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Teen girl kidnappers: 'strip now or die'

David Landes · 15 Sep 2009, 16:07

Published: 15 Sep 2009 16:07 GMT+02:00

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The victim was waiting at a bus stop in Malmö when a blue Mercedes pulled up next to her.

The three girls, aged 17, 18, and 19, then hopped out of the car and confronted the 17-year-old.

“We’re gonna go for a little ride,” said one of the kidnappers, according to the victim, the Skånska Dagbladet newspaper reports.

The girls then drove the teenager to a deserted stretch of road near Vellinge, about 20 kilometres south of Malmö.

“Now you’re going to take off all your clothes,” said one of the kidnappers, according to the Metro newspaper.

When the 17-year-old resisted, the trio of teens then threatened to kill her. They forced her to the ground and tore off the girl’s jacket and shirt before robbing her of jewelry and money.

One of the teen attackers photographed the entire incident and threatened to send the pictures to the 17-year-old’s boyfriend.

The motivation for snatching and threatening the 17-year-old victim stemmed from a love triangle involving the boyfriend, who had previously dated the youngest kidnapper.

The victim was also reportedly pregnant carrying his child at the time of the kidnapping.

After the violent robbery, the teens then forced the 17-year-old back in the car and returned to Malmö, threatening again to kill the girl if she went to the police.

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But the victim did eventually seek help from the authorities, and during questioning by police, the 17-year-old kidnapper confessed to the crime and in so doing implicated her two accomplices.

The three teens have now been charged in district court with unlawful deprivation of liberty, making illegal threats, robbery, and interference in a judicial matter.

David Landes (david.landes@thelocal.se)

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Your comments about this article

16:52 September 15, 2009 by ironman294
förfan, What the hell is going on in Sverige??

These stories are more and more common now
17:00 September 15, 2009 by eZee.se
If someone told me this was a plot of a movie i would think its too far fetched... but to happen in real life? ! Whats going on here?

To cap it all the 17 year old who was kidnapped was/is pregnant.

17:22 September 15, 2009 by ironman294
a pregnant 17 yr old, geez that's not going to be fun.
20:04 September 15, 2009 by DaTraveler
Sounds like the plot of the 2007 Danish film "Razone"
03:36 September 16, 2009 by jag2009
I don't think it matters if there blonde, red, or friggin rainbow coloured. If its "less swedish" and everyone says ..."oh we intigrate immirgrants so well.." then thats totally going against yourself. Need to stop thinking tradition because even the lingo is changing, and there is no "swedish" character which is in power. High rape figures (not all by foreigners) doctors taking wrong organs out (the swedish are paying them, educating them) criminal confictions in file sharing, porn cd rom in cereal, and for the girl being pregnant the amount of blonde swedish which I seen up the duff by 16 well think again. once again I think Sweden needs to look at Germany, UK and USA.
04:06 September 16, 2009 by Greg in Canada
"I would be very surprised if the women behind this crime were actually blonde-haired Swedes"

I'd be surprised if they weren't. Ethnic girls tend to be more passive, at least for the first generation immigrants.

We've had a few of cases of young girl on girl violence over here in Canada also in the last few years. In the worse case a girl gang accidently beat another young girl to death for "boyfriend stealing".

I don't know what this is about. Some people blame the feminist movement, but no doubt the feminists would find some excuse to blame males, but the reality is that young girls are under a lot of pressures these days and some are reacting with violence.
08:38 September 16, 2009 by rybo1
I just knew that this article would get lots of comments from knuckleheads coming out of the closet.
09:35 September 16, 2009 by kunta
haha, like when you folks keep it positive , no i mean negative.
10:05 September 16, 2009 by this_aint_sparta
a few months back in stockholm a 17 year old girl was murdered in the bushes by a 19 year old guy who was motivated by another 17 year old girl and she was killed by severe head wounds. does that mean swedes are the most barbarian brutals on earth ?????

I realy dont know what the point is in trying to guess the ethinic background or race or religion of the people involved in crimes.

What can that help. Anyone involved in a crime must be punished according to the laws of the land.

I am raised in a very multi cultural enviorment with family friends from jews to muslims from russians to pakistanis, gays and agnostic and it was great.
11:23 September 16, 2009 by bubbagump
I was a little shocked to see that the girls weren't charged with sexual assault as well since they tried to strip her naked.

