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Swedes reported arrested in Pakistan

TT/The Local · 8 Sep 2009, 09:25

Published: 08 Sep 2009 09:25 GMT+02:00

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“According to information from Pakistani media, three Swedish citizens were involved but that has not been confirmed by Pakistani authorities,” said Ellinor Lundmark, press officer at the Swedish foreign ministry.

"Our embassy in Islamabad is investigating the matter and we are waiting for information from the Pakistani authorities," she told Expressen newspaper.

The Swedes, along with seven Turks and a Russian, were reportedly arrested a week ago in the country's eastern province of Punjab, reports Expressen.

A head of police has said on the Pakistani television chanel Press TV that the men are suspected of being connected with the Al-Qaeda terrorist network.

No information has thus far been confirmed to the Swedish foreign ministry.

Story continues below…

“We have to wait and see what the embassy finds out,” Lundmark said.

TT/The Local (news@thelocal.se)

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Your comments about this article

11:02 September 8, 2009 by Bra_billie_boy
Wow WoW WOW!! Swedes joining Al-Qaeda!! Damn!!
11:33 September 8, 2009 by crocadoodledoo
it says 'swedish citizens', it could very well be pakistani immigrants here in sweden. it is really sad that despite having a modern upbringing and getting educated in an overall liberal society, scores of youth born and brought up in western countries get brainwashed into this al-qaeda'sque jehad BS...
11:42 September 8, 2009 by peropaco
They come here with the excuse of persecution and the stupid administration grant them asylum, pays them 200€ euros a month, provide them with free housing, healthcare, education, free psychological adjustment therapy at some absorption centre in Värmdö or elsewhere ,food etc. Then the scumgarbage bags goes back and fight for their just cause and that is to kill. Having said this, I am sure there are also some maladjusted scumvbags swedes in there as well.
12:30 September 8, 2009 by mac_007
al-qeada supporters PAKISTANI immigrants with swedish passport....

thinks about all swedish people
13:27 September 8, 2009 by antoniolgj
And we are called "racist" just for criticising these people...

What next? Sweden government will protect their yooman rites and demand their release?

Oh boy... I love to see the religion of p!ss in action...
13:33 September 8, 2009 by coldfire
Report mentioned: "The Swedes, along with seven Turks and a Russian"..where does Pakistan came into the story !!! AlQaida does not belong to any race/religion/cast/color .... its Open 4 all :)
13:49 September 8, 2009 by Bra_billie_boy
It is sad to see the comments of crocadoodledoo and the follow up people who make comments based on guess work only and no facts. I have worked on South Asian politics for quite some time and even though I agree that perhaps none of the arrested Swedes is originally a Swede, but it is not correct to blame Pakistan without any solid facts. I have a couple of Pakistani and Indian friends and I have found them all to be highly qualified/well educated and they abhor activities of Taliban and Al-Qaeda.

For those of you who are ignorant about the immigrant demographics in Sweden, I would like to inform you that a big chunk of immigrants are from Iraq, Somalia, Afghanistan, Kazakistan and Turkey. South Asian like Pakistanis and Indians are a significant chunk of the Swedish work-force, but these people came to Sweden to work, not seeking asylum or immigration status.

An interesting fact that I have come across in my experience of working with these people (I mean Pakistanis). They are very friendly in nature, so if you become friends with them, they will go as far as to even offer you their home and any/everything in your time of need. BUT, if you make them your enemies, then you better run, 'coz you kill one person, his entire family/friends will take over the enmity as their own. Interesting people!
13:55 September 8, 2009 by peropaco
@coldfire, AlQaida does not belong to any race/religion/cast/color .... its Open 4 all :) .... Doubt they would take in any Jews except to cut of their heads in front of the camera.
14:06 September 8, 2009 by antoniolgj
Come on... You guys are being unfair. It's their yooman rites, have a break from the fight and come to Sweden for some holiday. All paid by the Swedish tax payers, of course.

Now that they are rested and well they are back to fulfil their "duties" to their God, or whatever they call it.

But don't you worry about it. I'm sure they left "family" members in Sweden to keep the dole flowing to their pockets...
14:56 September 8, 2009 by truth
i am pakistani and live in sweden, I love sweden too much. Just to confirm this news i check 5 big and realiable newspaper, so there is no news like this, some channel for thier publicity publish this kind of stupid news....

newspaper are here:






near me swede are best in the world, so not any sweden can support alqaeda or taliban, they are usa who made Al-qaeda and taliaban again sovit union and now fighting to control central asia (china and Russia)....this is histroy..Swede knows this thing but they follow USA....
15:03 September 8, 2009 by Bookashader
Bra_Billie_boy is a pakistani in disguise!!!

Do not judge people by color, race or where they come from. Judge them by their actions!!

End of the world is near,(21/12/2012) spread more love.
16:17 September 8, 2009 by coldfire

end is tomorrow 09-09-09 :)
16:34 September 8, 2009 by Eurostan
Bra_Billie_boy is a pakistani in disguise

there are many pakistani students in sweden.

i think sweden is the only country allowing pakistanis.

pakistanis are major group in every swedish university.

it is time to build a mosque in every swedsih university.

with lot of experiances with this pakistanis britan stopped all pakistanis. swedes are too much naive , they will see results later.
16:52 September 8, 2009 by To The Point
@ Eurostan, Everytime i see your comments, they contain hatred against immigrants and muslims. Did these people gave you hard time... personally???
17:00 September 8, 2009 by Eurostan
my hatred against muslims is a reaction. where ever muslims are there in the planet there is a problem. usa and israel are only excuses. it is either cities, states, and countries.

can any one tell me is there any country on the planet where muslims are living peacefully with other religions or non muslims.
17:02 September 8, 2009 by antoniolgj

I keep reading your comments, but a question keep popping up in my mind.

Are you an European mate? Or something else?

Of course I don't mean by born, but by blood...
17:23 September 8, 2009 by alpha_bravo

ojoj what a pain...you dont need to worry about all those muslims and immigrants :) between they are killing themselves in their own countries...its their own business.....why are you so worried...

and a friendly suggestion your history of peace start from few decades...you should recall your own history of violence(wars,slavery etc) too before pointing others.... PEACE
17:31 September 8, 2009 by crocadoodledoo

nothing in my comment is based without facts. infact i made a very mild statement and any normal person tracking the current world affairs would have this opinion. everyone knows that there have been many teens and youths (islamic radicals) arrested in the UK,US esp of pakistani origin who attended training camps in pakistan before the NATO led offensive in af-pak. infact, today the british court convicted three muslim terrorists !..and fyi i never asked anyone not to socialize with pakistanis. i myself have many paki friends and i love them but one cannot disagree that pakistan is probably the most dangerous country to live in right now..maximum extremists at large, nuclear bombs, terrrorism etc. plus, pakistani military itself has a good history of supporting terrorists. and you say pakistani immigrants are not living on govt doles, you gotto visit mårsta to start with and see the statistic for yourself...peace!
17:54 September 8, 2009 by browneyes10
@coldfire. I agree with you.

@Bra Bille Boy. You said well. Thanks for not connecting terrorism with any race, religion. I do respect your feelings about our countries.

@Eurostan. As most of the other readers also commented on your post. I am 1000 percent sure that you are not swedish because of the reason that you always shows your personal hatefulness towards muslim countries. Where as normally swedish do not do that and they do not hate people blindly as you do.

