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Israel: Bildt to scrap scheduled visit

AFP/The Local · 6 Sep 2009, 09:30

Published: 06 Sep 2009 09:30 GMT+02:00

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"We were informed this weekend he was cancelling his visit" that had been due to take place in the coming week, ministry spokesman Yigal Palmor told AFP.

Palmor said the reason given for the cancellation was "a problem of timing."

However, Israeli media speculated that Bildt, whose country currently holds the rotating EU presidency, cancelled the trip in order to avoid an icy welcome in the Jewish state.

A spokesperson for Bildt, Irena Busic, claimed however that no date had been set for a visit and disputed the assertion that the visit had been “cancelled”.

Carl Bildt will travel to the Middle East at some point doing the Swedish EU presidency but we have never decided on a date. During a Middle East trip there will also be a visit to Israel,” Busic told the Svenska Dagbladet (SvD) newspaper.

Tensions between Israel and Sweden have risen in recent weeks over a report in the popular Aftonbladet tabloid that alleged Israeli soldiers stole and sold body parts of dead Palestinians.

The newspaper later said the story lacked proof.

Story continues below…

Israel has demanded that the Swedish government condemn the article that it has labelled an anti-Semitic "blood libel." Stockholm has refused, saying that doing so would violate the country's tradition of freedom of speech.

AFP/The Local (news@thelocal.se)

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10:12 September 6, 2009 by borisbutt
Well, I find it very bad news for Sweden. Again, we proved our weekness in dealing with "muslem-threats". It is obvious that condemning the false allogations in the Aftonbladet tabloid would have been putting the Swedish government as a pro-Israeli one, and that would have caused many domestic problems with the muslim population here.

Look what the Spanish foreign minister just said yesterday in Sweden, whebn he condemned the interview with Irving- the hollicaust deniger which was published in "El-mundo"- the 2nd largest Spanish newspaper.

That is exactly what our goverment should have done!
10:24 September 6, 2009 by Leprehcaun
@ borisbutt

Our government can't do that, it's illegal for them to do that. The cartoon thing was, as far as I know legal (it had nothing to do with the press) but the minister still had to leave office for her decision to shut it down.
14:33 September 6, 2009 by iliav
So the Minister cannot express an opinion about some ridiculous article in one of the main newspapers in the country? Not shutting it down, but merely expressing his/her opinion? How touchy the Swedish democracy is! I lived in Sweden some time ago and was appalled by the widespread racism at every level of the society. I found the general disrespectful and patronising attitude to non-European foreigners absolutely mind-boggling. Interestingly, the Swedes are generally perceived as freedom-loving caring people, thanks to some admittedly respectable actions by the Government and some wonderful individuals. But, in general, Sweden was (and as it turns out still is) a xenophobic self-obsessed society. No wonder, Sweden's Scandinavian neighbours have very little respect for them; particularly Danes and Norwegians still remember supposed "neutrality" of Sweden during the WWII. So overall the article is not terribly surprising. Asking for apology or condemnation? What for? What will it change? Will it make the Swedes better? No. Will the Government save the face? Who cares about the Government? I guess, Israel will just have a clear understanding of where Sweden and the Swedes are and what they believe to be socially acceptable.
14:41 September 6, 2009 by bill.lunn
This was a shrewd maneuver. Bildt could not go to Israel with a new settlements controversy underway. He could not have said anything. He cannot ask the Israelis to do things without reciprocation from the Palestinians and Arab states, who have already refused. At the present time, he is totally compromised by his defensive, hypocritical bad handling of the stolen organs from the dead story.
15:08 September 6, 2009 by mysticbumwipe
I don't know whether to be disappointed or pleased?

Israel and the Middle East at this time doesn't need a visit or what?

Here's an interesting spin. Did anyone else notice this subtle bit attempting to subliminally discredit the original whistle-blowing article:

"The newspaper LATER said the story lacked proof."

Er... I we talking about the same article? Because as I remember it, the paper actually NEVER EVER said at any time that they had "proof".

