Drunk driving suspect: I got plastered after stopping the car

A driver arrested in southern Sweden with a high concentration of alcohol in his blood has been cleared of any wrongdoing after convincing jurors that he first started drinking in the moments after he stopped his car, Metro reports.

The man’s run-in with the law began when he was followed by witnesses who had seen his car swerving all over the road. Once the driver’s journey had come to an end, the witnesses also pulled over and called the police.

When the police arrived on the scene the suspect was so drunk that he promptly fell over. But by the time the case came to court the man had managed to come up with an unexpected explanation for his inebriated state.

Appearing in front of Lund District Court, he claimed there was a brief period prior to his arrest during which none of the witnesses had been keeping an eye on him. The man claimed that he used this window of opportunity to swill back more than half a litre of hard liquor.

The court conceded that this version of events could not be disproved. As it was impossible to nail down the extent to which he had been under the influence while behind the wheel of his car, the man was cleared of the drunk driving charges.

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