brave to expose himself to ridicule like this. YOU GO, GUY!
12:48 September 7, 2009 by Plyo
Don't blame this poor man. He's living in a society where somebody who doesn't breastfeed isn't considered a real person. He's just trying to fit in and gain acceptance by attempting to behave like a real person should. That's normal. It's not his fault.
19:03 September 7, 2009 by Per Johansson52
This is extremely disgusting! I am about to vomit ewwww .

I do not know what is wrong with this society ,a girl sell her virginity on online. another sells her fake breasts, another news comes a man gives a birth to child.

and now look insulting our mothers ....

I wonder if these things happens in Islamic countries?
20:57 September 7, 2009 by Oh Good Lord...
Oh, more power to him. I don't care what some idiot does with his breasts, but I wonder if he's thought of what his breasts will actually go through...when you induce lactation, your breasts WILL get larger. So, as long as he's breastfeeding, he'll have firm, milk-filled BOOBS. And what about when he's done with his experiment? Every woman I've ever known that breastfed ends up with what looks like tube socks attached to their chest.

Also, if he really thinks that pumping while lecturing is okay...pumps are noisy. I should know...I spent 18 months using one while breastfeeding my own daughter who never latched. I used my pump, at first, eight times a day for around thirty minutes at a time. Believe me, they're loud. If I was a student, I'd complain.
00:39 September 8, 2009 by froggeh
I really hope he succeeds...On a number of levels...

1. If it works, great...Imagine all the mothers who fail, then they have a potential backup...

2. It gets up the nose of the superstitious idiot, myth believing religious zealots!

I don't think it will work, I think he's barking mad, but what the heck?
13:39 September 8, 2009 by coldfire
Hilarious....this guy is not a MAN now!

some one tell him to cut his pe*** to become a mother as well to get even more closer to the child at early age and even give birth to babies as well...just as backup!
14:54 September 8, 2009 by iwissam
Watch family guy when peter tries to breast feed the baby.

Now you know what his baby is thinking.
15:00 September 9, 2009 by AnaB
I just think that many women who work we would like our husbands would help us a bit more with raising the baby. Breastfeeding is quite tiring, I've been 9 months and still do not know when it will end.
23:36 September 9, 2009 by kelvison
how the milk factory is working papa? i dont see any thing coming out?do you see mumy oh no dady!

oh,come on women stop moaning,just feed your babies with love and enjoy feeding them,dont give this job to men,dont take their manhood away from them.

thanx to all swedish women.
20:11 September 10, 2009 by marie gachelin
I understand feminism, gender equality and all those goodies that Sweden strives to achieve but this is pushing it a bit too far.

The difference is often what makes it all enjoyable. Just imagine how freakish it would be if all of us could pass as each other's clone?
14:01 September 26, 2009 by FAKKER
This is very wrong ....... men should do their works & women should do theirs.....

God has created men & women with different purpose..... Now a days things like that often come to our notice..... these things are very very bad.........

i think soon we will see a man giving birth to a child.....

this is disgusting......
15:43 October 17, 2009 by Erik B.
It's a joke, for heavens sake!
13:21 December 4, 2009 by sloe
Let's face it, roles and values that were considered feminine in the past, such as nurturing, tenderness, warmth and emotional intelligence, are moving higher and higher on the list of basic human values. I'm not surprised and I think there's going to be more of this.

As for those who feel threatened by Swedish men - is it so surprising that a woman should prefer a guy who is in touch with both his feminine and masculine side to someone who has been emotionally crippled by the old patriarchal ideal of masculinity? I know I'd prefer the former any time.

That said, maybe trying to lactate is a little over the top as public demonstration of what I'm talking about. But 1) it's this guy's own body and 2) it's not so bad to draw a little attention to the changes of attitude to traditional gender roles that have been going on, it looks like both men and women in this society have come a long way.
13:19 August 19, 2010 by lizgiran
The idea of a man breast feeding seems odd because it is natural for woman to attempt this...but I think it would be a great idea to have a man step in. Sometimes a mother is not near her child because she's at work, running errands, & etc., & it leaves the father in charge. Everyone knows that breast milk is the best for a child so if a man can accomplish this, WHY NOT?

Plus, there are parents who adopt newborns & would like to breast feed. Some of those parents who adopt maybe two males.

I think the men & even women who think of this as disgusting need to get over their pride & do what's best for their child. I think what this British father is trying to attempt is mighty clever, may your experiment be accomplished!!!!!
20:35 February 26, 2012 by Danish Voice
If mr. Bengtson meant this "experiment" seriously, he should take it all the way and get the neccessary hormon treatment.

Just pumping his breasts, won't make him produce milk, or at least not enough to benefit anybody.

But he is probably just hungry for attention and approval from the feminists and their supporters.
22:41 November 17, 2012 by Annij
I wonder which culture or country most of the above posters are from. Anyway, the reason men can lactate is the same reason adoptive mothers can lactate and breastfeed their babies. A man can produce enough milk to feed his baby just like a woman with extremely small breasts can produce enough milk to feed her baby. If a man had to take hormones or get surgery to make this happen, I can see this being unnatural, however men don't need to do that, they simply need a baby to suckle at the nipple. So it is natural; it is nature's back up plan and the reason why we're called mammals. Think about it logically, if only women could breast feed, what would happen to an infant if the mother died and there were no other women immediately around? We can think of all sorts of circumstances where that would be the case. The baby's life would be in serious jeopardy. So, nature protects against this, that's why men can breast feed (btw: a man will NOT develop moops--man boobs). Ick factor aside, it's human biology 101. NEXT....
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