Not too sure what started all the "Swedish Utopia" and anti-immigrant rant. Anybody is capable of anything at anytime. Most just have the will to overcome it. That's true regardless of what flavor of person you are.

Best comment so far is from ironman294. Got right to the point.
13:01 September 16, 2009 by peropaco
I can clearly see the perpetrators. Buck teeth, slightly overweight trailer park white trash.
13:55 September 16, 2009 by bubbagump

So you think don't think it's possible to be racist against one particular race? That's interesting because we don't hear about the Nazi movement to exterminate the Chinese. Or the Serbian war crimes against Africans. So, apparently the acts that did take place where not racist since it wasn't an all out, us vs. them action. Just using your logic of course.

Your comment about an Arab is 27 times more likely to commit rape than a native-born Swede is cool. I mean, I love statistics. So tell me, what is the stats on how much more likely a man is to commit rape than a woman? I'm guessing it's a lot. So, I think the problem might be that Sweden has too many men. Again, just using your logic.

Not saying there's not a problem with immigration policies etc., just leaving the possibility open that we should just be concerned that 3 girls of that age thought this behavior was what was necessary, then acted on it.
13:59 September 16, 2009 by RichyRich27
I am not at all surprised about the comments above! We shouldn't be angry with Swedes for this attitude we should feel sorry for them. It's the way they are raised and do not know any better. I see it at home the way my girlfriend (Swedish) raises her daughter, it is acceptable to say racist things and have these attitudes and as with all things here they just get together and convince each other they are right.

They are just scared of anything new or different and that Sweden is changing and becoming more multicultural: "Man vet vad man har men inte vad man får" says it all.

I hear everyday in the fika rum the same comments as above "det var säkert ingen Svensson som görde så"

Sweden in like France, a great country ruined by the people.

Hence the reason I have decided to leave!!

Incase anyone wonders I am not from eastern europe or any of the other lower class (as Swedes see it) countries I am from England and have never been prouder of MY country.
14:52 September 16, 2009 by waspy

"I realy dont know what the point is in trying to guess the ethinic background or race or religion of the people involved in crimes.

What can that help."

It can help by raising awareness of the problems that exist in certain ethnic communities so that resources can be placed into those communities.

It might also be helpful in formulating an immigration policy that is beneficial to the native people so we don't have people thinking that there's no difference between allowing in 10,000 people from Somalia versus 10,000 people from the Philippines.
14:58 September 16, 2009 by this_aint_sparta
"an Arab is 27 times more likely to commit rape"

can someone tell me where was that studied ? who concluded and what was the methadology behind the research ?

how many times a 17 year old teenager swedish blonde is likely to abuse another girl for dating his boyfriend as compared to a 17 year old somalian girl covered from head to toe?

next time you post this kinda sh!t attach some hard rock so i can bang my head on that.
15:00 September 16, 2009 by DreEstwd
@ Bubbagump-

Why don't you take a look at how many Chinese were in Germany during WWII and then take a look at how many Jews were there? I'm willing to bet that if you replaced the Chinese with Jews during that time, the same thing would have happened because Hitler was a racist. Also, how many Africans do you think were in Serbia during that war? I'm guessing not too many. But judging by how black football players are treated when playing in Serbia, I'm also willing to bet that if you replaced Croats and Bosnians with Africans, the result would have been them same because Milosevic was a racist. So nice try, smart guy. But your attempt to turn that logic against me crashed and burned.

Also, if you love statistics so much, maybe you should pay attention to them instead of ignoring them. So you acknowledge that there is a problem with immigration. What exactly is that problem? I'm interested in your take on that. And please also explain how a violent crime rate can increase by 900% since the introduction of Middle Eastern immigrants/asylum seekers, if they are not the cause of it? Interested to hear your explanations.

Again, people who speak out against this are not 'racist.' Just people looking at the facts and saying, hey, this group of people is obviously presenting a problem to the country.
15:35 September 16, 2009 by lalb
I have been reading comments on news from people for past few weeks, I always noticed that where ever any criminal activity occurs Swedes started to blame on immigrants. are they so innocent or ignorant?

and one more thing, they will involve religion and cast in such an issue with no time. are they just pretending to be a non racists?

16:46 September 16, 2009 by Not sugarcoated
The truth always hurts the most, people are getting so angry with even the slightest hint of racisim in the air.