The article in actuality only pointed to speculation amongst the grieving Palestinian families whose children and youths were returned with clear signs of unauthorised and unnecessary autopsies. The article provided photographic eveidence of that and said there were enough credible allegations of this allegation of organ theft to warrant an enquiry.

Er... are we any closer to an enquiry?

No. Thought not. Let's all just keep the pressure on the newspaper to proove something and play the racist card over and over again instead. Good work Isral supporters. The plan is working.
15:13 September 6, 2009 by bla bla bla
This confrontation with Israel might be planned in advance since the fact is that Sweden is taking the EU presidency.

Iranian president use Israel-bashing as a good propaganda tool in order to attract moral support from appr. 1.5 billion muslims all around the world. Swedish stance towards Aftonbladet's news might help Swedish exports boost in those developing markets.

At the same time, Sweden might get some advantage confronting Iran over nuclear dispute therefore seducing Israeli government if they can succeed.
15:16 September 6, 2009 by mehrdad1111
thats a good news. after all what sweden did against israel in the past and now, sweden is realy irrelevant for the peace process and for israel.

so bildt can go to saudi-arabia or ramallah and speak about peace if he likes but noone will take him for serious in israel.

its simply unimportant what anti-israeli countries like iran, sweden and norway say about israel and middleeast peace.
16:16 September 6, 2009 by mysticbumwipe
Erm, ...excuse me but what did Sweden do against Israel in the past and now?

Did we do something bad?


...Sweden and Norway are "anti-israeli countries..."??? :-o

Persecution-complex and victim-complex alert.

You need help, bro.
16:26 September 6, 2009 by Per Johansson52
This forum is infected by Pro-Israelis under different names.

Israelis prime minister has hired many israelis to spread positive news about Israel and try to justify and hide their crimes.


Type Sweden with Capital S not sweden.
17:17 September 6, 2009 by larryc
Bildt is an incredible wimp. He patronizes the Israelis about individual rights and then does not have the nerve to go to Israel and stand up for them. How embarassing for the Swedes.
18:40 September 6, 2009 by Per Johansson52
1657.6 million Muslims are important to Sweden than 10 Million land occupiers. Soon or later the World would understand that Jews can not be trusted for friendship. Those who are after money and wealth can do anything or whatever. Someone tell them to stop stealing more lands!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
19:03 September 6, 2009 by larryc
Per Obviously it won't be Bildt that stands up to the Israelis. By the way, there are only 5.5 million Jews in Israel. It would be nice to get your facts straight.
19:07 September 6, 2009 by Per Johansson52
how many of them are in USA? 32 of them were arrested for Human body trafficking they were selling Kidneys I am sure 100% they were selling Arabs kidneys .. There are 4 to 5 millions in US so i am talking in general . those who setting in US support them and buying these stolen lands for business.....
19:13 September 6, 2009 by larryc
How many what are in the usa? I do not know what you are talking about.
20:49 September 6, 2009 by Truthseaker
For those pro-Israelis who say that "organ harvesting" did not happen I say it did and here is the proof from IsraelNationalNews.com :http://www.israelfaxx.com/webarchive/2002/01/2fax0104.html

Abu Kabir Operating Organ Warehouse

By IsraelNationalNews.com

State Attorney General Elyakim Rubinstein ordered police to launch an investigation against Prof. Yehuda Hiss, the nation's senior pathologist and director of the Abu Kabir Forensic Institute.

Hiss is accused of a long list of charges from inappropriate behavior as a medical professional to criminal acts such as the illegal sale of and dealings in organs and body parts, removing organs from deceased persons without consent, and misrepresenting organs in returned bodies.

Allegations made against Hiss in some cases include his taking organs without consent, placing the cardboard center of toilet paper rolls and metallic rods in their place to fill the voids in the body and hide the theft of the organs.

A court-ordered search of the institute revealed large supplies of stored organs taken illegally from bodies. Over the past years, heads of the institute appear to have given thousands of organs for research without permission, while maintaining a "storehouse" of organs at Abu Kabir.