May be you are the child abuse case by some one....thats why you always react hateful for such countries people. So go and discuss with your case with some good psychiatrist. Shame on you.
18:45 September 8, 2009 by Bra_billie_boy
@ Bookashader and Eurostan: LOL! Guys you make me laugh. You need to do some growing up. It seems as if you guys got viol*ted by some Pakistanis :P I can almost imagine a scene from old Alien movies "....they came in large number and did painful things to me..." HAHA :P Funny indeed!

Firstly, I am from the UK, and if you need further details on my family then my mom is from Iran, so that can make me a bit pro-Iranian person. Secondly, if you people think that you can get rid of Muslims, then you need to check out this video: /watch?v=_kKkY5EpVpY (You tube)

This is some serious stuff. i had no idea about it. So decide wisely, as to whether you want to befriend Muslims or create enmity with them.

@ crocadoodledoo: I respect your points. I agree that currently, Pakistan is in a quite bad shape. Who is to blame for that, well that's a long debate that don't want to get involved in. But thank you for telling me about the people living living in Märsta. I have never been there, so didn't have an idea about them. Peace!
19:08 September 8, 2009 by K2K

LOL. I am 1000% sure that you by yourself is from India, so you should call yourself Hidustan! can you read your own history?? just go back two hundred years and you will find much.

You know who made this Taj mahal -:)))
19:16 September 8, 2009 by fahadniazi16
i was reading that some body said that alot of pakistanese immigrants are living here in sweden that is totally wrong reality is that here all pakistanese are highly educated specially students they are all very good having good courtesy as compare to swedese alot of pakistanese are studying and they are a good students and secondly i am hundred percent sure no swedese can use a bad words like a red up swedese are very sweet having alot of courtesy....... now a days pakistan is in problem but no body is same..... pakistan and sweden have a good political relations in every field in defense and other fields so some times missunderstanding can be happen so every body please dont blame others try to live happy PEACE!
19:22 September 8, 2009 by Eurostan
islam is terror violence and barbaric since thousand years.

not because of usa, israel or russia or india. muslims always search for excuses why they are doing violence. violece and supression of muslims in the world just now is direct reaction of deeds of muslims and islam against non muslims.
19:37 September 8, 2009 by K2K

Are you forgetting the recent stories of Orissa?? How many Christians were burn alive by Hindu Extremists!!! and just go few years back, what did you do in Gojarat?? Burn thousands Muslims alive. Are you forgetting Shew Sina???

Try to be realistic.....
20:09 September 8, 2009 by Eurostan

go through it and see the real face of islam
20:20 September 8, 2009 by truth

you knowledge is really up to mark, Pakistani army supported talibane, you are 100% right, but who forced them you dont no my frined...USA forced pakistani army to support talibane against Soviet union....do you wnt to hear Hillary clinton...pls would see this hillary link and improve ur knowlede.


2nd inforamation:

Indians are fighting in sawat now against pakistan army and showing they are muslim, here is proof


i think you are indiain and living in sweden, so please dnt write such thing that will show u how much hate u have against muslims and pakistan.

tc hope u ll improve ur knowledge if ur good person
20:27 September 8, 2009 by K2K

Here is some truth.

20:32 September 8, 2009 by browneyes10
@ Eurostan. You shows how hindus are narrow minded people. Learn lesson from your previous history. You dancing people.

Moun mai ram ram baghal mai churi.
20:35 September 8, 2009 by Bookashader
@ everyone, specially the narrow minded

search undacover mosque on utube and watch the truth.
20:36 September 8, 2009 by Eurostan
the photos are really disgusting. that is result of islam.

we can see that kind of photos in gaza, irak, afghanistan.

after riots all muslims left gujarat. now gujarat is now a better place than sweden to live.
20:40 September 8, 2009 by K2K
Then why you are here??? Just go to the better place and ENJOY the rest of your life.
20:51 September 8, 2009 by Eurostan
after coming to sweden i realised that this is going to become islamic republic of sweden due to the policies of sweden.

already four swedish cities are burning with muslims.

muslims in europe take advantage of the word RACISM.

i know sweden is not a safe place in the future.

already malmo sodertalije uppsala vasteras are dangerous to live.

@truth do not deceive your self. read the comments below the link which you send.
21:04 September 8, 2009 by browneyes10
@Eurostan. Do not worry about sweden but yes India will become again islamic republic.

If you do not like sweden than move your dirty black ass from here.
21:09 September 8, 2009 by Eurostan
gujarat is a good lesson. more lessons come from different countries. checheya is good lesson from russia. china preparing a lesson and you will see it.

it time to build a mosque in every swedish university because students suffer a lot to find a mosque in the city.

friday should be a holiday.

i dont know how is situation in denmark.
21:14 September 8, 2009 by browneyes10
@ Eurostan. What about Babri Mosque in India, which was damaged by your people.
21:18 September 8, 2009 by crocadoodledoo

all i can do my friend is to hope that you get well soon, grow a brain and get some education. i cant imagine that a right wing website with morphed pics is able to cloud the thinking of pakis who went to college atleast (i assume u went to college here, if not im sorry my post doesnt warrant your reading then)...shows the creativity (or lack thereof) of these anti-india rightwingers and u believing such stories shows the average education level of the masses there... the pak army was humiliated in 71, 75 and 99 and all they can indulge in now is cowardly covert operations like training terrorists and sending them to india, and now THIS!... the problem is the pakistani army has an aggresive design, and thats why u keep hving military coups many times and the democratic govt is thrown out. compare that to india where the army doesnt even constitute 1% of the indian GDP and india has no history whatsoever of any military coups... so, all these links you are trying to sell me here is utter hogwash...a stable, happy and democratic pakistan is what I and most of indians want. i have nothing against ordinary pakistanis and i believe they too are plagued with the same common problems of rich-poor divide, rising food prices, terrorism etc AND i never said anything against muslims... many of my friends in india and here, are muslims including pakistanis...infact, i dont generalize at all. there are good as well as bad people in every religion but the extremist to moderate ratio of muslims in pakistan is pretty high..this infact was told to me by a pakistani mate only...no wonder terrorism has its epicenter in pakistan,... for your very kind information, india is home to more muslims than pakistan...so please stop monopolizing muslims.
21:19 September 8, 2009 by Eurostan
we are in the topic of sweden and islam. do not divert the topic to unrelated topics. malmo mosque was also burnt down several times and got repaired with million of tax payers money.

who burned malmo mosque???????????????????????????

dont say racist. i will tell the answer later. quite surpricing
21:25 September 8, 2009 by browneyes10
@ Eurostan. Did you ever realize that what is the common sense?

You dancing nation. Again I will say that LEARN lesson from your past. The time is not too away when you will be again down to knee.
21:33 September 8, 2009 by Eurostan
is anybody knows who burnt down malmo mosque several times?

@browneyes10: do not get angry????????????

discussion is quite interesting. other quys enjoys it.

swedish authorities knows the truth but they never revealed it.
21:52 September 8, 2009 by totyis
@browneyes10 on comment 33. Please don't ever accuse others of racism: "If you do not like sweden than move your dirty black ass from here."

EU = a secular union of (ex-) Christian lands. Let's keep it that way.
21:57 September 8, 2009 by Eurostan

use google to make it in english.

a lot of information.
02:21 September 9, 2009 by Per Johansson52
Thelocal is famous for its publishing Unauthenticated news just to get attention and dont care how these news effect a nations, and these sort of news are just foods for dirty minded people like Eurostan and some other Pro-Israelis to starts barking about Islamic Countries.