I'm an Englishman who is currently living in Sweden and what I see around me is exactly what I see in England and in my years living in South Africa, people from different ethnic backgrounds have different ways of living and when you mix them all up you get problems.

Sweden is a first world county, if all the immagrants coming in to Sweden from around the world were living in first world countries then for 1: they woundn't be moving in the first place and 2: nobody in Sweden would have a problem with them.

They have left their countries because they are having to deal with issues of rape, poverty, violence ect.

I think that it is horrible that human being is not allowed to favor a race if he wants to, I believe it is everybodys right to say exactly whats on their mind, acting on those thoughts is another subject all together and one shold always follow the law.

If a Swede loves his Swdish neihbough more than his immagrant neihbough then he is labeld a racist when in fact all he\she is doing is loving Sweden and the county of their birth heratige.

Immagrats (including myself) must not be given the respect from Swedes but must earn it!, or go home.
17:17 September 16, 2009 by RichyRich27
Would you in the same way agree that it is ok for people to be a member or supporter of the BNP? Surely they are just English people proud to be English and loving the country of their birth heritage?

There is a difference between patriotism and nationalism!!

At least in the UK everyone is treated equally even if there are groups of people who have problems with those of a different race. 9 times out of 10 you will find that those people are the lower class lesser educated who resent immigrants for taking what they see as their jobs etc.

Here in Sweden it does not matter if you are the best man for the job, if you are not Swedish you don't even get your foot in the door. This is not the same as the UK!!!!
17:46 September 16, 2009 by Dinaricman
The UK is a cess pool.
19:24 September 16, 2009 by RichyRich27
You're obviously an intelligent well educated indvidual capable of complex and informed debate so I won't try and pit my witts against you!!
21:08 September 16, 2009 by Coalbanks
#9 Happens all the time in Canada.
23:28 September 16, 2009 by newyorkstockholm
My boyfriend and I split our time between New York City and Stockholm, and I have recently considered spending more time in Stockholm.

It's so disheartening to read some of the comments, namely "I would be very surprised if the women behind this crime were actually blonde-haired Swedes." It crushes my view of Sweden as the most civilized nation on the planet, and shatters any naiveté I was harboring-- that indeed there are small-minded people anywhere and everywhere... it's so disappointing, no matter the complexities of the immigration issues in Europe.

What a wake up call for me: I can't believe there are Swedes who sound like they're from conservative middle America! My goodness, would they have voted for Sarah Palin? Jesus! (pun intended)
04:23 September 17, 2009 by SwedeintheUK
"High rape figures (not all by foreigners) doctors taking wrong organs out (the swedish are paying them, educating them) criminal confictions in file sharing, porn cd rom in cereal, and for the girl being pregnant the amount of blonde swedish which I seen up the duff by 16 well think again. once again I think Sweden needs to look at Germany, UK and USA."

Look to the Uk for what? Poor education, terrible social mobility and generations in poverty in gigantic housing estates? Highest teenage pregnancy rate in Europe?
07:55 September 17, 2009 by RichyRich27
Poor education?? How do you figure that one out? Exam results have been rising steadily for the last 10 years! Professor Stephen Hawkin possibly the most intelligent man in the world! British!

Generations in poverty I will agree with and it breaks my heart that we have generations of people who don't want to work and improve their situations and young girls who see there only possibility of a decent future is by getting pregnant.

No one is claiming the UK as a eutopia but I think the issue being discussed here is race relations and social attitudes towards immigration and immigrants.

On the education subject however I must say that the education here at least in high school is very very poor. It seems the focus is more on teaching children what to think rather than educating them!! An education system where children are merely given books and told to complete a certain section by the end of the week, with no teacher led instruction, is a very poor system indeed.
08:12 September 17, 2009 by Rick Methven

"but I think the issue being discussed here is race relations and social attitudes towards immigration and immigrants"

NO the subject of this story is 3 girls who kidnapped and assaulted another girl. No mention of race in the story. Highly unlikely that girls involved where from an immigrant background YET along come the racists who turn every story in TL into a matter of immigration.
12:58 September 17, 2009 by DreEstwd
' Highly Unlikely??' 'Racists??' Rick, you obviously have your head in the sand. I'll repeat...'Malmö,' 'Mercedes,' and 'violent crime.' Now do you seriously think native Swedes committed this crime? Since the media doesn't want to divulge ethnicity, we are left only to guess. So based on those 3 factors, I would lay large money down that this was an immigrant crime. And how is that racist exactly? The facts and statistics would support the likelihood that this was immigrant crime. That's not racism.
18:28 September 17, 2009 by Rick Methven
So now all violent crime in Malmo is carried out by immigrant women between the ages of 17 and 19 driving blue Mercedes. Should make life easier for the police.