Organs belonging to soldiers killed in various circumstances were found in the institute during a surprise search this week. After consulting with Chief Chaplain Brig. Gen. Rabbi Yisrael Weiss, it was decided that in concert with the bereaved families, graves would be opened and the organs buried along with the remains of each soldier involved.
21:05 September 6, 2009 by larryc
I do not know if this story is true, but this is not the Aftobladet story. Those seem to be Israeli organs. So why is Bildt afraid to go to Israel?
21:22 September 6, 2009 by Truthseaker

> did you check the link provided !!!! If not please please do it to find out.

> you want to tell me that they sell ONLY Israeli organs and NOT Arab organs ?? come on don't make me laugh !!!
22:14 September 6, 2009 by larryc
Truthseeker, there is nothing in this story that talks about Palestinians. I know, I do not want to confuse you with the facts. Nobody ever said there is no criminal activity in Israel. You may notice, the state is going to prosecute. There are about 3 dozen countries where there may be organ harvesting. Some countries prosecute; some do not. This has nothing to do with the Aftonbladet story.
22:58 September 6, 2009 by Truthseaker
Larrc, Facts do not confuse me but Lies do!!
23:20 September 6, 2009 by iliav
Truthseeker, how about interpretation of facts? Do these confuse you?
00:32 September 7, 2009 by Tony Ryals
If anything the EU or interpol should take a trip to Austria to interview Israeli Austrian billionaire Martin Schlaff re his involvement with Israel's mafiosi Finance Minister Avigdor Lieberman,their Russian currency manipulations, money laundering between Bawag Bank(now owned by Chrysler connected Cerberus hedge fund of Stephen Feinberg ,ex U.S.Treasury Secretary John Snow(who spied on Euro financial transactions with CIA under guise of 'fighting terrorism before purchasing Bawag),plus ex U.S.VP Dan Quayle and some of Dick Cheney and Haliburton's ex Kellogg Brown and Root boys such as an appropriately named 'Mr. Swindle'.

I'd sure like to know about all the U.S. penny stocks used for fraud and money laundering through Bawag and Union and Leumi bank over the decades and the scumbag Ukranian Israeli Grin brothers.Also the Iraeli and Avigdor Liarman's I mean Lieberman's ' blood diamond' connections.Maybe he should go back to being a bouncer in striptease clubs......


Blood Diamond

Doublethink and Deception over those Worthless Rocks of Desire

by Rick Hines and Keith Harmon Snow

Blood Diamond is a Hollywood film depicting horrific bloodshed in West Africa, in 1999, spawned by the lust for diamonds. The film opens with the understatement that "thousands have died and millions have become refugees." But more than 70,000 people died in Sierra Leone's war. The film immediately segues to a palatial boardroom in Antwerp, Belgium, to the G-8 Conference on diamonds. The all-white executives are ostensibly concerned, holding worried discussions about…the fate of people? Africa's people?...

In 2003, as the Kimberley Process crystallized, MIBA signed an exclusive contract with Canadian Emaxon, a subsidiary of Dan Gertler Israel (DGI) Group. But the expansion of Gertler companies in Congo began in 2000, when former Congolese president Laurent Kabila offered Gertler's International Diamond Industries (IDI) a monopoly on Congolese diamonds, and 88% of the proceeds, in exchange for Israeli military assistance to his new government.47 The DRC government expelled IDI's competitors from Congo: smuggling and fraud proliferated as thousands of poor artisanal miners suffered increasing coercion, violence and exclusion. 48

Gertler pledged military assistance through retired General Yosi Ben-Hanan, Avigdor Lieberman-Deputy Prime Minister of Israel since November 2006 and leader of Israel's far-right nationalist party Beitenu-and Yossi Kamisa, a former Israeli policeman in the Anti-Terrorism Unit and advisor to the Ministry of National Infrastructures director general.49 Though the deal was revoked in April 2001-President Laurent Kabila was assassinated that January-Gertler formed DGI and partnered with other top Israeli military officials and moved ahead.....
02:39 September 7, 2009 by larryc
Tony Ryals, Oh my god, there is crime in this world and some of it is Israeli.So what? What does this have to do with Aftoblondet case or the fact that Bildt is afraid to go to Israel?
03:57 September 7, 2009 by Tony Ryals
Israel PM Ehud Olmert's Money Launderers,Swissair 111 Crash,9/11 ...