How many Muslims are living in peace in Sweden? all Iraqis non-of them tried to blow up or do suicide here and we all know it is very easy for anybody to do such a act here. so If they kill Americans that is their rights because they have invaded them they have killed 1000 times more than 9-11.
03:22 September 9, 2009 by swepk
@ Per Johansson52... TRUE!
10:10 September 9, 2009 by Eurostan
@Per Johansson52: you first change the name to mohammad.

blowing up in sweden is easy than irak?????????????????.

you are saying that RDX is easily available in MAXI or IKEA.

now sweden muslim population is only 5 percent.

if it become 20 percent i am quite sure there will be suicide attacks in sweden also to fulfill so call religious rights.

already voice is raising about halal meat for muslim children in swedish schools.
10:36 September 9, 2009 by Rick Methven
OK lets get some REAL perspective on this so called Muslim threat in Sweden

The total number of people in Sweden who originate from 'Muslim' Countries is 450,000-500,000. around 5% of the total population.

However, the Muslim Council of Sweden claims that there are only 100,000 actual practicing Muslims in Sweden - 1% of the population. That is the number that they, like every other Religious group in Sweden, get state funding for.

The reason why only 1 in 4/5 Swedish residents

who originate from a predominantly Muslim country is that many people emigrated to Sweden to be free to practice or not their religion. Iraqi's make up the majority of immigrants from 'Muslim' countries - about 100,000. Many of these immigrants are

actually Christian, who where abused under Sadam and are still a persecuted minority under the current government. Many other immigrants from Iraq and other 'Muslim' Countries are secular and do not wish to practice any religion. They have taken the opportunity to live a secular life just like the vast majority of native Swedes - 65% of Swedish children are baptised but less than 10% actually go to church. Only half of the 20,000 Jews in Sweden actually practice their relgion.

How many korv sellers look ethnically 'Muslim'? they may originate from a Muslim country but certainly can not be a practicing Muslim if they handle pork!.

The vast majority of immigrants to Sweden came here for a better life ( I came for fewer traffic jams). They are not going to threaten their chance to maintain a peaceful secular existence by attacking the system that enables their freedom. There is of course some minority groups that espouse violence and hatred on religious or ethnic grounds. SD i just hate everybody unless you are a blue eyed, blond haired Aryan. they are responsible for the vast majority of attacks on both Jews and Muslims.

There are supporters of Israel and haters of Pakistan who fill these pages with hate.

While there have been a number of posts in TL from rabid Islamic fundamentalists, they do not mean that Sweden is about to burn under an Islamic uprising. It just is not going to happen. Not all Muslims are fundamentalists. Estimates from several studies around the world put the percentage of 'radical' Muslims who advocate Jihad to be about a 10th of 1% which means in Sweden there could be between 10 and 50. There have been no attacks in Sweden by Jihadists. Islam phobia posts like some in TL could start to radicalise some young people of 'Muslim' descent who are not even practising.

Stop racial/religious hate comments on any group with no substance. Kids who throw stones at Police or firemen or burn cars should not be called 'Muslims' or 'Immigrants ' They are just YOBS and should be so named and dealt with by the Police. Ethnic, Religion or Race has nothing to do with it.



Salam Aleikum

May your God go with you where ever you are
10:46 September 9, 2009 by asifbit

And what about when people saying that I am vegetarian. Every person can eat what he/she wants don't mention these small things. Please broad your mind and try to understand the cause behind terrorism. I would say that if any person kill anybody else then he is not even a human being then how you people are blaming countries and religious. What is going on in USA? What is happened on 911? No Israelis were in world trade centre on that day. Even then I can't blame Israel because if some people were involve it does not mean that the whole community should be blamed. You can't blame any community, country or religion. We all know about what is going on in Pakistan/India. @EUROSTAN you could see India is on top in violating human rights etc. Even then I can't say that any special community etc is doing all this stuff. Every country, religious have good and bad peoples. I think it is the matter of education and matures. People who blaming other's just because of one or more person's mistake is in my eye also terrorists. So please respect each other don't blame each other. First see what you are doing.

Every religious teach the first thing and that is human rights and respect each other, how to take care of each other? How to behave with others? Etc. No religious saying to kill/murder any human.

So please respect each other. If you blame somebody then you will be blamed as well some day without any reason.
10:49 September 9, 2009 by DreEstwd
So can anyone answer the question? Which Muslim country is not involved in any sort of violence, war or conflict? As an impartial observer, I am pretty interested. Thanks.
10:57 September 9, 2009 by asifbit

If even it is yes. Even then it does not mean that Islam is not good. I can find many Muslim countries easy who are not involved in any sort of violence. I have following questions too if anybody can reply:

1. Is there any Jewish country without any sort of violence? can anybody reply me?

2. Is there any Hindu country without any sort of violence? can anybody reply me?

3. Is there any Muslim country which has violence and no other Jewish, Hindu and Christian countries are not involved? (as today you can see today many Muslim countries have violence and USA, Israel and India are involved directly or indirectly) .

11:27 September 9, 2009 by Eurostan
there are no countries for religion. no hindu country , no critian countries.

pakistan is the country created for only muslims , by the muslims, for the muslims. basic foundation of pakistan islam.

there no country without crime or violence.

instead of question critian or hindu country, you ask the question like this . the areas without muslims are without violence?

the areas or cities with muslims has violence or rioting?
11:39 September 9, 2009 by asifbit
Then I could say the same for India (Hindustan)

India is also made only for Hindus that's why the name is Hindustan?

In the world there is 1 Hindu country and have violence (means 100% without violence). Does it mean that Hindu's or religious is bad?

In the world there is 1 Jewish country and have violence (means 100% without violence). Does it mean that Jewish or religious is bad?

Can you tell me this too:

the areas without Hindu's are without violence?

the areas or cities with Hindu's has violence or rioting?

Even then it does not means that any specific religious is not good.

And I think it is not matter of religious. It is matter of education etc. Why these things are happened in non educated areas countries.

Why non education or less education people blaming each other? And then after blaming they start fighting etc.
11:42 September 9, 2009 by Eurostan
cities or suburbs or areas with significant amount of muslims

often has some problem on the planet. london, paris ,malmo,

uppsala, vasteras, athen, china cites recently, many cities in india. embassy bombings in different countries, embassy attacks only happen in muslim countries.
12:11 September 9, 2009 by asifbit
It is again the matter of less education and that is because of less resources. And what now a days is going on just to make Islam un popular. If you read any Islamic book. No book says to kill anybody. Killing is a very big thing but to say not even break any body's Heart. Islam is all about human being nothing else like all other religions. The people who are doing this are not Muslims at all. Muslim is a far away thing. They are not even human being this is my believe. I don't know who is doing this stuff. But no human being can do anything like this.

In previous months what is going on in Pakistan everybody knows. And Pakistani military catches many non Muslim terrorists most of them were Hindus too but they don't have make this issue with India. And India only catches one person from Taj mehal hotel's dispute and they made it a very very big issue.

There are many people in the world also on this page. Who just without thinking blaming other's and making issues against others.
12:11 September 9, 2009 by Eurostan
Comment: india is not for hindu. that is your ignorance. almost all lower caste people took up critianity along with some other people. there are many buddist people , sikh people, jain people, MUSLIMS more than pakistan. once see prime ministers or presidendts of india. most of the time they are not hindu. how ignorant you are. all countries are not like yours.
12:20 September 9, 2009 by asifbit
I am not blaming India. In Pakistan many non muslims living as well. Many hindus, sikhs and christians as well.

If you look at the Iraq dispute. Iraq was a calm country before war. People were happy in there. But after USA enters in Iraq everybody knows what is going on in Iraq. So what USA gains from Iraq war? What benefit Iraqi people got after war? They loss all the resources, homes, jobs everything after this war. And USA does this on for fuel. There were no suicide attack in Iraq before USA enters.