YOU do not know the ethnicity or origin of the girls and your assertion that they must be immigrants stems from your hate of everything that is immigrant.

No wait a minute you do not hate all immigrants in Sweden, you are one and you most probably know others from countries that you like. So what you are saying is, that all the crime in Malmo and elsewhere in Sweden is carried out by immigrants from CERTAIN countries and cultures, with CERTAIN Religious beliefs.

That is when it becomes racist and comes under the Hets mot folkgrupp law. The false and totally unsupported accusations made by you and others of your ilk is in breach of the law. You could end up spending 2 years in prison for this.

Enligt 16 kap. 8 § brottsbalken kan man dömas för hets mot folkgrupp om man uttalar eller sprider hot eller missaktning mot en grupp av personer med anspelning på ras, hudfärg, nationellt eller etniskt ursprung, trosbekännelse eller sexuell läggning.
21:31 September 17, 2009 by waspy
@Rick Methven

What is your reaction to this comment by peropaco?

"I can clearly see the perpetrators. Buck teeth, slightly overweight trailer park white trash "

Is that in violation of Hets mot folkgrupp law?
00:32 September 18, 2009 by jag2009
Swedish want everything perfect .... Yet scared of change. I agree with majority of what RichyRich27. swedeinengland..... im taking it your living in England? why not go back to sweden then? Iv worked in the healthcare in England and Sweden and same with the education... England is far more better, the universities are higher in the world, we have steady streams of grades.... and for the social side of it.... we dont have high rape figures, for a small country with a big society of 60+million we do extremly well...

For the education side of things.... if you learn in sweden can you go anywhere in the world? no. Students use sweden because its free. I think Uk citzens should be extremly proud of what they have achieved.

The social state... well sweden cant talk.
11:40 September 18, 2009 by Rick Methven

If there is a trailer park inhabited by slightly overweight girls who have buck teeth, and they get harassed because of perpatrators comments, then that may be considered 'Hets mot folkgrupp'

If however those same girls owned the trailer park and put up a sign says 'Only slightly overweight girls who have buck teeth allowed' then they would be in breach of the law. - A guy was sent to prison for putting up a sign saying 'no gypsies' outside his camping site.

There seems to be a belief that anybody can make any statement they like on the internet, true or false without any comeback. Not true. It is covered by the law. And permitting unsubstantiated postings that could be a breach of the law could lay TL open to prosecution. Notice how individual comments and whole threads suddenly disappear on TL. There are a number of posters who posts are definitely in breach of the Hets mot folkgrupp law

When you register your email address is used to identify you and your IP address is registered when you log in. In the privacy statement that you should have read when you registered is the following paragraph.

"Please note that we reserve the right to access and disclose individually identifiable information to comply with applicable laws and lawful government requests, to operate our systems properly and to protect both ourselves and our users."

Hiding behind pseudonym thinking that you can use this or any other forum to spread untruths does not work. Big Brother is watching you, so be careful what you write
12:53 September 18, 2009 by totyis
I do not know the origin of those idiots, but as an exercise of imagination, I just wonder if three Swedish hysterical girls would have done the same against a pregnant middle eastern girl, how long while Malmö would be set in fire.

It doesn't matter if they are whites, blacks or pinks. Give them ten years in the house to think about they have done. But those two years that they probably will get will not discourage other hysterical punks to commit such abhorrences.
16:01 September 18, 2009 by waspy
@Rick Methven

What if I had said that I would be very surprised if the perpetrators were slightly overweight buck-toothed trailer park white trash?

Or what if I said I doubt the perpetrators were Pakistanis?

By stating that a certain group of people were probably -not- responsible for the crime does that violate Hets mot folkgrupp law?
02:15 September 28, 2009 by JonnyDee
This happens everywhere, Sweden's media is just much freer to report it than in other nations.

Also as Sweden moves from being a leader to being just another wanna-be American Satellite state you'll see more & more of this senseless sh*t, the Protestant work ethic that made Europe, Scandinavia, and America so strong is quickly dissapearing & is being replaced with nothing but obedient, consumers.
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