Tony Ryals

16 May 2008 ... Israel PM Ehud Olmert,Menachem Atzmon,ICTS International,Morris ..... Netanyahu first met Mervyn Adelson at that time, and brought him into ...


A New Evil Leader for THE Evil Country « INCOG MAN: Sick of all ...

Friedman is a close friend of the Netanyahu family; he grew up in Wyncote, ... Menachem Atzmon resigned as president of Friedman's IDF following his 1996 ...


Another Likud Leader setup in Israel.

Just like Netanyahu and Stephen Friedman founder of Likud

Both from the Philadelphia Pennsylvania Area.



Stephen L. Friedman and Menachem Atzmon: partners in Likud money-laundering, with implications in the Sept. 11, 2001 terrorist attacks.

A Philadelphia lawyer, Friedman was the general counsel in the United States for the Likud party of Israel from 1984 (or, officially, 1988) to 1999. Friedman is a close friend of the Netanyahu family; he grew up in Wyncote, Pennsylvania, around the corner from Benjamin and his father Benzion Netanyahu, the senior aide to avowed fascist Vladimir Jabotinsky.

Israeli plutocrat Menachem Atzmon was co-treasurer of the Likud, along with Jerusalem Mayor Ehud Olmert, during and after the 1988 Israeli elections. In August 1988, Atzmon worked with Olmert and two other men to collect illegal contributions for the Likud from corporations, against Israel's party funding law, by providing fictitious advertising services to the contributors. Atzmon was later convicted in that campaign finance fraud, while Olmert was acquitted.

Up until his 1996 conviction, Atzmon was president of the Israel Development Fund (IDF), a U.S. tax-exempt foundation funneling money illegally to the Likud. IDF is one entity in a cluster of such false-front Likud money spigots, all run by Philadelphia attorney Steven L. Friedman, a partner in the Dilworth, Paxson firm........

Menachem Atzmon resigned as president of Friedman's IDF following his 1996 conviction for Israeli election campaign finance fraud. But his later U.S. activities would prove to be much more disturbing.

Atzmon and his business partner Ezra Harel are the majority owners (57%) of ICTS-International Consultants on Targeted Security, run by "former [Israeli] military commanding officers and veterans of government intelligence and security agencies" according its Web site. In 1999, Atzmon's Netherlands-based firm took over management of security at Logan Airport in Boston, Massachusetts, through ICTS' subsidiary Huntleigh USA.
05:27 September 7, 2009 by larryc
Gee, I guess there is crime from America too . Who knew?
05:31 September 7, 2009 by iliav
Larryc, can't you see that Tony Ryals has psychiatric problems?
05:40 September 7, 2009 by larryc
Iliav , Of course I can see that, but there are people who read him, who do not have psychiatric issues and believe him.
07:15 September 7, 2009 by sebseb
That is very good news! When Sweden visits Israel, they can do so and call an hour ahead. And Israel is not part of the EU, so who cares. In Europe we have more important things to do.

Israel is a theocracy disguised.
08:05 September 7, 2009 by magirus
I'm surprised nobody has already claimed the presence of Death Panels in Israel.

The madness and clamor that surrounds any debate that involves Israel, and only Israel, is still a mistery to me.

Knowing this, it would be certainly better that (serious) journalists bring some acceptable evidence when they launch such huge accusations. Otherwise, for what matters, I can claim that the fire in the T-bana on Sunday was actually a terrorist attack from some muslim cell in Sweden. Why not start an inquiry on this?
10:53 September 7, 2009 by honorable
Per johansson is interested in "land occupiers". Here is some food for his thought:


I would remind him that the land "occupied" by Israel is Judea and Samaria: not California or Norway. A Jew occupying Judea is more akin to a Norwegian occupying Norway, or a Finn occupying Finland, or an Irish occupying Ulster, or a Swede occupying Sweden than to a Swede occupying Norway or Finland.
12:51 September 7, 2009 by Kooritze
Good move by Bildt, it,s not as if anything constructive is going to come out of a visit to Israel at tis time. This is a jewish fundamentalist state, and for those who try to convince us that Israel is a diverse society..........we all know who is running the show and calling the shots. Re: the above comment...it confirms this. It does not matter their nationality of Israeli settlers.......they are Jewish.....and occupying Judea is thier right as they see it. As such a religeous fundamentalist state.