You could see the same in Afghanistan before USA there were no fighting and suicide attacks in Iraq. And after USA comes there now they are start killing each others.

Not go away. Look at the Hindustan (before partition). Muslims, Hindus and Sikhs were living calm and with peace. After Great Britain enters to Hindustan Muslims, Hindus and Sikhs who were living there from hundreds of years are start killing each others. What was that at all?
12:41 September 9, 2009 by Eurostan
do not make friendship with bad countries(usa). do not belive rumors. do not throw stones. it seems that in the world stone throwing is birth right of a muslim. i very often see muslims thorwing stones on the busses. or rain of stones. dont listen to religous preechings too much in the mosque. they change your mind.

dont run on the streets for cartoons or for petty things.

there are many mentally retarded people ( like me) who draw cartoons or say something. you really believe yourself something stick to that. do not listen to prist or mullah or rabbi. i appreciate that.
12:50 September 9, 2009 by asifbit
So this is not mistake of any religious it is mistake of human who listen and believe on these things.

Then again you blaming muslims regarding throwing stones haha. How many muslims you have seen throwing stones? It is only in Palestine when Israelis throwing bombs on them. and that might be a very very small amount compare to all muslims in all over the world. Then why you associating that with muslims?

What palestinen can do if they don't have any weapons?
13:15 September 9, 2009 by Hindustani786
Eurostan@ RSS/VHP/BD/ShivSena/AbhinavBharat/HinduJagruti/CommunalGoons

I was initially a spectator of this comments, but when i found out some one is clearly pretending to be a Hindu Indian and shouting the slogans which generally used by above said BloodSucking Animals.

With All Honor and respect to Hindu men and women. I proceed.

Eurostan, YOUR WORDING's gujarat is a good lesson. more lessons come from different countries. checheya is good lesson from russia. china preparing a lesson and you will see it.

Basically, the killing of 2000 innocent Muslims in the name of Godhra is justified in your wordings.

The killing of Dozens of Innocent Christian in Orissa is justified in the name of your so called bloodsucking respected Chief of VHP.

It is you and your Blood sucking RSS clerics and Its followers in 1925 created an Atmosphere of Hatred among peaceful Hindu Indians when india is getting ready for Independence.

There were no so Called Terrorist Before DESTRUCTION OF BABRI MOSQUE.
13:30 September 9, 2009 by Eurostan
i saw thousand of muslims throwing stones on the police and on the buses not one time several times.

stone throwing is the birth right of many muslims youths.

one part of my town had significant muslim population.

13:39 September 9, 2009 by Hindustani786
Eurostan @ RSS/VHP/BD/ShivSena/AbhinavBharat/HinduJagruti/CommunalGoons.

There were no so Called Terrorist Before DESTRUCTION OF BABRI MOSQUE by your SO CALLED peaceful BloodSu_king Hindu Rashtra Goons and No Terrorist Attack Either.

The way it has been Destructed by keeping Army and Police MUM and the way Indian Judiciary System did not even convicted people and no hope of Justice after 17 years.

the way Advani, Umabharti, KalyanSingh, VinayKatiyar, Modi, so on roaming freely.

Then you literally succeeded in Creating Terrorism Atmosphere from my Beloved land of Hind/Hindustan/Bharat/India.

Now you witnessing day by day improvement in YOUR blood su_king Activity.

If you feel so strong by killing GUJARAT innocent MUSLIMS by using 35000 TO 60000 GOONS mob by surrounding 10 MUSLIM houses.

Then i INVITE you to GO to KASHMIR border and Fight with KASHMIRI Muslim Extremist instead of KILLING innocent Muslim Women/children/Men without any involvement and without any SELF DEFENSE capability , You will get pretty Good Response.


What about AksharDham Temple Attack, Who were they have you found out, they were No Kashmiri Terrorist, No LET, No Pakistani,

They were two innocent guyz whose sister got raped and killed by your RESPECTED Blood Sucking Goons. Who raped, killed looted Muslims in the name of Your Religion.

IF you are trying to Convince that good lesson to MASSACRE MUSLIM/CHRISTIAN/SIKH in Gujarat/Orissa/DELHI/Mumbai . Then LET ME REMIND YOU

YOU are just doing a GREAT JOB of I S I (interserviceintelligence)

to Divide my Country as they got DIVIDED in EAST & WEST pakistan.
14:01 September 9, 2009 by Fernandis
Eurostan......I know you are INDIAN HINDU........Stop this bullshit where you are showing your typical Hindu mentality while sitting in Sweden.
14:07 September 9, 2009 by Mikaeeel
Being a Swedish, I think we should appreciate security forces of pakistan who have arrested these bad guys....doesn't matter if they are Swedes/non-Swedes.

its very sad to see in comments that INDIANS are abusing this discussion and using this forum as "anti-pakistani". I request all such INDIANS.....PLEASE KEEP WE SWEDES AWAY FROM YOUR CONFLICTS....AND IF YOU DON'T LEARN HOW TO LIVE IN A CIVILIZED WORLD THEN BETTER GO BACK TO YOUR HOME AND FIGHT FROM THERE!!!!!
14:17 September 9, 2009 by asifbit
I fully agree with Hindustani786, Fernandis and Mikaeeel :-)
14:25 September 9, 2009 by asim513
Do you know the religion of Hitler, Lenin and Stalin, Mussolini, Slobodan Milosevic, Radovan Karadzic, Leopold II, Mao, Pol Pot, and Saddam

Irish Republican Army, Basque rebels, Al-Qaida, Tamil Tigers, Khalistan Liberation Force, Ku Klux Klan, Shiv Sena, Bajrang Dal, Genocides in Rwanda, Congo, Philippines, Vietnam, Iraq.......

These people/organizations killed more than 150 million people but why you don't look at their religion????

Instead you target some specific race/religion/country just for your political purpose or just for spreading hate. Shame on you hate preachers.......
14:31 September 9, 2009 by Rick Methven

There you go again writing Cr*p

"i saw thousand of muslims throwing stones on the police and on the buses not one time several times."

Where? When? how many stone throwers? How did you know they where muslims?

You are so Fu**ed up. Let go of all that hatred based on misnomers, lies and half truths and get a life

Peace may your God be with you at all times
14:51 September 9, 2009 by asim513
Thanks Swedes for principled stand. You people are so different (principled, positive, fair) therefore you always get respect in the world.

God bless your country.

Special thanks to Mikaeeel
14:58 September 9, 2009 by asifbit
God bless every one. I think no body have any country or any place of land. If we think like that all the world is our country and we take care of our part and help others taking care of their part then thnigs will be much easier and better for every body. Is not it?
14:58 September 9, 2009 by Eurostan
good discussion. many pakistanis in disguise on this forum.

in the same thelocal.se previous discussions about

swedish doctors refused to circumcise the penis

discussion about burqua and veil

about halal meal

terror swedes are arrested in pakistan

terror swede arrested in sudan

terror arrested in usa

riots in malmo about close down of islamic center

about lars vilk mohmmad dog cartoons

some people surveyed lars vilks house to kill him for his cartoon

a lot about danish cartoons in sweden.

infact swedsih embassy is also attacked in many muslim countries.

suicide bombings in different countries on daily basis.

riots of chinese muslims. violence of nigerian muslims

violence of indonesian , and philliphines muslims


do not rant and rave on other will divert the current topic.

pakistan is the source of terrorism. pakistan fell down in its own ditch. diverting the world that indian terrorists are killed in the pakistan. these are the tactics make you fall in the bigger danger.
15:11 September 9, 2009 by asifbit
This guy "Eurostan" is totally brain washed against Pakistan. He is talking against Muslims as well because in Pakistan most people are Muslims.

And brain washed people are like donkey they can't understand the real truth just folled the way they have been teached from start.
16:16 September 9, 2009 by DamnImmigrant
It would be nice to know if these alkidy "Swedes" were immigrants or were they 1st or 2nd generation? It is also incredible that Sweden will welcome these "Swedes" back with open arms!

It is incredible that Sweden's immigration laws are so lax. Someone claims IF they go back to their old country, they will be killed. They get the Swedish passport and suddenly they are MAGICALLY able to go back to their old country.

The Swedish government needs to put a stop to the practice of being able to LIE on an "OFFICIAL" document without any consequences!

Eurostan reminds me of someone who is yelling fire in a crowded theater that IS ON FIRE, while everyone just laughs at his ridiculous antics!

The more you learn about islam, the more dangerous you will find it to be. I have friends who are Arab and Persian who left islam a long time ago and yet they, living here in Sweden, are still afraid to tell anyone they are apostates!
17:07 September 9, 2009 by Eurostan
practising religion seriously is sickness. it applies to all religions.

dont irritate others in the name of religion
17:14 September 9, 2009 by fahadniazi16
soon india will be islamic republic of india like before...
17:44 September 9, 2009 by browneyes10
@ Per Johansson52, asifbit, hindustani786. I agree with all of you.

@fahadniazi 16. Well said, yes inshAllah.

And Thanks to swedish people who realize the real truth and do not shows any blind hatefulness against Pakistan.

Eurostan. You can see muslim stones but you can not see the Israeli bombings in Palestine and of US in Iraq. So it means you are blind person only with hatefulness against Pakistan.

You have no culture, no religion. I will again say, You are the people who can only dance 24 hours a day. Your culture is very true shown by your own TV serials...children are born without his/her father identity. You will never change, because your brain cells has no space to expand and get fresh oxygen and blood. You narrow minded people with black asses.
17:46 September 9, 2009 by Eurostan
you people are trying this in all countries not only india but also in europe.

in europe this also a big discussioon. because you people have 12 children per women.

you fell down in your own ditch.
18:05 September 9, 2009 by browneyes10
@ Eurostan. 12 children per women ... may be you are right but those all are legal children. No illegal population like in india.

So read my previous comments carefully, I am saying that you indian do not know about your real father. Now understand?
21:16 September 9, 2009 by Eurostan

if you a proof that you are born to your father keep it in safe place and show to the people that you born legally .

you have a good knowledge about legality of births of different nations.

what about sweden? how many of them are legally born?

is prophet mohammad is legally born???
22:33 September 9, 2009 by Uncle
Asifbit - NO ISRAELIS DIED IN 911? Are you insane? This is your conspiracy proof??? There are 7,4 million Israelis in the entire world (one million of them - arabs) and 5 died in 9/11.

There were no Kongolese in the buildings, no Lichteinshteins and no people from Maldives. This is MY PROOF that these people are in charge of the bombing.

This is in light of the fact that muslims were the proved bombers, Osama said that he bombed, the higher court of law in the US proved that muslims were the ones. And you continue spitting in the face of facts and blaming the Jews. Not tired? Isn't it irritating to lose more and more credibility in the eyes of the world?
22:50 September 9, 2009 by browneyes10
@ Eurostan. You want to know about me. So ask from your mother, she will told you all.
23:45 September 9, 2009 by Eurostan
the people who do not know their father only put indian restaurents even though they are not from india, claim that they are swedish(with swedish user name) on this forum even though they are not sweden.

the guys who dont know their father only tell that they are from india even though they are not indian.

good discussion . lot of things came out. thats why you people do not like democracy and absolute freedom of press.

i appreciate thelocal.se for giving this open discussion.

its pity that some people feel shy to tell their(father) country name.
00:01 September 10, 2009 by someoneonthenet

Most muslims don't like Jews and blame them for everything bad that happens to them (even if muslims are responsible). (major (but not the only) reason is the creation of Israel and its actions)

Muslims hate these group of people in decreasing order (Atheist, Agnostic, Religions with multiple Gods > Jews, Christians > Muslims). In last century Jews have replaced people without God.

All religions encourage peace and declare killing humans extremely bad thing but they all contain statements that contradict this message. It is Islams turn to show its violent side these days.

More people would die from hunger or easily treatable diseases in a day than Islamic terrorists would kill in a year.

Most Islamic terrorists kill to achieve their political goals (they might hate non-muslims but that isn't a major reason why they want to kill them).

Most victims of Islamic terror are muslims, only a small percentage of people killed by muslim terrorist belong to other religions.

Countries who are worst affected by Islamic terrorists are Muslim countries.

More innocent Iraqis and Afghans have been killed (directly by US led forces (due to error or mistakes)) in US wars than non-muslims killed by Islamic terrorist in last 50 years.
00:04 September 10, 2009 by browneyes10
@Eurostan. I do not know what rubbish you are saying.

But listen carefully that do not bring religious leaders in your dirty discussion. It is the discussion between us, so be careful and pray that you never met me, otherwise I will pull out your tongue and you will be responsible for all the consequences, So I am again warning you, that keep your discussion in limits. Otherwise you know us very well.
00:08 September 10, 2009 by someoneonthenet
I doubt people born outside marriage are still illegitimate in any Western European country. If anyone knows a country please mention it. does India consider them illegitimate ?
00:12 September 10, 2009 by browneyes10
@ Eurostan. One more thing I forget to mentioned in my last post. Did I target any of your religious leader in my comments?? If not, then why you. So be careful, otherwise you will not see any difference in sweden and our countries after catching you.
00:37 September 10, 2009 by DreEstwd
____so be careful and pray that you never met me, otherwise I will pull out your tongue and you will be responsible for all the consequences_____

The religion of peace. LMFAO!!
02:55 September 10, 2009 by Eurostan
is there any price on my head
05:41 September 10, 2009 by Allyinsweden
I don't really don't wish to dip my toes in the muddy waters of this thread, but I would just like to politely ask Mr Bra Billie Boy to refrain from calling himself British. I don't care who you say currently is resident here, but judging by your abysmal standard of English and the utter crap which you attach here from youtube you are clearly not from the UK, and I find it insulting that you parade around here, masquerading as if you were. You my friend, are a state, so feck off.
07:12 September 10, 2009 by Uncle
browneyes10 - Now you proved how peaceful you people are! (I take it that "You know us very well" means - you know us muslims, or "You will know us, Islamic Jihad")...

Of course - it was a good addition after you went for the mother of your opponent. Now everyone will definitely believe in the cute innocence of little fluffy Pakistanis.
09:51 September 10, 2009 by asifbit

I already mentioned that I am not blaming any country or religious. No country or religious is bad. Most of the people in everywhere are good but some bad as well with negative thinking.

If you are talking about 911 then it is drama played by USA government in order to sit on head of Afghanistan, Iran and Pakistan. And you are talking about Osama. I don't think if anybody kills innocent people he/she is a human being. And then USA also done some stupid things in Iraq for fuel. But even then I can't say whole USA is bad. It is only the matter of USA government policies not the people.

You have read comments of "browneyes10" don't you have read the comments of "Eurostan". Why don't you reply to "Eurostan" what he said? We should respect each other's religious etc. If today I will say anything negative or bad about any others religious/country then basically I am saying about my own because next day somebody else will tell something wrong about mine as well. So please be care full about these matters.