Israel has just confirmed that it now going to carry on with it,s settlement construction on occupied land. Many of us see how they justify themselves tis action.........with strong religeous self rightiousness, arrogance and total lack of empathy for those they oppress. A nation run by deep cynics.
13:06 September 7, 2009 by Truthseaker
Larryc, Another FACT for you.

In 1992, the year in question, Bostrom says, the Israeli army admitted to him that it took away for autopsy 69 of the 133 Palestinians who died of unnatural causes. The army has not denied this part of his report.

A justifiable question from the families relayed by Bostrom is: why did the army want the autopsies carried out? Unless it can be shown that the army intended to conduct investigations into the deaths - and there is apparently no suggestion that it did - the autopsies were unnecessary.

In fact, they were more than unnecessary. They were counterproductive if we assume that the army has no interest in gathering evidence that could be used in future war crimes prosecutions of its soldiers. Israel has a long track record of stymying investigations into Palestinian deaths at the hands of its soldiers, and carried on that ignoble tradition in the wake of its recent assault on Gaza.

Of even greater concern for the Palestinian families is the fact that at around the time the bodies of their loved ones were whisked off by the army for autopsy, the only institute in Israel that conducts such autopsies, Abu Kabir, near Tel Aviv, was almost certainly at the centre of a trade in organs that later became a scandal inside Israel.

Equally disturbing, the doctor behind the plunder of body parts, Prof Yehuda Hiss, appointed director of the Abu Kabir institute in the late 1980s, has never been jailed despite admitting to the organ theft and he continues to be the state's chief pathologist at the institute.

Hiss was in charge of the autopsies of Palestinians when Bostrom was listening to the families' claims in 1992. Hiss was subsequently investigated twice, in 2002 and 2005, over the theft of body parts on a large scale.

Allegations of Hiss' illegal trade in organs was first revealed in 2000 by investigative reporters at the Yediot Aharonot newspaper, which reported that he had "price listings" for body parts and that he sold mainly to Israeli universities and medical schools.

Apparently undeterred by these revelations, Hiss still had an array of body parts in his possession at Abu Kabir when the Israeli courts ordered a search in 2002. Israel National News reported at the time: "Over the past years, heads of the institute appear to have given thousands of organs for research without permission, while maintaining a 'storehouse' of organs at Abu Kabir."

Hiss did not deny the plunder of organs, admitting that the body parts belonged to soldiers killed in action and had been passed to medical institutes and hospitals in the interests of advancing research. Understandably, however, the Palestinian families are unlikely to be satisfied with Hiss' explanation. If the wishes of a soldier's familiy were disregarded by Hiss, why not Palestinian families' wishes too?
14:01 September 7, 2009 by Cornelius Hamelberg
Amongst us are Jews, Christians, Muslims, other religionists and people, atheists, agonistics, possibly even demon worshippers would or could be terrorists, terrorists sympathisers and their supporters….

Anti-Semites in various human and political guises have this in common : they either do not want Israel or do not want a strong Israel and it is against this backdrop that world history is to be understood as it pertains to the Jewish people and enemies of God and the Jewish people.

This Sabbath's Torah portion contains what I intuit is the quintessential reason for anti- Semitism among the anti-Semites and anti- Zionists, the two sides of the same coin. It is this sentence from Parashas Ki Savo at the beginning of Chapter 28 of Deuteronomy:

" It shall be that if you hearken to the voice of HASHEM , your God, to observe , to perform all of His commandments that I command you this day, then HASHEM your God will make you supreme over all the nations of the earth."