I don't know why you and Eurostan always pointing out the whole country or religious without knowing the real facts?

If something going on there should be some history behind that. And normally these are government policies.

I don't think normal people in Pakistan hating Indian etc. Most of the people love to be together. But people know what the history was and what was happened in Indo Pak.

If you look at that history what has been done in Europe during world wars?

So please don't blame whole just because of one.
12:18 September 10, 2009 by Eurostan

i know you people very well. not only me whole world know you people. thats why i written many comments on your people.

we respect GANDHI
15:00 September 10, 2009 by Hindustani786
Eurostan @ RSS/VHP/BD/ShivSena/AbhinavBharat/HinduJagruti/CommunalGoons

With All Honor and respect to Hindu men and women. I proceed.

In What way you Respect GANDHI?

Your BloodSu_king Leader's of RSS killed Mr.GANDHI on that fateful day. From whom you are trying to Hide it. SWEDISH and everyone knows History pretty well.

They Also know about our Prophet peacebeuponhim free passage to jews and other people after victory in First War in ISLAM.

They Also know about Sallahuddin RH who granted free passage to Every Christian and Jews After Victory of Palestine.

If your are trying to Defame Islam by today's event then i would like to say u in Hindi ( 100 (sau) din gidad kay, 1 din sher ka, 100 din aish karlo gidadon)

And what are you talking about ISLAM. Just bent down and look under yourself.

Do you want me to remind you the stories of your Ramayana and Mahabharata, Where Brother killed Brother, Women's modesty looted and children's got beheaded? The so called Stories even bad for KIDS.

What about Ur Caste system, Why Dalit is considered as low quality human being and restricted from Entering your Religious places?

Would you like to Marry your Daughter to DALIT Hindu?

What about Sati System, where Alive wife must have to die with her Dead Husband in a fire.

Giving daughter and wife to SADHUS for one night show in order to get blessing from your so called Mahatmaa's.

What about Virginity prove system by Punishing women's in Havans.

What about Giving Daughter (Beheading) Bali to your Lords?

Don't talk Rubbish about other Religion with out quoting references.

What are you trying to DICTATE swedish people. if any peaceloving person have learned about your Religious Fanatics HinduRashtra People then they never ever like to spit on your face.

ThankGod we have a Democracy in INDIA, else you have demonstrated your Evil desires of burning women alive, beating low caste people and marrying 5 Men with 1 women. Raping Women by Sadhus

No Need of AnyReward on your Head, You will get Good Reward from Almighty God, Don't Worry wait for the last moment of your life, you will die like a PIG, is it ur sacred Animal too?
16:59 September 10, 2009 by Eurostan
thank you for your explanation.you are talking the things that are nowhere relevent.

why the malmo mosque was burnt down several times?

so you are going to start terrorism in sweden because some swedes burnt down malmo mosque?

you people hail osama bin laden as a hero?

why many countries now allowing people from your country for studies?

dont point out mistakes of other peoples to cover up your uglyness.

religion is a private thing keep it the home . do not run on the streets.

dont display the people which religion you belong to. i do that.

do not use religion to gain polical gains.
17:07 September 10, 2009 by Uncle
Asifbit - i respond to the bullying of Jews, because they are a minority that has been prosecuted for thousands of years and it is just reinforced now and fueled by the muslims all over the world. What is funny is that the muslims who are a billion people, systematically blame Jews who are 20 million (ratio 1 to 5) in oppression, suppression and aggression. All of this after 1 million Jews were kicked out of the muslim countries without possessions, of course.

I also respond whenever one tells someone else that he is going to cut off his tongue if that person does not understand that one's beliefs are the most peaceful in the world.

And Hindustani - it is a constant excuse "I can behave like a barbarian because my book and the books of OTHERS say so". Note that Hindu DO NOT BEHAVE the way their books specify, whereas Muslims DO. They ACTUALLY burn women alive, they ACTUALLY stone people to death, hang minorities, cut off hands, marry 20 women, marry 10 y/o girls, punish women by rape, behead. ACTUALLY DOING IT NOW! Not "in theory... if you would not have democracy... bla, bla, bla". Not inventions, but actual legal decisions of these countries, from which is hard to hide.

i do not think that someone on this forum behaved in the violent, threatening, humiliating, aggressive way than the reps of islam. So what the hell are you trying to prove? Your words prove your opponents points better than anything!
20:08 September 10, 2009 by DreEstwd
>>>Note that Hindu DO NOT BEHAVE the way their books specify, whereas Muslims DO. They ACTUALLY burn women alive, they ACTUALLY stone people to death, hang minorities, cut off hands, marry 20 women, marry 10 y/o girls, punish women by rape, behead. ACTUALLY DOING IT NOW! Not "in theory...>>>>

Couldn't have said it better myself.

Denmark actually got wise and started taking in Burmese refugees rather than the Arab Muslims due to their ability to actually integrate and their desire to work. Hopefully Sweden will wake up and do the same.
23:49 September 10, 2009 by Fernandis
Mr.EUROSTAN….I strip your hindu mentality because no one knows better than me your filthy Indian hindu extremist mentality. I converted Christianity (formerly hindu) and have no hesitation to say:

• Before you talk about others, don't you see how you treat minorities (Christians, muslims, etc) in INDIA….they have no rights for good jobs.

• Indian Hindues are responsible of BIGEST terrorism and massacres of thousands of Christians and Muslims for just last 5 years in india.

• Because of you filthy hindues, INDIA is ashamed for highest number of HIV/AIDS in the world and now wherever I go in gatherings and when ppl learn I am Indian they ask me ohhh…how is situation of HIV/AIDS in ur country now….because they know that at present we have more than 8 millions of HIV/AIDS infected ppl. But all this is because of Hindues, not because of Christians or other minorities. According to a recent report of national board of health INDIA, prevalence of HIV/AIDS amongst minorities is just 6% compared to 94% in Hindues….so we are ashamed because of you like ppl.

• More than 38% of total population of India is under poverty, the highest in whole asia…..and this is also because of you like Hindu extremist who produced few billionaires but rest of population with extreme poverty. In contrast, india is spending billions of dollars on weapons to compete CHINA……bullshit. Some states of india have been ranked below to Somalia in poverty, according to UN report. Just look at this link to verify this http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/south_asia/8214061.stm

• Our president Dr. APJ kalam was striped in Delhi airport by an American airline….is this your pride??? They did it in india, but no one had courage to stop this.

• Big European and American pharmaceutical giants are conducting clinical trials of their drugs which don't get permission in their own countries…making Indians as Guinea Pigs….but you like are part of this game.

• More than 20 millions abortions were made in just last 10 years because hindu society does not approve girls…..report by Lancet journal 2008.

• More than one hundred thousands of Indian students have fled to Australia for better jobs and education, but they are being attacked by the local ppl there too.

• Which neighboring country have you got good relationships? China? Bangladesh, Sri.lanka…..non of them.

• I hope this is enough lesson for you…because its v.important to teach you like Indian-Hindues some basics of the society where are exploiting other ppl.
00:09 September 11, 2009 by Uncle
The ratio is 1 to 50 - btw. Missed an important zero there.

Fernandis - the issue is not whether Indians live well (amount of abortions is higher in China and the percentage of HIV is WAY higher in Central Africa , percentage of fleeing emigrants is higher from muslim countries, percentage of poverty is higher in muslim countries also - there are simply a lot of people in India). There are poor Venezuelans and Nigerians also.

The issue is how the muslims impact the surroundings wherever they are. Asia, Africa, Middle East, Far East, Europe - all are burning or starting to burn, whereas fleeing students to Australia boost Australian economy, the way "fleeing" Finns boost swedish economy.

You are interested in statistics? Stats show that there are more muslims in jails of Europe (percentage wise), more unemployed, more tax fraud, more social security usage, more youth crime with the arrival of the muslim society, whereas neither Latinos, nor Christian arabs, persians or eastern europeans manage to become such a burden on a country! Every working German STATISTICALLY feeds 3 muslim immigrants in Germany. More than 40% of german youth wants to emigrate from germany due to the foreign influence. And as they become of age - the right wings get more and more support in France, Germany, Holland, Denmark etc. What is so unclear about this picture?
00:51 September 11, 2009 by Fernandis
Mr. Uncle....I have lived with christians, hindues and muslims since childhood in INDIA....and what is clear to me that HINDUES have got all those tactics how to exploit the minorities not only in INDIA but in abroad as well. Why you see muslims as problem, the problem is somewhere else. In the past USA and muslim countries were enjoying relationships...and they were not terrorists till 1987, because they were fighting along with USA and Europe against USSR....but after 1988 they are negative in their papers. But the time weill heal everything, gradually.

Concerning muslims behaviour, the same thing is happening with Indians as well.....Why Australians are attacking Indian students in Australia...because more than 100000 students went there for studies and never came back to india...and they are doing all jobs at less pays than local ppl...thereby ebusing the system..this was even discussed at government level. the same thing is happening in sweden as well, in 2008 more than 23 students from india joined Sundsval University and in just 1 month, all of them disappeared.

The biggest tax-fraudsters in the history of UK and USA two Indians, named Kirshan and Parasad who took millions of USD of tax-payers.

Why we are concerned for the behaviour of others in europe, how the minorities are being treated in India.??? Don't teach lessons to europeans, they know better for their future and they'll do best for their countries. Few weeks ago, an indian friend of mine in a gathering told ppl that Swedes are very lazy, they don't work, system is lazy etc...........and in reply a swedish guy replied him "well then go back to your beautiful india where system works, ppl work hard...but have no food to eat, more than 50% live under poverty, more than 50% of population have no access to clean water, etc". UN-report in 2008 has warned india that INDIA has become a risk factor for all other countries for spread of HIV/AIDS because of their mass migration in developed countries...Even EU is considering how to filter Indians when they enter Europe in order to stop HIV/AIDS spread, soon a bill is going to be discussed in EU-parliament.

Indians are also becoming a huge burden of population in the world.....soon (2050) we'll be crossing over 2 billions along with 50 millions of HIV/AIDS.....UNDP report 2009.
00:54 September 11, 2009 by Eurostan
what is the religion of sonia gandhi,manmohan singh, abdul kalam, a k anthony, ys raja shekar reddy(died last week).

at present the people who are ruling india sonia gandhi, and manmohan singh are not hindus. do you know what you are talking.

i dont believe you are indian. attacks aganist critians are related to caste or tribe violence , it is not related to religion . we have problems in our society with 1,2 billion people of different religions, casts, languages, cultures.

our dirtyness is national. your (muslims) dirtyness is global.

do not try to show our defects to cover up your uglyness.

we know we have problems(minor). we will fix it with in 5 years if all people co operate especially fanatics from all religions.
01:01 September 11, 2009 by Mikaeeel
Once an indian colleague of mine told me the same thing that you Swedes are lazy, YOUR SYSTEM IS rubbish, you don't work hard enough than us indians.......heheheheh...and i said we don't sleep hungry but you do, we don't drink dirty water but you do, we don't buy weapons but you do, we don't pollute water but you do........so where is your system.
01:25 September 11, 2009 by Eurostan
old guys gone, and new guys came for argument. some of them became indian critians and some them become swedes .

strange??????????????.where are the old guys. interesting.

you people bring another topic that indians are spreading hiv-aids to divert main topic. how people in eu or usa or uk got aids because of indians???????????.

there is large group of pakistani students in swedish universities. they are trying very hard to defects in the indian system. thank you for your informatin.

i know how much hard work we do. how many people sit at home with out doing anything through out the year. how many people pay tax or how many people evade tax. how much corruption is there in the system.

indian friend of mine in a gathering told ppl that Swedes are very lazy, they don't work, system is lazy etc...........and in reply a swedish guy replied him "well then

the above comment came from two guys. infact it is one guy.

how foolish are guys now a days. now the time is midnight.

many guys ashamed to tell their countries and religions.
02:06 September 11, 2009 by Hindustani786
UNCLE UNCLE @Bush/Blair/ArielSharon/Modi/Advani/Karzai/Musharraf

And Hindustani - Note that Hindu DO NOT BEHAVE the way their books specify, whereas Muslims DO. They ACTUALLY burn women alive, they ACTUALLY stone people to death, hang minorities, cut off hands, marry 20 women, marry 10 y/o girls, punish women by rape, behead. ACTUALLY DOING IT NOW! Not "in theory...


1.Hindu DO NOT BEHAVE the way their books specify

Did you lost your mother in Gujarat Muslim Massacre, Did your sister Got raped in Gujarat, Orissa Christian Massacre. Did you lost your father or brother in Delhi Sikh Massacre. No, right?

Just Ask Muslim's of Gujarat, Chrisitians of Orissa, Sikh of Punjab and Delhi.

You did not lost your hand and feet when you visited Hindu Shrine, go and see Bihar and UP.

2.Capital Punishment or Stone Throwing, Beheading?

Regarding Muslims and Capital Punishment, I will wait and really like to see if you lost your mother/brother/sister or father by any criminal.

Then what will you like your government to take Action?

Even Eunuch bloods too get boiled and depends on how you respect your family?

The capital punishment is not done Individually, go and see Saudi and other Muslim countries administration they have proper judicial system where cases will be handled by both prosecutors.

3. Burn women alive and hang minorities?

Hahaha, Where is it in Saudi, Jordan, Palestine, Iran, Iraq, Pakistan, Kuwait, Malaysia, Indonesia, Bangladesh, Brunai and all Muslim Nations.

(Don't try to give me an Example of Afghanistan where they don't have their own media)

Yes it happens in ISRAEL, parts of India, Srilanka and other Zionist Nations.

4. Marry 20 women? Marry 10 years old?

Some one says oneself Muslim and marry 20, hahaha shut up. 4 allowed and 1 is the best.

Why 4 allowed, go and see those places where Women's overcrowded Men, oh stop here, just see Europe and America.

Those who don't get married, what is the option

a.Either Sex tool by different Men who see Women as one night Stand,


b.Get married. which option you prefer for your daughter and Sister?

Regarding marrying 10 years old (just a criticizing question) anyway, Don't you see here teenagers from 8 to 10 years old are in sex activity.why don't u ask the question to them.

6. Cut off hands

Alas, I bet you did not get robbed on Gunpoint.

In India and most Asian countries people keep LIFE earning with themselves and their is no Social System like SWEDEN.

In a Minute if some one robes your life Earning then what about your Mother health treatment, what about ur daughter and sister marriage, what about ur Father heart treatment and what about ur brother Education fees.

Then what the hell you like your Government Authority to Do?