Carl Bildt is a strong European and a former Prime Minister of Sweden. During the cold war he kept Swedish foreign policy on the right side - outside of the Iron Curtain; he was a great admirer of George Bush the first ( according to Kajsa O's DN parody); he succeeded Lord Owen and fulfilled this mission in the Balkans. There is no doubt that he is a very able Swedish foreign minister and as Swedish foreign Minister his main interest is Swedish (plus a little bit of oil) and not necessarily Jewish or Israeli interests. His reasoning about the timing of his visit is plausible and the Aftonbladet article is not necessarily the centre of gravity to Sweden - Israel relations: nor is such a relationship going to founder on that article. From my point of view it's not a storm in a teacup either - when just taking a diplomatic distance in so many carefully crafted words could have resolved the whole issue from the very beginning. But who knows better and who knows best what is in the best Swedish interests ? Perhaps a hot exchange of words right there in Jerusalem could have only exacerbated the situation --- and on Israeli home turf too, a ticking off from Avigdor Lieberman before or after the obligatory, heart-cooling visit to Yad Vashem would not have helped matters any. It's difficult for me to imagine a compliant or a bowed Carl Bildt or a Carl Bildt after all that he has already said, not continuing to take cover - adamantly - behind the Swedish constitution - until perhaps al-Aftonbladet is emboldened - God forbid - to come out with their own version of " The Muhammadan Cartoons" or something similar or even worse, that could make us watch our foreign minister squirm, say something even behind the iron curtain of whatever constitution that could prevent him speaking out should Sweden be a terrorist attraction/destination in response to such inaction.

16:29 September 7, 2009 by honorable
Kooritze: since those "arrogant having a total lack of empathy for those they oppress" have occupied Judea and Samaria, 12 institutions of higher learning (universities) have been created, which is a significant improvement (an infinite improvement, in fact) relative to the 0 institutions of higher learning that existed in Judea and Samaria before the "occupation" .

No palestinian university was founded under the turcs, the Brits ( 1917-1949), the Egyptians and the Jordanians (1949-1967). But 12 palestinian universities were created in Judea and Samaria under israeli occupation.

Examples: Al Aqsa university was founded in 1991. Bir Zeit University started giving diplomas only in 1975, and received the name "university" only in 1975 (but it was giving the 2 first years of university education --insufficient to receive a university diploma-- since 1961) .

Israel has nothing of a fundamentalist state. Kooritze must be confusing with Gaza, Saudia Arabia, etc...
17:03 September 7, 2009 by Tony Ryals
Still the white honky zio-nazis here continue in their lies about being 'semites' and still refuse to thank their founder adolf hitler and the white euro aristocratic rothschilds for

founding their fools 'paradise' or hell on earth as I see it.Should there be a law against fraudulently impersonating

a semite ?

And they are glad money launders and war criminals of Israel 'guarded' Logan Airport on 9/11 leading to the death of 3,000 in American and 1,000,000 in Iraq.They should go back to the U.S.penny stock promotion boards where they came from where they can promote more worthless corporate crimes and money laundering ops for Leumi bank that refuses to pay its own holocaust survivers.As for Saudi Arabia and Kuwait and Dubai and UAE,THEY ARE THE FAR RIGHT WINGNUTS OF ISRAEL AND U.S.GOVERNMENTS ALLIES PRECISELY BECAUSE THEY ARE FUNDIE


But that begs the question of why Bildt and Sweden is supporting them and why the Sheik of Dubai who sent

over $100,000 to Mohamed Atta at Jeb Bush's pal Wally Hilliard's Huffman Aviation in Venice,Florida pre 9/11 was allowed to buy much or all the Swedish stock exchange and what is his cut whenever any Swede now buys shares in Swedish or other companies listed.And what is the connection between the Sheikh and the Zio-Nazis in stock fraud on the U.S. NASQAQ that he was also allowed to buy.You may be assured that had the Iranian government bought into those two exchanges the Zio-Nazis would never let you forget.
17:33 September 7, 2009 by larryc
If Bildt as the foreign minister of Sweden cancels his Israeli trip, no big deal. But he was acting on a larger capacity as the chairman of the E.U. This plays into the Israeli stereotype that the Europeans are weak and not to be trusted. Meanwhile Spain, who secedes Sweden for the chairmanship, will be in Israel this week. Israel has had issues with Spain too. All in all, Sweden either looks afraid or inept.
20:05 September 7, 2009 by Tony Ryals