Just stop your Baseless propaganda and don't try to act like a Scholar, Be an Enemy with Stand and read Islamic Studies and come back to criticize it.
02:31 September 11, 2009 by Eurostan
women is out numbered than men in western countries thats why polygamy is allowed. what a stupid logic. i dont know what you are doing sweden.is this the valid reason for polygamy at current times. your brain and your thinking is in the medieval times.

to prevent thefts cutting off hands is the only solution.

only idiots like zakir naik had that kind of logics.
03:07 September 11, 2009 by human on planet
lot of crazy people on this thread. lol
03:26 September 11, 2009 by Eurostan
@hindustani786 what you told in comment 99 about cutting hands and 4 wifes is a real islam.these things are crime in many countries. thats what people are shouting in your ears. if you practice that(islam) in sweden i am sure you will definitely go to jail or thrown out of the country immediately. no civilised country or society accepts polygamy or cutting hands. "see here teenagers from 8 to 10 years old are in sex activity.why don't u ask the question to them." if you have sex(marriage) with a girl less than 15 years it comes as a rape. civilised country do not accept that. you are in sweden . first learn swedish law.dont do sex with girls without knowing their age, first ask age otherwise you have to sit in jail or pay lot of money. in many muslim contries rape(marriages of minor girls) is legal. that kind of marriages are crime in other countries

some guys says that there are many rapes in western(sweden or usa) but they are crime and police do their job.

you people make rape(marriages) as legal. no civilised country accepts marriages of minors.
05:57 September 11, 2009 by Tony Ryals
In my commentary re 'Troops ransack Afghan hospital: Swedish charity',I stated that Barack Obama may turn out to be a skinny Idi Amin.Well I knew of course all the Zionists and outright mafiosi and rapers of the U.S.economy that helped fund him and that he was following the Zionist PARTY line that Afghani peasants caused 9/11 and thus don't investigate the Israeli Menachem Atzmon,Ezra Harel,et.al.,ICTS International criminals had pro Israeli connections or the the real cause for collapse of the WTC,ETC..- but as it turns out Idi Amin was backed by Israeli war criminals too !

Now seeing as both were brought to ppower by XZionists who have robbed raped and looted America just as America in turn

robbed raped and looted Iraq and Afghanistan for them in return and because Obama is really just an extention of W Bush who with the Israelis and well placed Zionazi aiders and abetters in U.S.government and military - Obama is already ahead of Idi Amin in the number of deaths he is responsible because W Bush and his Zionazi handlers have given him a head start.Some estimate besides 3,000 in the New York WTC THEIR HAVE BEEN OVER 1,000,000 Iraqis slaughterd and even more RAPED MAIMED AND LOOTED ! And in Iraq we passed the number of Americans killed at the WTC a looong time ago.And I haven't even started counting Afghanis and a few Europeans yet.

So Barack Osama Obama with the help of his Zionazi professionals of course,has already exceeded Idi Amin's highest holocaust expectations ! Go for it you skinny little Idi Amin Barack Osama Obama and don't forget to thank all the Zionazia who have helped you make it possible ! :


Revealed: how Israel helped Amin to take power

By Richard Dowden

Sunday, 17 August 2003

When Radio Uganda announced at dawn on 25 January 1971 that Idi Amin was Uganda's new ruler, many people suspected that Britain had a hand in the coup. However, Foreign Office papers released last year point to a different conspirator: Israel.

The first telegrams to London from the British High Commissioner in Kampala, Richard Slater, show a man shocked and bewildered by the coup. But he quickly turned to the man who he thought might know what was going on; Colonel Bar-Lev, the Israeli defence attaché. He found the Israeli colonel with Amin. ...

The Israelis had helped train the new Uganda army in the 1960s. Shortly after independence Amin was sent to Israel on a training course. When he became chief of staff of the new army Amin also ran a sideline operation for the Israelis, supplying arms and ammunition to the rebels in southern Sudan.
06:59 September 11, 2009 by Uncle
Hindustani, your arguments that it is good to behead and cut off handsbecause the robbers are evil do not deserve an answer.

Gays are hanged publicly in way too many muslim countries. Did it happen in Israel? Really? When?

4 women? Ohhhh. that is MUCH less than 20... I am really sorry. 4 then it is OK.... sarcasm.

If you compare sex between teens to the the forced marriage of 40 y/o to a 10 y/o girl - you need medication.

Zionism - it is the belief of the right of Jews to live in Israel. Doubt that Sri Lanka has a strong belief in it, or even an official opinion. This shows your good knowledge of the topics that you are talking about.
09:45 September 11, 2009 by asifbit

What the f…. you are saying? What is going on in India? Can't you see that? It is more than an Islamic country Pakistan or any other. As I already mentioned that you are brain washed donkey.

In India if a man dead then women will be killed as well and that is happening still in India. What is that? Is that a civilized country?

I already mentioned that if we start blaming each other on this forum publically then everybody will start knowing what is happening in our countries. I already mentioned it is happening in all third world countries like India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka etc. It does not matter of religious it is the matter of less educated and not mature people like you.

First see what is happening in your country then blame others for anything. Nobody Indian nor Pakistani can blame each other because same things happening at both places.
Today's headlines
Löfven: 'Sweden will double its number of troops in Iraq'
Stefan Löfven and Haider al-Abadi during the visit on Monday. Photo: Henrik Montgomery/TT

Swedish Prime Minister Stefan Löfven has promised to double his country's number of troops in Iraq following a meeting with Iraqi counterpart Haider al-Abadi on Monday.

Will Swedes soon be looking for fairtrade porn?
Should Swedes think fairtrade with porn? Photo: Karin Malmhav/SvD/TT

A fairtrade attitude to pornography would be beneficial, Sweden's health minister told The Local.

Presented by Stockholm University
Nordic fashion in focus at Stockholm University
Simon Paulin/imagebank.sweden.se

Nordic fashion took centre stage in the Swedish capital last week as Stockholm University hosted the “first-ever” academic conference looking at luxury and sustainability in the fashion industry.

Referee, coach and parents in Swedish youth football fight
File photo of a referee holding a red card not related to the story. Photo: Stefan Jerrevång/TT

A football dad broke his leg in the brawl in front of 11-year-old kids after a Hammarby youth football game.

Illicit abattoir kept more than 100 bulls' penises
A couple of young bulls not related to the story. Photo: Jonas Ekströmer/TT

Dried cattle genitalia, goats' heads and hundreds of litres of lard were just a few of the many strange finds discovered when police raided a property in Sweden.

This is officially Sweden's most beautiful beard
The most beautiful beard in Sweden. Photo: Memo Göcek

According to a jury of barbers and 'well known bearded profiles', that is.

Presented by Invest Stockholm
One expat's strategy for making friends in Stockholm

You might think it’s hard to make friends in a new city. But if at first you don’t succeed – try something else!

Injured Swedish photographer protected by 'guardian angel'
Swedish photographer Paul Hansen on another occasion. Photo: Fredrik Sandberg/TT

Photographer Paul Hansen thanked his lucky stars for surviving sniper fire while covering the battle for the Isis-held city of Mosul in Iraq.

How Sweden is trying to smooth relations with Saudis
Swedish Prime Minister Stefan Löfven meeting Saudi Arabia's Trade Minister Majid bin Abdullah Al Qasabi. Photo: Henrik Montgomery/TT

Sweden's Prime Minister Stefan Löfven has visited Saudi Arabia a year and a half after relations turned frosty in a major diplomatic row.

My Swedish Career
'Swedish people love it, but they find it quite odd'
Scottish entrepreneur William Macdonald. Photo: Michael Campanella

Meet the web developer and entrepreneur using traditional Scottish ceilidh dancing to break the ice with Swedes.

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Last chance to vote absentee in the US elections
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This is Malmö: Football capital of Sweden
Fury at plans that 'threaten the IB's survival' in Sweden
Analysis & Opinion
Are we just going to let half the country die?
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Where is the Swedish music industry heading?
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Nobel Prize 2016: Chemistry
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