The Israeli foreign minister(Avigdor Liarman, I mean Lieberman) has a personal strategic purpose, though. He is under threat of indictment for corruption and money laundering, and is under constant international scrutiny for his Yisrael Beitenu party's racist ideology and his own past offensive comments about Arab-Israelis and about Egypt's President Hosni Mubarak. He is desperate to find ways to break out of his political isolation.....

Says Melman: "The 'Ugly Israeli' in the guise of the arms dealer (mostly former intelligence and military officials) who promotes weapons sales on behalf of Israeli military industries, with the backing of the defence establishment, has given Israel a bad name on the continent. Israelis have reportedly been involved in civil wars (in Angola, Liberia, Sierra Leone and Cote d'Ivoire) and in aiding dictatorial regimes such as in Equatorial Guinea and the two Congo republics."

The ministry confirms that Liberman will be accompanied by a large retinue of businessmen, many of them arms dealers, as well as security advisers and representatives of state-backed military industries.
20:53 September 7, 2009 by Hagai
To Per:How many people are there like you filthy Antisemite that spreads hatred and racism.
02:56 September 8, 2009 by Tony Ryals
Hagai,what 'semites' are you talking about - Iraqis who the NATO war criminals have bombed and raped due to 9/11 war fraud of Israelis Menachem Atzmon,Ezra Harel et.al. running the ICTS International stock and security fraud at Logan Airport and Marvin Bush and cousin Wirt Walker III and the Kuwait Al Sabah royals running the Dulles Airport security and securities fraud at Dulles Airport or are you speaking of the white guys who think they are semites in Israel.


And it appears it is Israel who has a greater interest in the Afghhan oil pipeline more than anyone else.The CIA is probably only in it for the heroine.Remember white guys from Israel aren't semites and they are out and out liars or under the influence of a dangerous religious cult if they claim to be.

Prosecute American,Isrealis and their war criminal Arab allies in Kuwait,Dubai,Saudi Arabia - don't rape and torture and murder more Afghanis and Iraqs....Iraqi women in Baghdad could the streets in safety without a chador and even weapons searchers and tourists could walk the streets of Baghdad before you brought them 'Shiite Democracy'.Do you all want 'Shiite Democracy' ? You certainly deserve it.
11:13 September 8, 2009 by joe90
there is alot of hate in this world. Peace is hard to find. men (and woman) are fallible. The Love of money is a strong draw to commit attrocious acts.The Love of Power is as well. i watch as these people who consider themselves Holy .fire rockets into Schools, train workshops. villages and open desert.they try but what do they achieve. They wake up a Lion thats what they achieve.the Lion has been woken up every so often by these Holy Men firing rockets at him. he had a peace deal 7 or 8 years not to much troubleplenty of sleep just a few midges buzzing him but after the 7 years the Holy Men did not want to renew the peace deal . no sleep then bang 400 rockets in one day 300 another the lion is well awake now.

stop stop it cries out the world looks on stop one last time !!!!!

BANG !!!!!!!

Disportinate force

Peace is hard to find.

15:27 September 8, 2009 by GefleFrequentFlyer
But I thought the official Swedish state position was that they were not going to get involved with the freedom of the press (this time, apparently Mohammed cartoons they will)?

If so, what does Mr. Bildt have to worry about, there is no problem! Go to Israel like nothing happened!

Oh, that's right, something DID happen. They hypocrisy of the Swedish state became the larger story out of this ordeal.
19:25 September 8, 2009 by SamZ
"Tony Ryals": Please for the sake of humanity and yourself have your head checked out. Can't you write anything of substance? You are filling the pages here with BS, and your claims are just nothing, zero, zilch, nada? Peace on Earth.
20:21 September 8, 2009 by honorable
Tony Ryals: an ambulance is waiting for you. Please take it and come back when you have something of substance. If not, then at least try to remove the diffamatory remarks of your texts. You have a right to your opinions, but you do not have a right to invent facts.
21:00 September 8, 2009 by Tony Ryals
You guys like the Russian Jewish Cult crime family's 'Kosher' mad cow meat ? You think he's your 'messiah ? Aren't they in Sweden ?

FailedMessiah.com: Rubashkin Scandals... including mishandling of meat potentially tainted with Mad Cow Disease. ... There are hundreds of posts on the various Rubashkin scandals. ...


FailedMessiah.com: Mad Cow, E. Coli, Sanitation Violations Alleged ...Mad Cow, E. Coli, Sanitation Violations Alleged At Rubashkin Plant ..... Samuel Freedman in the Jerusalem Post: "[T]the scandal of Agriprocessors has been ...


Show more results from failedmessiah.typepad.com

Richmond IMC: Jews Gone Wild: Agriprocessors,Iowa,Rubashkin Crime ...3 Jun 2008 ... Rubashkin Scandals Agriprocessors, the Rubashkin family's Postville, ... of meat potentially tainted with Mad Cow Disease. ...

02:23 September 9, 2009 by SamZ
"Tony Ryals": You are just confirming what I and "honorable" have posted? Take a break and check in one of the many clinics in Sweden or wherever you are (if you are in Afghanistan you are in deep s%$t) and make a copy of all your postings and show it to the Doctor in charge, and prey to God that there is a cure for your disease. When you get cured come back on board and hopefully you will have something of substance to post??? PEACE
02:34 September 9, 2009 by cogita!
Israel is in blatant violation of international law yet the world wonders why it looks so stern

on a Swedish newspaper article accusing the IDF of harvesting Palestinian organs.

It is about time for Sweden to play hardball and demand an appology from Israel for the killing

of Folke Bernadotte in 1948.

A Swede, who was assigned by the UN to mediate peace between Zionists/Israelis and Palestinians. Only a few years before he was killed, Bernadotte was celebrated for negotiating the release of tens of thousands of Jews from Nazi concentration camps.

Just as a reminder :among the decendents of the terrorists of the Stern and

Irgun gangs that killed Bernadotte are Tzipi Livni, the daughter of Zionist guerrillas who has had no problem murdering 1500 people in Gaza and

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu ..
03:05 September 9, 2009 by ofdesign
I'm so happy for you Swedish EurArabians. You are opening your buttocks portals so far wide open for the coming hordes of Moslem masters that even the French are surprised by your dexterity. Forget what's wrong and right! Just know your master and serve him. By reading all this trash about Jews specifically and Israel, I now believe a moslem flag hanging over all your governmental buildings is a befitting punishment for your collective thinking.
03:17 September 9, 2009 by swepk
@ Per Johansson52- Totally agree with u! I appreciate the way you think and your reflection on the facts

04:16 September 9, 2009 by cogita!
@ ofdesign

after your vitriolic ranting and slandering look on the bright side of life.

For soon the worst zionist demoghraphic nightmare will come true.

Israel will loose its Jewish majority in an increasingly Arab environment.

That will be the just end of an apartheid state.The world will say amen to that

The zionist state cannot maintain equilibrium and continuity without launching aggression and getting rid of the 'surplus' Palestinian population.

It is morally bancrupt and as the US is nearing bankruptcy uncle Sam is not going to be able to afford to continue massive zillion subsidies of Israel .
20:28 September 9, 2009 by SamZ
"cogita": Your "fantasy", is a fantasy of a grieving person. Accept my condololence for your loss??

23:59 September 9, 2009 by cogita!
still want to pull 1.3 billion muslims by the hair into an pax-americana 21-century, in Iraq,

Afganistan, Iran.. for the sake of an Eretz-Über-Israel without defined borders?

This snake-oil selling of the christian american loony-right-

who are praying for armageddon and the day of judgment so that jews morph into Christians

or go to hell, will never work with Europeans.

Do your math SamZ

pace, salam!
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